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    Developing Global Management Competencies Level 6 Regent college


    Self assessment and self awareness is the most required and most essential process of making good task oriented process. Besides, self-awareness is the long term process of making good skills and wants. Besides, it also helps to recover the moreover topic and strength. Present study will be based on management competency which help can individual for their self development process. Task oriented or successful achiever will always be a good leader in their career objectives. It will also make the good presence of task and good process of working. It will further explain about the self analysis on the basis of personal strength and weaknesses. It is the best method or process to accomplish the overall goal and objectives. SWOT analysis model will help person to become good leader by overcoming from its own weaknesses.

    1.1 Self-awareness

    Managers play a very crucial role in almost all set of organisations that are operating in today’s contending business environment. They are largely responsible to motivate the employees working under them and are hence required to stay inspired all the time (Dragoni & et.al., (2014). For this purpose, there exists some vital concepts of self-awareness and self-development that assists an individual to become a successful leader or manager at the end. It is also on referring to another most important aspect of the managers who are always accountable for bringing positive outcomes at the workplace which comes from the work done by others under his or her supervision.

    For being effective in all of these areas, the leaders at the managerial position are required to possess a strong emotional self-awareness. This is apparent to permit the leaders in identifying any gap in the managerial skills. It is basically to determine their own strengths and weaknesses to further work upon the areas that are needed to be improved Parida & et.al., (2015). Such clear identification of one’s own strengths and weaknesses in turn helps the individual to take discerning decisions and efficiently encourage the workers to bring positive outcomes. Although, it together requires some pivotal considerations such as having an open mind to accept other opportunities that are more inventive and composed of unique opinions. Also, up keeping self-discipline is another way to be self-aware and get positioned as a successful leader or manager.

    One more element of continuous self-development is also evident to assist in fulfilling the role of a successful leader or manager in the future. It is due to the fact of getting constant up gradation of one’s existing knowledge that in turn assists in building potential skills required to lead the managerial position and guide others in a well competent manner. The concept of continuous self-development must be prioritised by all individuals with a special involvement of leaders operating at managerial position with a prime responsivity of developing others (Parida & et.al., (2015). This particularly necessitates a leader to possess some softer skills like a significant ability to communicate and handle any conflicting or sensitive situation at work. Other than this, it is also required to develop one’s existing skills at both personal and professional levels to have an efficacious future with constant aspects of learning on constant basis. This however necessitates the leaders and manager to get committed towards the aspect of lifelong learning through hard work.

    Leader is the person in the organisation who create more opportunity and growth for the organization development. This may creates new possibilities or development growth in employee behaviour. Overall, it helps to bring the overall objectives or take care the needs of employee behaviour or task oriented goals. Self awareness is the terminology that has been widely discussed in not only psychological but also business and managerial perspectives. Self awareness is the best duty to upgrade the knowledge and self development process. In order to meet the needs of the organisation or employee motivation. Leaders motivate them to all towards their best objectives and target market plans.

    1.2 Continuous Self-development

    It also helps to achieve the best productive task making goals. Besides, task oriented goals and best productive nature of fulfilment of goals and objectives. It is the overall process of making good task oriented goals and best productive task process. There are various benefits of self awareness through individual can easily full fill their basic requirements n target market goals for their future objectives. Besides, leaders always understand the needs and wants of the employees in order to full fill their employee moral. It will be more challenging and task oriented to full fill the basic requirements. Along with that, task oriented or self development must be going in continuous manner. It is the process making goals and objectives. It is the process of making good task oriented working conditions.

    A good leader will always protect the management from uncertainties and maintained objectives into their best productive manner Parida & et.al., (2015). Along with that, it also makes fulfilled the target of the company in to their own skills or knowledge.

    In order to full fill the basic needs and wants individual always needs to adopt best and positive activity or adopt new learning for their self development. It gives new strength and task oriented goals. It gives positive impact on the behaviour of individual. Self awareness helps individual to grow more in their future in order to get the best future goals objectives. Leaders always listening good skills and wants of the organisations. This is the overall good process of making good future objectives and future planning. To become good manager and leader individual needs to carry out their self assessment in order to meet the needs of organisation goals. To become good leader or a manager individual required to acquire positive thinkings and task oriented goals. Leader will always ready to learn new skills and techniques in order to modify their won skills and wants. This overall development process will help to get the better opportunity in future times.

    Q2. Template One: Incident from Residential weekend

    My chosen toolkit is: Questioner

    My results for this toolkit are: Positive result and of my toolkit is to improve myself in managing the retention of employees as I am the HR manager and improvements in the employees skills is needed also.

