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    Analysis Of The Purpose And Function Of Hrm In Virgin Group

    University: Regent College

    • Unit No: 3
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 15 / Words 3866
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code:
    • Downloads: 821


    Human resource plays a deep part in setting up trade activities within the market and supporting the good rise in the operational management of the organization (Armstrong, 2014). It helps the organization to handle the business activities and thus, supports in growth of an enterprise. The HRM applications and measures will help the organization, this assists the organization to carry out the business operations and other activities in a suitable manner. In the report, Virgin Group is chosen. It's a UK-based multinational organization.

    The report will analyze the purpose and function of HRM for workforce planning with objectives to fulfill business operations and activities. Strengths and weaknesses of various approaches of recruitment and benefits of HRM policies in a firm is been discussed. A job advertisement and person specification is been developed with a rationale for the various practices chosen for the HRM practices. Other than this, the employee relationship and application of WFM applications on the decision making is been taken into consideration. This will help in the effective development of the understanding and knowledge within the organization and have a good employee relationship.



    The HRM operations and functions are taken into consideration by the organization, will help the Virgin group to have proper management of business activities and other operations that will lead to improvement of the selected enterprise. The major purpose of HRM is to provide an effective workforce and manage the issues or problems that is been faced by them (Mustafa, Lundmark, and Ramos, 2016). The major work they do is to hire and train the workforce. The most important resourcing for a firm is its workforce or staff, which helps organizations to execute their business operations and activities in effective and significant manner. It improves the organisation to carry their business operations and will help the firm to have a good and effective growth and development of the firm. Some major functions and operations of HRM that will impact the workforce planning and resourcing are as follows:

    • Compliance of Labour Law: The HRM department of the selected firm will see through the effective labor and employee welfare laws that are been sort by UK's government, to have the ethical development, growth and sustainability of Virgin Group. It will lead the firm in executing various business activities to improve employee satisfaction at the firm.
    • Recruitment and training of the workforce: This is the most important and the basic function of the HR department of an organisation like the selected firm in an organization. The HR managers and executives to look after effective management of trade functions and thus will cause enterprise to have a good work force and improve their skill set in order to make them able to carry out business operations in much suitable way. This is also important to improve the customer satisfaction level (Gupta and Shaw, 2014).
    • Record keeping: The HR managers and executives at the selected business enterprise will see through the maintaining of proper records and details regarding the expenses and purchases that are been made within the organisation related to the work force. It supports a good maintenance of the revenue and its usage. This will help the department to manage the inventory and other insurance related matters for the proper resourcing purpose.
    • Payroll and employee benefits: The HR manager will look after the carrying out the financial functions and actions plans which supports the firm to manage the payroll and thus help in enhancing the employee satisfaction level. Besides this, the additional benefits that helps the employee to perform well will help the firm to improve its revenue and performance.
    • Maintaining employee relations: The HR department of the firm will look after maintaining of effective business relation and actions which supports the organisation to execute trade functions in a very suitable manner (Mustafa, Lundmark and Ramos, 2016). This will help the firm to reduce the work place conflicts and carrying out of the proper resolution measures to these operations for better work force planning.


    The HR department of the Virgin group will look after the proper handling of functionalities and action plans supporting the firm to enhance the quality of services and enhancing performing level of the organisation. The various recruitment process chosen by a firm supporting selected enterprise improving work performance of the organisation in suitable manner. However, there are certain weaknesses and drawbacks that impact Virgin groups operations in much significant manner. Thus, organisation has to see through proper management of the business operations and the employee selection process in much suitable and significant way. The major strength and weaknesses of various recruitment processes involving the internal and external recruiting are as follows:

    Internal Recruitment

    Promotion: This is the process that involves the proper placing of a deserving and capable employee on the deserving designation. This help the fir to improve satisfaction of the firm and thus will support to improve the performance quality and operations.

