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    Human Resource Management


    Human resource management is a process of recruiting right person for a right job in a organisation and also to provide training and development sessions to its employees with a motive to make its workforce effective and efficient. It helps business entity in gaining competitive advantage in a business environment. In this present report, the chosen organisation is British Airways which is a largest airline in UK. In this context, purpose and role of HRM department in British Airways is discussed with human resource planning based on analysis of supply and demand.

    In addition to this, employees relationship and various employment legislations act, how the training and development sessions organised by HRM department will helps British Airways has also been discussed. In task 3, comparison between selection process of two different job profiles in service industries is an important assignment.

    Task 1

    AC1.1 Analyse the role and purpose of human resource management in British Airways

    Human resource management is a process of recruiting, motivating and training employees of business entity in order to achieve their common goals and objectives (Storey,  2014). It also helps an organisation in improving their overall growth and development in a business environment. In this context, HRM department of British Airways reward and compensate its employees, on basis of their outcomes arises from a specific task which indirectly helps an organisation in gaining a competitive advantage in a business environment.

    Role of Human Resource Management:

    (a) Planning and Forecasting

    The main purpose of HRM department is to recruit suitable employees for an organisation. This planning and forecasting helps an organisation in appointing right person for a right job in accordance with the organisational objectives. It will helps British Airways in making their workforce efficient and effective by identifying required workforce for achieving organisational objectives.

    (b) Recruitment process

    The main role of HRM department of British Airways is to make recruitment process effective by knowing vacant positions and needs, design a description of  vacant jobs, hire suitable employees and complete the procedures. These steps will help British Airways in appointing right person in accordance with their skills and knowledge required for a particular task.

    (c) Contract of employment

    This contract involves condition of a job offer from an organisation, it is done by HRM department to provide information to new employees that helps in protecting both parties (Unger and et. al., 2011). In this context, it will help the chosen organisation, British Airways in building a healthy working relationship between employees and an organisation.

    (d) Monitoring of employees

    It is essential for HRM department and top level managers of an organisation to monitor their employees performance on a regular basis. In this context, it will help British Airways in solving their employees' issues and improving their overall performance, which leads in making their workforce competitive in a business environment.

    (e) Training and development

    Training and development are important for employees of an organisation in improving their performance, in order to achieve their specific goals and objectives (Welch and et. al., 2011). The HRM department plays an important role in organising training and development sessions for its employees. In this scenario, British Airways organises training sessions for improving skills and knowledge of their new employees and development sessions to motivate their existing employees, in order to improve their overall performance.

    (f) Budget Monitoring

    Human resource department also plays an important role in monitoring companies revenue and expenses that are allotted by top level managers. In this regard, it will help the chosen organisation British Airways in optimum utilisation of their organisational resource, which leads in retaining their productivity for a longer duration.

    Purpose of Human Resource Management

    The main purpose of HRM department of British Airways is to maximise their productivity and to make effective workforce. There are two main purpose of Human Resource Management which are described below:

    (a) Hard HRM

    It is a staff management system that focuses on considering employees as an resources that needs to be controlled effectively to achieve organisational goals and objectives. In this scenario, it helps British Airways in maximising their profit and gaining a competitive advantage.

    (b) Soft HRM

    In this approach, British Airways considers their workforce human beings and motivate and guide their employees to achieve their goals and objectives. It will helps an organisation in building a healthy and positive relationship among their workforce (Sparrow, Brewster and Chung, 2016.).

    AC 1.2 Creation of HR plan based on analysis of supply and demand

    British airways is launching four new flights from Madeira to Heathrow in the peak season and three for rest of the year. For this the chosen organisation needs 15 respondents for cabin crews and 7 respondents for airport customer service executive. The human resource plan based on company's requirement discussed below:

    (a) Source of recruitment

    In recruitment process, there are two methods .i.e. internal and external. In internal recruitment process an organisation promotes existing employees in accordance with their skills and knowledge (Sheehan, 2014). On the other hand, in external recruitment process organisation opt for fresh talents rather than existing employees. In the present scenario, British Airways have to choose external recruitment process for appointing 15 respondents for cabin crew and 7 respondents for customer service executive. British Airways can use campus placement methods or walk in drive for getting fresh talent in order to fill their vacant position.

