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    Introduction to People at Work

    University: University of WOLVERHAMPTON

    • Unit No: 5
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 11 / Words 2846
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: 4HR002
    • Downloads: 384
    Question :


    Introduction to people at work is the concept of establishing employees in the organisation with respect to analysing the behaviouir of the employees as well as of workplace. This can be manage by evaluating ability to wotk and the resorces availability.


    This assessment will cover following questions:

    • Depict the collective and individual behaviour in the workplace.
    • Conflicts faced by managers in the organisation while reconciling the employees needs with the demands of business.

    Demonstrate an ability to  understand, locate and identify a series of sources that will cover theory and also a research to behaviour of employee at work.

    Answer :


    There are many aspects which are related with a job role. Every job comes with a set of responsibility which have to be adhered by a person performing that particular job. Such responsibilities actually define work role which is played by a  individual in a workplace (Wilson and et., al., 2020). This is also very helpful in identification in my preference for future work role (Abraham and Sheeran, 2017). This is also very helpful in making of my present experience better or using it in future for reference and consideration.


    When it is discussed whether in like working collectively with others or working alone there are many theories which can be considered such as there us a very commonly accepted theory which is Goal setting theory in which there is a framework being developed for developing a understanding of relationship between behaviour, motivation & performance of human resource. The major idea behind this theory is  that a particular individual can translate various motivational forces in a behaviour which is observable and then this can help them in setting & pursuing of goals in organisation (Miner, 2015). Goals are acting as a motivational devices as they are helping me in promotion of behavioural patterns for success and increasing performance level.

    I will say that I have a preference for varied work and not regular one as this gives a opportunity for learning more. This will also help in envelopment of skills which can further help in increasing my present level of competence. It is very easy to stick with a familiar work and  but then it does not provides any opportunity of learning something new to a individual. Also, I are interested in doing a work which is more meaningful and at same time is helping in making a difference in form of contributing towards achievement of organisational objectives in a better manner.

    Size of organisation is also something which matters a lot while talking about preference I want to work for smaller organisations as such organisation provide lot of new avenues which play a very crucial part in developing a personality of a individual. When made a comparison with large organisation it is observed that such organisation have a hierarchy and established strict relationships between employees and management. This may sometimes lead to lot of rigidity faced by a employee. On other hand in small companies managers us sully tend to cultivate friendly relationships at all levels which lead to comfortable environment for a employee. These are some reasons for my preference for small organisation in comparison with larger ones.

    There are many issues which are common in every organisation and they posses a impact on functioning of a employee (Osland,  Devineand Turner, 2015). Such type of issues are very regular such as there is absence of clear directions in which work has to be done by a employee. Failure to develop various competencies and many times there is also presence of lack of awareness by a employee. Feedback is not taken by top management with time which has a impact on mental satisfaction of me while in am working for a organisation. As this indicates the level of concern of top authorities for me which leads to reduction in overall contribution towards achievement of laid objectives by management of the organisation. These are very common problems which can be observed in all organisations irrespective of their size.

    Such issues which are discussed above are very important for me as they define actual decision of sleeting a particular organisation in which I will be selecting for working.

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    Learning outcomes

    All  my thoughts are affected by many different theories which have been developed with time and which play a very important part in helping me in developing my own experience. Some theories such as the theory of cognitive dissonance is helping a lot in explain relationship between behaviour & attitude of a individual in a organisation. This is one theory which is have studied during my academic workshops and this is helping a lot in understanding my attitude in a particular situation. This theory is related with inconsistency & incompatibility which individuals make attempts to reduce (Palupi, and Tjahjono, 2016). I also believe that stability can be achieved only if there is a minimum level of dissonance. Many times there is situation in which dissonance is achieved externally and this is not in control of anyone. Such external factors can be customers, competitors or any other such type of factor. Attempts are made that such factors have to be reduced to a large extent and this can be done only if the management in organisation is making efforts in reducing such type of dissonance and increasing satisfaction level of their employees.

