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    Work place Learning

    Introduction to Work place Learning

    In the present scenario, leaning at workplace has become very essential for success and growth of employees. Further, it helps a person to acquire new skills and enhance knowledge base by learning new theories and concepts (Hardyman, Bullock and Stacey, 2013). Therefore, it is required by a business enterprise to focus upon learning of an individual and take corrective measures regrading the same. The present research report is based on Sainsbury which is one of the most renowned chain of supermarket in UK. The study explores the current position of the above mentioned brand in context with performance metrics, team leadership and business meetings. Apart from this, some recommendations are also provided on the basis of carried out entire study.

    Performance Metrics

    Nowadays, performance metrics has become very important element in carrying out smooth flow of operations and activities of a business enterprise. The reason why performance metrics is important is that it helps organization to identify whether its employees are moving in right direction and will be able to achieve desired outcomes or not. An effective performance metrics can be defined as the one which results in clear identification of the quality and quantity of work done by people in the organization (Levy, Rhodes and Dellinger, 2014). Furthermore, a good performance metric contributes significantly in overall success and growth of an enterprise. In context of Sainsbury, it can be stated that the performance metrics which has been adopted by the brand is somewhat ineffective. The main reason behind this is that the implemented metrics does not provide any margin of improvement within employees in the organization. A good performance metrics has certain key elements which needs to be taken care of by any business enterprise. Sainsbury's metrics is meaningful as it is aligned with the goals and objectives of the company. Goals and objectives are essential as they enable to develop path on which firm can reach them. At present Sainsbury's objective is to increase its sales and existing market share. Therefore, the existing metrics lays emphasis on enhancing the level of customer satisfaction so that more and more customers can be attracted in the future. However, it can be argued that the developed performance metrics is not so effective in terms of changing employees behaviour and improving their overall performance (Wang and Khan, 2013). The metrics is not able to determine clearly that whether workers are moving in right direction or not. In terms of comparable it can be asserted that the performance metrics developed by Sainsbury helps the organization to carry out effective comparisons of the performance which has been delivered by employees over a given time.

    According to Trauger, Moody and Gordon, 2016 “the view point of an effective and result oriented performance metrics lays emphasis on key areas such transparency, informed decision making, credibility and performance improvement”. This means at the time of developing and implementation of such metrics, it is required by organizations to ensure that all the above mentioned areas are being taken into consideration. In order to enhance performance of people within the organization, it is required by businesses to adopt for informed decision making process. On the other hand, the use of democratic style of leadership is also effective and useful in terms of improving employee performance. In the current era, the competition among businesses operating in retail supermarket industry has become so intense that it is not an easy task for companies to gain competitive advantage over other market players. For this purpose, it is required by brands to focus on improving employees performance so that they can understand customer demand and can provide more satisfactory services and products. As per the view of Grewal, Iyer and Sharma, 2016 transparency in performance metrics is an essential element as it results in creating sense of satisfaction among people in the organization. In terms of Sainsbury, it can be expressed that the developed process or performance metrics is not so transparent and this is affected the entire performance of all staff members to a great extent.

    Some recommendation for improvement in performance metrics of Sainsbury are provided below as:

    • It can be recommended that instead of focusing only upon customer satisfaction the brand should make changes in its performance metrics. Further, it should take corrective measures so that the metrics also starts improving overall performance and productivity of employees.
    • It can also be recommended that Sainsbury should develop a reproducible performance metrics. The rationale behind this is that it will not only help the company in identification of its employees performance but will also allow Sainsbury to measures other aspects also in order to gain desired or the best possible results. Managers work closely with their employees so they know better about the areas in which they need improvement. Accordingly, they should be provided with training and development with the help of which better services can be provided.

    It can be stated that developing such kind of performance metrics will support me in career development and employability enhancement. It will help me in learning new concepts, skill set and enhance my knowledge which will future contribute in my professional development. There are different type of tools which are used so that performance can be measured. These has helped me to identify the areas in which I lack and accordingly I have followed strategies through which I can put on my efforts in proving better services to customers. Apart from this, it will assist me in getting aware of the key areas in which my performance is lacking behind.

    Team leadership

    Sainsbury is one of the most popular brand in the retail supermarket industry of UK and there are many factors which has resulted in making the organization successful. One of the most important factor among all is related to team working (Hoch and Kozlowski, 2014). It can be expressed that the brand has developed teams at various level and has divided its overall targets within those teams. It has supported Sainsbury in carrying out smooth flow of all its operations and activities. The supermarket retailer has developed different teams and these teams are being taken care by the team leaders. There are certain qualities which Sainsbury looks after in a person before assigning him/her with the role of team leaders. Here, the leader are highly effective in terms of communicating with other people in their respective team or within organization (Barna, 2013). Further, they can easily communicate their ideas, strategy and decision making to other people. In terms of confidence and time management also team leaders in Sainsbury are highly effective. However, it can be argued that there are certain situations in which the views and opinions of other team members are not taken into consideration and this results in creating sense of dissatisfaction among all workers. Sometimes the leaders directly asked their followers or members to strictly follow the decisions which are being taken by them. This also results in lowering down the morale, motivation level and overall productivity of employees.

