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    Managing HR practices


    The entire project report will give a brief insight about the HR practices being followed in various organisations and its serious impact on the productivity, human capital management, employee involvement and training and development. As every organisation adopt different HR practices according to their working environment and requirement. The report will provide learning about the HR practices being adopted by organisations like TISCO and Morrison’s. Also, it will explain about the importance of HR functions and practices in any organisation and its effectiveness and impact upon the growth and development.

    HR practices in TISCO

    ‘Employees are our capital and our job is to grow that’

    As per the above statement it becomes clear that for TISCO how important role human capital plays in the organisation. Tata has adopted capital strategy for leading and achieving the company’s desired agenda. Tata worked really well in respect with the human capital they say we are working hard upon the employee demographics and we will alter it in a much better way than it was before. They have framed the vision and mission so well just to take the Human capital at a different level (Bell,2013).

    Training and development in TISCO

    • The technical education advisory committee guides employees about the training and their personal development into the organisation, and train them about the strategic goals of the company i.e., about the short term and long term objective.
    • The in-house training programmes are also conducted for the training and development of the employees working in TISCO which is been conducted by (Technical Institute and Management Development Centre).
    • The major concern of Tata is to develop the employees not in a specific field but to develop them on the whole, to make them capable for which the company also depute employees to other organisations and training centres all around the country for every possible specialist training to enhance their knowledge and skill. (Habisch,2012).
    • Not only the employees but even the officers are being guided and trained into the business mangers through some specialist general and seniors managers so that they can effectively look after (Habisch,2012) their employees and become a source of motivation for them to work more efficiently for the company.
    • Employees are trained to know about the various changes in the working environment, external market and about the prevailing steel prices to build a quality of knowledge about the product the company is dealing into.
    • The employees are also trained about how to solve the problems and real cases, how to deal with the conflicts among the subordinates. They are trained about the stress management and its benefits.

    Performance management at TISCO

    • 90degree appraisal system is adopted by the TISCO company to review the performance of the employees.
    • Also, the company uses 360degrees of feedback which provides direct communication and reviews from the employees.
    • Some modernized system of appraisal is done based on KRA’s and targets. (Hyslop and et.al,2012) The Tata focuses on reviewing on the performances of the employees on regular interval bases so that in case of changes correct rectification could be made.
    • And if the employees get successful in meeting the set level of standard of performance than they are appraised by rewards and incentives includes long term training and development facilities for them, inclusion in various profit schemes etc.

    Impact of HR practices on productivity

    Focusing on the above HR practices being followed in the TISCO impacts a lot on the overall productivity of the organisation. A number of researchers have reported that the HR practices result in a positive manner in the growth and development of the organisation. Reaching to such a level of growth for TISCO was not an easy task but a lot of plans, practices and methods were adopted to meet with prevailing Japanese and other competitors in the market.

    HR practices like performance appraisal, (Norton,2010) training and development programs, employee participation in the organisation plays a vital role to raise the productivity level of the organisation. However, if an employee is judged by his performance through performance appraisal he will be able to see the gaps between his failure and success in the work. Knowing his gaps employee can work hard upon them and take corrective measures to improve the same. (Moynihan, Gardner and Wright 2002) Similarly, if the employees are praised in a positive way they get motivate to work more effectively and efficiently for their organisation. Their dignity is their strength and confidence which reflects in their work. If the employees are appraised and rewarded for the same it helps them to raise their morale high, it provides them the courage to participate with the management with equal confidence. Providing them regular training helps them to enhance their skill, knowledge to take effective decisions for the organisation. (Martin andWhiting,2016) A trained employee is a valuable asset for the organisation. It gives them the ability to resolve the problems and conflicts in the organisation and better relations affect positively on the result productivity and growth. Poor relations sometimes down on their work, and into worse scenarios of strikes and lockouts where workers slow disturb the entire (Edmondson,2010) working of the organisations unless their demands aren’t fulfilled where the organisation suffer a huge loss which indirectly increases the production cost. Also, the employee engagement in the work is very necessary for which the organisation must prepare effective plans to keep control over every activity of the employees to know whether they are working with the right capability and with correct time management. Proper utilization of time is necessary for the organisation productivity. Hence, HR practices plays a vital role in organisation productivity on the whole.

