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    Effective team and performance management


    Team and performance management are the life blood of any organization. Team management means coordinate a group of individuals for performing a specific task. A well managed team always gave the better outputs then other teams. Apart from that, performance management refers to creating a environment for working best of the abilities (Aguinis, 2013). This report is based on the effective team and performance management. It is based on the conflicts arisen between a team whose team members working on a online gaming application. Task was delegated by the team members. Conflicts arises due to differentiation in needs of every members.  

    This report helps to improve the leadership at all level. Task and relationship conflicts can be removed by the team management. Output can be produced according to the client specification through performance management. It enhance the efficiency of the abilities of team members. Co ordination and effectiveness in team is very necessary for completing given task.

    Main Body

    Effective team and performance management of team members working at project of online gaming application

    Team and performance management is refers to process of acquiring outputs according to specification. Group management is the power of a person or an organization to give and order a group of individuals to act a work. Group management has to do with group-work, communication, end frame for events and doing a play option of value. In  addition, group business managers is the power to do to make out problems and get separated opposite positions with in a group (Anitha, 2014). There are different methods and quality of being a chief makes a group manager can take to increase personnel amount produced and make a working well group. IT Co which work on a self managed team faces conflicts about the output produced. Which are not according to the specification and it create problems in compilation of outputs. These difficulties can be removed through the better team and performance management.

    Problems arisen between the team members can be solved through the techniques of team management. The team member MrM faces the difficulties because he do not show any need of guidance for completing his task.  That attitude affect the whole team because final compiling of output get stopped and take extra timing. But the problem can be overcome through the  providing appropriate guidance at time. Making it necessary to take advice at the spot when any member feel problem. Apart from that the supervision and controlling activities are very necessary. Because some time a team member hesitate to show the problems which he faced during the working time.

    Team management is also a task. To efficiently manage the team and solving the problems of team members some models and techniques can be used by the managers as follows:

    GRPI Model of Team Effectiveness:

    it is a model of effective team management and helps to identify problems of team members. This model is based on four things which helps in efficiently manage a group. These four steps are goals, processes, roles and interpersonal relationships. These are showed by the model in a pyramid shape in a sequence as per requirement. By using that model Mr M's and other team members problems may be identified and difficulties may be removed related to output produced (Goetsch. and Davis, 2014).

    The Katzenbach and Smith Model: 

    That model forces on the personal growth, collective power and performance results. This helps to reaching the goals of team. It shows the accountability, common approaches and  skills, commitment as the sides of triangle. It helps the team for better management of skills as required for producing outputs.

    The T7 Model of Team Effectiveness:

     it is based on the process of grip that what factors effect the team members efficiency of working. It analysis the internal team factors. Which are thrust, trust, teaming skills, task skills etc. By adopting that model there is no need to gave extra time at the time of compilation of output because the effectiveness should be improved before the completing whole task and errors can be rectified.

    The LaFasto and Larson Model:

    Authors Frank LaFasto and Carl  Larson offered a design to be copied in 2001 called five driving power of group Work and working together. They gathered seeing into from making observation of 600 teams across different industries to answer the question"what is a working well group?" In come out, they made a scaled-copy made up of five levels or parts that increase the chance of good effects.

    • group member: What are his or her skills and behaviours? selecting the right person is the first  step.
    • Group relations: The right behaviour in a group puts up healthy working relationships between parts of body.
    • Group hard question getting answer to, way out of: Good group relationships make it possible to work together to get answer to questions.
    • Group quality of being a chief: The right quality of being a chief gives greater value to a team's a good outcome (Mone and London, 2018).
    • Organization general condition: The right processes and company society development in an organization give help to undertaking to do from groups.

    The above discussed models helps to resolve the various conflicts arises between the team members because these provides the ways to interaction between team members and enhance the efficiency of working. The team members begin to understand the difficulties faced by some of the team members in doing their assigned task and they are willing to provide assistance to them.

    \They are able to improve their work quality as now they are aware of which aspect of their tasks needs improvement and they can seek help from others. The performance management as well also needed with the team management (Performance management methods, 2018). Because IT co faces the output related problems due to poor performance management.        