    (b) Selection procedure

    In this context, British Airways will select its appropriate candidates on the basis of three steps, first is to analyse CV of candidates, second is written test and the third and important step is personal interview. These steps will help British Airways in choosing appropriate candidates for their cabin crew and customer service executive position.

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    (c) Determine compensation

    After selecting appropriate candidates for their cabin crew and customer service executive position, the next step is to decide salary for chosen candidates in accordance with their skills and knowledge (Schermerhorn and et. al., 2014). In this regard, British Airways will give offer letter to selected candidates after they agree on remuneration policy.

    (d) Training

    In this step, training programmes will be organised by the chosen organisation British Airways for their selected cabin crew and customer service executive candidates. It will help new employees in understanding the work environment and in improving their skills and competence in accordance with a particular task assigned.

    (e) Appraise performance

    In this step, the top level managers of chosen organisation British Airways will evaluate work done by their selected candidates in order to check whether the selected candidates will prove to be effective in future.

    Responsibilities of cabin crews and customer support services are discussed below:

    Cabin crews

    • Ensure passengers comfort by providing them blankets and other necessary facilities
    • Ensure passengers safety by providing them appropriate direction relating to emergency landing

    Customer support services

    • To resolve customer related query as quickly as possible and to assist an organisation in operating business activities in accordance with customer needs and requirement
    • to inform their staff members about their flights timings and other necessary details

    Task 2

     2.1 Assess the current state of employment relations in a selected service industry.

    Employee relations is a very broad and vast term used in business industry for emphasizing on positive and healthy employee relations (Rubery and Urwin, 2011). This term defines or explains relationship of employees with their subordinates in management. It is a broad relationship framework where rapport and trust have a direct effect on profits and business of aviation industry. Maintaining efficient employee relations is very important as employees help business organisations to achieve their future goals and objectives. British airways is a UK based airline industry which provides efficient travelling services to its customers. Employee relations manager of British airways performs various roles and functions in order to achieve efficiency:

    Consultation on new and existing policies: 

    Policies of every company or industry explains about its working environment and the way in which employees behave. British airlines has various important laws and rules such as sexual harassment laws which say that no employee should be treated indifferent on unequally on basis of gender or any other concern.

    Create benefit packages: 

    Employee relations managers as well as HR managers work in full co-ordination and harmony while creation of new benefit packages for employees or forming any policies for employee benefits. Benefit packages involve paid holiday tours to employees, sick leave, maternity leave benefits, various insurance policies and stock incentives. Managers assess needs and requirements of all employees as to what they need. It is not always necessary that needs and requirements of every employee is same. According to employees' needs  and requirements mangers provide them benefits.

    Act as  union representative:

    A union leader for British Airways is very important because it is a labour workforce enriched industry. Union are made to provide employees with proper  job stability as well as security. Also, it aims at resolving conflicts between labourers and employer and create a harmonial balance in working and relationships.  Union also plays a role of a evaluator where it checks working efficiency of labourers as well as employers (Renwick,  Redman and Maguire, 2013). It lays emphasis on evaluating and analysing if labour force has violated any rules or if employers have not followed set standards as per industry.

    Negotiation of new contacts and policies:

    Contract negotiation is a key function that is performed by employee relations managers of British Airways. HR manager of British Airways ensures that all employees who have crossed their probation period sign an employment contract . It contains all the basic benefits which are to be received by employees and in return for that what functions are to be performed by employees. Once this contract gets expired, both employee and employers meet and negotiate about new contract with managers.

    These above stated points and strategies explain about current state of employee relations in British Airways and how HR manager of British Airways performs function of a negotiating factor between both employee and employer. Every individual needs to follow these rules and policies in order to work with greater efficiency and skills (Messersmith, and et. al., 2011).

