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    Personality Assessment

    Introduction to Personality Assessment

    In the present scenario, personality assessment has become very important for individuals. Furthermore, it helps them to become aware about their strengths and weaknesses. The present report depicts my emotional assessment, decision making style and leadership style. In addition to this, it also explains how emotional intelligence, leadership, and decision-making contribute to the effectiveness of one’s role in an organization. Other than this, it also highlights the way through which one can become more effective leader and decision maker.

    Main body

    The rationale behind selecting Maetrix in emotional intelligence is that it is an effective test in which I am required to choose one statement which describes me the best among different statement. At the time of giving this test, I need to avoid situations where I start over analysing the questions. This test supports me in knowing more about my self and develop effective future plans on the basis of the same. Along with this, it will also help in enhancing my overall emotional intelligence level. This will further provide me with more potential opportunities regarding growth and development. In addition to this, it will also guide me to work upon my self regulations and become more productive.

    One of the main reason behind choosing my preferred decision making style is that it will make me aware about the fact that whether my decision making is effective or not. I have always taken care of the fact that I should take advice and opinions from other staff member before making any kind of decision. This helps me in taking best possible decision which can benefit all people within the organization. Decision making can be defined as the process in which individual selects one alternative among various alternatives available. Good decision contributes in success of an organization and also helps in developing sense of satisfaction among stakeholders. There are different decision making styles which can be used by persons as per their need and nature.

    Individuals having directive style are usually aggressive and want quick results. On the other hand, people with analytical style are innovative and they collect large amount of information before arriving at any decision. People with conceptual styles tend to be highly creative and always thinks out of the box in order to make decisions. The decision making style which I have is behavioural style in which my objective is to ensure that all staff member works together and do not have any kind of conflict with each others.

    As a leader, I am highly motivated and capable enough to lead team of individuals. I am well aware of the fact that leaders acts as role model for other people in the organization. Therefore, a leader is required to motivate others in every situation. I am always able to understand need and demand of all the people who are working under me. Furthermore, I always try to provide recognitions and rewards to individuals which give their outstanding efforts in success of the organization. This can be termed as one of the most important characteristics which a motivated leader needs to have. I am also capable of lowering down the entire cost of operations by suggesting creative ideas and strategies. A motivated leader is the one who supports businesses in retaining employees by lowering down the rate of employee turnover. Another quality of a good leader is that he/she has good communication skills. I am not only a good speaker but also a good listener. This helps me in communicating my idea and opinion with others in the best possible manner.

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    It can also be argued that emotional intelligence, leadership and decision-making contribute in effectiveness of one's role in organization. In simpler words, emotional intelligence can be termed as the capability of a person to understand emotions and their impact on the individuals. In the modern era, communications has become more open in workplace and therefore, it has become very important for employees to respects each other’s emotions. On the other side of this, leadership skills are also essential to become successful and effective in an organization. It is defined as an act of leading individuals and directing their efforts towards accomplishing goals and objectives of an organization. Leadership helps in motivating people and encouraging them to give their best towards the success of a business enterprise. My emotional intelligence will support me in developing confidence which will further help me in becoming a good leader.

    A good leader is always required to take right decision at right time. This supports organization to achieve its goals and objectives in more effective manner. Personality can be termed as difference in feeling, thinking and behaviour or individuals. Further, different person have different type of personality traits which contributes in organization success and their leadership. Honesty and openness are some of my key personality test which can make me an effective leaders and can results in accomplishment of organizations aim and objectives.

    Leaders also act a representative of the organization and his/her role is to communicate objective of organization to people living in society. In addition to this, leadership is also important for developing winning strategies for the businesses. Strong leadership skills help in enhancing career by providing potential opportunities for growth and development. Other than this, leadership also supports in developing risk taking abilities in the individuals. This results in creating different products and dominating the entire marketplace. It can be stated that effective leaders are the one which can help a business enterprise to gain competitive advantage over other market players.

    Decision making is a very curial part of businesses as effective decision can results in success whereas ineffective can lead to failure. Action oriented, self interested, pattern recognition, social harmony and stability are the major bias which impact the decision making process of individuals. In action oriented bias, people feel pressured before taking any kind of decisions. Furthermore, sometimes individuals become overconfident at the time of decision making. One of the best solutions to overcome from action oriented bias is by mapping out all the risk problems and uncertainties associated with decision making. Self interested bias people are more interested in themselves rather than taking care of others.

    At the time of making any kind of decision, opinions and views of stakeholders are not taken into consideration. The best way to overcome this bias is by encouraging views and suggestions from others and considering the same. In pattern recognition bias, people tend to provide importance to the events which has happened recently. Furthermore, at the time of making any decision people consider the events which are highly memorable and neglect the one which are not memorable. Individuals are required to look events from different perspective rather than focusing on one single aspect. In social harmony, bias people provide importance to their own team and leader at the time of making decisions. This mean that other aspects of organization completely neglected which is not good.

    Organizations are required to build diverse team of people to take correct and appropriate actions. In stability bias, people avoid taking high risks and therefore, take decisions which seem to be less risky. High degree of gain and innovations are not considered as the part of entire decision making process. In order to overcome this, bias people are required to take high and calculative risk which can provide businesses to higher sales and profits.

