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    D5080491 Unit 6 Issue In Human Resources


    Human resources management is that part of organisation which is enabling company to train and develop the skills of their employees who are been hired by them. their functions includes like that of recruitment, selection, training, development, resolving of issues, allotments of salary and bonus each part is related to employees or staff of company only. However there are lot of issues which company face in regard with human resource management staff like that of not able to implement technology into. In this current assignment these issues and challenge would be studied and following with job description of including performance appraisal methods. The focus is on InterContinental Hotels Group PLC where effectiveness of existing recruitment and selection process.

    Task 1

    Designing job description, person specification, performance appraisal methods and criteria to evaluate performance of individuals

    InterContinental Hotel Group PLC which is British multinational hotel company is tend to hire people who are graduate in this particular field of human resources. The current practice of hiring and selecting employees from a huge prospects of people is very effective as they are using round of interview sessions and external recruitment methods. Thus effectiveness of these methods could be analysed by the fact that company is been able to hire best people from the overall candidates who are coming for interview (Brewster, 2017). InterContinental Hotel is also using very good and effective appraisal process which is called as interpreting employees as per their skills and performance in company. If hotel group is using very well organised process and methods of appraisal then it would be required by them that they are reviewing performance of personal who are working into company.

    In this current part it would be talked about putting advertisement and job description about Head of Marketing department in InterContinental Hotel Group PLC.

    (a) Creative advertisement for Marketing Head personal.

    Head of Marketing Department.

    Americas office
    InterContinental Hotels Group, 3 Ravinia Drive, Suite 100, Atlanta, Georgia 30346-2149, US


    Company description:

    Our Group of hotels is hiring professional in marketing department for position as Head of Marketing department in our Atlanta site. As IHG is world’s leading hotel group with about 375000 people working all around 100 countries. As our marketing team is expanding and performing very good to achieve the motive and target of group. So we are hiring more people in Marketing department one of which is Head of Marketing.

    Job Description:

    In Marketing department company is hiring Head of section who would in in charge of whole team their working and other related issues as well. The work would be very clear of showcasing our group of hotels in market so that we could easily achieving targets and attracting higher number of customers and investors to company. The Head would be responsible for whole team and also in promoting group of hotels in market both products and services.


    The person who is applying for the post must be having following qualifications:

    Experience- 5 years in field of marketing.

    Skills- promoting company, being team leader, new ideas for effective marketing for company.

    Abilities- to handle workers who are working under them, execution of innovative ideas.

    Degree- MBA in Marketing.

    Additional Information:

    The person would be required to travel to other sites of our group to demonstrate and work with staff there as well once in a month.


     (b) Job description:

    The Head in marketing department is very much responsible work and they need to perform duties including regularly communicating with Board of Directors. They also need to communicate with all other departments of company like that of production or selling one. Their duties and responsibilities are thus not refined to only their department as their work is to communicate and coordinate with others as well. Marketing personal are the one who need to collaborate with the outer world as well as they are to deal with vendor or customers on regular bases as well. Their responsibility will be revolving around developing marketing strategy with study of current trends, demand and supply of products and services of company.

    Personal specification:

    Essential and skills-

    • Relevant qualification level and education to specified degree.
    • Having 5 years of experience in same field and hotel industry.
    • Having analytical techniques and research capabilities.
    • Having knowledge of computer and CMS practise as well.
    • Writing, reading, listening skills are required.
    • Project management skills and knowledge of network or database.
    • Preparing of budgets of marketing department.
    • Time and work management and skill to lead and motivate employees.

    (c) Interview notes:

    1. Among all projects done by you which one was the most difficult one? Specify your role in that? Was the task completed on time?
    2. Describe about the marketing efforts of company and how could you make changes into that?
    3. Did you received any negative response into your marketing campaign? What was the wrong thing as per your consideration in campaign? How could it be done differently?
    4. Illustrate about the current trend as per customers in hospitality industry? What would you on response to this?
    5. Explain marketing plan to person who is not having knowledge of this background? How would value of plan be proved or explained by you?
    6. In what type of plan does your creativity is most important?
    7. What are the current or top challenges faced by you as marketing head?

     (d) Cover letter


    18/56 New Street East

    Georgia, USA

    Contact Number: 4567891

    May 17, 2018


    Human Resource Consultant

    InterContinental Hotel Group PLC

    3 Ravinia Drive, Suite 100, Atlanta,

    Georgia 30346-2149, USA

    Dear ABC WXY,

    Greetings for the day.