    Another theory which can be considered here is that Job Fit Theory this is also a theory which was proposed by Holland in this there are six major aspects which are considered such as Realistic, social, Artistic, Enterprising, Investigative and convention. These six aspects are studied of a individual and based on the outcomes of this study a conclusion is made whether a person will be able to fit in a particular job or not. Such factors will ascertain my satisfaction level and reasons behind if a employee is willing to leaving a particular job can also be identified with Job Fit theory (Vibert, 2017). In this comparison is made between personality of a individual and occupational environment. Such academic theories are very helpful when applied in particular life of a employee. This plays a very important part for managers also as they can understand behaviour of a employee and then according to that various decision can be made in the organisation.

    Further the learning outcomes are involved are Herzberg two factor theory which was imposed in year 1959 which provide information regarding theory of the job satisfaction.  There are two essential present in the theory is motivating factor and hygiene factor. Here is the detail explanations about the theory down below:

    Hygiene factor help are those factor which are useful for motivating the employees at the workplace. Hence this leads to positive satisfaction for the long run. But if these factors are absent in the organisation it will slow down the efficiency and create the chaos in the firm and also leads to dissatisfaction. In other words , hygiene factors are those factors which are extrinsic to work and also called maintenances factors. There are several elements which falls under Hygiene factor such as pay or the salary structure which should be appropriate and reasonable. This must be equal pay for the employees as this help in making positive environment in the organisation.

    Motivation factor yield in the positive satisfaction and this also help the employees to perform better in the future. With the help of this theory I will suggest to the organisation to make proper decision and also rewards the employees on there hard work. This factor symbolize the psychological needs as the additional benefits for the organisation. There are different kinds of factors are present in the motivation theory such as recognition I will make sure that employees should be praised on their hard work because this will help the firm to offer better quality product to the end user. Further this is essential for the organisation to develop the sense of achievement for the employees as it improve the working atmosphere and culture in the well define manner.

    Along with this, firm must provide growth opportunities to the employees because this help the organisation to stay skills employees for the longer time duration. However employees in motivating factor are responsible for there work. Manager should give them ownership of the  firm and they should minimize control and retain the accountability (Iftikhar and et., al., 2020). There should be meaning to the work which creates interesting and challenging for the employees to perform and to get motivated towards achieving organisation goals and objectives. Beside this there are some limitations for this theory as it set the correlation between satisfaction and productivity.

    The two factor theory implies that the manager must stress upon the adequacy of the hygiene factor to avoid employees satisfaction. Also the organisation manager must ensure about about the work which is stimulating as well as rewarding the employees because this is the prime source of motivation to work and perform better in the organisation. Furthermore this theory emphasis upon the enrichment so to motivate the employees and help in focusing on the organisation goals and objectives.

    Staff welfare

    Include everything from service to the facilities and benefits which are provided or done by the employer for the advantages or the comfort of the employees. This has been undertaken in order to encourage and motivate employees in order to raise there proceedings levels for the betterment and growth. This is essential for the organisation to take care of the employees as it help in improving work efficiency of employees in efficient manner. Further I have studied from this module that in most of the case the staff welfare comes in terns of monetary basis. There are some other forms of monetary value are housing, health insurance, stipends and transportation. Further the manager of the company must cater the working condition of the staff as this help to make positive environment in the company. This welfare scheme may raise the company expenses but it done correctly it has huge benefits for both the employees as well as for employer. Under this kind of principle the staff welfare scheme must be managed in the efficiency manner because the employees will perform better and it will also develop a sense of responsibility.

    The employees who feel motivated or appreciated will be more fulfilled, satisfied and also more productive. Hence this will leads towards higher productivity but also fulfil the consumer needs and also improve the profitability of the organisation.  A satisfied worker will also not go seeking for other job possibility and hence an employer will get to keep the best talents and record lower employee turnover.

