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    Human Resource Management


    Human resource management is the process of managing all the employees of an organisation while they are performing their job responsibilities. It is a strategic approach which is used while managing workforce of a company. HR department of business entities is liable to manage all the activities that are executed by individuals at workplace (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). This division is mainly focused to select, recruit, interview and hire candidates who have applied for a job in the company. Organisation selected in this report is Alpha Electronics which is mainly based in UK and it is an electronic testing equipment distributor and operating business appropriately. Various topics that are covered under this report are job specification, detailed C.V., documentation of notes for interview, a job offer and evaluation of process and rational for conducting appropriate HR practices.

    Main Body

    Overview of the company

    Alpha Electronics was founded in year 1987 and as the time passes the organisation has become largest organisation who has won various awards for test instrument specialist in UK. The organisation is scoring a high customer satisfaction with the help of high quality of its products and appropriateness of its business activities.

    1. Job specification for the job of Apprentice Supervisor Maintenance

    Job specification: It refers to the detailed description of a job role in which organisation requires a person with specified qualifications, skills, knowledge, experience and abilities. Employers specify the job responsibilities to the applicants who have applied for a job in the organisation. Main purpose of job specification is to provide information of a particular job to a candidate who have applied for a job (Bailey and et.al., 2018). A job specification for Apprentice Supervisor Maintenance in Alpha electronics is as follows:

    Job Secification

    Organisation: Alpha Electronics

    Job Title –  Apprentice Supervisor Maintenance

    Qualification – Electrical and Electronic Engineering

    Essential Criteria: 

    · Complete knowledge of electronic field.

    · Capability to interact and communicate with all the subordinates.

    · Ability to maintain good relations with higher as well as lower level managers.

    · Good skills to manage calls at workplace.

    Desirable criteria: 

    · At least 1.5 years experience of working in the field of electronics.

    · Good and effective technical knowledge is required.

    · Attractive personality to influence team members.

    · Effective skills to make strategic decisions.

    Job Description: 

    It is a written document that dictates all the job related details to the applicant. The new employee of an organisation needs to gather information about all the job responsibilities and duties that are required to be performed at the workplace (Bratton and Gold, 2017). It also includes different types of job related information which is required by an individual before joining a job so that all the details can be analysed by the candidates. A job description for the job of Apprentice Supervisor Maintenance is as follows:

    Job Description

    Organisation:  Alpha Electricals

    Division:          Electrical department

    Job Title:         Apprentice Supervisor Maintenance

    Job Location:  Republic of Moldova

    Job Summary:

    Alpha Electronics is looking for a suitable candidate for the job profile of Apprentice Supervisor Maintenance. The applicant is required to be experienced in the same field and have good knowledge about electronics industry. Individuals who want to apply should have great qualification and skills.


    1. Ensuring that all the employees are presented at work.

    2. Maintain good relations with all the subordinates so that their work quality can be enhanced.

    3. Supervising workers.

    4. Providing guidance to the workforce and increasing their engagement in work by motivating them.

    2. C.V. for The job

    C.V. is a detailed document that carries information about the candidate who have applied for a job role. It is very important for an individual to write the C.V. Appropriate so that employers get impress and take hiring decision (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017). A detailed C.V. For the job profile of Apprentice Supervisor Maintenance is as follows:

    Curiculam Vitae

    Curriculum Vitae 

    Name: John Michale

    Address : House no. 14, lake view street, UK

    Phone No. - 5865741697

    Profile summary:

    An electrical and electronic engineer having 2 years experience and willing to be a part of such organisation that may help to enhance my skills and provide opportunity to attain growth in future. Having good communication, decision makings and problem solving skills. Able to work in team effectively.


    · Effective management skills

    · Conflict handling

    · Detailed knowledge of electronics field

    · Pressure handling

    · Unmatchable communication

    Educational qualification: - 

    · B. Tech (Bachelor of Technology)

    · Electrical and electronic engineering


    I hereby verify that all provided information is appropriate and true in my knowledge.



    3. Documentation of preparatory notes for interview

    Interview is the process of exchanging information to each other in which one person ask the question to another. One is called interviewer and another is called interviewee. An applicant may take notes before going for an interview this may help to enhance self confidence as this will help to practice for the interview (Budhwar and Debrah, 2013).