    • Strength: this help the firm to get the 'right man at the right place for the right job' approach that assist the organisation to have the best improvement in performance of a business organisation.
    • Weakness: The promotions are susceptible top objections as many times, the fellow employees feel insecure and cheated due to a person getting promoted, causing conflicts and differences at the workplace. This is required to be removed properly by the HR department of the firm.

    Employee Referral: This is the low cost process of recruitment that will allow the HR department of selected business entity. In this process, an existing employee of the firm refers or suggest other potential employee for the vacant position. This saves the time and resources of the firm to have a recruitment (Armstrong, 2014).

    • Strength: This is a cost effective approach as it saves the money and vital resources that will help the organisation to enhance the work force by applying the suitable potential candidate on the particular vacancy within the firm.
    • Weaknesses: there is a susceptibility of an uncertainty about the potential and effectiveness of the candidate that is to be placed on the vacancy within the firm.

    External Recruitment

    Direct recruitment: This is the approach of selecting the best person or the candidate for the job directly with a series of interview and other screening processes which are chosen in by the business enterprise:

    • Strength: the major advantage of this is to have a good idea about the skills and knowledge of the individual that has applied for the job. This approach helps the firm to hire the skilled labor for their job.
    • Weakness: It is very expensive process and requires a lot of time and resources that will be loosed if the proper and efficient employee is not selected for the job.

    Employment agencies: This are the firms or organization that provide the shortlisted candidates that supports fir to execute business operations and plans that assists an organization to cut short their screening process and thus get the appropriate employment for the firm (Baum, 2015).

    • Strength: this reduces the time constraint for the firm and thus support organization to execute its action plans that supports the organization to save their resources to be spent on recruitment process.
    • Weakness: They ask for the commission and a share of profit from both the employer and employee, that supports the organization to execute its operations.


    For Virgin group, the various HRM processes is chosen by organisation to improve their product and service qualities to satisfy their customers. Some of major benefits of the various HRM policies and practices chosen by the selected organisation are as follows:

    Compliance of Labour Law:

    Benefit for employer: It helps the employer firm like Virgin Group to avoid any sort of conflict or indifferences and the issues related to the management of the employees which supports firm to have effective development and growth (Stavrou and Ierodiakonou, 2016).

    Benefit for employee: The compliance of the labour law process will support the firm to carry out business activities related to the different operations at the workplace. This will support the proper following of action plans which will supporting following of legal standards set by the firm.

    Recruitment and training of the workforce:

    Benefit for employer: This process is quite beneficial for the firm as it helps the organisation to have the skilled work force that which supports following of actions and processes which are followed by them. An effective following of the recruitment and training process which is chosen by firm to improve service and product quality (Sanders and Lin 2016).

    Benefit for employee: The proper recruiting and training process supports improvement in the knowledge and skill set of organisation which supports the firm to improve performance. It will improve the satisfaction and confidence level of the employees motivating them to perform well.

    Record keeping:

    Benefit for employer: the record maintaining will handle enhancement in quality of performance that will supports management of organisational functions which helps the firm to improve its performance and thus have knowledge about the measures that will support the firm to identify its expenses and other details about the operations that are been performed by the firm (Helmreich and Merritt 2017). Besides this, it will help the HR department of the organisation to carry out the appraisal process and operations that will cause the organisation to improve their performance.

    Benefit for employee: for the staff or work force of the organisation, the record keeping will help in tracking down their business performance and help organisation to enhance quality measures which helps the firm to improve the quality of services that are been offered by organisation. It supports them in tracking down their performance and hence, assists organisation to improve effectiveness of the services that are offered to buyers or clients.

    Payroll and employee benefits:

    Benefit for employer: the proper management of the payroll service that are been taken in the consideration by the firm to maintain the quality of services and action plans that will help the firm to enhance the quality of products and services that will help the firm to enhance the quality of business operations and products that are been offered by the firm to their customers (Wehrmeyer, 2017).

