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    Leadership in action

    Summary of the principles and practice of scientific management

    Scientific management is a theory that works in the field of management and that also analyses and synthesizes workflows in the organizations (Classical and Scientific Management Theory. 2017). Apart from this, maximum attention is also required to be given towards employee training and development aspects so that their efficiency could be maximized which has a direct impact on organisational productivity and performance (Advantage & Disadvantage of Scientific Management Theory. 2016). It also allows the organizations to allocate work properly among managers and workers so that they can manage their time in planning and training aspects.

    Leadership in team

    Management of Asda’s work practices as a team

    From theoretical point of view, management model is essential as that helps in enhancing productivity and performance aspects of the employees. Thus, Asda has been emphasizing on classical management theory for the purpose of meeting the aim of the organization. As per the approach, organizations can delegate roles and responsibilities to the employees according to the specifications and qualifications (Bernard, Boillat, Legner and Andritsos, 2016). The management of Asda is also required to develop appropriate communication with the team members by developing suitable contact and interaction with them so that all the aspects of the organization can be managed suitably. For instance- there must be direct communication among the leaders and the organizational members so that they can manage all the aspects effectually. In order to develop appropriate communication, it is essential for Asda to involve the employees in decision making process on continuous basis.

    Different ways of management

    Asda has been operating market in competitive manner and this brings the need of prominent management methods. It has been analysed that classical theory has some criticisms as well; hence in a few situations, different techniques of managing things are required to be adopted. In order to manage the process of communication, it is crucial for employees of Asda to emphasize on direct communication as that will also assist in delegating roles and responsibilities in the best possible manner (Kulakovskii, Kolodnitskii, Tsegel’nyuk and Skvortsov, 2016). Furthermore, team reviews and meetings should be conducted so that according to team performance, the best one can be rewarded on the basis of monetary and non-monetary benefits. Since, Asda is a retail entity; therefore it is crucial for the business to adopt numerous methods so that all the services could be delivered in appropriate way.

    Motivation of team

    Employee motivation has a positive impact on work performance. Thus, there must be adequate attention towards this aspect as that encourages employees to perform in prominent manner (Götmark and Götmark, 2017). There are several problems prevailing in Asda and that needs to be resolved so that organizational work practices could be managed in the best way. Some of the problems include- team demotivation which impacts the morale of employees in performing their job roles. Along with this, other problem includes conflicts and grievances among the team members which creates misunderstanding in performing the job roles.

    For instance- sales team of Asda needs to get motivational benefits in terms of incentives and bonus as that could help them to contribute more in organizational development. Besides this, for employee benefit and development, Asda could also provide other remuneration benefits to the workforce in terms of motivating them. For instance- the employee can be provide specific percentage of profit of the entire target which he has achieved. This way employee can be encouraged towards better productivity.

    Different theories of motivation in a team

    Herzberg two factor theory of motivation could be applied so that it can give the idea to the manager regarding the hygiene and motivator factors (Götmark and Götmark, 2017). In order to generate positive environment, it is crucial for Asda to involve all the employees in decision making processes and other activities. This is also suitable for the purpose of facilitating proper participation of the employees in organizational matters.

    Furthermore, negativity from the business can also be eradicated from the same time which can have a positive impact on workforce motivation. Employer’s concern on employee motivation can reduce the level of negativity in the employees and at the same time, it can also aid the employees to contribute in organizational matters in the best possible manner. Apart from theoretical background, it is crucial for Asda to promote, recognise and appreciate the contribution of employees they give to organizational development. This is significant in terms of enhancing organisational growth prospects. In this context, monetary as well as non-monetary both the sorts of benefits can be given to the employees as per their contribution in business’s success aspects.

    Analyse the principle and practice of scientific management through application to the chosen work team

    The modern world has been specialized management which is featured by effective planning methods for attaining certain objectives (F. W. Taylor’s Scientific Management Theory in Modern Day Workplace. 2010). The theory is also useful for business entities in managing leadership aspects and that could further be utilized in conducting all the operations effectively. However, on the other hand it is not essential for every business to get success from the same theory because leadership gives different results in diverse situations. Since, it aims to improve economic aspects; however it is not mandatory that every time scientific theory could bring the same results.

    It also enhances leadership facets; thus as a result it leads to plan work in prominent manner which also eliminates interruptions (Kulakovskii, Kolodnitskii, Tsegel’nyuk and Skvortsov, 2016). It directs the leader to focus on contemporary aspects so that employees can get more encouragement to work according to the aim and objective. Therefore, in this context it can be said that duplication of activities can be avoided accordingly and the major tasks can be carried out suitably.

    Since, scientific management approach focuses more on employee development; therefore it not only improves the performance aspects; but also it drives the employees to become the most productive element of the organization (Bernard, Boillat, Legner and Andritsos, 2016). The theory seems to be more useful as organizations are adopting diverse approaches to strive the employees towards better productivity and performance (Götmark and Götmark, 2017). This not only enhances capabilities of the workforce; but also it helps the organization to get numerous opportunities to meet the changing requirements of the market place.

    Relevance of scientific management approach to meet contemporary needs of the organization

    The application of scientific management approach seems to be beneficial for contemporary organizations as it improves the performance of the workplace (Kulakovskii, Kolodnitskii, Tsegel’nyuk and Skvortsov, 2016). The approach seems to be relevant for contemporary business organizations because it enhances team work and it also underpins planning and decision making aspects. However, the approach does not seem suitable for small organizations because it involves several improvements in managerial decisions (Kulakovskii, Kolodnitskii, Tsegel’nyuk and Skvortsov, 2016). With the application of scientific management approach, the employees become focused on how well they perform their job and performance aspects. Therefore, with this result, the employees may feel underestimated and also feel alienated which could also lead to absenteeism.

    Conclusion for motivation recommendations to improve team’s work design

    Thus, according to the problems and issues prevailing in the organization, it is crucial for managers of Asda to resolve all the matters so that organizational performance and productivity could be amended. Apart from this, Asda is also required to consider application of different leadership styles so that problems related to work delegation could be resolved in proper way. Lastly, in terms of recommendations, it is essential for Asda to emphasize on employee training and development aspects as this is crucial to depict concern towards employee development.


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