    Fairness and discrimination

    Are the vital part for the successful and business or the public body. It support the law of Equality act 2010 which help in reducing risk and uncertainty present in the organisation. Further it also make a good sense of running and developing firm in efficient manner (Crowder and et., al., 2020). From this secession I have learned about the  equality act 2010 which provide equal rights for the job opportunities and fairness for the employees and job applicants. So this is crucial for the organisation to have such kinds of policies which help in preventing the discrimination which occurs in the organisation.

    Apart from this my classwork include discrimination which generally describe as treating an individual or the group in the organisation. So this is important for the management to reduce the discrimination on the basis of caste, colour and ethnic background. There are different flaws present in the organisation for basis as this reduce the efficiency of the employees and create negative impact in the firm. Further this look like harassment which violate the individual dignity or creating the offensive situation present in the organisation. To control such kind of activities in institution the HR manager must take proper feedback from the employees and make sure that such kinds of activities are not taken into account.

    Rewards and benefits

    Are taken into this module as this plays an vital role in the improving the working capacity of the organisation. This include equal pay rights under the equality act 2010. By providing timely rewards and benefits to the employees this will aid the firm to maintain the demand and supply in the well define manner. The elements of rewards management within the business and the organisation are use to attract the potential employees. There are different kinds of rewards and benefits present such as salary, bonus, incentive and employee growth. Having a reward management system help business to have many advantages such as making good relationship with the employees. These kinds of programmes have proved to be very useful in motivating employees and which turn in increasing the performance as well as capability of the organisation as a whole (Armstrong and et., al., 2020).

    The benefits or rewards should be given to those employees who are working hard to achieve the desire goals and outcomes in smoothly manner. Having such kind of system in the place where employees feel more committed towards there work and productivity increase as per the requirement. Apart from this it also increase the loyalty towards the organisation as this help in feeling employee are loyal towards the work and there opinion matters. If the employees are satisfied as this help in making remain loyal to the organisation. This also assist in improving the morale . By encouraging the employees to meet the goals and target it gives them the clear focus and the purpose to work for the betterment for the organisation.

    There are different kinds of rewards system present such as intrinsic rewards which are given for the employees for the personal benefits. These are done for the personal gain and help in making effective decision for betterment and growth. For example if the employees experience feelings of achievement or the personal growth from the job, which would be labelled as intrinsic rewards. The other type of Extrinsic rewards which include money and promotions. This are the rewards which comes outside from the source mainly from the management. For example if the employees receive the salary or the have the promotion, this would be consider as extrinsic rewards.

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    Management and hierarchy

    Plays an significant role in shaping the experience in shaping the experience at the work of the employees. Further this module explain about the hierarchy and authority which help in improving the efficiency and productivity of the firm. The organisation grows with the strength of the competent managerial staff and integrity. A hierarchy is also  a method of maintaining firm for the growth and expansion. This is essential for the authority in the organisation which is important to sustain for the success of the company (Collins and et., al., 2020).

    Management is accountable for the hierarchy as this also aid in proper flow of communication in the organisation. The management also provide the clear path for each employees in the organisation. The superior in the firm can help employees to determine their career goals and also help in lift the employees to achieve the common goal in the given time frame.  Hierarchy helps to setup proper mode of communication channel among the employees, departments and division. The manager of each departments must taken care of there assigned subordinates as this increase the confidence of the employees to more effectively.

    Career and development

    Are the essential aspect which help the organisation to retain the employees for the longer time duration. Career progression include promotions and other benefits which help individual to grow in the future. Rewards and benefits are done only when the person achieve its goals and objectives effectively. But career development helps individual to develop their capabilities which help in improving there performance. This is challenging for the organisation to responds to the development initiatives which individual are engaged to make career investment. Apart with this, it provide equal opportunities for the employment which is consider as the career expansio

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