    2.2 Discuss how employment law affects the management of human resources.

    Employment laws or legislation laws is used to govern rights, duties and functions between employers of British Airways and workers as well. These laws are also known by name of labour laws or legislation laws (Laws affecting Human Resource Practices, 2018). These rules are primarily brought into existence to  ensure safety and security of workers and also lays emphasis on treating employees equally and fairly without any bias. These laws aim towards protecting employer's well being and interests as well.  Employment laws of British Airways are based on federal as well as state constitutions, legislations, administrative rules and regulations etc. Various employment laws are explained as under:

    Employee relations act:

    It is an act which was brought into existence in 2004 in its initial form whereas some of its provisions were considered from October 2004 (Marchington and et. al., 2016). This act aims at forming laws and rules for benefits of employees working in British Airways. It is an act stressing upon amending or changing laws and rules as per requirements of trade unions and also taking proper industrial actions as and when required. Employment relations act provides numerous rights to employees and labourers such as trade union recognition and de-recognition , taking necessary industrial action and so on.

    Employee rights act:

    This law or act encompasses almost all rights and obligations within employee- employer relationship. Employees under this law can be anybody may it be current employees, job applicants applying for new jobs or former employees working in an organisation earlier. Every employee working in any workplace has certain rights like right to privacy, fair compensation, and also freedom from any type of discrimination based on age, gender, race and so on.  

    Maternity and paternity benefits:

    Maternity benefit is a name given to a benefit that is given to women usually at their maternity time and also further provides them with compensatory payment in full amount  while she is absent from her work to take care for her newly born infant.  According to maternity benefit act, female workers are eligible of receiving a maximum of twelve weeks of paid maternity leaves (López-Nicolás and Meroño-Cerdán,  2011). British Airways also provides its females employees with total of twelve weeks payment during maternity leave.

    While for male employees, British Airways follows a policy of providing three weeks of paid leave or paternity benefit for taking care of their new born child. These are most important and mandatory benefits that are to be given by almost all employers to its employees.

    These are some important factors that affect management of human resources in British Airways as human resource is a vital part of any business concern and every organisation should follow some policies for developing a sense of trust and loyalty in its employees and make them feel safe and secure. Also, these policies and laws help to retain human resource or employees in British Airways for a much longer time. It helps workers in working with greater efficiency and loyalty.

    Task 3

    3.1Application of HRM practices

    Human resource is an systematic approach in order to manage function of employees in an organisation (Huselid, and Becker, 2011). This function aid organisation to enhance their overall activities. Human resource in British airways ensure effective recruitment of candidates and determines responsibilities of hired workers. In this company their managers implement various measures in order to improve skills and abilities of their employees. There is an urgent vacancy in this company for the post of cabin crew. Company have published their vacancy details like roles, responsibilities and purpose relating to their job. In addition to this, company  is proving various benefits to  their candidates to start their career with golden opportunities.

    Job Details 

    Post: Cabin Crew

    Company: British Airways

    Job Purpose 

    Effective handling of staff and grievances of workmen analyse their grievances continuously and provide corrective measures, counsel passengers whenever it is necessary. Responsibility to manage conflicts among passengers their security and safety also to manage welfare and administrative activity. In addition to this there is a responsibility to comply all legal measures.

    Roles & Responsibilities 

    · Check availability of fresh refreshment as per according to number of passengers.

    · Ensure availability of emergency equipments and display their using.

    · Fulfil basic requirement of every passenger during travel and provide them  meals, refreshment and beverages.

    · Use first aid is proper and hygienic manner at time of requirement.

    · Make appropriate decision while managing maximum number of passengers at the time of emergency.


    · Instruct passengers during emergency situations and manage conflict among them.


    Curriculum Vitae 

    Name: xyz

    Address: Andhra Road Street 5

    e-mail id: tolen@5gmail.com

    Contact No.: 9257846128

    Objectives: To seek challenging career in professional organisation. Adaptive nature and have high manageable skills as well as multi-tasking. Eager to serve in big travailing industry.


    · Master of Business Administration

    · Graduate in Business Administration


    Ten years of experience in airlines industry as a cabin crew in UK.

    Skills and abilities:

    · Have Good written and verbal communication skills

    · Excellent problem solving and conflict management skill in critical situations

    · Adaptable in changing environment and emergency trends, self motivated and quick learner.

    · Basic computer skills like MS Office, Word and Power Point

    · Highly driven and energetic and of competitive nature.


    I herby declare that all the above information given is correct up to my knowledge and certificates issued by recognised board/ university.

    After screening resumes of selected candidates HR managers further prepare detailed analyses for conducting interviews it includes questionnaire of related post then joining letter detailed description of role and responsibilities,  appraisal etc.

