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    Events Skills & Planning in Dream Sales Machine

    University: Docklands Academy London

    • Unit No: 7
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 12 / Words 2901
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: PEV202
    • Downloads: 448
    Question :

    This assessment will cover:

    1. Elaborate all the consideration in the event room and also provide the professional standards and management in Dreams sales machine ltd.
    2. What are the dimensions and the categories for the events.
    3. Provide the appropriate management measures with safe and secure environment for Dreams sales machine ltd.
    Answer :


    Conference and banqueting is a part of hospitality industry and is assisting personal and professional individuals in celebrating and organising the important events in the most appropriate manner. As there is continuous increase in the standard of living of people there is more demand for the event organisers by the society as they want to make their important days memorable (Divya and Chinnaiyan, 2019). Dream Sales Machine (London) Ltd is the organisation that is chosen for the following report. It is dealing in the event industry and was incorporated in 2018 on 16th May. Here there will be discussion on types of events and skills that are required for same. Also it will be discussing that how planning for affairs are done in this industry.

    ACTIVITY 1 Reporting on the Events Sector

    1 Examine various categories and dimensions of events with the help of specific examples

    If the present scenario is considered it is found that there are countless variety in the events and other programs that are organised at different levels as per the demands and budget of the customer. There are many such events which take place on frequent basis and other once in a while and has different objectives.

    Corporate events: these are the occasions which are planned for the business and are very much popular in the event industry. Mostly the decisions are taken by the HR or other important individuals of the organisation and it is less observed that the entrepreneur himself gets involve in it. There are variety of programs that are planned under same like seminars, conferences, meetings trade shows, business meetings etc. each one of them has different purposes and are organised by Dream Sales Machine (London) Ltd (Ansari, 2019). Extra care has to be given to such events as parties pay huge amount for the organisation and in case of any mistake strict actions are taken against eth event management company. All the fees is cancelled in the worst scenarios. More preferences are given to such variety as there are chance of making a good business out of them.

    Private events – These are other variety of events which are organised for private individuals and are strictly planned as per the instructions given. People book them personally and do not rely on other to take decisions on behalf as these are very personal programs like marriages, birthdays anniversaries etc. Planning for same are different for every customer depending upon their requirements and likings. It is different from the above event as those are almost similar for every customer just the scale of operation varies. Such programs are much in demand with the change in trend where people want their special days to be perfect and hence do much investment in same.

    Charity/Fundraising: -These are all together a different concept. Such events are conducted to raise funds or create awareness among the public regarding a particular subject. Most of the times these are organised by eth establish non-profit organisation who do not hire the event companies for same. Dream Sales Machine (London) Ltd has less scope in this type as even if they are hired there are less margins and do not help much in business (Aljazea and Wu, 2019).

    Public events – It is that occasion which is open for all i.e. anyone can attend it irrespective of their caste creed culture. Festivals, fairs and leisure events are some of the most important once which keep on taking place frequently. Their purpose is to create awareness or for the benefit of society.

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    Dimension of Events

    Mega events – Such programs are held at huge scale and is attended by great number of people. In most of the cases facilities like food, shelter and other basic requirements re also need to be made. These are not long duration events and lasts maximum in few days. It has great influence on the location where it is conducting and demands much prior arrangements. There are maximum chances of making the profit.

    Mobile events – It is another dimension of this industry. It is organised at different places in fix interval of time and information regarding same are given in advance so that gathering for same can be done.

    2 Trends in Event Sector

    Over the period of time developments in this sector is taking place. Some of the most common trends are as follows:

    Raise in budget – Earlier it was found that people do not spend much on such activities but now there is no limit of expenditure as the capacity to spend has improved. Now customer give more preference to the quality instead of controlling the cost.

    Increase in options – At the initial stage clients were having very limited option for themselves to get the assistance in the organisation of the events and therefore they have to compromise with the availability of resources. Now there are limitless units dealing in this sector which has further raised competition for Dream Sales Machine (London) Ltd to be effective and give best deal to customers (Bui, Chau and Cox, 2019).

    ACTIVITY 2 Analysing the Management Skills Needed to work in the Events Industry

    1. Range of Management Roles in the Events Industry

    Event Manager – He/She has the most important role to perform. Supervision of all the activities has to be done that weather they are carried out in the appropriate manner or not and if found any deviation than on the spot action is taken.

    Decorator In-charge – Venue of the programme has to look as per the demands of the clients. Person authority for it has to ensure that all the interior is done as per the instructions and measures for safety and security are taken.

    Food and Beverage Manager – any evet is memorable if the quality of food is maintained. there are many clients who are specific with it and do not compromise with the standards of food. This manager has to check the variety by himself before serving it to the ultimate user.

    2. Management Skills needed to meet Stakeholder Needs


    Management skills – Organising events is not an easy task. One should have effective management skills so that all the work is well planned and no complain from the client is found.

    Communication Skills – To manage the work activities it is crucial that all the different individuals who are responsible for different task communicate well with one another. For this those who are part of this business needs to be good in communication.

    Personal attributes

    Creative – To attract and to retain the customers maintaining chances in the events is vital. If same theme or arrangements are done every time, then people loose internet in them and switch to other brands. Hence this makes creativity an important attribute in the event sector.

    Confident – Being self-assured is the other most demanding attribute in this business. It is because if a person lacks in same then no one will trust him and will doubt their capabilities. In this case even if the person is able to organise the event, he will not get the contract.

