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    L/508/2333 - Understanding and Leading Change for Morrison Company

    University: UK College of Business and Computing

    • Unit No: 17
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 13 / Words 3274
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: L/508/2333
    • Downloads: 835
    Question :

    The scenario of this report determines how major changes has undergone within an organisation and what are the major requirements to cope with such in effective manner. In this regard, it is required for a firm to considering such areas as:

    • Identify the impact of change over the firm as well as provide a comparison between two organisation on the basis of its strategy and operations.
    • Analyze the impact of driver of change over the organisation behavior of Morrison Company.
    • Evaluate the impact of change barriers over the leadership decision making of Morrison Company.
    • Provide an application of different leadership approaches while dealing with change in Morrison Company. 
    Answer :


    In today’s competitive world, due to rapid change in trends and technology, it is compulsory for every organization to make modifications in their working system and operations. Managers are needed to formulate new strategies and plans for initiate alterations in workplaces. But in implementing these changes, they face many problems and issues. Therefore, managers and leaders coordinate each other for influencing the people at organisation. Along with this, they are required to possess some effective leadership and management skills through they can perform in an efficient manner. This process helps them in increasing profitability as well as productivity of business as well. With this assistance, present report is going to reveal the role of leaders and managers in leading the changes at organisation. Morrison Company is taken in this context, which is one of the best retailers in UK. It offers a wide range of products as per requirement of customers at affordable rate (Anderson, 2016). For attaining competition, it introduces some modifications in associations, therefore, some internal and external key drivers of change that discussed in this assignment which affect the entire functions of company. In addition to this, some effective methods and leadership approaches also presented in brief through which employers can reduce the impact of changes on firm.

    TASK 1

    P1 Impact of change in different organization’s strategies and operation

    As per present scenario, changes are essential for every organisation whether big or small to expand their business at economic level. Due to modernization, people demand more and more new features in commodities, therefore, associations are required to add value in existing products or create innovative goods at marketplace. Adding value in existing products or providing new goods helps in acquiring competitive advancement from rivals (Fragouli and Ibidapo, 2015). As creating alterations is not an easy process, it requires number of steps such as identification of new trends, number of competitors, strategies used by them for acquiring marketplace, technologies and more. After measuring requirement of changes, managers are needed to formulate new policies and strategies through which they can implement modifications in a required manner. This would help in achievement of business goals and objectives as well.

    Since brining changes in workplace is beneficial for a firm in terms of increasing growth of a business, but it includes many risks also. It impacts on business activities in both positive and negative manner depends on objectives and goals of organisation. For this process, how changes have impact on function of Morrisons, a table is given below (Doppelt, 2017). It shows a comparison also between this firm with its competitor ALDI. Both associations are belong from retail business having same range of products like clothing, groceries, household commodities and more.

    Therefore, it has examined that change in external environment forces a company to create modifications in internal activities. So, managers and leaders of Morrisons are required to initiate and implement new strategies into working system in a systematic order. Along with, for making modifications, they are needed to consider on some main points also as discussed below:-


    To gain sustainability and large share in marketplace, managers should be focused on building new strategies by keeping an eye on policies of competitors. In addition to this, for implementation of the same, they should convince stakeholders and other investors of Morrisons also, who can invest required funds for this company. It would help in carrying out changes successfully through which this company can expand its business in a proper manner.


    After making plan, managers are needed to execute it in appropriate manner by using suitable tools and technologies (Gupta, 2011). It would assists in grabbing attention of customers towards its products or services as well as retaining them for longer period of time.

    TASK 2

    P2 External and internal drivers of change that can have an effect on leadership, team and individual behavior within organisation

    Change manager is a person who helps the organization in choosing suitable tools that can be optimized so as to get appropriate results (Fullan, 2014). Thus, technologies that are easy to handle are introduced so that employees can understand and operate them in an effective manner. Therefore, through this Morrison will able to generate more and more revenues that company can use for implementing new and latest products. Changes that come in business can be sometimes positive or negative what important is to optimize the best resources that can give better results as per the market situations. Mainly, there are five types of drivers and these are explained below so as to understand it in an effective manner:

    Customer led drivers:

    In this, the needs and wants of customers are considered and because of which company tries to manufacture goods according to the choices and preferences. This enables Morrison in fulfilling all the demands of consumers as per the needs and wants. Thus, it is necessary that firm accept all the modifications that come in the entire business operations.

