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    Y/508/0487 - Analyse The Requirement Of Human Resource Management In British Airways

    University: Walsall College London

    • Unit No: 3
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 4 / Words 1111
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: Y/508/0487
    • Downloads: 818
    Question :

    The objective of this report is to analyse the requirement of human resource management in an organisation in order to manage things appropriately. All these practices include required skills and knowledge in a business firm which associate with HR strategies. The criteria of this report includes:

    • Identify the benefits of HRM practices in the context of both employee and employer in British airways.
    • Analyse the effectiveness of different HRM practices in raising business productivity and profitability.
    Answer :


    Human resource management is an approach to manage the whole HRM Department. These are analysis the benefits for the business profit and it is new strategies for the development of people with in working organization. Human resource planning is a process to understand the needs of employees (Nickson, 2017). In this report, there will be explanation on the scope and purpose of (HRM) human resource that would manage the British Airline by the Assistant manager. British Airways is the largest airline company in UK. It will be maintain the HR strategy and look out the workforce planning.

    TASK 3

    P3. Benefits of different HRM practices within British Airways UK for both the employer and employee

    Human resource management is to manage the recruiting process, managing the employee and hiring process (Marler, 2018). They also maintain the whole organization including their organizational culture and provide employee health and safety. HR. manager will understand the requirement of employee and can be fulfil. There are many ways to manager will handle their business process. Human resource management will manage the coordination between the employer and employees that are very helpful for managing the goals of company. According to the management it can be classified into different manner as following:

    Employee Strategy: It is very important for organization to understand their internal and external factors of firm (Stredwick,  2017). The HR manager will maintain coordination between the company and employees. The strategies are very important for the business process because the planning creating a new solution for the business operation.

    Promoting Positive Attitude: A successful firm creates an effective and positive working environment that are useful for the employee. The Human resource management is giving reward on the basis of their behaviour. The employee will handle all the situations when they are adopted the company culture.

    Developing Employee: It will encourage their employees to contribute for the company growth. The company's worker can be increased their skills and knowledge and that are beneficial for the organization. Top organization can be positive effect on HRM because they will help to employee and providing training. This organization provides the services for employee education in which they provide the chance to share their knowledge and used them. The HR management play an important role for the organizational culture. It can handle all the situation related setting policies, company standard dictates, hiring process etc(Boella, 2017). The organizational culture affect the people because the employee not handle the time schedule and employee are not directly interact with the customer.

    Establish a Flexible Environment: In this way, they are establishing a flexible environment for the employees in British Airways (Shields,  2018). In this company, The older workers and employee disabilities, part-time workers are doing job. The HRM provide the flexible environment and this company want to talented worker, they provide flexible workplace for the employee including some work assignments, work timing schedule, location, communication format etc. employee can be customized their work according to their lifestyle.

    Motivating Workers: The manager must maximize their employee’s performance and according to talented people, they will hire manager who will manage all worker’s activities. An effective manager can be help their employee so that they will increase their position and generating good impact towards the company. It is a process when it identifies the qualified employee, provide a training to weak employee and it also providing the effective incentive to the qualified employee. HR. management provide the compensation when the organizational getting success.

    P4 Effectiveness of different HRM practices in terms of raising British Airways UK profit and productivity

    Every company is also increased their profit and productivity so that British Airways can be improve the performance of employee. They are analysis and measure the performance of employee.

    Learning and development-Learning is a process to enhancing his efficiency and developing their skills. It is the most important part of an employee to providing the effective services, they increased their skill in specific areas (Knowles, 2018). Learning process is method to gain more knowledge through training and the development workshop. This learning phase is completed by British Airways provide the good activity and providing the special type of working environment. In this way, the firm can be increased their productivity. It is technique to learn new thing and then this are the factor used for the developmental growth. HR management can be play an important role because they provide the best health and safety services at workplace (Nel, 2017). It will arrange all the services to the employee For Example: Machinery in the office so that they provide the warning sign and many danger poster are listed. In case, the emergency is required to provide the doctor facility. There are less possibility that accident occur and they will help to take any legal action.

    Payment and reward management- payment and reward is that system when they are motivated to employee and can be invest contribution for development (Kehoe, 2018). In this company, they are encouraging to the authority to enhance the productivity and profitability. The employee can do the best work and their experience increases so that the organization provide the reward, special allowance, payment and other facility provided. 

    M3 different methods used in HRM practices, providing specific examples to support evaluation within an organisational context.

    There are many methods to providing the services to the employee and that beneficial for the employee of British Airways. Human resource management can used to provide the flexibility in customer service and they are fulfilled the need of company. The disadvantages of HRM to feel de motivational because the employee are not doing extra work on time. This is the fact of company growth. British Airways can support their employee and they provide the equal rights for every employee (Cooke, 2017). In case, they face any kind of harassment can directly informed to the British Airways. The main strength of this company to give a special kind of services to their employee and satisfaction level of organization to contribute their role for the development. In the company, All employee are highly educated and skill but at the point training is required because the company can run in a different 

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