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    Yeung, Ong and Perkins, 2012 has explained that “team leadership is the process in which a person acts as a leader and guides other people towards accomplishment of common goals and objectives”. Further, the success of a team depends on the effectiveness of team leader to a great extent. There are certain qualities which needs to be adopted by a person in order to become a good team leader (Yeung, Ong and Perkins, 2012). Decision making, coordination, communication, relation making, delegation, power of influencing others etc. are some key skills which needs to be present in a good team leader. It can be also stated that the kind of leadership style adopted by a leader entirely depends on his/her nature, objective and goals. Furthermore, autocratic, democratic, laissez fair are the common styles of leadership which are mostly used by individual at the time of leading and managing team within a business enterprise. Team leaders are responsibly for developing adequate coordination among all employees working within the team. Apart from this, they also need to ensure long term success and growth of the organization for which they are working. At the time of dealing and leading a team, it is required by team leaders to make sure that team mates are highly satisfied and motivated (Yeung, Ong and Perkins, 2012). Other than this, resolving issues and conflicts among different members in team is also an important part or responsibility in team leadership.

    Some recommendations which are being provided to team leaders in Sainsbury are mentioned below as:

    • It can be recommended that rather than sticking to a particular style of leadership, it is more beneficial for the supermarket retailer to go for different types of leadership. For example in order to create sense of satisfaction among workers it can use democratic style of leadership whereas in situation where fast decision making is required, the brand can make use of autocracy style of leadership. This will help in creating sense of satisfaction among workers and will help in smooth flow of operations. Leadership should be able to encourage motivate workers so that they can perform better. Motivation play vital role in improving performance level. Leader are inspiration and they should share their views and experience which will boost up their morals and they will be able to perform in an effective manner.

    Business Meetings

    There are different departments within Sainsburys and each department is controlled and directed by a manager. There are many cases in which firm face issues and it is important for top management to make sure that they make appropriate decisions with the help of which issues can be solved. There are different type of meetings which are conducted within the organization. In this context, it includes meetings like information sharing, decision making, status updates, problem solving and innovations (Denstadli, Julsrud and Hjorthol, 2012). All the meetings have different purposes and among these informations sharing is frequently conducted. This is mainly done to know the performance level of the company. This enables the management to make decision so as to achieve their organizational goals and objectives. Meeting are generally conducted with managers of different departments and top management. Further, other set of decision making includes department managers and employees. Meetings are very helpful as it enables to know perception of workers. Staffs get motivated through this meeting as they get the chance to share their issues or problems and immediate actions are taken. In my opinion, business meeting are beneficial as it enables to know over all performance level. In information sharing meeting, it allows to get new idea and different way of thinking. Among all the meetings, innovation meeting is interesting one as it allows to think from different angle. Decision making meetings allows management to come up with the best solution for any issue (Bargiela-Chiappini, Nickerson and Planken, 2013). Decision are generally taken with an aim to improve the performance level and to boost up employees moral. There are many organizations which provide similar services like Sainsburys and companies make use of strategies through which they attract customers. In this context, innovation meetings take place in which organization aim at making use of strategies which will raise their sales and profitability.

    Different authors have diverse perception of meetings. Business meetings are their own benefits and demerits. As per Borggren, Moberg and Finnveden, 2013 “business meetings can be determined as one of the major source of oral communication. These are mainly conduced for predetermined issues”. However, main objective of meetings is decision making. In order to solve predetermined issues, business meeting are helpful. It allows information sharing and enables to know employees perception. When department is huge, then there are also chances of conflicts. However, decision making meeting allows to solve such issues as it provides for both parties to share their views and accordingly decisions are made. According to McInerney, 2016 allows the employees to know the areas in which they lack or areas which affects the business operations negatively. There as six different types of meetings which are innovation, information sharing, decision making, status update, team building and problem solving. Among these meetings, except for team building meeting all other take place (McInerney, 2016). Meetings can be determined as democratic process in which all participants are provided with equal opportunity to share their views and ideas. Further, it helps people to know the skills and know ledge which co-workers possess. However, one of he main disadvantage it that it is time consuming. There are cases in which the main reason for which meetings are conduced are not achieved and this results in waste of time and money. Over all it can be stated that people get to know the performance and areas in which they should put their efforts so that business operations can undertaken in an effective manner.

    In personal context, meeting are very helpful as it enables me to develop my skills like communication, time management and decision making. Frequent interactions helped me to develop my communication skills and this skill is essential in order to develop strong relationship with others. When meetings were conducted, then the work assigned to me required to be managed and I that to work in such way that I could manage my time which is take to complete the given task and for attending meeting. Discussions over different topics took place and these were helpful in developing my understanding to think differently. There are cases in which many tasks are provided which are required be performed

    As per the meeting which take place at Sainsburys, management should make sure that they achieve the objectives which are set. There are cases in which the reason for which meeting are conducted are not achieved. Further, time is precious and when meetings are conducted employees to perform their work. With this respect, managers should plan arrange meeting in such a way they workers given to employees do not get affected. Further, there are issues like employees do not listen to others and it becomes difficult for speaker to control the group. In such conditions management should select a speaker who can control the group and they come up with an appropriate decision with the help of which issues can be solved.


    From this report, it can be articulated that to know overall performance and issues of the organization, it is important to have meetings as it enables to make decisions and adopt strategies through which organizational goals and objectives can be achieved. Employees are face of organization as they have direct interaction with customers. Workers know better about the issues and problems which are faced by service users. Suggestions should be taken from employees so that better services can be provided. Moreover, leaders play vital role in directing and guiding workers. They should inspire and motivate them so they will be able to make use of their full efficiency in supporting the firm.


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