    Technology led drivers:

    As the time passed, new and innovative technologies has emerged that makes the life easier in context with humans. Therefore, it is helping organization in manufacturing excellent goods at a very low cost. Thus, time and expenditure has been minimized and it is the reason why now company is producing a large number of products in limited time period (Komives, 2016).

    Investor led drivers:

    For getting an effective result it is not possible for most of the organisaiton that they invest a large amount of money by themselves. Therefore, company look for investors or stakeholders who can spend some funds for getting an appropriate outcomes. Thus, slowly and gradually it will enhance the brand image of the firm in front of their customers.

    Competitor led drivers:

    As per the current market scenario, many new enterprises had emerged and they are giving tough fight to existing companies. Therefore, it has raise competition in the market area. Thus, to cope up with these situations managers of Morrison Company are making appropriate strategies and plan of action for achieving their set goals and targets.

    Government led drivers:

    This is considered as one of the effective factor without whom company cannot run their business operations properly. So, all the rules and regulations that are formulated by the regulatory bodies come under this. Therefore, a sudden change in economic as well as political policies can hamper the entire process of company proceedings.

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    The internal and external key factors of Morrisons are discussed as below:

    External Factor:


    Morrisons has incorporated its business with all legal rules and regulations in order to carry out business in a smooth manner. These laws are formulated by UK Government for preventing employees from discrimination. Political factors demand this firm to provide healthy and nutrition food to people (Jones and Harris, 2014). Therefore, in this context, present firm concern more on health of people which can be shown by its campaigning i.e. “take good care of customers, employees and communities.


    Inflation period of economy has impacted its business in a huge way. Along with this, increasing rate of unemployment and taxation rate has forced Morrisons to reduce its prices of commodities. Due to these reasons, this firm has failed in keeping the interest of employees with products of company for a longer period of time.


    In UK marketplace, its citizens are facing many health problems due to obesity. Therefore, people are moving towards organic products more (Komives, 2016). Due to this, business of Morrisons has goes down at rapid rate.


    Innovations in technologies help all business organizations in manufacturing as well as providing products on time. In IT sector, invention of new chip and PIN system help in carrying out various activities in a proper manner.

    Internal Factors:


    Morrisons has largest portfolio in supermarket chain of UK. The main strength of this firm is its wide range of products as well as technique used in delivering the commodities as well. This association always incorporated its business with latest technologies


    As compared to other firms like TESCO, ALDI and M&S, this firm has less number of outlets as well as limited geographical locations. These factors reflect its major weaknesses in which this organisation needs to make improvements.


    Growing business in organic food provides a great opportunity for this company in grabbing the attention of customers towards its healthy items. Along with this, launching business at global level also gives a chance to Morrisons to sales its commodities in international market also (Lloyd, Boer and Voelpel, 2017). These processes will help in improving the sales performance as well as giving a tough competition to other firms.


    Presence of various competitors at same market place, creates a threat for business of Morrisons. In addition to this, awareness of health factors also impacts on selling the food products of this company.

    P3 Measures to reduce negative impact of change on organizational behavior

    It has been examined that there are ample number of issues that stay present while adopting or considering changes by an organization (Jones and Harris, 2014). Therefore, it is required for the company to keep on analyzing all the aspects and then utilize them in an appropriate manner. With the help of this, enterprises can sustain at marketplace for a longer period of time. Here, both managers and leaders need to keep on making developing new strategies and plans that may aid in adopting alterations right on time. By this, firm can give good rivalry to its competitors. It has been analyzed that employees of an organization can make or break a firm. Thus, their behavior sets organizational behavior and its reputation as well in front of society. In order to build a proper and healthy environment within a firm there are some elements which needs to be considered by managers and leaders which are as follows:

    Creation of Pathway:

    It is very much required for managers and leaders of Morrison's to convey all the future plans that organization have. With the help of this, firm can maintain their reputation among employees and other staff members. Along with this, loyalty can also be improvised of them in short period of time. Away with this, proper guidance should also be given to workers which may aid them in hitting their own targets in much effective and appropriate way.

    Explain about the Plans:

    It has been analysed that employees do plays an important role for Morrison's when it comes to attaining all the desired goals right on time (Lawrence, 2015). It is very much required for managers to deliver all the information that they have in order to make employees understand about their own responsibilities.

    Conducting meeting and seminars:

    Training and development programs should rapidly be given to staff members so that they can deliver proper services to consumers according to their requirements. With the help of this, employees of different culture get to know about their perspectives and way of working. Group discussions, suggestion giving and taking process are some of examples which can be considered as main points under this.




