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    HR management of McDonald

    Part 2: Classroom activity


    The classroom activities include a discussion on the description of the job and also job specifications. The job specification helps to make individual employees responsible for carrying out a specific task in the industrial sector. McDonald has an effective HR management system that uses innovative and creative methods for managing its employees. There is a different mechanism of employee selection in a different sector of the hospitality industry. The hotel and restaurant both have a distinct method of employee selection.

    3.1 Discussion of the job and also person specification from the restaurant

    In the hospitality industry, the management is responsible for ensuring a better recruitment and selection process for the staffs. Thus, the HR management needs to have enough experience for selection of the service quality in the HRM function. Selection and recruitment process in the HRM function involves the betterment of the informal system in the restaurant industry. The management needs to make specific people responsible for specific tasks (Khai et al. 2015). It would be better to evaluate the individual employees for guiding them in the correct direction. A better system of management in the McDonald needs to be evaluated for getting high-quality labour. During the process of the requirement of the employees, the HR management needs to initiate the process of assessing individual skills of the employees.

    The individual skills of the employees need to be assessed through various innovative measures. Psychological help can be sought for improvement in the approach of the staff's evaluation. As recommended by de and Rodriguez-Solis (2017), there has been an association of higher cost with the poor process of employee recruitment. The HR management in McDonald needs to ensure that the employees are satisfied. There are aspects of a feedback system for the employees which can enhance the process of improving the performance of employees through a particular feedback system (Syahaneem et al. 2015). The specific feedback system for the employers can ensure that all issues and grievances of the staffs of the restaurant are heard and these grievances are met on time. Low morale of the employees can have very negative results on the performance of the overall industrial sector. As recommended by Vietnam (2015), the low morale of the employees is associated with poor performance. Thus, the major role of HRM in McDonald needs to be to improve the morale of the employees in the organisation through the process of motivation. The retention theory of HR management can offer HR management the opportunity of handling employees very easily. Management of better practices can be implemented through particular competencies and skills in the HR management organisation for improvement in employee generation approach.

    There is an aspect of effective leadership criteria that could be utilised for motivating the employees. The appreciative leadership style could prove to be one of the most effective leadership skills in the organisation that needs to be implemented by the organisation for getting an edge in the effective management of the organisation (Story et al. 2014). Employees need to be involved in process of decision-making, as they are aware of multiple aspects in the hospitality organisation. Participation in the process of decision-making is believed to be a reason for improving the confidence and morale of the employees. As recommended by Khai et al. (2015), appreciative leadership evaluates positive aspects of the employees rather than the negative aspects. A focus on the positivity of employees encourages them to contribute to organisational growth more efficiently. Absenteeism can be a negative aspect of the hospitality industry. McDonald needs to focus on the reason for such a high number of absences in the organisation. There can be a lot of reasons for a high number of absences in the restaurant. The reasons could be a low level of job satisfaction, ineffective leadership, poor wages, and excess workload. Ineffective management and supervision need to be thoroughly verified by the restaurant for enhancing its capability of improving employee management. A regular discussion with the employees can reveal very positive result and human resource management can use effective employee interaction for understanding their needs and demands.

    The HR management needs to build an environment where an employee can express themselves freely and without any kind of fear. The transformational leadership skill is another leadership skill that human resource management of McDonald can implement it for better management of organisational rules and regulations. There could have been the adoption of the specific hiring process that would make it easier for implementation of high turnover among the employees. A high turnover among the employees needs to be evaluated through the process of a better initiation of the cost-effective process. The transformational leadership style can be helpful for contributing to the enactment of ensuring disciplinary action in the restaurant. Recognition of the vigilant nature of these organisation procedures would contribute to transforming existing HRM policies in the hospitality company. A better systematic process for recruitment can be needed to make a better approach to the process of recruitment. It is too much vital to incorporate basic laws and regulations for the involvement of the concerned leadership skill. A better process can be evaluated through increased likelihood of selection procedures.

    3.2 Comparison of the selection process in various services industries

    In the hospitality industry, there is a different procedure for staff selection. Hotel and restaurant have their distinct employee selection process, as there is a different way of functioning style between the two industries. On one hand, the hotel industry evaluates the ability of employees in satisfying the needs and demands of the customer for a longer period. It is important to have a better communication level for the employees. The hotel staffs need to develop a better and more effective relationship with a current customer of the hotel, as it can promote a better way of customer handling approach. The skills of the hotel industry are to provide continuous services. On the other hand, employees in the restaurant industry need to have the skill of serving a better quality of food to the customer. A restaurant is a luxurious place and the staff of McDonald need to be careful in ensuring that the customers are given a luxurious treatment. There can be an improvement in the aspect of cabin administration for making an elevated approach to the management of the hospitality industry.


    Management of the restaurant needs to specify a particular job to the particular employees. In order to make an effective job specification, the organisation needs to pay attention to the better evaluation of individual employees. During the selection process, the HR management of McDonald can implement an effective leadership style for understanding potential skills among the employees.