    Key doing a play marks (KPIs) and measure:

     KPIs and measure make ready a way to measure how well companies, business units, projects or individuals are giving effect to in relation to their overall view  goals and ends. But the first value of KPIs is not in measurement per Se, but in giving power to full of money data-driven operation conversations and better decision making. Measuring everything that moves provides little more than a false idea that doing a play is being managed.

    In  place, its important to request, What end, purpose will this KPI help my organization achieve,or what hard question will it get separated? And  What decisions will the KPI help private road? Well-designed KPIs should be full of force navigational instruments, giving a clear picture of current levels of doing a play and whether the business is where it needs to be. That model helps to improve the efficiency and working ability of the team members.

    Performance option of value :

    Near  to KPIs, operation option of value are probably the most commonly used doing a business managers way. When used rightly, operation option of value are incredibly powerful forgetting into line the goals of individuals with the overall view aims of the organization (Ohland and et.al., 2012). To get the most out of this apparat us for making or put right things, however, employees must have a feeling of that the option of value process is a regular, honest, light and helping 2-way talk. If not, option of value can be a powerful de-motivator, leading to a slope down in operation. By this way that tool of performance management helps producing right output according to the specification of clients.

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    360 degree take-back:

    This apparat us for making or put right things is all about answering the question, How well are our people giving effect to in the eyes of those who have a money put up in their operation? It provides individuals with a wide Assessment of their doing a play based on the views of those around them,including their overseer or manager, direct reports, equals,persons getting goods from stores, suppliers, and so on. Outcomes are secretly tallied and presented to the worker, usually by a manager. The seeing into from 360 degree take-back are representatively used in worker training and development.

    Done well, 360 degree take-back helps to democratise the paper process, by weighting the opinions of many persons in general, instead of just the individuals line manager. By this way the skilled of team members can be enhanced and things get to be right. Output produced by them may be faulty because the lack of skills so it helps a lot in that type of case (Rummler and Brache, 2012).

    Business managers by ends (MBO):

    MBO is the process of making clear special ends and then frame for events out how to get done each person end. Its particularly powerful for special work that needs to be done one step at a time, and is a great way to make come into existence a society development of working in the direction of common ends, purposes. The idea is that, as each end is got done, those within the organization are having knowledge of their good things done, which, in turn, makes stronger self-belief, interest, sharpness and guiding reason. By making comparison of team members work using that type of tool the motivation can be enhanced and things get done more rapidly.  

    Performance management framework:

    Without a doubt, one of the most having general approval and most in public eye business managers frameworks is the balanced Scorecard (BSC). Gave  support to one of the most having great effect business ideas ever presented in the Harvard Business paper, the BSC has been greatly having general approval over the last 20 years.

    The BSC is a carefully worked design Execution apparatus for making or put right things that helps companies to: 1) make clear their carefully worked design and keep in touch their business things by right coming first and ends; 2) computer viewing output forward development by measuring to what size, range, degree things by right coming first and ends are being gave birth to; and 3) make statement of the sense of words and manage acting plans to make certain first moves are in place to give birth to the business things by right coming first and overall view ends. That tool can also be used by the team leaders for better management as in the way  described above (Sung and Choi, 2012).

    Reward and wide approval of one's work lists of knowledge processing machine orders:

    When employees have a feeling of that good operation goes unrecognised and rewarded, guiding reason falls violently, and people make free from the company's over-all special work. Reward and wide approval of one's work lists of knowledge processing machine orders are therefore an important part of any complete doing a play business managers system, making come into existence a careful way for pleasure-making after event those who are high one able to complete work. For many companies, this means putting food on plate out money business rewards, such as rewards, but simple warmly approving and wide approval of one's work of a mixed bag of goods well done is just as important for supporting self-belief, interest, sharpness and continued high operation.

    This is the highest and frequently used tool for motivate the team members and enhance their working abilities of doing things right (Yukl, 2012).


    senior managers should have to consider the above describes various effective team and performance management models. Because output can be produced according to client specification with effective management of team. A effective team can only do work according to the specification and produce right things.


    From the above project report it has been concluded that effective teams can be defined as the group of two or more people who work for a common goal so that organisation's performance can be measured and enhanced. When a team is performing well than it can help a company to attain success. Performance management technique is used by the managers of business entities for the purpose of analysing organisation's and individuals performance so that appropriate benefits can be provided to employees accordingly. It directs managers to formulate effective strategies that can be implemented in future in order to attain higher profits.


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