    This sort of approach is mostly being used by ample number of organizations that are present at marketplace of UK. It has been located that firm mostly starts hitting their targets in effective manner through adopting this model and running it (Hillson and Murray-Webster, 2017). By this model managing of people within an organization can be done in a proper manner. Some of phases under this model where top most are very important and then least are being considered as least important and these are given beneath:

    External environment:

    Political, social, environmental, legal, economical, technological are some sort of elements which can put impact on Morrison's while bringing in changes at working area. Therefore, it is much required for this organization to consider these elements are most important and take initiatives to reduce risk that are related to these factors.

    TASK 3

    P4 Different barriers for change and how it influence leadership and decision making

    Different types of functions are performed by an enterprise to better satisfy the needs of its customers and attain its set business objective. Large number of employees are working in an enterprise and perform various roles so company can offer featured products to its target market. Leaders and managers play a big role in success of enterprise as these are the one who guide and encourage employees to perform well at workplace. These are the one who motivate employees to accept change (Painter and Clark, 2015). Whenever a firm introduce any kind of change at workplace then it face various problems and issues and from which cultural barrier is known as one of the most common barrier and this require to be deal in an effective manner as this create problem in communication process.

    Perception of self efficiency and resistance to change:

    Change is assumed to be good when it provide positive results to entity. It is very essential for an entity to introduce change at workplace on continuous basis so that negative elements can be deal in an effective manner and entity can attain desired outcomes. To plan change, it is very essential to manager to identify the skills of employees so entity can formulate an effective change plan. This is very costly and time consuming process that’s why various managers avoid this step and assign roles and responsibilities to employees as per their knowledge.

    Force field analysis:

    This is known as one of the most effective theory for change management. This was given by Kurt Lewin, under this he encourage acceptance of changes with help of force field model which support leaders in take right decisions and provide basis to deal with all issues and problems in an effective manner. This model consists five stages as given in the following points:

    Phase 1:

    This is the first phase, under this the main focus of remain to use right tools and methods as per the situations exist in market. This helps entity in get maximum benefits of change and increase sales of company’s product.

    Phase 2:

    Risk is known as an inevitable element of every change and this requires to effectively examined by entity before launch its product in market. All these help manager in formulate effective strategy to manage risk and help in maintain a positive image in market.

    Phase 3:

    In this step changes are identified by firm for introduce necessary changes which increase sales of company’s product.

    Phase 4:

    Under this manager determine the sequence of steps to perform the task in an effective manner (Van der Voet, Kuipers and Groeneveld, 2015).

    Phase 5:

    This is the last step, strategy adopted by entity is evaluated by manager to find its suitability and if current strategy is not appropriate then further changes are done by manager.

    Situational resistance to change:

    Firms use this approach to ensure completion of business activities in time. One of the main benefits of this is that it help in attainment of short term objectives which contribute in success of entity.

    TASK 4

    P5 Various leadership approaches to deal with the changes

    Leaders play a big role in an enterprise as these monitor employee’s actions and at the same time provide them direction to work effectively. All this increase effectiveness of business activities and help firm in get a competitive place at workplace. Various approaches are use by Morrisons to deal with various type of changes. A model called Hershey Blanchard Model is use by entity that define four kind of situations for influence change at workplace. Mainly this type of leadership style is related with relationship and task behavior in this leader guide employees to perform their roles. With use of this model Morrisons can manage the performance of its workers and at the same time can achieve desired results.


    In this style, all roles and responsibilities of employees is define by leader in front of them. One way communication take place under this approach in which leader direct employees to complete business operations (Alavi and Gill, 2017). All this enhance productivity of workers and help in deal with all factors of change in an effective manner.


    This is another style of leadership, two ways communication takes place in this step. Leaders provide proper direction to employees which help them in dealing with the changes and all this support entity in achieve its end goals.


    Under this style of leadership, leader and employees both take part in decision making process. One of the main benefits of this is that it enhances employee’s morale to work well.


    In this style of leadership, leaders pass role and responsibilities to all members of team. Every process and method is monitor by leader to ensure effective completion of business operations.

    All these are the major styles of leadership that support Morrisons to respond towards change in an effective manner and at the same time help in deal with negative factors.


    From this assignment it has examined that changes are necessary in every aspect of an organisation. It has helped in expanding business in other locations easily as well as producing more effective products at marketplace. In addition to this, it has summarized that for understanding and leading change, managers are required to analyze various components like key drivers, external and internal factors etc. They are required to evaluate the barriers which come in implementation of changes in business organisation.

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