    Employees volunteers, sponsors are the different stakeholders of this business. It is important that the interest of each that is earning revenue, experience exposer is fulfilled as only then they can continue to work in the event sector. Proper training and development programmes should be conducted so that they can learn to compete in their work.

    Activity 3 – Planning Event Room Setup

    Designing an event layout

    Event brief involves a conference which is required to be held in London for 25 executives. This event brief has a budget of 10000 GBP which includes all the services including hotels, conference room, coffee breaks, lunch and a show at Her Majesty’s Theatre. The layout for this event which will be held by Dream Sales Machine (London) Ltd will include:

    This conference will be held in a Five Star Hotel’s conference room. The lay out of this event room will include seating for 25 executives and additional seating for language translator. The event room will have a round table so that every executive can see each other. For ease, every executive has a mic from which they can convey their ideas. The layout of this event conference room will also include a white board and projection screen along with controlling laptop and remote.

    The above layout will effectively fulfil all the requirements of the event brief. Apart from this event room layout, the event also includes stay of 25 executives which will be served from below services –

    Accommodation – As per the event brief, 25 executives will attend the conference, these executives belongs to different region of the world for which a separate room in a 5-star hotel to every executive will be given. 

    Transport – All 25 executives will be provided with pick and drop services in which they will be picked up from airport and also they will be provided transport services at the time of attending the show.

    Entertainment – This event involves people from different regions for which they will be given an entertainment service. This service involves a visit to the show “Phantom of the Opera” at “Her Majesty’s Theatre” in central London.

    Food and beverage – All the people attending this event will be provided breakfast buffet, coffee brunches and lunches from the same 5-star hotel, they are staying.

    The above event layout and resources will enable effective completion of this conference event by Dream Sales Machine (London) Ltd.

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    Additional service available within conference or event environment and their importance to meet specific requirement

    Customers are the most essential in context of managing an event. In the given event brief, 25 executives of different nationalities are served for which it is important to provide them some additional service in the event environment so that value can added. These additional services and identified and discussed as follows which will be provided by Dream Sales Machine (London) Ltd for this event to guests –

    Translator – It has been observed that this event is about 25 executives some of which speaks fluent but some of them speak elementary English. So as a value addition a translator will be provided so that conference event can be effectively carried out. This translator can attend their conference and can help executives to present their ideas in the language which all can understand (Cerutti and Piva, 2015). This translator can even help in effective informal communication between executives.

    Spa services –  It is evident that the event revolves around the conference meeting, but this conference is not intended to be continued for whole two days. In free time of the executives they could be served with Spa where they can get relaxed. These Spa services can evade the stress of the executives and will remove flight fatigue which will satisfy them and result in a value addition (Clarke, 2016).

    Both the above service can be provided by the event management organisation that is Dream Sales Machine (London) Ltd to the conference event attendees by which the value can be added to the success of the event.

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    Activity 4 – Planning Event Safety

    Plan for Event Safety

    It is important for event management organisation ad employees to make sure that each and every person involved in the event is safe (Getz and et. al., 2015). These persons can be guests and even can be own organisational staff. In order to build further understanding about it, a document is prepared below which has plan for safety and security of the event managed by Dream Sales Machine (London) Ltd.

    Executive summary – the event is based on the event brief provided in which 25 executive guests are attending a conference meeting.

    Safety measures – For the event, various safety and security measures must be taken which will be used for whole of the two-day event.

    • Health and safety risk assessment: While picking up the guests from airport and touring them to the show, all the safety measures such as medical kit will be taken in case of any road accident. Healthy and safe food will be served to the guests according to the allergy information so that any health issue due to food can be prevented. By this guests of this event will be have a safe environment.
    • Measures to alleviate the risks: A nurse will be appointed who can help in alleviating the risks. This event includes 25 executives, there is a possibility of health issues to these executives for which a nurse and stand by ambulance will there for back up.
    • Develop an emergency plan: In case of any emergency at hotel, guests can be taken out through fire exit. By this, everyone engaged in the event both guests and staff will be saved. Apart from fire exit, an emergency plan for various emergency will be developed. These emergencies can include stroke, fire, robbery etc.
    • Crowd management: At the time of tour at the show at Her Majesty’s Theatre, there is a possibility to face high crowd as this venue is at Central London. For this a separate elevator will be managed for these executives.
    • Hazard identification: At the time of the main event that is conference meeting, all the hazard such as technical faults in projection screen will be identified. A separate technical professional will be employed who will help in assessing the projection screen. It is considered as hazardous for even staff to work with technical equipment due to which it is important to have a separate technician for managing projection screen by which both guests and staff members will have a safe environment.
    • Security cameras: In order to avoid theft, security cameras of hotel will be checked in order to determine are they working effectively or not. This measure can prevent the threat of theft. Only theft but various uncertainties can be avoided by security cameras. 

    Monitor and Control – All the safety measures mentioned above will be regularly checked and monitored to avoid last time contingencies (Laing, 2018). Monitoring and controlling of above measures can also be effectively done as one staff person will be allotted who will make sure that all the measures are working properly.  


    From the above report, it has been concluded that event management is an effective practice which helps organisations in managing and funding an event efficiently. It has been found from above report that there are various dimensions of these events which includes mega and micro events. It can also be summarised from above report that effective managing skills are necessary for event management as it helps in fulfilling expectations of stakeholders. By planning an event layout, it has been found that providing additional services to clients can add value in the success of the event. Finally, by preparing a safety document it has concluded that success of an event can be measured by the safety measures taken in that event.

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