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    L/508/2637 - Crucial Aspects Of Human Resource Management

    University: Regent College

    • Unit No: 11
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 5 / Words 1306
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: L/508/2637
    • Downloads: 605
    Question :
    ' Question: This assessment some of crucial aspects of Human Resource Management for which there is a requirement to mention the theory, examples and challenges faced.       Performance Related Pay       International Human Resources Management       HR strategy and Implementation barriers       Recruitment and Selection       Diversity and Equality       Performance Management    '
    Answer :




    For a business organisation, it is require to use equality in diversity in their firm. Unilever is a multinational organisation in which lots of employees provide their contribution who belongs to different culture and societies (Ernst, Lewis and Hammer, 2010). They always provide equal right to workforce. Foe this they can use different theories to promote equality in diversity as -

    Unilever ensuring to access all opportunities and rights equally to all employees – This organisation provide all the authorities and right to their staff member in order to maximise their performance and productivity. Through this they can easily describe specific need of employee in their business firm to boost confidence of workforce. These working approach helps to build positive connection with employee to accomplish target objective easily.

    Unilever build positive environment for all the staff members – In a business organisation, it is required that management create a positive environment that make the motivate towards future objectives. Through this, employees feel positive to work with other candidates. These business approaches create effectiveness to attain business objectives and goals in proper way.

    Create comprehensive culture in firm – In a business organisation, culture and environment should have to be creative and encompassing that helps to motivate employees easily.

    Development of HRM to line managers

    In order to introduce workers in a firm and make them to work as per requirement of business, manage them and more are all done by human resource department. In small companies, all such activities are carried out by line manager but in big organization Burberry Plc. have different-different sections in HR division (Halbesleben, 2010). Activities like recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation or benefits etc. are performed by line managers. To gain competitive advantage, managers of this company provide various benefits to employees to gain high commitment of them. Line managers play a most important role to conduct a effective recruitment program for their firm. Recruitment and Selection process of private and public sector organisations is very different to each other due to size of organisation and its working style. Area and size of private sector firm are narrow then public sectors organisation. They uses a fast recruitment procedure to hire specific candidate In this procedure, it is necessary for employers to provide training to managers also which will develop their skills and knowledge. For getting high talented workers, it is amendable for line and HR managers to cooperate each other in decision making procedures, formulating new strategies and implement the same into workforce (Glover and et. al., 2011). Some techniques used to develop by them are:

    Personal system operation: In this process, managers will get a personal system by which they can easily operate and manage business operations related to improve performance of employees. Through this system they can track record of performance of each employee and identify weaknesses or strengths of them. After then they can provide training to them accordingly.

    Leadership skills: Burberry Plc. has thousands of employees therefore, to manage work of them is really a tough task for this firm. To engage them in group task, solve their issues and develop relationship, line managers are needed to adopt different styles of leadership. By acquiring leadership skills, they can handle problems easily related with engagement of workers.

    Problem solving techniques: In order to solve problems, manager need to develop own skills and abilities. They should build new strategies and policies at workplace as well as assists workers to follow the same so that occurrence of issues can be reduced. In addition to this, by enhancing own skills, line managers can implement and initiate some most beneficial HR practices like includiAbsence management system gives various facilities to employees and employers of a firm. By this system, administration can handle absence related problems as well as make ensure that needs of staff are met on time. It creates a framework for good practices and consistency in managing absences within workplace. Staff members and managers can understand company's expectation during absence of others. In context with employees, absence management system empower them to log their request and get approval for leaves easily.

    HR Strategies

    HR strategy is related with a concept of formulating an action plan and new policies in working organisation to improve performance of business (Davis and Adam Cobb, 2010). It is implemented and initiated by managers in such a way that resistivity of workers can not occur at workplace. In general, it is considered as long term plan whose main purpose is to gain targeted goals and objective in set period of time. By introducing new strategies in system as per concern of employees benefits, employers got advantage to gain high commitment of staff members. This would also aid them in utilising abilities of workers more which further helps in providing competitive benefit to organisation also. HR strategies can be defined as process of increasing productivity of workers by providing them training so that they can perform their task in proper manner.

    In a business organisation, it is required to build effective and impactful HR strategy to attain their future objectives and goals easily. TESCO which is a multinational grocery and merchandiser retailer firm faces such issues in their business activities as -

    • Barriers of lacking analysis of different environmental factors that can affect decision making process and profitability of firm.
    • Creating some irrelevant initiative and objectives of company
    • Inappropriate research on business practices
    • Failure to understand organisational strategic need and future objectives as well.

    For this, TESCO require to implementing strategic planning and strategies to reduce negative impact of such barriers and issues. To reduce such elements, firm conduct appropriate and impactful training program to improve their executives skills and working ability as well. These kind of planning and procedures build effectiveness in business activities and HR practices.

    Ethical issues in HRM

    In an enterprise like Nestle, different kinds of ethical issues faced by managers of human resource department. It can be explained in following manner:

    Employment issues: This firm is known for its high quality products therefore, to manage this reputation its managers are required to introduce best candidates at workplace (Carter and Liane Easton, 2011). They use various techniques of recruitment through external and internal both source. But sometimes this will put pressure on them also like judging skills and abilities of job recruiters, verify their documents and more in proper manner so that right employees can be employed.

    Cash and incentive plans: In order to gain retention of employees, managers are needed to provide them appraisals and rewards as per their performance. This would help in enhancing motivational level of workers but will arise many problems also. It includes conflicts among workers according to incentives or appraisals they gain as one who gets less may switch from job. They start compare to each other which generate dissatisfaction also.

    Employee discrimination: Nestle has diverse organisational culture where employees belong to different categories so, it would raise various problems. It involves abusive activities like employees harass other workers on the basis of different characteristics like religion, caste, sex, religion and so on. In this manner, managers have faced various issues in getting right work of employees. So, it requires by them to plan strategies which would help in reducing such kind of discrimination in a proper

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