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    M/508/0494 Difference Between Coaching And Mentoring

    University: Icon College of Management and Technology

    • Unit No: 8
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 8 / Words 1880
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: M/508/0494
    • Downloads: 718


    Mentoring and coaching are both related terms in an individual's learning phase, both these terms are very essential for a person as it helps him or her to develop skills and knowledge. Each and every student or individual needs to learn and develop certain skills which are important for personal as well as career development. This report will identify the major difference between coaching and mentoring (Callahan-Ferris, 2016). The report will also determine effectiveness in the role of mentor or coach. Furthermore, the report will also determine various strategies and resources which can be helpful for the student. In addition to this, five action plans will be also developed in the following report which can help in improving personal skills.

    TASK 1

    A. Differences between coaching and mentoring

    There are many differences between coaching and mentoring which are as described below -

    1. Coaching is task oriented whereas mentoring is relationship oriented – Coaching focuses on a specific issue or problem for example speaking more strictly, managing more effectively as well as thinking strategically (Owen, 2016). This needs a special coach who is able to teach his or her students opt to build various skills. On the other hand Mentoring support offers a safe environment where the students or learners can discuss what all problems or issues they are facing or affecting their personal and professional success.
    2. Coaching is short-term and mentoring is long termed – A coach shows his or her involvement with the learner for a short period. It can be a small session when needed, this time period depends upon on the coaching relationship purpose. On the other hand, Mentoring takes more time so that both the mentor and mentee can learn or develop their skills. Mentoring helps in building a trust relationship among each other

    Roles and responsibilities Coach

    • Enabling students so that they can identify their needs: The role and responsibility of coach is to enable students where they can be able to identify their own needs and preferences (Yeldham, 2017). Coach plays crucial role in enhancing the needs of students.
    • Individualised learnings: the role of coach is to promote individualised learning where they have to provide specific guidelines to the students so that they can enhance their learnings effectively and efficiently.
    • Providing precise guidance: The role of coach is to provide precise and appropriate guidance to his or her mentee so that his or her comprehension skills and other competencies can be enhanced.
    • Encouraging and challenging: The role of coach is to encourage their students and mentees time to time and challenge them by increasing the level of assessment so that the growth and development of students can be made.

    B. Reflecting and reviewing the effectiveness of own role in helping students

    In order to assess the effectiveness in my role in helping students, I have utilised and implemented following methods such as initial self assessment, recognising preferred learning style, enabling students in identifying their own learning needs, empowerment of individual students through emphasising own responsibility and self evaluation. These methods help me greatly in enhancing my comprehension and coaching skills through which I was able to provide adequate learning and education to my students. My self learning skills are not limited to these methods (Hood, 2015). I have enhanced my level of coaching skills through acquiring feedbacks from colleagues, self reflection and self assessment. Thus, in this manner I was able to enhance my effectiveness in my role of helping students.

    TASK 2

    a) Strategies and resources help student

    There are various type of strategies are helpful for the growth of development and it will help for growth for between mentor and their men tees. There are some strategies using for development of student as:

    Problem solving planning- I will always follow the special strategies for solving the problem therefore, it is very helpful for mentee to increasing their interest towards solution. Mentor will help to provide the information and support for their development (Guzman-Orth, 2015). I will ensure the eradication and rectification of problems which are becoming barriers in growth and development of myself, my mentee or organization.

    Being a good example–I will provide the best information and giving so many examples for mentee to motivated so that they will perform very well and give their best. I will give important example to provide the importance of skills, knowledge and their daily life. In this way, it will fulfil the requirement and solving the problem of mentee.

    Encouragement- I will give so much information regarding real world and motivated so that they will perform function in very efficient and effectively. In this way, they will achieve their gaols and target in his life.

    b) Three Agency that will help to improve their skills and knowledge

    There are many agencies available in market that are not providing the best services but also providing the proper guidance related career and future (Grey, 2015). There are some factor is help at the time of one to one coaching, monitoring and teaching of every student. As a mentor, various agencies and firms will consult that will help me to not only provide proper guidance but also indefinite quantity my skilfulness that will aid in rise ineffectualness of my actions as a guidebook or adviser.

