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    Concept Of Career Development Strategies Of ASDA

    University: Arden University

    • Unit No: 9
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 13 / Words 3297
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: BMA776
    • Downloads: 711
    Question :

    Self managing is the skill which provides the development of the individual in their personal attitude and growth and helps in implementing the improvement. You will have to submit a formal assessment on managing self and others. kindly refer your student handbook which will provide you the full details of the general information and the schemes for programme assessment. You are required to address following Learning Outcomes:

    • Explain the concept of Career development strategies of ASDA.
    • Elaborate the lifelong learning approach with that your personal and of other various skills development in relation to ASDA.
    • Explain the various range of strategies in ASDA which helps out in making the high performance people.
    • Apply all those strategies in ASDA in order to work as an individual and also as a team member.
    • Demonstrate the learning and the self-improvement by various reflection in your personal performance.
    Answer :


    The management function is planning, organising, leading and controlling which helps to implementing strategies and policies, managing staff performance. The manager is the person who is responsible for planning and controlling of strategies and policies in the organization. There are different types of managers in various department such as marketing, human resources, sales, finance and operations in the company. The manager is playing many roles and responsibilities like managing policies and procedures, employees effectiveness, performance for improving operation within organization (Allen and Truman, 2016). For taking this further , study will be taken ASDA into action. It is British retail supermarket, headquartered in Leeds, West Yorkshire. They are selling groceries, merchandised and financial services. In the report, it will assess different approaches and skills development methods for beneficial for manager and their team.


    Assess different lifelong learning approaches and skills development methods

    Lifelong learning is the process of personal development, self management. The manager is to adopting various life long learning approaches. Skills development refers to developing skills and adding values in the organization for career development. Manager is also adopting methods for skills development of employees.

    Lifelong Learning approaches:

    Lifelong learning is the ongoing and self motivated process for personal and professional reasons. There are different approaches and ways of learning such as behaviourist, cognitive and humanist approaches (Brunetta and Caldarice, 2014).

    Behaviourist Approach: In this approach, it is important of appropriate behaviour for learning. Through this approach, continual of a task combined with feedback from the supporter. It helps to giving positive feedback which encourages and developing learning skills. It contrasts, negative feedback is discourages the undesirable behaviours of employees in the workplace. There are two types theories are includes social learning and instruction theory.


    • This approach is beneficial for developing learning skills.
    • It helps to improving behaviour and developing capabilities for team building and team members.
    • It is beneficial for team member for developing personal and professional growth in the company (Davis, Lockwood and Pantelidis, 2018).
    • It is beneficial for developing appropriate behaviour for learning.

    Cognitive Approach: This approach includes roles of active mind in learning process. It involves learning to think process for solving problems. The purpose of cognitive approach is to enabling an individual to attaining state of balance. It considers learning increased in both cognitive and affective environment is changing the result of learning. In the cognitive domain, includes knowledge, evaluation, analysis synthesis etc (Hillson and Murray-Webster, 2017). In the affective domain includes receiving, responding, valuing and organising.


    • This approach is helps to developing learning thinks and knowledge for solving problems.
    • The cognitive environment is changing result for knowledge, evaluation and analysis thinking.
    • The affective environment is changing result for receiving, organizing and responding are beneficial for manager and their team (Huang and Gamble, 2015).
    • It is good for assessing the thinking skills, learning and personal growth, development.

    Humanistic Approach: This approach involved valuable truths and stress of valuing diversity in many organizations and society. The importance of active learning involves in humanistic approach. In this approach, involves difference between past and current models of training. There are two terms andragogy and pedagogy which means methods and practices of teaching by theoretical concept (Janda, K. B. and et.al., 2015).


    • This approach is beneficial for mangers to adopting current models of training and for team, beneficial to developing skills and knowledge in the workplace.
    • In this approach, the term andragogy involves developing existing experiences, discovering knowledge and team environment.
    • Another term is pedagogy involves increasing knowledge based on the instruction and controlling on learning experiences (Jary and Wileman, 2016).
    • It is beneficial for improving active learning skills and knowledge by training in the organization.

    Experiential Approaches: It is another approach for improving learning skills and behaviour of working in team. It involves concrete experiences, reflective observation, active experiments and conceptual for completing tasks. In this approach, self effective theory is includes (Kaushik and Rahman, 2015). This theory includes level of competencies, personal experiences, expectation and effective.


    • It is beneficial for developing personal and professional growth in the workplace.
    • It is good to forming new experiences, providing new concepts of learning for working in a team.
    • It is beneficial for gaining the knowledge and skills from experiences.
    • It is good for completing expectation, decreased competencies and developing their experiences of employees (Kiraly, 2014).

    Skill Development Methods:

    The manager is adopting various methods for developing skills and knowledge of team members and team building in the workplace. Such as

    Training and Education: Training and education are method and technique for developing skills and knowledge and increasing creativity for team work in the company. ASDA is retail supermarket which is selling groceries and general mechanise. Therefore, HR manager of store is to providing training and education for utilization of resources, better communication with their team members and customers and solving different problems in the workplace. They are adopting methods such as coaching, lectures, mentoring etc (Mangan, Lalwani and Lalwani, 2016).