    Summary of critical incident

    My chosen toolkit is Retention of employees..

    At organizational premises, I have noticed that the critical incident which was quite interesting to me. It was taken place after watching the activities in the organization. I given some questionnaire to be filled by the the employees. Positive feedback from my contribution to the team impressed me. Most of the time feel disengaged. In my opinion, it is not good for any organization If their employees are leaving jobs. It was helpful of the organization that if retention rate is falling than to develop skills and generating other ideas for retention of employees. It good to me that I really may be good at inspiring others. I start to understand myself and prefer team role better and also give information about the team that retention of employees is increased by efficient and supportive team work. It does not mean that team work is the main factor of increasing the retention of employees but it can be improve to lot if team work is efficient (Kotabe, 2018). I searched a lot about the retention and motivational tools but I found it is not good to relate the motivation and retention of employees to tools and techniques. Organization atmosphere create a environment which is helpful to employees and also for organization as if rate of retention fall, it increasing the cost of recruitment and selection process. I believe that I can participate in the work what follows. I can listen advise and provide support to both employees and organization. I should not think less of myself.


    How does your thinking and behaviour in this critical incident reflect the findings of your chosen self-analysis toolkit?


    To evaluate the critical incident and support finding with theory. According to the feedback, I got from my team at office premises is my blind spot on my Johari windows. I am seen the confident person in my team work and the group task. I think and analysis when things are done unhealthy. which I know I am not confident but I used the tool Personal competence model questionnaire to be filled with the team. This toolkit provides better self assessment of work within diverse groups (Kerzner, 2018.). According to this model of questionnaire, people seems to be more confident and more initiatives but the results are not quite seems to be good as employees are working in great pressure and in un- healthy environment. Employees are not happy from the rules and policies of organisation. This model came to know that things which are not going good should be improve, I hold strong in my words until my message is passes across. I could do this before in my life Spain but if my team, my mentors are not happy from any things, I would always go against it nit for personal issues but in order to identify the weakness strength of individual and also the of organisation, then from there we would be able to work in accordance. Even I feel some time discourage from the organisation but sometimes I found myself wrong and sometimes company but retention of employees of any organisation should be manage because it is not easy to recruit and select and trained another person.


    Identify how you will use this learning in the future.In my future career as a HR or as leader, I would take advantages of opportunities and make my team workers to use the opportunities in same concern. I found that in retention of employees and in even my stay in the organisation, It needs patience and good listener quality. I didn't forget my blind spot as been a confident person, I would as well work on been a better manager or leader with my confident (Kerzner, 2018.). I would be patience in listening and I know that my team is also have this quality if listening. Every one gas some weaknesses and strength. I have a strength of a good listening capacity and able to handle the work load. And weakness is also present, that I cannot sit quite and see what is going wrong with me. In coming time, I improve myself to the best and mange the retention rate of employees not to increase and I also support the employees for their rights also.


    Q2. Template Two

    My chosen toolkit is: Belbin

    My results for this toolkit are: To improve the roles which I have and my team-worker also to its efficient way and also develop other roles mentioned in the toolkit using BELBIN Model.

    Summary of critical incident

    After I identify that one team member arguing with our team member which I felt not good in the organization that member are arguing. Arguments, disputes directly affect the productivity of business. I realize that team work is very much necessary in the organization. Team work lead us building good working relationships within the organization. Team work develop high-performing skills, raise self awareness and bring effectiveness in personality. I have done my analysis very seriously and I have score that indicates my personality. With this analysis I realize that no work can be undertaken ignoring the team mates and none of work would be completed if there is no team work. We know that all the members is not same, all are different in thinking and capacity. If all the team workers are efficient, team work is good but if there is lack of any in any member than it is very difficult to manage and result in bad team work. However, almost people have a mix of characters. The strength and weakness are mostly to all member. It is not necessary that team have nine member with different roles. Fully committed to the task and trying to make things perfect. I did not realize taking control of the activity in the place of team leader.

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    How does your thinking and behaviour in this critical incident reflect the findings of your chosen self-analysis toolkit?

