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    Human Resources CIPD

    Activity 1

    HR professionals are the people who are leading an organisation. This person helps in the organisational development and provides strategic management practices for the employees in loaded to increase the efficiency of the employees (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Hence, it helps the organisation to achieve the desired goal of the organisation. The prime role of the human resource is to provide career planning and help in its development process. If the career planning is making focusing the CIPD map, it helps to reach the highest peak of success. The responsibility of the HR manager is divided into three sectors, namely, staffing, defining the work and employee compensation and providing benefits. Especially the purpose of HR is to maximize the business of the organisation by enhancing productivity and profitability and accomplishing effectively of the employees. The main roles of human resource managers are-

    • Analysing and designing job- It is the responsibility of HR manager to examine the requirement of a company roles and design a job accordingly which includes the required qualification, skills, roles and responsibility, etc.
    • Recruitment and selection of the employees- The human resource manager is responsible for selecting the right candidate which is suitable for the job role and can help in enhancing the productivity of the company.
    • Training and development practices- The existing and new employees need various trainings in order to enhance their skills and capabilities. Thus, the human resource manager is responsible for training of employees.
    • Managing performance of the employees- The performance of the employees are need to be managed. Thus, the manager of HR department plan various promotions and motivational tools in order to improve the productivity of staff members.
    • Maintaining labour relation as well as managerial relations- The HR manager has to manage all the employees and their needs or issues (Bailey and Garavan, 2018). Thus, the HR manager work is responsible for maintaining relations with managers and the labour of company.
    • Transparency- One of the most important characteristic of HR manager is to maintain transparency with employees regarding the policy of company and other benefits. Thus, it is important for HR manager to have a transparency.
    • Trustworthiness - The HR manager deals with all the employees and are involved to talk, guide and mentor the staff member regarding various issues. Thus, it is important to have a quality of trustworthiness in the respective manager.
    • Purpose oriented- The HR manager is responsible for maintaining the productivity and benefit of employees and company (Belcourt and McBey, 2016). Thus, it is important for the HR manager to stay oriented towards achieving goals and objectives of the organisation.
    • Technology savvy- It is one of the most important and basic necessity as technology is very important element for a firm. Thus, it is important for HR manager to have a skill of using technology.
    • Adaptability- The environment of business is ever changing. Thus, it is important for HR manager to adapt the changing environment and nature of business in order to help the organisation survive in the competitive market.
    • Versatility- The HR manager should have the quality of multi tasking as there are certain job responsibilities that need to be managed at the same time. Thus, the human resource manager should have versatility.
    • Solution oriented- There are numerous decision making involved in job role of HR manager. Thus, the manager should have a quality of being solution oriented.

    There are some essential characteristics that should be present in the HR manager

    Activity 2

    Group dynamics is the process of behaviours and the psychological process occurs within the group. In HR practices group dynamics indicates the interaction forces between the members of the group who belong to different social conditions. According to Tuckman's theory, there are five stages for developing group dynamics, namely-

    • Forming- This stage is full old uncertainty and confusion, likewise, the goal of the organisation has not established due to a different goal of the group (Bratton and Gold, 2017). In order to build create a good team it is important that a team leader should trust its team members and provide proper guidance to its team.
    • Storming- in this stage, the group has faced the highest amount of conflicts as the members of the groups often fight with each other for grabbing individual power. It is essential that team members resolve possible conflicts by themselves. Moreover, an individual personalities of team members emerge each other
    • ' ideas and perspective.
    • Norming- this stage is differentiated by the identification of individual feelings and shared their personal experiences. It help team member in establishing rules, values and standards as well as methods to increase efficiency of team.
    • Performing- this stage occurs when the group become mature and meet the feelings of continuity. It help team in function excellently and capable of making decision independently and autonomously without having conformation of team leader.
    • Adjourning - all groups do not experience this developmental stage as it is characterised by the dispersion of the groups. This stage help team leader to pay more attention in dissolution of team by rewarding its team members in an effective manner.

    Conflicts resolution is a necessary action to resolve the conflicts among the groups within the organisation in order to enhance unity. It will help to increase the productivity of the organisation. In this study, two strategies have been discussed related to conflict resolution-

    • Compromising and collaboration - Compromising strategy helps to give up some requirements of both parties for establishing a solution which will be accepted by all (Nel and MacDougall, 2015). On the other hand, collaboration strategy is providing some idea by multiple people in order to find out an acceptable solution. Both these approaches are required in an organisation in order to developing a positive environment at workplace. Through this, HR manager of the firm can easily manage the working practices and resolve issues between employees easily. Compromising and collaborative both approaches assist in building team building effectiveness in an organisation with appropriate decision making practices.
    • Accommodating and avoiding - Accommodating strategy is a necessary factor which provides opposite solution against the want of the employees. HR manager of the firm identify numerous solutions and ideas in order to satisfying need and want of customers. On the other hand avoiding strategy helps to avoid the conflicts situation as the avoider thoughts that the problem will be solved without any interference.