    Benefit for employee: the payroll and the additional benefits provided by the organisation to carry out their function in an effective and significant manner. It supports the firm to improve quality of services and products. Besides this, the additional benefits and supports that will help them to incorporate the advance skill set in their operations which will thus help in enhancing the service and product quality of the firm.

    Maintaining employee relations:

    Benefit for employer: The maintaining of the effective and suitable employee relationships that supports suitable increase in the firm's effectiveness in a suitable manner. The good and effective relations with the employees and having a better communication with them will help the firm to grow and develop in an effective and significant manner. Also, it enhances work environment of a business firm (Kramar, 2014).

    Benefit for employee: employees having good relations with the organisation are tended to have a better scope of growth and development. This supports firm to adopt proper management of the business operations which help the firm to carry out organisational activities which helps organisation to have a positive increase of organisation and thus supports suitable management of the business operations.


    The various HRM actions that are taken in consideration will help fir to execute business activities in much effective way. The different operations which will support the business operations and action plan and operations. It will also guide the organisation to carry out suitable management of the operations and other processes that are been carried out by the Virgin Group.The effective following of the different HRM practices improves their performance which supports improvement in service quality of organisation having a better organizational performance to a greater extent (Paillé, P. and et.al., 2014). Some of major impact of different HRM activities on the improvement of Virgin Group are as follows:

    Compliance of Labour Law: This will support the proper management of various labour and employee welfare law like employee protection, equality act etc and supports increase in quality of services which are offered by organisation. This supports firm to improve the quality of services that will increase the efficiency of services and action plans in a very effective way (Purce, J., 2014).

    Recruitment and training of the workforce: the placing of the efficient and skilled labour and the suitable providing of the job related training will help the firm to improve their satisfaction level. It will guide the work force to take suitable measures to improve their performance and increase the revenue generation of the firm.

    Record keeping: It aids an organisation to track down business measures which are selected by the firm. It will help the selected organisation in cost cut the expenses and maintain the efficiency to save the revenue that is been generated as the profit by the firm (Jackson, Schuler and Jiang, 2014).

    Payroll and employee benefits: Better management of the payroll facilities assists organisation to improve quality of functions chosen by the firm. This aids in employee satisfaction level and encourage them to have a good growth and revenue generation.

    Maintaining employee relations: a good relation with the employee assists in identify their issues and taking in consideration effective measures to resolve them in order to enhance significance of effectiveness of operations chosen in firm.

    TASK 2

    Job Advert for HR executive with a Person Specification

    Job advertisement for vacancy of HR Executive at Virgin Group

    Post: HR executive

    Answerable to: HR manager

    Office timings: 10 AM to 6 PM

    Experience requirements: 0- 2 years

    Salary: Negotiable

    Interested candidates can contact and apply on 6636987210 or on https://www.virgin.com/.

    The candidates must appear with their credentials, ID proof and 2 passport size photos.

    Person Specification for HR Executives

    Academic qualifications:

    • Must be well aware about the HR policies and practices.
    • Well versed in Labour and Employee Laws.
    • Suitable IT skills

    Other Specifications:

    • Must have a good employee interaction and management skills.
    • Time and resourcing management abilities.
    • Suitable handling of the action plans and activities related to recruitment process.
    • Must be able to arrange seminars and workshops for the employee training purposes.