    I have attached my resume in response to the internal posting for head of marketing departement expressing my interest in this particular job post in your group of hotels. The specified post in your company would be providing me best opportunity to work with world’s leading chain of hotels. As currently I’m working with Hilton Hotel UK and soon would like to shift to USA and join your company. As per the job specification given into your job advertisement I’m having 5 years of experience in working with marketing department 2 years in Ciragan Palace in Turkey and 3 years continuation in Hilton Hotel UK. I assure you that I would be giving my best to your company as well with full knowledge and skills which I’m having.

    Thanking you for your time and attention given by you and lookig forwad to discussing it with you on my application.

    Yours Sincerely,

    LMN XYZ.

    Professional CV


    18/56 New Street East

    Georgia, USA

    Contact Number: 4567891

    Personal profile-

    I would like to work as head of Marketing in hotel industry as currently been working with Hilton hotel as I’m soon shifting to USA so need to find new job there only. I’m having skills and knowledge to deal and occupy the marketing plan for company and having much more greater responsibilities.

    Significant achievements-

    • Having knowledge in Hotel industry of about 5 years
    • Good and effective communication skills which is helping me to attract more and more customers.
    • Currently been posted as Assistant head in Hilton Hotels
    • MBA in HR and Marketing from University of Birmingham
    • Having training in marketing plan and models development.

    Work experience-

    • Working with marketing department 2 years in Ciragan Palace in Turkey
      3 years continuation in Hilton Hotel UK


    Leading and training skills

    Communication with clients, other departments and higher authority.


    • MBA in HR and Marketing from University of Birmingham
    • High school: St. Mary’s UK.
    • BBM from University of UK.

    (e) Appraisal process:

    The process which would be defining under employees of company about their performance and practice which are going on. This is including how employees are performing their job, responsibility and are they justifying their job profile or priority. Thus giving employee appraisal, bonus and compensation according to work done by them is will be reward would be allotted.

    (f) Job offer letter

    InterContinental Hotel Group PLC

    3 Ravinia Drive, Suite 100, Atlanta,

    Georgia 30346-2149, USA

    May 17, 2018



    18/56 New Street East

    Georgia, USA

    Contact Number: 4567891

    Dear LMN XYZ

    InterContinental Hotel Group PLC as was hiring head of marketing department. The position was that of Head in marketing department. Based on our meeting and your interview which was held yesterday. We have decided to select you as our final candidate the salary as per our discussion would be:

    $10000 per year plus the bonus and other benefits.

    So you could join us till next month dated 1st of June 2018.

    For further issue and query call between 9:00AM to 6:30PM


    HR Head


    Task 2

    Issues & challenges that affect Human Resource Management of Inter-Continental Hotels Group PLC:

    Recruiting, hiring, deploying and managing an organization's employees are the main work of Human Resource Management (HRM). HRM is often referred to simply as human resources (HR). Rapidly transforming business indicates that there are currently many human resource management challenges which will continuously to evolve for the coming years. Issues such as cash flow, competition, and revenue growth are on top of mind (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Human Resource team for the InterContinental Hotels Group PLC, should always remember that these HR challenges need to be address as it is an important function for the organization. These HR challenges might be environmental challenges, organizational challenges and individual challenges, etc. they should also remember that these challenges are not related to the single dimension, rather they are directed towards multi-dimensional issues that should be tackled with immediate solutions. Fluctuation in economy as well as local and global advancements, there are many changes occurring rapidly which affects the HR in a wide range of issues. Following are some of the broad categories of the Human Resource Management challenges in today’s competitive world:

