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    Team Strategy of Group Presentation on Swot Analysis-Tesco.

    University: The University of Melbourne

    • Unit No: 19
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 4 / Words 993
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code:
    • Downloads: 598


    Team strategy is considered as overall plan which is made by group members for completion of any project or task collectively and effectively in order to achieve success (Abednia and et.al, 2013). In this report, I will clearly demonstrate my experience of working within a group of diversified people and completion of group presentation on Swot analysis of Tesco. I found that making this academic presentation to be tough part and challenging experience. This was mainly down to working with a group of people whom I don't know and another factor that may have contributed is that I had conduct presentation in area of London that I am not familiar with. Apart from how challenging experience, it was also identified that working on presentation is a rewarding experience because I had achieved ability to use different theories which I have only learned in class room and applied them in specific area.

    Group was allocated by tutor randomly so that all groups will achieve members with different abilities and knowledge (Bassot, 2016). The group I was put in to consisted of four people having different background, skills and capabilities.

    After introduction, all members have participated in discussion for distribution of work. At that time, I have a feeling that it will difficult for group of diversified team members to complete the task and some problem will arise due to lack communication as well as understanding between team members. In second step, members have decided to gather information about specific area and considered that there is requirement to use SWOT analysis model to explain information we had gathered (Farrah, 2012). The task I was given to undertake analysis of opportunities for company and gather information on retail industry. Later on, I had utilize tactics for completion of task which I had been taught in lectures and seminars to explain the opportunities I have analysed.

    After achievement of task, I decided to use internet for information and statistics for analysis of opportunities for organisation. The main website I used was UK retail statistics website as it was reliable and I was taught to navigate the website in seminar. Identification of reliable opportunities and retail statistics was quite straight forward to accomplish because information available on site were updated and was easy and appropriate to understand.

    Further, this was highly opposite to the information on company website and the most difficlut part for me was to decide that what information was accurate and useful and separating its from useless information (Paton, 2012). This situation was not effective isolated to me as other members of my group had also faced problem with too much information and dealing with outdated information.

    After discussion of issues with each other, all problems were completely resolved and members have made correct decision for using information. It was appropriate that the group I was in would meet up twice every week outside college seminar to communicate progress that everuy team member had achieved. I also meant that we can discuss all issues we had and voice any concern that we had about presentation. One issue was that one member of group who always never showed up to the meetings which was not useful for group (Silvia, Valerio and Lorenza, 2012). In first meeting, I have clearly stated my problem to team members and they helped me in selection of correct information.

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    As group before the deadline, I was decided that it would be easier and more effective to make four presentations rather than one big presentation. While giving presentation, I realised that my presentation skills can be better and this was may be because it was the group task that I had to do at university. Other than this, I have also realised that I need to improve my technical and communication skills so that I will be able to make presentation more reliable and effective (Everett, 2013). I felt that presentation has provide support as I have achieved ability to improve my weaknesses that I had in my presentation, communication and technical skills. Further, this allowed me to improve this in later presentation I did in another module effectively. So reflection on my experience of this group presentation has allowed me to increase my capabilities to reflect on the action in order to engage in the process of continuous learning (Lupinski and Jones, 2012). Moreover, this experience provided understanding that I have ability to carry out research and collect information and interpret it in the form of presentation which was considered as new task for me. However, it is clear that group presentation is important task which can be effectively with the help of team members.


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