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MOD003337 Project Management Level 6


The usage of technology by educational institution has changed the pattern of teaching. Implementation of technology has also built many opportunities for learning and gaining education. It has been identified that both tutor and students has gained several advantages .Some benefits are teachers have learned the way to integrated and use technology for teaching students. Learners are also taking more interest in learning activities which is beneficial for their personal and professional development.

Task 1

Background of the study

Education technology is refers to as all the reliable as well as applied educational science like use of equipment as well as processes which are originated from the scientific research .

The utilisation of technology in educational field has eliminated educational boundaries for both students and tutors who can now work in real time by utilising advanced educational technologies. Advancement has technology has provided student an opportunity to gain the advantage from distance learning>use of digital and social media has also provided tutors a chance to reach wide number of students and provide them guidance or education. By utilising the technology that is internet students can get the all types of information which is helpful in increasing their knowledge and skills.

It has been identified from the given case study that project manager in Roehampton university required to bring improvement in classroom and teaching pattern. As this will help educational institution in providing quality education to student. The new hardware , software and other technological equipment can be implemented at workplace, as this activity will help in bring positive change in educational system. Implementation of technology within in an education will help management team in increasing working efficiency and reducing the cost associated with conducting several activities (Voogt, Knezek and Resta, 2017)


Project Charter

Project Title

The title of the project is to “transfer the headquarters of PM Solutions along with all activities and resources”.

Project DescriptionPM Solutions wants to shift their project from UK to any other destination along with closing all existing headquarters, relocating and retaining all employees, relocation of accounts and finance, development and research laboratories and operational activities such as customer services.


Project Manager

Andrew Simon

Date Approval


Project Sponsor

Project Manager



Business Case

Expected Goals

The PM Solutions wants to consolidate operations and relocate their headquarters located in UK. This will include closing all existing headquarters, relocating and retaining all employees, relocation of accounts and finance, development and research laboratories and operational activities such as customer services. The project manager perspective will be clear such as outlining the activities in order to manage the new initiatives successfully and ensure this will be done under the budget and on time effectively.

· The project of PM Solutions will be transfer to any other place along with all operational activities.

· All the activities and operations cost should be save and also create improved opportunities towards customer services and scientific collaboration.

· Controlling, monitoring and evaluation of project activities in order to avoid future uncertainties in the project.

· Project plan should be made in order to provide help for accomplishing the objectives and goals of the project effectively.

Team Members




Key Milestones

Start Date

End Date


Project Supervisor

Starting project



Stuart broad, Leon messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Joe Root

Services Engineers

Business Requirement



Carlos Breath wet and James Taylor

Information and Technology Expert




James Anderson

The Architect




Moin Ali and Simon Bell

Financial Advisor








Budget analysis


Budget (£) in millions

% Change

Starting of the Project



Resource assemblage and preparation of budget



Designing of system



Creating or installing a systems



Testing of System



Closing and Transfer



Total Budget of Project

13 millions


Time scale

Undertaking Name










Evolution of project charter

9 days




determination of resource required

5 days




Establishing aims and objectives

4 days

Fri 4/20/18

Thu 3/25/18


Formulating plans

7 days

Fri 4/26/18



scope of the project

6 days




Collection of information or data

2 days




Work break down structure

4 days

Wed 4/4/18



Preparation of budget

1 day





22 days




Quality assurance

6 days




review form for quality check

6 days




transferable register

15 days




risk management

1 days




Management of cost

1 days




risk register

1 day




Monitoring and controlling

12 days

Wed 10/18/18



Integration change control

1 days




Controlling and monitoring the project

1 day




Research Project specifications

There has been several tools as well as techniques have been used in order to prepare research specifications that will help project manager and management team in Roehampton university to recognise the are where technology can be employment in order to get desired outcome. With this aspect, scholar is required to observe or analyse data and information which will help in evaluating the effect of technology when implement in teaching or education field. In the current investigation, data or information has been collected from primary and secondary sources .

The qualitative information has been gathered by interviewing the staff members in Roehampton university.