    Various employment relations are chosen by firm to improve the effectiveness of services and products offered by organisation. The different employee legislations and labour laws that will support the organisation to enhance the quality services are as follows:

    • Equality law: This law states which measurement of the business and activities for meeting the employee requirements or needs on the basis of race, caste, religion or nationality is a serious offence and thus has to be parred from the firm. This law is required to let the Virgin Group select its policies and carry out its decision making without any sort of difference or inequality.
    • Data security: The firm like Virgin Group is liable to maintain the data and information security of their clients and employees, in order to reduce the issues related to data leakage (Albrecht and et.al., 2015). This law makes the company apt to follow the proper measures and policies that will help the firm to decide the proper policies that are been taken in the consideration that supports chosen enterprise to have good policies chosen by firm.
    • Health and security: the employee laws like security at the workplace act will cause the firm to adopt suitable policies and action plans which helps the business enterprise to have safe and secure work environment (Reiche And et.al., 2016). This will help the firm to enhance quality of machines and tools and also provide working employees with proper safety gears. This will improve the employee's relation with their firm.
    • Redundancy laws: Redundancy is the process of termination from the job that is been taken in the case to cut down the workforce due to operational and financial reasons. In this case the firm is required to develop a good and fair details and policies which support organization to carry out the business operations and actions plans in suitable manner. Not following of such policies can be classified in unfair dismissal.
    • Dismissal: the dismissal can be taken place when the employee fails to follow the ethics and code of conduct chosen by them, that leads to maintain decorum and discipline at the work place. Suitable policies are required to tackle down such situations helping to carry out work environment (Marchington and et.al., 2015).
    • Employment contracts: the employment contracts contains policies and plans which are chosen by the firm to recruit, train and terminate an employee. Besides this, the policies that are been developed will be enhancing the work environment and performance of an individual at the work place.


    Different employment legislations are chosen by the firm will help the HR department of selected firm to develop suitable policies and decide the effective measures that will help the firm to grow and develop effectively (Brewster, Chung and Sparrow, 2016). The different elements of the employee legislation will help the firm to improve their code of conduct and legislation assisting the firm to improve the service quality. Some of major implications of the key elements of employee legislation on the HRM decision-making is as follows:

    • Equality law: the equality laws will help the firm to carry out the effective HRM practices like recruiting and training. It will lead HR department of selected enterprise to adopt suitable measures and practices recruiting the work force without any sort of discrimination on the basis of race, religion, nationality or gender and age.
    • Data security:the HRM will see through proper adoption of the action plan which supports firm to improve and decide proper policies regarding the data security and privacy measures based on the Data Privacy Act of employee legislation (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017). It helps the firm to have effective growth and development of various Organisational activities in suitable manner.
    • Health and security: The HR department of the selected organisation improving the service quality offered by the organisation (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017). The HR manager and other executives will ensure the following of proper safety and security measures that are been taken at the workplace for the better management of the wellness and safety of workforce at Virgin Group.
    • Redundancy laws, Dismissal and Employment contracts: These activities and policies chosen by firm to manage the work force at the work place. This will involve the recruiting, training, role allocation, appraisals and termination process that is selected by firm. It also supports in improving the quality of operations and management of products and services.


    The employee's relation and application of different HRM practices at the selected firm will support organisation to enhance the quality of services and products that assists the firm in improving products and service quality which are been offered by the Virgin group. This support the HRM department of the organisation to adopt and implement effective business operations and activities that will help the organisation to enhance the quality of operations which will support organisation to improve product and service quality and action plans in a very effective way (Bratton and Gold, 2017).

    The processes like recruiting and training of employee's will cause the firm to incorporate various team building operations to increase service and product efficuiency in a very effective way. The payroll management operations and record maintenance will help the selected MNC to identify their operational and functional requirements and manage them in the most effective and significant manner (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). On the other hand, the compliance of the labour law assists the firm to improve the service quality offered by organisation in a very effective way. All these measures and practices related to the HRM policies of the Virgin Group that will lead the firm to improve effectiveness of the firm.

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    Depending on, the analysis carried out at Virgin Group, it can be said that proper handling of HRM operations and activities will help the organization to enhance their functions which will help the selected firm to improve product quality and thus will help organizations to improve their employee satisfaction level. The purpose of HRM is been discussed with the applications of the workforce planning and resourcing strategies in the firm are been taken into the consideration. Strengths and weaknesses of various approaches of recruitment processes and selection process is been taken within the org

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