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    Understand the Five Aspects of the Recovery Model

    University: University of Southern Queensland

    • Unit No: 1
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 5 / Words 1299
    • Paper Type: Essay
    • Course Code: HSW1110
    • Downloads: 460
    Question :

    This assessment will cover the following questions:

    • What is the recovery model?
    • Demonstrate an understanding of five aspects of the Recovery Model.
    Answer :


    Mental health and well-being have been referred to as the status of an individual in which they identify their capabilities towards coping with daily stress so that they can work efficiently and make positive contributions to making society as well as their community a better place to live. The mental health focus on the emotional and psychological aspect of the well being. The aspect focus on how an individual process and behave which directly affect the life they and their surrounded people are going to lead (Kearns & et.al., 2015). A good mental health is associated to psychological and proper mental welfare of an individual. Many organisation works constantly in rising the quality of mental health and promoting various ways in preventing the effects of such disabilities and at the same time safeguard the rights of human. La fageda, the beech forest in Catalan, provide work to the mentally challenged people which further assist them in acquiring a purpose in their life and inducing mental stability in such individuals. This report will discuss the recovery model based on the mental health status associated with Davies 2018 Spanish yoghurt farm article.


    Recovery has been considered as the style of leading a life, the current attitude and the process which are required in dealing the day to day barriers and challenges. The process in not linear. The requirement of the recovery process is to meet the wants and the desire of the disability which is required to reform the valued beliefs of integrity and aims within the boundaries of work, disability, love. The recovery model of health is a holistic and individual directive approach which is basically associated with mental health support and care (Brim, Ryff & Kessler, 2019). It has been observed that over some decades the model is being gaining a paced momentum and is regarded as a most accepted and standard procedure of mental health care. The model is actually based on the possibility of getting recovered from the state of mentally ill and unstable health conditions. The most efficient recovery method have been considered as patients directed. The recovery mainly includes in rendering fresh meaning and objective to the life of people.

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    The mentally challenged people who are suffering from schizophrenia or bipolar disorder gets employed in the La fageda undergo some changes that positively influence their recovery state and make them stabilise to lead their life strongly and happily. It has been proved in La fageda that the patients living with severe mental health problems can lead an effective and efficient life with prior recovery in their society. The recovery physiology mainly focus on concentrating the ways through which the growth of an individual in enhanced, it not at all deal with the pathological characteristic of mental instability. The recovery model comprises of five major elements which lay emphasis on making the recovery process more integrated and effective. The five elements of recovery are discussed below.

    Hope – The aspect of hope is being considered as a key foundation in the process of the recovery. It focus on expanding the possibilities by rendering them chances to prove themselves. Such practice is being conducted in La fageda, where they provide such people with hope to work and earn for themselves. Such hope make their life colourful and also make them feel productive where they can earn and live independently (Kirchner & Shiffman, 2016). The hope renders in sustaining the individual even during the condition of relapse. The foundation of healing is actually initiated with hope and small celebration of success.

    Personal responsibility – This element help in forming an affirmative and dynamic self identity which aids in motivating the mentally challenged people to have accurate sense of self. The sense of making the people aware about their self identity shown that even getting less wages and doing part time jobs the need of constant care of health care services greatly reduced which imparted in the process of recovery. The people are responsible for the work they are doing in La fageda and they earn accordingly.

    Connectedness – People suffering from mental illness face difficulty in adjusting into the society, thus another element of recovery model is to make such individual get connected to the society. Individuals with mental health issues have trouble because of misunderstanding and stigma of recovery procedure. The people living in the society should treat such patients with respect and equality (Sheikh, Abelsen & Olsen, 2016). The recovery model aids in sustaining the life full of hopes and making an individual satisfy with their life to the maximum extent. Through such process people thriving in La fageda can find significance in their life.

    Active sense of self – The person has to work upon themselves so as to play a critical role in recovery process, thus they are considered as an active agent who have to be concerned for their own work. Though, the staff is always present in La fageda to support such person during nay mental issue episode, they should collaboratively work to make joint planning and common decision making for making them reliable and re establishing their identity.

    Discovery – This component aids in discovering the suitable work for mentally challenged people which efficiently assist in the process of recovery. As mentioned in the Davies Spanish farm article, Marco who was diagnosed with schizophrenia while studying in Barcelona University had to drop and such individual went to join La fageda, now Marco teaches art in the farm and live with pride. The institution assist in making such people realise their hidden talent even after having such mental disorders.

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    From the above report, it can be concluded that mental health is the ability of a person to overcome and cope with the current or any past issues in life so as to live a peaceful life. People sustaining with mental health problems face difficulty in adapting the situation and dealing with life challenges, the recovery model assist in making such individual highly capable in dealing their problems and making them independent. Such recovery is being clearly observed in the La fageda.

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    Understand the Five Aspects of the Recovery Model


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