    1. Rapid Changes: Management of the organizations should be quickly adaptive to the changing requirement otherwise they become obsolete from the market as the world is changing in a very faster manner (Liu, Gong and Huang, 2017). The Human Resource team of the organization should adopt such policies which can give them new opportunities and will the organization away from the newly emerging as well as existing threats. With rapid advancement in technology, companies nowadays require such human force that has the ability to learn and cope with the changes at an opportune moment. New methods are emerging that quickly dominates the older ones and making them obsolete. It is because the present world demands every firm to move along with the change, or else be left behind and get extinct. Adopting these changes will quickly help the organization to stay in the market for longer period. Technological changes influence overall nature of the work and the company will need to find out employees that are capable to adjust with the changes (Korff, Biemann and Voelpel, 2017). During this process, unemployment, as well as employment opportunities, arise, creating new challenges for HRM of the organization. In order to attain success the HRM team has to adjust according to these shifting changes in the market as embracing change with grace and ease is the key to success.
    2. Contingent workforce (Workplace Diversity): These include part-time employees, temporary contract employees and work-from-home employees. Such type of employees is challenge for the organization as they are less attached to their organization and to their employees also. With more diversification of workforce, issues related to bullying, harassment, discrimination, etc. may arise to control for which the HRM should formulate and implement strict rules and regulations. Employees with greater professional and technical knowledge are highly demanded in the market as such employees have the ability to keep their organization ahead in this competitive world (Jiang, Hu and Lepak, 2017). Organisation need to have such workers who are willing in the changing circumstances of the organisation. Knowledge workers are those who are sensitive to change occurring in the organization. They have a very important role in the organisation as they keep changing according to the environment of the organisation and respond to them accordingly. So this becomes a major duty of HRM of the organization to make employees feel that they are the part of the company in order to retain them for a longer period of time in the organization. Trained workers are the key to the smooth functioning of the organization (Raineri, 2017).
    3. Leadership Management: It is one of the biggest challenges for human resource management, leadership development needs to be a critical strategic initiative. The main purpose of leadership management is to shift of potential leaders of the organization. They have to be self-driven, motivating, dedicated and devoted towards their work and are able to inspire and motivate their colleagues to get the work done properly. A good leader has the right attitude towards his work and his team (Friedman, 2017). The HR professionals are faced with being expected to provide the essential structures, processes, tools, and points of view to make the best selection and develop the future leaders of the organization. This will help to build up a strong staff members for their organisation. Strong leadership management will help the organization to cope up with the conflicts with others as well as within the organisation. The competitive position of the organization can be influenced by the policies of HR in the following ways, controlling Costs, improving Quality, developing distinctive capabilities and restructuring.
    4. Employee Productivity: Essence of productivity is maximizing profit and minimizing cost. HRM should always focus on maintaining the high productivity level of the organization (Illeris, 2018). By the continuous effort of the HRM team of the organisation, it might sometimes can get an unsatisfactory result. In these kind of situation, the HR team should thoroughly analyse the situation and make a proper conclusion i.e. whether it is the result of inefficient employee or inadequate resources. If an inefficient employee is the case then he should make sure to give a proper training session to the employees or even they can recruit new staffs to maintain the status in the market. HR department should hire and keep such employees whose abilities and strengths would match the requirements & circumstances of the organization. High quality of work life serves as an accelerator to the motivational factor of the employees and for the organisation as well.
    5. Globalization: We live in a global world today. Process by which a business firm or organization starts operating on an international scale, creating international influence is known as globalization (Fee and McGrath-Champ, 2017). In other words, merging, acquisitions, collaborations, takeovers are a common phenomenon. Globalization comes with many challenges with them which the HRM team has to deal with. These challenges can be related to different languages, work culture ethics, laws, attitudes, management approach, culture and tradition, etc. To overcome these challenges, HRM team are required to control various functions such as scheduling meetings, managing holidays and outsourcing of talent.


    These are some main issues and challenges which the organisation is facing current days. To overcome these problems, the HRM team of the organisations has to make some changes here and there. The HRM team should make organisational strategies because all these challenges can be overcome by some strategies which will help in strengthening the HR department and the organization. The main focus on present day human resource managers should be in strategic personnel retention and talents development. HR managers along with all the HR professionals have to manage these challenges efficiently of the betterment of the organisation. The organization has to be managed properly by a HR manager, if he starts thinking that his way is the best way and instead include a variety of ways.


    • Armstrong, M. and Taylor, S., 2014. Armstrong's handbook of human resource management practice. Kogan Page Publishers.
    • Brewster, C., 2017. The integration of human resource management and corporate strategy. In Policy and practice in European human resource management (pp. 22-35). Routledge.
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    • Illeris, K., 2018. A comprehensive understanding of human learning. In Contemporary theories of learning (pp. 1-14). Routledge.
    • Jiang, K., Hu, J., and Lepak, D.P., 2017. Understanding employees’ perceptions of human resource practices: Effects of demographic dissimilarity to managers and coworkers. Human Resource Management. 56(1). pp.69-91.

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