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    Developing Manager


    A manager is an entity within an organisation that is responsible to control and administer the company. They manage each resource of the company up to its full potential and the agenda of a manager is to enhance the performance of the firm. The following assignment is based on developing manager. The most appropriate organisation for this project would be Hilton Hotel which is one of the best and biggest hotel chains of the world. The report covers understanding of principles and practices of management behaviour and a detailed review of own potential as a prospective manager. It also includes managerial skills within a business context and explanation of how managerial and personal skills would support career development.

    TASK 1

    1.1. Management: Concept and Styles

    Management in an organisation refers to effective planning, organising, directing and controlling business activities and resources. As one of the main activities of a business, managers of a firm are required to manage each task and resource in a way that they give maximum output. In a company, authority is a power given to these managers which effectively help them to take decisions regarding organisation's activities and resources.

    There are various management styles that could be adopted by Hilton Hotel and Marriott Hotel which are described below:

    • Autocratic: This management style has a leader which takes decisions unilaterally without involving subordinates in the process. In context with Hilton and Marriott, both the hotels apply this style in different situations. While Hilton adopts this style in case of extreme work pressure, Marriott seldom applies the style in case new employees are hired. The advantage of this style is that it fastens the decision-making process as the authority lies with a single entity. However, this style often creates mistrust among employees towards the firm.
    • Democratic: Under this style, subordinates are involved by managers in decision-making of the firm. It is imperative that process of making decisions are managed appropriately. Both the firms apply this type of management styles which helps them better manage the resources. The most effective advantage of this style is that it helps to enhance creativity and job satisfaction in employees. However, this style stretches the decision-making process which could hamper the work of the hotels.
    • Laissez-faire: This style is based on delegation. Managers, in this leadership style adopts a hands-off approach and employees take charge of the situations. Both hotels apply this style in different situations. While Marriott applies this style with its senior employees, Hilton adopts this style with those who high level of satisfaction and intrinsic motivation to work. The merit of this style is that it allows employees to enhance their leadership skills. Its disadvantage is that proper accountability could not be established in this style which might enhance ineffectiveness in these hotels.

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    1.2. Leadership Characteristics

    A Leader is that individual in a company which is responsible to lead the employees of the organisation towards success. For Hilton Hotel, there are basic characteristics that must be present in a leader which are mentioned below:

    • Communication Skills: The most important characteristic is the communication skills. Effective written as well as verbal communication is necessary for a leader. For instance, the leader must be able to deal with customers who are not well affiliated with the language of the managers.
    • Honesty: A leader must be honest and transparent with their employees. Even if the situation is as worse as communicating malpractices of one's team to the higher management, the manager must be honest enough to do so to ensure ethical practices.
    • Flexibility: A leader of Hilton must be flexible to handle any situation effectively. In case there are various situations that need different mindset to achieve objectives, managers must be flexible to mould their way of working.
    • Creativity Skills: These skills are necessary for effective problem solving. For instance, if a problem arises were there are lack of resources to manage the same, the leader, with their creativity must be effective to solve the dilemma with limited resources.

    1.3. Communication in Hilton

    Communication is referred to an activity of conveying messages from one individual or group to another using symbols, signs, language etc. To effectively manage activities in Hilton, it is necessary for managers to communicate with their subordinates to ensure systematic working in the hotel. There are various communication processes and barriers to effective communication that are present in the Hotel which are discussed below:

    Communication Processes

    Explanation and Example




    This communication is established by using words and sounds to convey the messages. For instance, the direct orders that are given to the subordinates in meetings could be an example of verbal communication.




    This refers to communication through written materials and are usually applied by managers of Hilton to establish formal communication. An example would be the notice of new work schedule or incentive plans distributed to the staff members.



    It involves facial expressions, pitch and tone of voice as well as certain gestures expressed through body language. An example would be that if the manager give harsh orders with high-pitched voice and irritation, that means there is some tensions going on in the firm or with the manager.


    State And Explain Three(3) Barriers To Effective Communication






    The foremost barrier that could be witnessed in communication at Hilton is the linguistic barriers. It is quite usual for a hotel as big as Hilton to receive guests with English not their first language. In addition to this, it is not necessary that the employees belong to same culture as managers which create a strong barrier of communication within the firm.






    The next barrier is psychological ones which consists of stage fears, depression, speech disorders and so forth. These limits the communication and causes spreading of ineffective messages within the company.






    The third barrier is emotional barrier where ease and comfort determine the effectiveness of communication. Emotionally immature people tend to face difficulties in communication in the hotel.

    1.4. Analysis of organizational culture of Hilton Hotel and how hotel manages changes in her services

    Organisational culture at Hilton focuses on certain strategic objectives and it revolves around the mission and values of the hotel. There are certain values, namely Hospitality, Integrity, Leadership, Ownership and Teamwork upon which its culture is developed. Such culture has allowed them to gather a team of 355,000 members all over the globe (...). The firm has a culture that promotes employees. For this, they have faster leadership development programs focusing on enhancing the competence of employees.

    The firm effectively moulds its operations and manages change during various factors described below:

    • Demographic: This factor is quite influential when it comes to change in the operations. For instance, if the hotel is moving to country like India, where its target audience is family oriented, it requires the firm to mould its services in a way that it provides offerings related to families to build a strong market.
    • Economic: This factor is very crucial for the firm to determine. For instance, during Brexit, the firm moulded its operations and limited its services so that it could provide a support in enhancement of standard of living of UK population.
    • Legislative: Each firm has to comply with legal laws of a country its situated in. Again, during the time of unstable government in the UK, the hotel made itself flexible to the changing rules and regulation by providing instructions to the staff and minimising its operations.

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