    • It is beneficial for developing skills and knowledge like communication, learning and interpersonal etc. of team members.
    • It is good for developing relationship between employees and customers for growing of the business.
    • It is good for manager to using of own skills and knowledge for giving training of their team member in the workplace (Orel and Kara, 2014).

    Employees Participation: It is technique to encouraging equally participation of all team member in every activity and tasks in the workplace. Different activities like conferences and seminars. It helps to developing skills and knowledge, abilities, capabilities and capacities to working in team.


    • It is beneficial for team members is to developing their communication, learning and presentation skills.
    • It is good for manager for developing growth and achieving goals and objectives of the company (Pantano, 2014).
    • It is beneficial for team member for creating new ideas and new learning of working in a team.

    Performance Appraisals: It is system to evaluating performance of employees in the workplace. It involves career development, succession planning and improving performance of employees in company. The manager is adopted various methods for performance appraisals such as 360 degree feedback, rating method, paired compression etc. It helps to identifying strengths and weaknesses, skills, abilities and capacities for working in a team (Rathi and Lee, 2015).


    • It is good for manager to evaluating performance of their team members.
    • It is beneficial to knowing about their skills, ability and level of performance with other team members.
    • By using 360 degree feedback method, manager is to improving their performance, skills and knowledge in the workplace.
    • By using paired compression method, manager is to comparing abilities, capabilities and capacities between the teams.

    Job Rotation: It is essential to shifting one job to another job with increasing duties and responsibilities from current job. It is to helping for enhancing and developing employees skills and knowledges. It is also helps to gaining the knowledges and talent for better performance in the workplace (Savery, 2015).


    • It is beneficial for developing skills and knowledge by taking high duties and responsibilities.
    • It is good for learning additional skills and abilities in the company.
    • It is good for achieving the goals and objectives of individual and organization.
    • It is beneficial for mentoring and controlling of duties and responsibilities of current job.

    Discuss a range of tactics use to improving peoples performance

    Tactics means methods which are using for improving employees performance in the organization. The managers are adopting various tactics for developing skills and knowledge for better performance of working in a team.

    Creating Development Plans: It is first step to creating development plan for developing employees. This plan also helps to improving skills, knowledge, abilities and performance of the employees (Pantano, 2014). It involves measuring the goals, identifying the skills and knowledge, development to achieving the interests and career goals of an individual's. In this tactic, manager is to giving guidance for development and managing time for completing tasks in a team. Creating development plans will help company to make another strategic options and plans in order to make the more effective and challenging factor growth. Creating development growth will be more challenging and implications and fast forwards result making in order to enhance the best approachable task performing goals. That helps to select the best approachable goals and target market performance (Mangan, Lalwani and Lalwani, 2016). Besides,

    Performance Metrics: It is important to set particular quantitative metrics to helping of employees for understanding the realistically achieve. This metrics are help to improving performance and completing their tasks and activity in a team work. The manager provides performance metrics for measuring behaviour, activities in the organization. It is helps for team and their manager for achieving the goals and objectives of individual's and organization.

    Provide Opportunities: It is essential to creating and providing opportunities outside the job functions. It helps to developing skills, knowledge and improving performance of employees in the workplace. The manager is giving new challenges, situations and responsibilities for improving their chances for success in the workplace. This type of development creates energy and excitement in the organization (Rathi and Lee, 2015). Performance metric are the another strategies and positioning level of work that helps to take the corrective action plan and growth, besides, it also helps to control the better objective and company better performance.

    Feedback: It includes suggestion, recommendation for future improvement and development. The manager is giving feedback on the regularly basis for improving performance of team members. It is using as tool for growth, recognition and measuring difference. The result and reviews of feedback is helping for creating opportunities for professional development. Feedback is the another most important and effective tool to evaluate the better performing level. In order to make the corrective action plan according to needs. This also helps to generate the long term effectiveness and which is more competitive and challenging growth. Moreover, through customer or employee feedback ASDA can make proper or productive changes accordingly. This help to develop the new techniques.

    Remove Barriers: The manager is adopts various techniques and methods to removing barriers and solution of challenges and problems in the workplace. It makes to implementing functional development, high performance training and growth in organization. It helps to developing learning and maintaining the working environment. This is the another tool and make the proper changes that helps to control the long term goals. Remove barriers will help company to make proper changes and betterment to take new corrective action. Besides, it makes the proper and challenging growth in order to beet the new changes and growth in order to take care the organisation tools and techniques.

    Communication Vision: It is important developing communication skills and vision for better performance in team work (Kaushik and Rahman, 2015). It is essential to better communicating with each other of working in team. It helps to improving the performance, improvement and growth in the company. It is tactic which is used for personal and professional growth and development of employees. It also helps to achieving the goals and objectives of individual's and organization.

    Developing Talent: It is curial to developing talent of team member as well as manager. It helps to improving performance, development and growth in the workplace. It helps to improving quality, skills, attitudes, attributes and behaviour for better performing work based activities in team. It helps to encouraging development which required to meet their goals and objectives. Developing talent is the another techniques and performance building technique of employees. This helps company to make new changes in performance working of employees. Employees are the major growth source to develop the new challenging and best opportunity and goals. Besides, it helps to control the better effective changing material task performance.