    HR practices in Morrison

    According to some of the researcher the statement once used by Morrison’s was ‘we make sure that employees enjoy coming to work at Morrison’s’. Morrison’s focuses well upon its people. They focus on attracting the best talent and pay more attention to give a warm welcome to the freshers and on the ongoing training and development of the employees. They provide training even to their managers with proper skills and knowledge so that that they can guide their employees and subordinates in a better way which they need to lead in the future. Morrison’s builds various new policies and procedures just to check that the work is being done rightly and everyone is treated with respect into the organisation. They provide all possible rewards to their employees to show that Morrison’s really value them and their time. They say our employees make “Morrison’s”. The HR practices are well conducted in Morrison’s just to train and develop their employees so that they could play their role very efficiently and effectively I the organisation. Morrison’s helps each and everyone in the organisation to achieve their ambition and play the best role. (Vogelsang,2013). They believe that HR practices plays a vital role in increasing the productivity as well as removing the conflicts in the organisations. Proper HR practices may help in effective growth of both the employees and the organisation.

    Training and development in Morrison’s

    • They provide wide ranging training to their employees as well to their managers so that they could provide the correct skills and knowledge to their subordinates so that they can lead the same in the future.
    • The most important area where Morrison’s focus is discovering the inner potential, capabilities of their employees so they could know their real self and develop them entirely. (Murphy andSouthey,2003).
    • Morrison’s provide them a complete training and development programme to enhance their personality on the whole.
    • They provide a wider scope for individual career development so that each of them could achieve their ambition to meet up their targets and goals.
    • They provide managers with the coaching (Tsui andLai,2009) and skills they need to lead their subordinates.
    • And focuses highly upon building an employee the best he could be for the job.
    • They give their career the priority that is why every individual has a career conversation with their line manager once in a year to discuss the right oath and right career for them.
    • Also, they have various accelerated development programmes and apprenticeships build help individual to get progress in their suggested career.

    Performance management at Morrison’s

    • Morrison implement a good level of performance improvement and behaviour management to ensure good relationships between the employees of the organisation.
    • They have a perfect structure which supports the effective functioning and follow up the correct process for conducting the performance appraisal within the organisation.
    • They ensure that employees understand what is actually expected by their jobs and by the organisation as well as their role and assigned position. (Willens,2009).
    • In case the individual lack in any of the factor, Morrison keep complete focus on providing those essential skills and knowledge to the individual.
    • They are provided with the proper feedback and a good opportunity to discuss their work and performance with the concern persona which helps them to fill up the gaps.
    • Morrison honour them with bonus and rewards for their good performance which helps the employee to get motivated and work efficiently.
    • They are supported by the organisation so that they could enhance their inner potential and achieve the optimum performance.
    • They invest the proper time in evaluating and taking the corrective measures for the same through the performance of the individual.
    • Also, they regularly monitor upon the performance of the employees towards achieving of the performance standards which are set by the organisation itself.

    Employee engagement in Morrison’s

    • They give employee the complete freedom of speaking out their suggestions, views and problems i.e., the organisation focuses upon the effective two-way communication.
    • They manage a recognition schemes just to let the employees know Morrison’s value them and give every individual a voice.
    • They let every employee to provide their personal feedback through forums, engagement surveys just to know the real experience the employees felt while working.
    • Providing them such development and training programmes gives them a positive zeal to get engaged in the organisation.
    • They take ideas and suggestions from the employees so that that could feel involved into the organisations.
    • Morrison focuses on maintaining a good relationship between the employees and the employers as to make the people engaged in the organisation.
    • They provide enthusiasm and motivation to the employees so that feel positive about their work and job being assigned to them.
    • They involve employees in the business planning of the organisation and makes them feel equal part of it.
    • The organisation creates a knowledge sharing system so that the employees may have complete knowledge about the essential information so that cost of a high employee turnover rate covered and not avoided.
    • Morrison builds a trust with their customers and employees by showing them the presentation of their financial statements so that they may know the exact status of their organisation as well.
    • The organisation creates excitement in the mind of the people about the upcoming opportunities so that they get enthusiast and participate with their energy.


    The entire report has provided learning about the impact of HR practices on the productivity of the organisation. Also, how every organisation has different process for handling with performance management and employee engagement in the organisation. Moreover, it also reflects the positive benefits of adopting good HR practices in increasing not only the productivity of the organisation but also enhances the individual personality and helps them to develop. The report focused upon how HR practices are necessary in increasing the productivity of every organisation to achieve the desired goals.


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