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    Analyze Strategic Planning Practices And Policies of ALDi

    University: Icon College of Management and Technology

    • Unit No: 12
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 7 / Words 1635
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: M/508/9862
    • Downloads: 648
    Question :

    The purpose of this report is to analyse strategic planning practices and policies that can assist in enhancing organisational productivity easily. In this regard it is needed to evaluate functions of HR in order to generate business opportunities through high employment practices.

    • Discuss different HR policies in the context of Aldi.
    • Evaluate specific external forces as well as their direct impact over HR strategic decisions.
    • Analyse how HR functions is organised as well as how HR policies and practices are delivered in ALDI.
    Answer :


    Human resource is a very crucial aspect of any business and therefore management of company shall make sure that right kind of Human resource practices are followed to effectively implement these policies (Riley, 2014). One of the fundamental favourable position of this is help chief in plan compelling HR approaches which help venture in betters fulfils needs and demands of workers. This assistance director in increment assurance of representatives inspire them to perform well. ALDI, a main basic supply retailer situated in United Kingdom is taken in this report for think about. At introduce the organization is putting forth its administrations in excess of 20 nations. Principle reason and capacity of human asset administration and its advantages to the two managers and representatives is altogether incorporated into this report. Further, significance of worker relations in a firm and its effect on basic leadership process with key components of business enactments is altogether given in this.


    An analysis of HR policies and practices within the organisation against selected theoretical concepts

    Powerful HRM Practices help in offer ascent to sound and positive workplace which inspire representatives to perform well. With help of these practices organization can better use every one of its assets which increment benefits of organization. Further, different exercises related with HRM urge boss to give better working conditions to representatives and this expansion representatives yield. In an endeavour need to accomplish its set destinations and focuses than it is extremely basic for organization to have support and responsibility of labourers and this can be accomplish by supervisor by fulfil their requirements and needs. Idea of human asset administration help director in do this in a viable way.

    HR Practices followed by ALDI

    • Positive Working Environment: The company lays down policies as well as procedure which shall be followed by the company. The primary advantage of HRM idea inside the association is to make viable strategies which takes after by the representatives keeping in mind the end goal to make positive workplace (Collings, 2014). It helps in empowering specialists assurance with the goal that they play out their best and accomplish authoritative objectives and destinations in methodical way.
    • Policy Framing: Necessary polices needs to be framed by the company and its management in an effective manner so that Human resource would like to work for company in an effective manner and thus higher productivity can be attained by the organisation at the work place. These policies can be related to anything be it marketing, HR, sales, Finance etc. The policies are usually framed at the top level management of the company and thus they are responsible for showing future path to the organisation as well as its workers.
    • Team Building: One of the fundamental advantage of the HRM is to give better chances to the chief to assess all the procedure so as to accomplish their objective. It additionally helps in making a successful group so they give better administrations to huge number of clients to fulfil their necessities. Team building is only possible if the company and its management would be having efficient skills for managing and building team by motivating people to work for company and help in attaining organisational goals as well as objectives. It is somehow necessary for companies like ALDI to build effective Human resource practices in place that will allow them to grow and proper. The company is having around 10,000 employees around the world which is a fairly big number, thus it is of paramount importance that proper team building techniques are being followed by company in an effective as well as efficient way.

    Thus the company follows an effective HR practices within its businesses and thus it allows organisation to capture a higher market share within the market. These efforts allow a company to make necessary changes within its internal environment and make it more productive as well as profitable (Lasserre, 2017).

    High Commitment HRM

    It is a kind of HR Practice that allows an individual to contribute effectively for organisational performance. It is basically concerned with reducing labour turnover, reduction in overall absenteeism, improvement in the employees behaviour as well as attitude all these aspects will improve the overall quality as well as of service and effective and efficient customer service (Budhwar and Debrah, 2013). These kinds of HR policies are followed by big companies because their demands from their work force is usually high as compared to smaller or mid sized firm. There are certain practices which shall be adopted by the company in order to enhance the overall efficiency of business and its Human Resource, these are:

    • Employment Security as well as labour marketplace
    • Selective Hiring
    • Balancing work life
    • Higher amount of compensation that are being paid based on the performance of individuals.
    • Government Regulations: Government from time to time make necessary regulations regarding efficient human resource practices that has to be abided by the company in any case. These regulations directly impact the overall profitability and productivity of company because necessary amendments needs to be made in the strategy of company and its management regarding Human Resource Management. Various elements of HR gets affected by government regulations, these includes hiring, training, compensation, termination etc. (Renz and Herman Eds., 2016).
    • Economic Condition: It is one of the most crucial factor that affects shape of economy as well as the policies that are being framed by the company in an effective way.  ALDI make sure that its management takes into account various kinds of changes in economy, so as to frame policies which will be according to the economic conditions that were prevailing. The BREXIT was a both positive as well as negative for company like ALDI because it opened up market more for UK consumers but at the same time it was negative in the aspect that some of the investment that the company was having in different countries of Europe are not expected to realise much of the cash for company and business over longer period of time because the benefits of UK being in EU will not be derived by them any more.
    • Technological Development: This is seen as an external effect since when new progressions are exhibited the HR office can start looking to decrease and scan for ways to deal with save money. Work that used to take two to three people could be cut to one done by a lone person. Advancement is changing the way we cooperate and not just from a purchaser position, but instead from an inside cost-venture finances way. Technologies are taking place of any extra workforce that the company might be having and this would lead to retrenchment, Therefore this can be said that it has affected company and its business strategies in a very dominant manner (Flamholtz, 2012).
    • Employment Legislations: There are various types of employment legislations which are prevalent within a country and it is thus required that those shall be followed by the company as it is a legal binding on company and its management. Some of the acts that are very crucial with regards to Human Resource policies are as follows:
    • Employment Right Act: This demonstration clarify all rights and essential offices which ought to be offer by manager to worker amid his working hours. This demonstration expresses that lowest pay permitted by law and sound working conditions ought to be offer to each labourer so he can perform well and effectively within an organisation (Thunnissen, Boselie and Fruytier, 2013).
    • Equal pay Act: According to this demonstration, boss of an undertaking is subject to offer same pay to people who have same sort of characteristics and who perform same sort of occupation in organization. This assistance in make a positive situation at working environment and in the meantime increment resolve of specialists. Same ought to be consider by administrator of ALDI to inspire labourers to perform well for the organisation.
    • Minimum Wage Act: Administration of each nation chooses a rate of wage according to the condition exist in advertise. That rate is known as the lowest pay permitted by law rate. According to this demonstration, manager of each endeavour is at risk to offer wage to specialists according to this rate so they can satisfy fundamental needs of routine life, for example, nourishment, sanctuary and material (Bamberger, Meshoulam and Biron, 2014).     

    An analysis of some specific external forces and the effect of these forces on HR strategic decisions within the organisation

    An analysis of how the HR function is organised and how HR policies and practices are delivered

    Ulrich Model: Ulrich’s model for HR was a revolutionary model when it is first introduced as it  looked at individuals and their roles first. A very important part of an organisation is Human Resources departments as it emphasize on people of firm including employees, board members, managers  and more. This model is given by D

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