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    Evaluation Of Behavioural Approach To Management

    University: University Of Wales

    • Unit No: 3
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 5 / Words 1289
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: BMA701
    • Downloads: 481
    Question :

    Modern workplace is creation of working environment in which employees can enjoy the security and many other aspects. The company must build such culture which can compliment the modern trends and needs of complex environment. The company chosen is Kellogg's company, an American food manufacturing organisation founded in year 1906.

    • Identification of the nature of managerial work
    • Evaluation of behavioural approach to management.
    Answer :


    Modern workplace refers to creating a work environment in which employees can enjoy security, highly reliable platforms for exchanging ideas and views. Company should build up a culture that is consistent and compliments with modern trends, evolving business needs and increasingly complex threat environment. The report discusses about the goals and Objectives set by a Team. It discusses the importance of setting up of Goals and Objectives and how these objectives can be established.

    The Kellogg's company is an American multinational food-manufacturing company founded in the year 1906. Firm deals in more than 18 types of food product in 180 countries located across the globe. The vision of Kellogg’s is to enrich and delight the world through foods and brands that matter. Marketing strategies obtained by company is unique as it captures large part of developing and developed markets of the world. It offers wide ranges of products that includes; frozen foods to breakfast meals. Kellogg’s is a socially responsible enterprise as it strictly follows the food regulation and rules (Piotrowski, 2012).


    Goals and Objectives

    The term goals refers to an idea of the future or desired that group/individual person plans, envision and commits to achieve. Goals are developed by company, team or an individual person. In order to achieve and endeavour their goals, people try to set objectives.

    The term objectives refers to basic planning tools that help in achieving desired aim and creating policy and evaluating performance (Al-Sarmi and Al-Hemyari, 2014).

    Goals and Objectives of Kellogg’s are:

    The aim or goal of company is to build a strong and sound marketing strategy by creating awareness of balanced diet and importance of physical activity (Loock and et. al., 2013). In order to maintain top position and compete with their rivalries, Kellogg’s has developed certain objectives which will help in achieving the goals set by them which are:

    • Encourage and support physical activity among all sectors of UK population.
    • Company is trying to use resources for sponsoring physical activities that focus on community programmes for its consumers and public in general.
    • Use the cereal pack which is produced by Kellogg’s to communicate importance of balanced diet to their existing customers.
    • It will introduce food labels that would enable consumers to make decision about right balance of food.
    • Further, company is trying to increase association between Kellogg’s and physical activities to encourage their customers to adopt them in their daily routine (Ajala, 2012).

    Aim and Objective of Groups are:

    The goal or aim of this group was to present a proper and effective report developed with initiative of each team members of group.

    Objectives are:

    • Motives: The motive is to work effectively as a team in order to determine content and layout of report and presentation.
    • Time Management: The motive of our team was to accomplish the given task in a set time period by gathering abilities and skills of each member of team. As, in order to be successful and efficient team time management plays a key role.
    • Effectiveness: To accomplish our goal of creating a valuable report each member of team contributes their equal efforts and uses the team’s resources instead of Individual resource.
    • Efficiencies: Team members uses the lowest amount of inputs in order to achieve efficient results. Each member of team uses time, energy and available tools in a right way.
    • Presentable: Main objective of our team is to create a presentable report that could be decent and understandable enough to be easily evaluated by the management.
    • Allocation of Work: Each group member would be nominated to work on one topic and the topics will be allocated according to skills, strengths and interests of each member (Angouri and Miglbauer, 2014).

    Importance of Goals and Objectives for Accomplishing Team Work:

    • Setting up of goals provide guidance and direction to team members on how to perform a given task.
    • After setting a goal, team members are able to formulate effective plan to achieve the same.
    • Goals help in energizing team members to overcome the challenges and perform assigned tasks more effectively.
    • Objectives are basis that help to translate the vision of a team into reality and act as a measurable tool to evaluate achieved targets.
    • Developing an objective will provide our team with specific and feasible way to carry out our mission.
    • They help in allocating the work effectively according to skills and interest of each group member. This leads to create better and effective results.
    • Further, well defined and articulated objective provides students with a clear purpose and help them to focus over their learning efforts.
    • Setting goals and objectives enables them to focus on acquisition of knowledge and help team members to organise their time and resources in a way that can be beneficial for each team member.
    • Goals and Objective motivated the team member to perform assigned task effectively.

    Establishment of objectives:

    In order to establish a particular objective, our team member have used the criteria of SMART i.e. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound.

    • Specific: Objectives must be specific, for instance; sales team needs to achieve 10% sales in 1 month.
    • Measurable: Set objective should be measurable, it acts as an indicator tool for evaluating progress.
    • Attainable: It refers to who will perform the given task. In our team topics is been allocated according to interest and skills of each individual.
    • Realistic: The aim of team is to achieve good marks and present the project in an understandable manner so that it can be evaluate easily.
    • Time bound: The deadline of each team member is to present the project effectively in 15 minutes and it should not be exceed the time limit.


    Books and Journals

    • Ajala, E. M., 2012, June. The influence of workplace environment on workers’ welfare, performance and productivity. In The African Symposium (Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 141-149).
    • Al-Sarmi, A. M. and Al-Hemyari, Z. A., 2014. Goals and objectives: statistical techniques and measures for performance improvement of HEIs in Oman. International Journal of Management in Education, 8(3), pp.244-264.
    • Angouri, J. and Miglbauer, M., 2014. ‘And then we summarise in English for the others’: The lived experience of the multilingual workplace.
    • Loock, C. M. and et. al., 2013. Motivating Energy-Efficient Behavior with Green Is: An Investigation of Goal Setting and the Role of Defaults. Mis Quarterly. 37.(4).
    • Piotrowski, C., 2012. From workplace bullying to cyberbullying: The enigma of e-harassment in modern organizations. Organization Development Journal. 30(4). p.44.

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