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    Evaluation of Personal Skills Strengths and Weaknesses

    University: The University of Queensland, Brisbane

    • Unit No: 14
    • Level: Post Graduate/University
    • Pages: 5 / Words 1185
    • Paper Type: Essay
    • Course Code:
    • Downloads: 6350


    Entering into university is a challenging phase which is full of learning new things and concepts that would help an individual succeed in future. My foundation year experience has been very helpful in shaping up my career. The concepts learnt in university could enhance skills of individuals and make them competent to face tough scenarios in the most appropriate way (Biggs, 2011). In university, I have learnt how to develop and execute a class room presentation. Presentations help students to develop their Communication Assignment Help and public speaking skills which would be essential to enhance their performance at their workplace in future (ŽivkoviÄ¡, 2014). I learnt how to work in groups. This made me realise the importance of teamwork.

    Group works help the learners in gathering knowledge about each other's ideas and how to best use each other's experiences to attain the goals (Cohen and Lotan, 2014). I also learnt how to perform my own reflection. Through evaluation of personal skills, strengths and weaknesses, it has helped me in enhancing my abilities and give my full potential in activities at college. The agenda of university in teaching reflection was to develop better understanding of the proper use of grammar, better essay writing skills and proper sentence structure (Murdoch-Eaton and Sandars, 2014). University taught me how to effectively gain knowledge online. It was aimed towards enhancing the research abilities in the students.

    Task 1

    With so much to learn and ways in which students could enhance their capabilities, the foundation year in the university was quite enriching for me. I learnt quite a few skills during that time. I even learnt how to conduct the research online. It has made me more competent as I could now conduct a systematic and timely research. Moreover, online learning has helped me in focusing on only the relevant information online and not the irrelevant one. Despite of presence of abundant inappropriate data, I can now derive relevant information about the research topic. Another thing that went right was group work. I developed an appropriate understanding of my group members which has now made me able to keep the people surround me satisfied and productive.

    Through group work, I have learnt how to indulge in constructive conflicts, respect each other in terms of knowledge and skills, how to be patient at hard times and lastly be collaborative and supportive towards team members. My class room presentation also have improved from the past. By indulging myself more in these presentations, I have gained knowledge and ability about the most appropriate manner in which opinions and knowledge about a specific concept should be presented in public. I am now competent and productive during such presentations and I have gained proper knowledge about how to respectfully and effectively contradict irrelevant concepts that seem unfit for general scenarios. It has helped me enhance my verbal communication skills. Such enhanced communication skills help individuals in their career development.

    Task 2

    However, not every aspect of this learning was fruitful for me. I have failed to improvise in few crucial concepts which are essential to build a competent image in public. I'm still ineffective inexpressive and ineffective in developing reports as my essay writing skills have been weak despite of indulging in sessions in university. I fail to frame proper sentences during reports and elongate a single sentence more than it is actually required. In addition to this, I fail to properly use sentences which makes my reports ambiguous and vague. I'm still quite ineffective in using grammar in sentences which leads to presence of various grammatical errors in the report. My writing skills are still ineffective that continue to hinder my performance.

    I am still incompetent in properly using punctuations in sentences which sometimes change the complete context of my sentence. Even in class room presentations, though my verbal skills are very good, but I am not an effective listener. During presentation of fellow students, I usually divert my focus from what is being said. Effective listening would help individuals in enhancing communication practices which is essential in enhancing efficiency (Caspersz and Stasinska, 2015). My home work also fail to create an impact on the professors.

    This is because I don't tend to focus on important concepts while working at home which is essential for the grades as well as personal knowledge. I lack in developing proper focus on the content I write as there is no monitoring of my work and research at home. Moreover, my home work usually lack uniformity. Be it font sizes or effective use of references, there are major errors in my home work assignments.

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    In case I get a second chance, I would really work towards enhancing these skills and increasing my efficiencies. I would take extra sessions in college and would spend more time in university library to gain knowledge on how to increase my essay writing skills. I would even produce sample essays on various topics that will be evaluated by my professors. This would allow me to gradually increase these skills and perfect my reports. To develop effective listening,I would attend more seminars that happen in the university. I would also try to take notes on things that are being said which would develop my concentration on the speakers. To enhance my home work skills, I would indulge in various courses that would help me develop my focus while working. I would learn how to use appropriate references in the assignments how to regulate the flow of information, how to be specific in selecting the relevant information and appropriate font that could easily be understood by the professors.

    I would emphasize even on precision, which would allow me to involve only relevant information in the assignments. Moreover, it would help me develop my writing skills too which is essential in making a report effective. Taking these measures would be an opportunity for me to enhance my capabilities and perform at the best way possible. Moreover, it would help me achieve higher grades and better remarks from my professors which will be very beneficial for my career development.


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