    Link to Professional Network: It is important to linking with professionals for improving performance (Kaushik and Rahman, 2015). It helps to accessing the additional contacts which helps to growth and development. It includes different types of professional institutions and associations which are sending the various training courses and workshops to giving advices and information for professional and personal growth. These associations are creating network and event to giving support for achieving goals and objectives.

    Outlay Resources: It is most important tactic which includes investment of resources in the organization. It helps to implementing resources and using on time and focus. Employees development activity includes training, coaching and online learning programs. It is necessary and valuables for achieving the goals and objectives of organization as well as individual's. It helps to planning and designing around the talent.

    Set the Example: The employees are working on the basis of setting the examples in their tasks and activities. It is the part of development process which is using for professional and personal development. It includes developing behaviour, trust, attitudes, attributes and skills. It is necessary to encouraging employees to participating in development activities. The development of employees is part of culture of organization. It is part of regularly improvement process within organization.

    Skills Training: It is essential to providing training for improving and developing skills like communication, interpersonal and learning of employees in the company. It helps to improving the performance and development of employees in team work (Mangan, Lalwani and Lalwani, 2016). For giving training, manager is adopting various methods like coaching, management games and role playing etc. For improving performance, manager is to organising many seminars and conferences in the organization. It is the another tactics and growth in order to take care of the organisation growth. Skill training will help employees to learn new more skills and knowledge to take the better fast-forward results and challenging behaviour. Besides, it also helps company to make new changes.

    Disciplinary Action: For improvement step, manager is to addressing the poor performance of employees in the organization. In this step, employee is to realizing the issues and difficulties in poor performance. Then, employee is to consulting their manager relating to issues and difficulties. Manager is to giving suggestion and advising for improving performance of their subordinates (Janda, K. B. and et.al., 2015). Manager is taking disciplinary action to maintaining the level of employees performance. It is to providing adjustment for ensuring of performance of subordinates in the ASDA.

    Performance Improvement Plans: It is the plans adopting by manager for improving performance in company. Through this plan, manager is to taking strict action for immediate improvement. It is to helping for improving correct deficiencies and needs for measuring of performance in organization. PIP is helping to improving and developing image and reputation of employees in the ASDA. It is to helping for resolving issues and problems which are affects the employees' performance in company. Performance improvement plans will make more new improvement and growth in order to generate the new challenging growth and better performing results. The Best approachable and task oriented results will make the proper implementing results and growth. This will help to control the task oriented and makes the proper results and fast forward results.

    Giving Rewards: It is tactic to giving reward for improving performance in the organization. Manager is to giving many rewards and benefits for motivation and development of employees. It is to helping for achieving the organizational and individual's goals and objectives. It is also developing relationship between team members and manager. By receiving rewards, employees are increasing their interests and knowledge for facing different situations and problems. It is to increasing and developing career goals and success of employees. It is to helping for personal and professional growth and development of employees in the ASDA.

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    Reflecting the knowledge and transferable skills

    Through this report, I learned and developed my knowledge by different approaches like behaviourist, cognitive and humanistic (Kiraly, 2014). Through behaviourist approaches, I was developed my behaviour for learning something new concept and ideas. From the cognitive approach, I was developed my knowledge for solving different kinds of problems and issues, adopting various methods and techniques for evaluation and analysis the conflicts. I was adopted this approach for gaining experiences and knowledge. Through humanistic approach, I was developed my values, attitudes and capacities for better performance in the company.

    I was adopted various methods to improving and developing my skills and abilities. I was developing my communication skills, so that I was joined different training sessions like coaching, seminars and conferences. I was participated in all activity, so that it was developed my communication skills, presentation skills. Through participation, I was developed my relation with my team members and given support to completing the tasks and activities. I was managed the time for completing the tasks. By the professional links, I was increased my professional and personal growth and development. It was very helpful to improving my professional skills for better performed in my team.

    I was concreted on my work and learned something new ideas and creativity through adopted experiential approach. Through this approach, I was tried to increased my competencies and abilities. Overall, through this study, I was developed my communication skill, conceptual knowledge, interpersonal skill and ability to better performed in any situations and conditions. I was learned set the examples and developed talents in different activities and tasks (Jary, M. and Wileman, A., 2016). I was created different opportunities by facing many conflicts and problems in the company. Through 360 degree feedback, I was managed my time, developed capabilities, capacities and abilities for better performance in the organization. I was faced competition and problems solved by created new ideas and followed suggestion from given to my mentor and leader. I was developed mu confidence level, capabilities, abilities, capacity level for working in different conditions. I was developed my knowledge and performance from motivation techniques (Kaushik and Rahman, 2015). I was fulfilled my different needs and expectation through motivation in the workplace. According to guidances of different problems, I was learned different things and ideas.


    From the basis of above section, it has been concluded that, staffing and managing is the most crucial and manageable growth. To perform the better objective and growth. Besides, study has been concluded the different aspects of managing functions of the business. It discussed about the different learning and development skills for the company better performance.

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