    Activity 3

    According to me project management techniques are essential for making a framework for the project. Project management includes tasks and activities which organise a project in a systematic a manner (Petrick, 2017). For example, in an organisation's project there are various activities that include steps or actions to be done for achievement of given task. if project manager take previous sample project for developing an e-commerce website, then a task of designing the website is given to members . Then, this task might have a specific deadline that can be assigned to a resource such as a team member that has design skills. Furthermore, the project manager can track or monitor activities that have been done on this task by the team member, get status updates, and follow up if needed. For a systematic project management , project manager should use some significant techniques. Following are major techniques of project management as follows-

    • Traditional project management: Traditional project management is a common technique used by project managers to organise project effectively. Traditional project management techniques includes tasks or activities which is used for planning, estimating, and controlling divisions of project. The main focus of this technique towards providing result on time, within standards. Traditional project management is mainly used for projects where activities are completed in a chain manner and no modification is allowed.
    • Waterfall project management: This technique is associated with the traditional project management process. It helps the team member to rely on each other decision and helps each other and apparently, builds a team which will help to get more information and opportunity. the waterfall approach is next level of traditional management, it consider that individual team members work together to complete tasks in chain manner. In this technique contributions to the common goal promotes team members to take difficult tasks.
    • Rational Unified Process: Rational Unified Process technique interconnects the iterative style of software development projects. RUP technique is helpful for rotational projects that merges feedback from end users for potential rotation cycles. Under RUP projects looks likes waterfall projects, RUP focuses on transition stage at the end of a cycle, at which products are provided to end users for evaluation and feedback.
    • PERT Project Management: This technique is mainly for large projects, this style of project management works very well for one-time manufacturing or development processes that may evolve or expand over time. By using this technique project managers able to differentiate between events and activities.
    • Critical Path Project Management: Critical path project management mainly concerned with task duration estimations and other related factors. Critical Path techniques emphasises on speeding up tasks through measurement.

    In the problem-solving process it is important to follow some techniques-

    • Identifying issues
    • Analysing the interest of every employee
    • Evaluating the alternative solutions
    • Selecting the suitable option
    • Taking enough time for selecting the option
    • Monitoring the acceptable option and prepare the documents of agreements.

    Project management tools like grant chart, logic network help individual more concentrated in the topic and it provides a unity and helps to build a team (Snell, Morris and Bohlander, 2015). On the other hand, the problem-solving techniques help to reduce the negotiation and influenced the employees and make the project best in comparison to the other project towards the employees. This can be very helpful for HR professionals as it can help them understand the various types of human beings and the way they can manage the conversations with each one of them. This can also direct the trainees to the right method of handling difficult projects and deal with people who are not easy to please. The program should also include workshops about the human psychology and include special classes on body language and face reading.

    Activity 4

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) determines through which different members from the professional associations improve, broaden and maintain their skills and knowledge and developed their qualities in their professional lives. It also helped me in maintaining the competencies in my workplace. CPD plan can be measured through improved and new levels of competencies in the workplace. Various CPD programs have increased the level of competencies in our organization. With the help of such framework, most of the employees are advancing their skills and their technical skills. Only because of CPD standards, the employers are now able to meet their business objectives and it also help in satisfying the professional and personal goals of an employees. Apart from these, CPD provides a development resource to all the employees in the workplace and it also provides lots of benefits to the organization for developing their workforce.

    In order to understand about my progress, I conducted a personal SWOT analysis:



    • On the basis of personal skill audit I identified that I have gained good knowledge in Leadership practices.
    • Apart from these, I also enhance my skills and the knowledge in problem solving practices.
    • Moreover, I also refined my intellect and the skills. All these aspects can be known as my strength.
    • For me it is required to improve technological knowledge.
    • I am not able to do time bound activities properly.
    • I am not able to resolve problems in different situations. Which is affecting my decision making skill.
    • I needs to improve my team working skills



    • By improving technological skill, I can easily use advance technology in my personal and professional working practices. 
    • With the help of time bound activities, I can easily accomplish my tasks.
    • By resolving issues and conflicts of my team members, I can create positive environment in the workplace.
    • By improving team working skill, I can  easily mange all the challenges and task on the appropriate time period.
    • For me it is required to manage and enhance my skill properly otherwise I can influence directly in working practices.
    • Poor decision making and problem solving approaches can reduce the working practices of individual's.

    In order to improve further weaknesses of mine, it is required for me to get appropriate training for my effective development. In my opinion, one of the biggest advantages of having CPD training is that apart from helping a professional learn about the latest areas of development and improvement that are available for HR professionals, it also allows them to have a more innovative and adaptive attitude about the future. It allows them to understand the methods and theories that they can use in order to perform better. Further, it also trains them to learn about the different aspects of the field and the numerous challenges that they are likely to face in future. However, it can also help them in order to develop an understanding of the possible opportunities that they have in future and make them prepared for the same (Snell, Morris and Bohlander, 2015).

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    According to my, I need to develop my skills and knowledge in order to increase m professional knowledge and time management skills and enhance self-confidence.

    Goal and Objectives to develop myself

    Type of Target


    Expected Outcomes

    Date of Review

    Initial Strategy

    (Last 6 Months)

    Further strategy required

    (For Next 6 Months)

    Learning Resources

    Learning Time frame

    To develop technical knowledge and skills

    Long Term

    I need to learn more regarding the new technology related to my field


    I tried to learn a thing by studying.

    I need to attain seminars and workshop and apply the learned skills in practical life

    Online videos and books, workshop


    To become more punctual and confident


    Need to set up a routine and fix a deadline for finishing the work and meet new people


    Need to follow the routine and need to talk with new people

    Increase the assertiveness

    By taking help of time bound activities and tasks.


    To resolve problems

    Short- term

    By resolving issues of team members, I can easily enhance working environment of firm.


    I needs to enhance team working approaches.

    I requires to take feedback towards my improvements through seniors.

    By taking help of seniors.


    To improve team working skills

    Long- term

    With the help of team working practices I can manage task and challenges properly.


    I requires to assign single task to mutual team members.

    I needs to create a monitoring plan to review my team working practices.

    By taking help if seniors.


    According to the plan I realised that I will be able to improve my skills and knowledge which will be helpful for my future. On the other hand, time management skills and self-confidence is essential facto which will be helpful for professional life.

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