    These notes are also taken by the interviewer to keep brief information about the applicants who have applied for the job and attended interview. Recruitment and selection process has become very easy with the help of latest technology. A few years later this process was very hectic and employers have to take 100 of interviews to select one single employee. As the technology develops the process of selection and recruitment has become more easy. Now various job portals have been launched and individuals may apply for the jobs online. Employers do not have to interview each and every candidate they evaluate C.V. of them and then take telephonic interview.

    Digital plat forms are the software or websites that are currently used by end number of companies to appoint individuals. The digital platforms that are used by the recruiters of UK are Linked in, face book, Gmail etc.

    Organisations design and place advertisements for the jobs so that large number of candidates applies for that job and a suitable candidate can be hired by the organisation in order to enhance productivity of the company.

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    Short listing and processing applications is the process of selecting a few candidates from a bulk of candidates for the next round of interview. When an organisation receive end number of applications on a website than it shortlist some of them and call them for the interview round. Recruitment process is a very long process in which organisation select or rejects applications for the job. All this process is called short listing and processing applications (Briscoe, Tarique and Schuler, 2012).

    Before going to the interview the applicants are suggested to be prepare for the questions of the interviewer. The applicant should write appropriate information in the C.V. because interviewer will ask the questions from the C.V. Adding false and fake information in the C.V. may leave a negative impact on the employer. It is very important for all the individuals who are going to apply for a job should add right and relevant data in the resume so that it may help to acquire desired job.

    4. Job offer to the selected candidate

    Job Offer: 

    When an organisation select a candidate than a job offer letter is provided to the applicant in which all the job related information is recorded. This is provided by the employer to the candidate who has passed all the level and tasks of interview. A job offer to the selected candidate from Alpha Electronics is as follows:

    Job Offer

    Alpha Electronics

    Water way building,

    Green bay, Republic of Moldova

    18, December, 2018

     Address: House no. 14,

    lake view street, UK

    Name: John Michael

    Dear Mr. Michael,

    We are glad to inform you that you have been selected by us for the position of Apprentice Supervisor Maintenance. We have analysed all the informations that are provided by you. Your qualifications and experience is very good and you fit to the job profile which is offered by us. You have been appointed as  Apprentice Supervisor Maintenance and your salary will be 20000 as we have discussed in the interview. Your joining date will be 01 January 2019. All the employment related documents will be posted to your home and we request you to sign them. For any query you may contact us on 8954846855. We are looking forward to see you soon as a part of the organisation.


    Human resource manager of Alpha Electronics

    5. Evaluation of  process and the rationale for conducting appropriate HR practices

    Evaluation of the process: There are five different steps that are considered by the HR professional in HR practices (Evaluation of HR practice process, 2018). All of them are as follows:

    Determining proper compensation: 

    First step of the process of HR practice is to determine appropriate compensation for the candidates who have applied for the job. HR professional of Alpha Electronics need to offer relevant compensation to the individuals who have been selected by the company.

    Ranking and evaluating candidates: 

    When the candidates are selected the HR professionals have to provide rank to them  so that they may examined in appropriate manner.

    Developing the individuals:

     Next step id to develop the individuals by providing them growth opportunities.

    Taking appropriate actions:

     When there is no discipline in the organisation the HR professional have to take appropriate actions so that all the activities can be controlled and monitored by HR managers.

    Rational for HR practices:

    Strategic management: 

    HR practices are mainly concerned with strategic management as it may help to make appropriate decisions for all the employees of the organisation. It is very important for the managers to make such strategies that may help to provide benefits to the employees so that their engagement in the work can be enhanced. In Alpha Electronics HR practices are done to hire such workers who may work under critical situations and be apart of the organisation in bad times.

    Training and development:

    HR practices are mainly related to the training and development of the employees so that they may become experienced in their work. It is very important for all the employers to provide training to the new recruited individuals so that they may perform all the tasks effectively (Jiang and et. al., 2012).


    From the above project report it has been concluded that human resources management is the process of selecting and recruiting suitable candidates for the organisation in order to enhance productivity of the company. Various job applications are received by business entities when they advertise for a job profile. Interviewer of the organisation select a few applications and than take personal interview in order to select best candidate.


    Candidate assessment form:





    Very Good


    Communication Skills


















    Professional qualifications












    Awards or recognitions






    Team Player






    Overall appearance



















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    • Budhwar, P. S. and Debrah, Y. A. eds., 2013. Human resource management in developing countries. Routledge.

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