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    Y/508/0487 - Effectiveness Of Crucial Elements Of HRM In Coca-cola

    University: Regent College London

    • Unit No: 3
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 6 / Words 1527
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: Y/508/0487
    • Downloads: 631
    Question :

    The scenario of this report determines purpose and responsibilities of Human resource within an organisation. Their role in the context of workforce planning as well as in training and development for enhancing business productivity.

    • Identify the scope as well as purpose of HRM in Coca-Cola for talent and skill development.
    • Analyze the effectiveness of crucial elements of HRM in Coca-Cola.
    • Evaluate factors that can affect HRM decision making including employment legislation.
    • State practices of human resource in Coca-Cola’s working practices.
    Answer :


    Human resource department is one of the important component in business. this is effective because they deal with workers of organisation. There are workers from various parts of country, so in this case it is essential to know what is the mindset of employees and then use them in better and effective way. There are policies framed by HR manager which are helpful in increment of profits and production (Alfes and et. al., 2013). This report is based on Coca-cola which is big name in industry of soft drinks. This association was established in 19th century by John Pemberton. There are many products of Coca-Cola, some of them are- Pepsi, Fanta, Sprite, etc. In this report there is discussion about role and purpose of HRM, advantages and disadvantages of various selection and recruitment process, was which are related to employees, impact of employees relation on production and profits.

    TASK 1

    P1 Functions and purpose of HRM and application of workforce planning

    Human Resource Manager is the person who watches working style of employees. They have to deal with workers working in organisation. Coco-cola is the largest organisation in soft drinks, they have good brand image in market. This is because of employees. HR manager has to motivate workers to give their best and hence they can achieve targets in better and effective way. It is essential to know mind set of workers and accordingly motivate them.

    Functions of Human Resource Management is as under-

    Selection and recruitment- This is the primary function of HR manager, under which they have to select best candidate among crowd. There is requirement of workers in company and they are liable to recruit person which is most effective for company. In case of wrong selection there is loss of time as well as cost.

    Compensation and rewards to workers- Employees works to get some rewards, this is known as salary. This is one of the best motivational factor for employees. So it is responsibility of of HR manager to pay salary on time and at appropriate time.

    Planning- This is the basic function which creates base for all other management activities (Anderson, 2013). To boost morale of workers there are some entertainment related activities performed in Coco- Cola. These activities are planned and discussed among workers by HR manager.

    Purpose of Human Resource Management is as under-

    Performance appraisal- As per performance there is monetary or non monetary benefits to workers, so it is essential to make strategies which helps to judge performance of company. With the help of top level management, HR department interact with workers and know what kind of appraisal they want (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).

    Creating good environment within organisation- Environment within organisation is one of the effective feature to build good image in market. It is essential that HR manager must frame policies which are ethical for crating good image. These policies told to workers so they are aware of them. In case of any wrong act, there must be provision of punishment.

    Framing legal policies-There are various legal laws related to workers. These are farmed and applied in organisation by HR manager. Laws gets renovated by government so it must be modified in business operations also. To apply these laws effectively it is essential that HR manager must have proper knowledge about subject matter.

    Application of workforce planning

    Workforce planning means to plan about requirement of workers in various department. Coco- cola is big brand and company has perpetual identity, so it is essential to know where employees are required. In case of expansion of business, there is requirement of workers to perform business related activities, so in this case, there workforce planning is done. Through work force planning there will use of human resource in proper way and there will no above and under employee required.

    P2 Strengths and weaknesses of approaches of recruitment and selection

    There are many policies which are required for analysing market and then apply policies which are effective for section and recruitment of candidate. This is the prime responsibility of HR manager to select person, but at the same it is essential to analysis which source has to be considered and there will less cost will occurred (Bloom and Van Reenen, 2011). Coco-coal is the company which operates in various parts of country, so there is requirement of workers as compared to other. There are two methods of selection and recruitment, they are discussed as under-


    This is the method which is helpful in fulfilling huge demand within organisation. In case there is requirement of number of workers, so in this case external source is used. In this source there is use of external parties to be part of organisation. There are various HR consultancy firms, online sources, through which company and candidate meet.


    • This method provide vast chance to select candidates. As there are number of workers, so HR manager can select most suitable candidate among them (Boxall and Purcell, 2011).
    • There is new knowledge with workers appointed through this source, so this brings new energy in organisation.


    • In this method there is huge risk because of new can duiadute is not so reliable as compared to previous so may create risk in mind of managers.
    • This method is lengthy as there is requirement of external source who deals with appointment of new personnel.


    ;;;;;;;;;;; This method helps to satisfy employee need frequently, so this is cheap and shortly satisfy demand. There are many employees in CoCa Cola, so there are policies which are used by manager to appoint workers. Through this source authentication can be checked with the help of internal source.


    • In this method there is use of existing workers, there is no need of training and this helps to reduce cost and time for managers.
    • Through this method employees are aware of culture of company, so there is less chances of conflict among workers.


    • HR manager has limited scope so there are chances of dominance in company. So there is no new ideas with workers.
    • There are possibilities of demotivating to workers. Because existing workers get chance of promotion (Briscoe, Tarique and Schuler, 2012).

    TASK 2

    P3; Advantages of various HRM practices in an organisation

    Human resource management practices is one of the important and essential factor which is used by the Coca-Cola with motto to increase employees and employer performance. There are different types of HRM practices which are benefited to the company and its workforces. These are explained as below:

    HRM Practices

    Benefited to employees

    Benefited to Coca-Cola (Employer)

    Employee performance management

    Employee performance management is important for the employees because it increase its motivation and productivity level in the organisation. It is also important for them to maintain strong position in business.;;

    High performance of the employees highly essential for the business to increase their sales and revenue in limited time period. Further, it assist in; development of better position in marketplace.

    Training and development

    With the help of effective training and development, employees easily increase their knowledge which support them to deal with difficult situation in easy manner. Training is more important part of the employees life because it support them to improve their performance level in the Coca-Cola.;

    Training and development is also essential and valuable for the Coca-Cola to expand their business operations and activities at different level. In this they achieve knowledge about implementing new products, services, methods and process in market through attending training program.;

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