    My Belbin toolkit state that my two preferred roles are Coordinator, Shaper and Team-worker. The tool kit explain that I am careful and anxious in my work. I keep on leading activities but its is hard to me to delegate. By this tool kit I understand that I handle the activities by attending the problems rather than ignoring the problem. These conclusion reflect my ability to work in team in efficient manner. I am a good coordinator in the team, I complete my work on time any help other team mates work to finish the task. I work in a team where seven members are working. I understand the important features of leader that leader should have instruct to let other member of team to follow its step. Team members should know that we all are working in the culture of trust. I perform my work in team and has clear about my responsibilities but I seems that everyone role is important in achieving the team goal. Belbin toolkit suggest that by knowing and understanding the role within a team, we can develop our strength and manage the weaknesses and can easily handle the problems. Team leader and team development strategies are often used Belbin Model and I am working in a team and I am the leader of team I use this toolkit which prove best analysis of my abilities, my work.

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    Identify how you will use this learning in the future.

    This critical incident changed my thinking about the best ways to move forward and build efficient team in the organization. Using this toolkit Belbin, I gain the knowledge in this assessment. I being and understand my role and my duties and my capacities which I would bring improvements and do my work efficiently. In future I make balanced in working with team as an when it become unbalanced because I realize and understand the team roles and styles of behavior of team roles. If my any team mates is having any weakness, I will sort out it any manner and prove my strength as my team strength. In coming time technologies are becoming the threat of the business, so I use my strength towards my team in the achievement of goals and try to build team work in any problem face by any economic changes. In belbin toolkit there are totally nine roles, I try my best to be a all rounder in my team and help another member to grow in the team. Belbin toolkit is not only to develop team work, the roles of leadership is also improve by Belbin Tool.

    3.Summarise your major strengths and weaknesses and comment on any patterns of behaviour that have emerged from your self-analysis. Identify no more than three areas of personal development as a (future) manager that you can work on in the next year. This section should reflect the findings of at least four toolkit that you have used on this module.

    In above questions it seems to analysis that there are weaknesses and strength.

    Effective communication level: In above self assessment, and using the toolkit of Belbin, I came to know my power in communication skills is effective as I play the role of Coordinator and Coordinator have best communication skill. I am good listen and I have clarity in masking other understand my talk.

    Expertise: in the above self assessment, my strengthen is my that I m expert for my team and for organisation. I didn't see the things happening wrong. I manage all my work and make my member work's to finish level as giving advises which is fruitful to them.

    Leadership: As I am paying the role of coordinator and team worker which is proving that I have strong to lead my member in more efficient manner.

    Problem solving- As in above discussion I came to know my problem solving strength. I am working in a team coordinator others which prove my ability to be a supportive member of the team.


    Cants handle tough situations: I become panic when there is big problem in the team and in the organisation. I cant able to solve it when their is big problem arrive in the organisation.

    Lack of stress management: My big weakness is I cant manage the stress of work. I become hyper when there is lot of work load in me.

    Lack of Customer focus: I noticed that I have weakness in focusing on the needs and requirements of customers by which customers feel unsatisfied at work and it will becoming the very big problem of the organisation and for my team also.

    In future when I become the HR manger, I develop myself first and than try to develop the organizations objectives. Their are five areas where I can develop personally.

    Self awareness: I sometimes become painful but I leads to great success. By doing self assessment I can know strength and weakness. By knowing these I come to know my problems.

    Self Knowledge: I develop the skills of knowledge as whole, only single knowledge is not sufficient for becoming efficient manager.

    Improving Social awareness: To become a successful manager it is very necessary that social awareness skills should be develop because we are working in the social economy, which do not accept many things easily which we are going to change.

    Developing Strength and talent: To become a successful manage it is very important to develop the talent and develop the all the strength which manager posses. It very important that manager should have all the knowledge of work.

    Improving the skills: skills which I have should be improve day by day. Skills are not remain life lonely, it should be improve in efficient manner and my skills need some improvement, as I come to know from above analysis.

    Enhancing the quality of life: The quality which I have should be enhance in all the areas, it should not be remain constant, it always increases to the maximum level as it can.


    Form the above report self-awareness is the long term process of making good skills and wants. Besides, it also helps to recover the moreover topic and strength. Present study will be based on management competency which help can individual for their self development process. Task oriented or successful achiever will always be a good leader in their career objectives. As per the above report team mates is having any weakness, I will sort out it any manner and prove my strength as my team strength. In coming time technologies are becoming the threat of the business, so I use my strength towards my team in the achievement of goals.


    • Dragoni, L., & et.al., (2014). Developing leaders’ strategic thinking through global work experience: The moderating role of cultural distance.Journal of Applied Psychology.99(5). 867.
    • Parida, V. & et.al., (2015). Developing global service innovation capabilities: How global manufacturers address the challenges of market heterogeneity.Research-Technology Management.58(5). 35-44

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