    There are various kinds of strategies which can be used to become more effective leader. It can be stated that effective leaders are the one which carry out their self assessment at regular intervals. Furthermore, they develop future plans to capitalize on their strengths and overcome all weaknesses. This helps them to become more productive and effective while carrying out their tasks. In addition to this, leaders are also required to become more confident rather than being arrogant. Strong sense of self confidence helps in encouraging other people in organization to give their best. In tough situations, leaders are required to be calm and confident so that they can manage other staff members. Along with this, to become effective leader people are also required to have abilities such as risk taking and innovations. They need to encourage new and innovative ideas from other workers and should work upon the same. This results in taking businesses to new heights of success and achievement.

    Other than this, it can be also stated that rather than using one particular style of leadership, leaders can use different styles based on situations. This is going to support in developing satisfaction among other employees and result in more effective leadership. People are also required to listen others and take care of their need and demand. Usually individuals do not like leaders which do not take their suggestions and ideas into consideration. Before arriving to any kind of decision, effective leader encourages ideas and suggestions from their employees. In addition to this, effective leaders are also capable to making and resisting changes in business enterprise. During meetings and discussions also such kind of leaders provide people with chance to speak and the present their ideas. In order to survive in long run, changes at regular intervals has become must for organization. Furthermore, changes can be made successful only with the support and assistance of leaders.

    It can be also argued that effective leaders are the one which response to need of groups in quick and best possible manner. Different type of team have different set of opinions and objectives. For instance some team give more preferences to open communication whereas others may provide more importance to trust and values. It becomes very difficult for leaders to develop strong and effective team if they are not aware about the objectives of each and every member of the team. This also results in lowering down entire productivity of team and creates dissatisfaction among all members. Good leader always take care and support their team mates in every situations. In order to become effective leaders, people are required concern about healthy and safety of all employees. In situations where staff member faces issues and challenges, team leader guides them to overcome from the same. It can be also argued that good leaders always initiate for taking responsibility for performance of their team. If employees perform outstanding, leaders praise them in front of everyone. On the other hand, in case if a worker has committed any kind of mistake they become responsible for the same and try to bring all things back on track.

    Effective team leaders are the one which handle issues and conflicts among people within organization in appropriate manner. During the situation of conflicts I always try to listen the opinion and problem of parties which are involved in the same. On the basis of the same, effective leader arrives at decision. Furthermore, it can be also argued that leaders needs to be more practical rather than being emotional. This supports in dealing with issues and challenges in the best possible manner. Other than this, it can be stated that leaders are the one which inspires others. Therefore, they need to stay upgraded and skilled so that they can motivate others. Effective leaders are the one which are very good at building relationship with others. Further, they do not restrict themselves to their team members but also develops healthy relationship with other staff members. In addition to this., effective leaders always try to learn new things and gain knowledge from others. This means that good leaders are always eager to enhance their skills and overall productivity by learning from others. On the other side of this, it can be argued that effective leaders are well aware of goals and objectives of a business enterprise. Further, they contribute their efforts in developing effective plans which can help organizations to achieve those goals and objectives. They also play very important role in growth and success of a business enterprise. It can be stated that without effective leaders, it is very difficult for organization in sustain in highly competitive market.

    In order to become effective decision maker, people are required to take care of various things. It can be said that during tough situations, it becomes very hard for individuals to take appropriate decisions which can benefit all. One of the major barriers in effective decision making is lack of information. People also start thinking that decision are being made without any basis when adequate information is not available. This also results in creating dissatisfaction among other members of a business enterprise. People are required to collected required data from reliable sources in order to become effective decision maker. Other than this, too much information can also affect the effectiveness of decisions in negative aspect.

    If individuals have too many data available with them then they often gets confused and are not able to arrive at good decisions. Another way to become effective decision maker is by investigating the situation in details. In situations such as issues or problem, detail investigation will make people aware about all the fact associated with the problem. This will result in making the best possible decision which will beneficial for all. Individuals needs to be more clear about their objectives before rushing into any kind of decision. Along with this, it can be also stated that people needs to have alternatives or back up plans in case if their decision gets failed.

    I am very good at decision making as I am able to create constructive environment in the entire organization. It can be argued that decision making becomes very complex when it includes wide range of people. Therefore, at the time of making decision, creating constructive environment is my first priority. Along with this, I always ensure the fact that I investigate each and every situation in detail before arriving at any decisions. This not only help me to make effective decision but also support me in creating satisfaction among other. When decision are taken within organization, it is not necessary that each and every member of organization agree with the same. Some people are always there which are not comfortable or are in favour of those decisions. At the time of taking any kind of decisions, I try to ensure the fact that majority of employees are comfortable with my decisions. On the other side of this, I communicate my decision to others in the best possible manner.


    From the above report it can be concluded that individuals are required to take care of various factors in order to become effective leader and decision maker. Furthermore, it can be also analysed that personality, emotional intelligence and decision making has a direct impact on organizational contribution and leadership.


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