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    L/508/6646 - Examine Techniques Related Quality And Performance Improvement

    University: Icon College of Technology and Management

    • Unit No: 11
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 2 / Words 554
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: L/508/6646
    • Downloads: 702
    Question :

    The objective of this report is to analyze the effectiveness and aspects related to Conference and Banqueting industry. In this regard, it is required to evaluate the management of respective industry by considering:

    • Identify the scope and size of Conference and Banqueting industry as well as analyze influence of different factors over its development.
    • Examine techniques related quality and performance improvement as well as impact of business operational issues within “Service On a Plate”.
    • Discuss the crucial elements of Conference and Banqueting industry such as menu planning, food production, operation management and so on.
    Answer :


    Banquet and Conference industry is the fastest growing sector in hospitality sector in United Kingdom. People focus more on foods and events management. The report present the size and scope of 'Service on a Plate' which is a leading company in hospitality sector and provide catering services for events and also local contracts with large firms. The report also deals with different factors that influence the development of a company such as room layout liaison with police, licensing laws etc. It also assesses key strategic and operational issues which involves in the effective management of Service on a Plate. The report also discusses the performance and quality review techniques which are used by conference and banqueting industry. It also evaluates the suitability of range of food production system and different styles of food and beverages. The report also focuses on different factors which should be considered while organizing an off- site conference and banquet. It also presents how to plan a menu for an event and assess the ergonomic considerations for 'Service on a Plate’.

    TASK 1

    1.1 Size and scope of Banqueting and Conference Industry

    Banqueting and conference industry is the major part in the hospitality sector in UK. Banqueting is a place where events are conducting and size and scope of Service on a Plate is wide in this sector. As UK is developed nation in terms of economy and this is the main reason of conducting events and conferences in UK. 

    According to data available in the records, there are more than 46000 hotels in UK which is so wide and the scope is completely depended on pubs, food court etc. More than millions of people are based on this sector and banquet and conference industry covers almost 1,40,000 properties that is why UK is known as the 3rd biggest nation  who help in growth and development  by providing job to local people (Chan, 2015).

    The size of conference and banqueting industry is depend on how many people visit because the arrangements of organizing events is completely differ from other nation. Different culture, type and age also matters and decide the size of industry as UK is developing industry and all the events are based on their size of industries. The events are held on small size area then the number of people attending the function are near about 500 but on the same time in  medium size conference, people attend around 800 and on large scale program is conducting then more than 3000 guest will come and attend the function. So, overall the size depends on quantity of people attend the events (Conference and Banqueting Management. 2018).1.2 Analyzing factors that have influence the development of Banqueting and Conference industry

    While organizing events and conferences, there are many factors which influence the development which are mentioned below:

    Budget: it is the most important factor which affects the development of conference and banquet industry. Before conducting any event, it is necessary to fix a budget for each and every part. Make complete detail list of the expenses and if the venue is booked then inquire them about the discount on the cost for booking of such a large package because it will be beneficial for future to conduct more e

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