    • Problem solving strategies: I will follow problem-solving plan of action that will assist me to computer address mentee's face-to-face and professed difficulty that will assistance to guarantee his better maturation and improvement. I will also look subsequently refining and obliteration of issues that will suppress mentee's, mine or organizational growing and improvement.
    • Encouragement : In this context, promote students or mentee's to execute and give out their prizewinning in order to better their accomplishment set and meting of reference point end and human action (Baldwin, 2015). It is help to improve current performance of every student.

    KPA consultancy- this organization is provided an effective recruiting process for student and giving a service related training and development. In this way, student will enhance their skill and knowledge.

    Link port consultancy- this organization is provided a good training program to build their knowledge on particular field. In this way, they will increase the skill in very proper manner.

    Flexible Limited-this agency will provide a facility for financial and it will increase their performance in very effectively and efficient.

    A referral, in the most basic sense, is a written order from your primary care doctor to see a specialist for a specific medical service (Baldwin, 2015). Some factor is to give direct impact on referral process are as follows :

    In most cases, these benignant of referrals were said to be initiated by persevering, which confirm the accounts, according earlier, that diligent themselves had given. Well-educated physician who do not reckon down referral would addition their employment and those with a more across-the-board perceptive of infirmary and down referral cognitive process were more likely to make a down referral determination (Grey, 2015). This is help to take new decision and cost saving. A better learned profession insurance scheme was another key factor for persevering to accept downward recommendation determination, especially for the floating people.

    TASK 3

    A. Strengths and areas for improvement in relation to one-to-one teaching and learning situations

    As an effective manner better fulfilment of roles and responsibilities is one of the most important part in organisation. This is help to increase awareness about current market level and overall development.


    Administration: the mentorship was to enhance my authority characteristics and bolstered a superior development of my abilities at work put.

    Critical thinking approach: the chance of mentorship helped me to enhance my critical thinking methodology and abilities to deal with any kind of issues viably.

    There are some different factors is help to improve and help to overall development are as follows :

    • Relational abilities: as a tutor, I found that I haver to work upon my relational abilities to assemble a decent association with my mentee's.
    • Time administration: I found that as a coach I need to mange and finish my and additionally my mentee's work in stipulated time allotment that will help in great ascent in the activities and meeting of focused objectives
    • To be focus on each and every factors to be improve current market network and increase overall performance level (Grey, 2015). The federal agency covers the inside information and action of the fiscal social control of other arrangement. Mentoring at such activity place is a very captious and skill heighten chance, supply the efficacious chance to better the cognition about pull off various single in a very effectual manner.
    • Speaking with the mentee's and work put administration to build my adequacy and activities that will help in better ascent in my relational cooperation aptitudes with others.
    • Normal appraisal of the activities and giving the criticism tro the understudies s a decent medium to build up balanced learning.
    • Recognizing the necessities and prerequisites of the people at the work place will encourage a decent correspondence and collaboration prompting great learning at work environment.
    • A superior appraisal of work and arranging of the exercises will help in great ascent in time administration of the different business activities (Grey, 2015).
    • Successful arranging will help in enhancing the adequacy and productivity of a man at the work environment.

    B Plan opportunities

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    From the above report, it can be understood that coaching is considered to be a challenging task. In this context, this reportable provides the difference between coach and mentor. The report also summarises the roles and responsibilities of a coach in helping students. The strategies and resources used in assisting students have been identified and eventually, an action plan has been developed.


    • Callahan-Ferris, G 2016. Supporting individual learners: working with Deaf learners: the role of the communication support worker (CSW). In Exploring Children’s Learning (pp. 119-137). Routledge.
    • Owen, 2016. 6 Supporting individual learners: working with Deaf learners. Exploring Children’s Learning: 3–11 years.
    • Yeldham, M 2016. The development of individual learners in an L2 listening strategies course. Language Teaching Research, 20(1), pp.9-34.
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