    3.2 Difference between recruitment process of British Airways and Transport for London

    As human resource are considered as main factor for every organisation in driving its success. Therefore, HR managers of companies concern on using best techniques of recruitment for hiring most eligible employees. In context with British Airways and Transport for London, both companies focuses on this concept for getting high skilled employees. But there are various difference in recruitment process of both organisations which can be shown in following manner:-  

    • As per job description process of British Airways, there is a large eligibility criteria for every post. Therefore, its HR managers majorly focuses on meeting the requirement of  each factor while hiring new candidates. While in context with Transport for London, its managers concern on experiences in same field of potential applicants, who early wants to work with this company.
    • Transport for London mainly use video conferencing technique for taking interviews of eligible candidates. This would give advantage to both business and recruiters in reducing time and money which consumes during interview process (Chelladurai, and Kerwin 2017). While British Airways, weighs more on questionnaire format for taking interviews of selected candidates.
    • Through online applications, British Airways gain advantage to get a list of eligible candidates among whom best one can be recruited. While, HR managers of Transport for London use recruitment agencies like Wiser to fulfil its vacant position with high skilled workers.

    Task 4

     4.1 Assess the contribution of training and development activities to the effective operation of a selected service industry business

    Training and Development

    Training is an act of increasing skills of an employee in order to enhance their job  performance for doing a specific task. It is a process of continuous learning which aimed towards helping workers to attain their basic skills for effective execution of organisation function. Whereas, on other hand development broadly refers as an long term process in which employees are prepared for other job in company. It helps employees to increase their ability and enhance their skills for managerial positions.



    · There are various types of training methods which includes technical or technological training, skills training, soft skills training, managerial training an safety training.

    · Development activities includes continuous education, participation in professional organisation, improve job performance, increases duties and responsibilities and increased duties and responsibilities.

    · Training aims at preparing an individual for a specific job or role.

    · Training usually requires appropriate guidance and instructions for gaining a certain skill or knowledge.

    · Development aims at increasing potentials of employees as well as make them better and skilled individuals.

    · Development is aimed being general and non tangible in nature.

    Role and need for training:

    Training and development is very important for every business concern for efficiently developing its organisational structure as well as human resource (Budhwar, and Debrah, 2013). Following are importance of training and development as per British Airways:

    Improves morale level and confidence:

    Training and development helps employees in achieving job security as well as job satisfaction in long run. It helps British Airways in retaining its employees for longer time and also contributes towards achieving organisational success and growth.

    Addressing employees' weaknesses:

    Every individual some or other way faces some sort of weaknesses and limitations  hence a training programme helps individuals to overcome their weaknesses and gives a chance of enhancing skills to employees of British Airways.

    Consistency in working:

    A properly structured training programme helps employees of British Airways in achieving higher consistency in their skills and behaviour of  working. It ensure a complete exposure of employees towards all necessary information and details.

    Types of training and development:

    Managers of British Airways undertake numerous training and development methods which helps its employees in achieving better growth and also ensures about timely achievement of goals and objectives. Training methods are explained as under:

    Induction training:

     It is a type of training method used by managers of British Airways during introduction of every new employee into its business organisation. It aims at explaining day to day activities on a business concern to newly appointed staff members. It helps in reducing nervousness of new employees and make them feel comfortable.

    Apprenticeship training:

    This training is only provided to technical staff members. It is usually earn while you learn sort of a technique where employee earns money while he is learning to  work under their superiors (Alfes and et. al., 2013). For example, plumber, craftsmen etc. These are some important methods of training and development that are used by British Airways for providing training and development to its employees.


    From  this report, it can be concluded that it is very essential to  focus on human resource management for airline industry. Human resource in any industry aims at building efficient relationship of employees with their subordinates in management. It is a broad relationship framework where rapport and trust have a direct effect on profits and business of aviation industry. Maintaining efficient employee relations is very important as employees help business organisations to achieve their future goals and objectives. Also this report, studies how labour laws affect employees and managers in an organisation. Training and development are two key areas to stress on for achieving growth and development as discussed above in this project report and also types of training given to employees has been mentioned here. Training and development in HRM is  a process of continuous learning which aimed towards helping workers to attain their basic skills for effective execution of organisation function.


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