Design of the research :

Design adopted for conducting the investigation is associated with the planning as well as integrating performance of educational institution. Descriptive, explanatory m, exploratory etc. are some research design which can be utilised by scholar for conducting the in investigation. In present research , scholar will use descriptive research design for accomplishing projects aims as well as objectives.

Research philosophy:

This assists investigator in make appropriate judgement and suitable decision. Interpretive and positivism are the two types of philosophises which can be used by the investigator for conducting the research. As the implementation of the technology in educational and teaching field expected top produce positive result, therefore scholar will use interpretive philosophy.

Investigation approach:

Deductive as well as inductive are the two main types of research approach. In current investigation , investigator will use inductive approach in order to achieve the relevant results at workplace.

Sampling :

In present research, scholar will use the random sampling method , as there are the large population of the teacher in the university , so some sample participants will be selected .The 20 participant who is teaching different subjects in a university has been selected as a participant through random sampling method.

Research strategy:

qualitative and quantitative are two research strategies. In present investigation scholar will use qualitative research techniques that will help them help in developing effective results (Englund, Olofsson and Price, 2017)

Project management plan

Cost ;

These are the important part of research which is determined before starting of the investigation. As the lack of finance or funds can create barriers in the completion of the project in successful manner. Limitation of the budget can also have direct as well as significant influence on the outcome. The budget for research activities should includes detail explantation about the various expenses such as stationery, travelling cost, printing , internet etc.

Scope of investigation:

The study of technology is a wide concept and very big scope. By developing the understanding about the use , significance of technology , manager or leader in university can bring as well as drastic improvement in quality of education and teaching pattern.

Time:it is the important factor in research activities which is required to be managed in proper manner. Investigator might have to face difficulties in conducting research in depth due to the limited time duration. In order to manage the time for investigation and conduct each activity in fixed time period, researcher has used work Gantt chart and work break down structure by which each act during the research can be executed in systematic way within specific time span.


These are very much essential for conducting the investigation in systematic manner. There are several types of resources which are required by scholar for executing the research in smooth way such as finance, technology , human resource and other equipment as well as tools.

Ethical considerations:

Scholar has not forced participant to provide information .The information present in the report has not been copied from the other sources. Before starting the interview participant has been informed about the purpose of the research.

Risk :-

The project management plan of Roehampton university involves the risk management in the business. For this the management team in institution required to adopt suitable plans or appropriate strategies in order to reduce the chances risk about safety of its employees as well as students within in an educational setting (Leu,Kinzer and Henry, 2017)

Shareholder analysis


They are important as the implementation of technology is planned to provide benefits of students or learners. These are the important stakeholders as they help educational institution in generation of revenue and increasing profitability. The decision related to the implementation of technology is based on the learning needs .

Workers or Employees –

Those who execute various activities in an enterprise and support educational institution in expansion of business and also assist manager or leader in bringing positive change at workplace. These stakeholders have significant role to play in formulation as well as implementation of plans.


These people provide or delivers raw material that are required for producing finished goods. Suppliers allow organisation to deliver good quality of products top client.

Investors-These are the people who provides resources as well as funds to educational institutions for developing tor improving the educational or teaching system (Miletzki and Broten, 2017)

Task 2

2. Risk assessment

The purpose of the risk management plan is to ensure the successful completion of project and eliminates very barriers in the research. Risk assessment assists in reducing the chances of uncertainness. Scholar has executed an analysis of risk which are related to execution of activities during the research which have negative effect on the accomplishment of desired results. One of the risk associated with the conducting the research is related to information provided by the participants about the use , significance and impact of technology on educational as well as teaching activities. As the incomplete or unreliable information can have negative effect on the outcome as well as decision taken by manager or leader. The challenge in estimating a policy's effect is generally establishing a valid counterfactual.

Type of risk

Causes or consequences of risk

Previous controlling technique or system

Effectiveness of previous risk controlling method

Chances of occurrence of uncertainties

Level of risk

Strategies or plan of action

Learning of student. Explanation: Risk is associated on that education institution or management team in Roehampton university will not make improvement in student outcomes in context of literacy and numeracy.

Reason for the occurrence of risk are:

Employees in the universities are not provided with the opportunities for professional de

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