    Part 3: Report

    Executive summary

    The report has analysed the importance of training in McDonald. There is a specific requirement for analysing a particular process of training. A discussion has been made for the identification of those barriers in the organisational context. Organisational needs can be evaluated through the demonstration of innovation and application of creative thinking. The culture of this restaurant has a unique culture that is different from other culture. Successes and achievement need to be celebrated by the organisation, as it could be helpful for analysing training needs of workers.


    Training is considered to be the most important aspect of the business organisation. A special attention to training needs can be evaluated through the development of specific needs and demands of the employees. The better training process can lead to enhancement of performance. The contribution of the training process to the enhancement of employee performance has been discussed elaborately. There are a lot of barriers for implementation of the organisational processes. A discussion has been made for the identification of those barriers in the organisational context. Organisational needs can be evaluated through the demonstration of innovation and application of creative thinking.

    4.1 Assessing development activities and contribution of the training to the restaurant business

    The UK-based hospitality organisation McDonald has to face a lot of problems in implementing the training program for the individual employees. The barriers could include ineffective management or leadership. The ineffective management or leadership could be a barrier to the success of the business organisation. It is vital for McDonald to assess and evaluate the leadership barriers. Ineffective leadership cannot initiate the efficient process of employee training. The training process becomes faulty and ineffective and finally, it might be incapable of improving the skills and performance of the employees.

    The first process is to employ and utilise employees who are better capable of guiding the organisation in a correct direction (Dietz et al. 2015). A better organisational direction can be ultimately helpful for judging a key component in the staff's strategy evaluation. Lack of budget also is considered to be a barrier to effective implementation of company training initiatives. There is a requirement of particular resources that need to be allocated in the budget for the purpose of training. The company does not have that budget allocation and it causes a potential problem towards implementation of successful policy utilisation. As recommended by Wongpitakroj (2017), poor vision in the business organisation could be a barrier for McDonald to implement the training procedures. There can be a positive attitude for improvement in their performance. It is further important to assess the communication level of the restaurant staffs because lack of experiences among the staffs can lead to the collapse of the entire training process.

    An effective communication helps in the promotion of collaboration and it ultimately improves the ability of the workers to learn the training process. Reluctance of restaurant staffs can have very negative implications on the successful emancipation of the employees (Joppe and Li, 2016). The employees are fearful that management can exploit them through this training process and it causes them to be reluctant for improvement in the training process. There needs to be a perceived value for making a strategic evaluation and improving existing performance. Development and training process could add a certain level of value to improvement in value generation in the growth of the employees. As suggested by Amoroso (2015), there are two types of training approach for the restaurant company and the approaches include on-the-job training and also off-the-job training. If one of the approaches is chosen for the organisation, it would ultimately affect the process of formal learning. In process of on-the-job training, there is a need for tracking employee development process on a regular basis. Understanding the relevance of the organisational procedures can prove vital for the system of management in McDonald. A regular workflow in the business organisation can further ensure that its employees are going in the right direction for making a better approach to employee utilisation strategies. A regular criticism of the training process needs to be done for enhancing this process. A daily feedback system can be initiated for starting the process of employee emancipation. Employee feedback can be considered to be a vital feedback that helps in realisation of different entities in the organisational infrastructure. According to Olubanjo (2016), poor utilisation of the technology could affect a better performance improvement process. There is an aspect of performance appraisal system that can contribute to analysing training needs of the organisation. In order to make a better approach to organisational needs and approaches, it gets vital for evaluating and analysing individual needs and demands of the organisation. Evaluation of the learning process in the organisation can be implemented and evaluated through a process of focusing on the weaker skills of the workers (Khan et al. 2016). There is the availability of measurement criteria that could be utilised for evaluating the individual needs and demands of the employees. The process of employee improvement needs a special attention to the requirement, needs and demands. The solution to opportunity practices in an organisation requires a better evaluation for a supervisory support system. Certain criteria for quick training can be helpful for regeneration of training needs of the employee growth.

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    Conclusion and recommendation

    It can be finally said that McDonald needs to implement the process of training for improving the skills and performance requirements of the employees. With the utilisation of proper training, this organisation can ultimately improve employee performance in a positive direction. An effective approach to the needs and demands of performance can ultimately be evaluated for getting a better result of training. An innovative approach to the training process can be made for improving both the skills and performance of the employees.

    The process of improving the training of employees include the setting of a benchmark against competition, surveying individual needs and demands of the employees, aligning process of training to the goals of management. The operating management of McDonald can initiate the process of improving demands and supporting needs of the employees for the process of compliance training, promotion of consistency and training. The management of this restaurant needs to make employee satisfaction a top priority because satisfaction among the employees would lead to better performance and ultimately it contributes to the enhancement of performance among the workers. It is also crucial to understand the unique culture of McDonald for formulating strategies of the training program. The culture of this restaurant has a unique culture that is different from other culture. Successes and achievement need to be celebrated by the organisation, as it could be helpful for analysing training needs of workers. The innovation needs to be linked to this training approach. There is a scope of tremendous improvement in the training needs if it develops successful policies and regulations for enhancement of the up gradation system.

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