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    Performance Management Approaches In Whirlpool

    University: Regent College London

    • Unit No: Unit 35
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 14 / Words 3575
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code:
    • Downloads: 661


    The success of business depends upon the continuous development of its individual capabilities as well as competencies of team collectively and its ability to expand organisation consistently. development of individual performance leads to remove unproductive behaviour of individual and provides solutions to various problems. present study is based on Whirlpool company that is one of leading major home appliances organisation in the world. The company has generated high amount of trust among its consumers by handling families chores with care. study will explain appropriate skills, knowledge and behaviour that is required in HR professionals in whirlpool company. further more it will describe strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of HR professional and develop a development plan. Report will evaluate the various approaches to performance management and how this approach helps in developing high-performance culture and employees commitment.

    LO 1

    1. Professional skills, knowledge and behaviour of HR professionals in whirlpool

    In whirlpool company HR professional has various different duties and responsibilities in organisation and for performing those job roles they requires certain set of skill, knowledge and behaviour in them.

    HR Competencies and skills

    HR professional needs competency skills in order to perform various job responsibilities such as performance management , recruiting most qualified and skilled applicants from external and internal environment, screening,maintaining healthy relations among employees. The professionals need to have much complex set of skills.

    Management and leadership skills: HR needs to have skills of leading and managing the activities of employees towards achieving the success of organisation. they must have coaching approach that will assist in building creative team, over all development of employees performance and helps in providing several possible solutions to critical problems at all level of management.

    Strategic thinking and planning: HR professional needs to have ability to think strategically in different situations and capability to utilize this strategic thinking for attaining the various goals and objectives of organisation. they needs to have clear understanding the various possible ways to achieve sustainable competitive advantages investing in iring of new talent and existing personnels.

    Development of workplace culture: the professionals need to have abilities to develop and shape effective culture of workplace. They needs to develop productive and healthy environment at the working location for their employees by determining the values and behaviour of the team.

    Behaviour traits of HR

    Accountability: the professionals needs to develop a behaviour of accepting duties and responsibilities for their personal actions , decisions and always be committed to achieve cost- effectiveness, efficiency in work.

    Adaptability:the manger needs to adjusts planned activities by collecting all the relevant informations and respond effectively to various demands and always balance or priorities needs of competing and maintain flexibility in changing environment.

    Communication:the professional needs to effectively communicate all the relevant information and must have an ability to express their own thoughts and facts to others. they requires behaviour to demonstrates efficient utilization of listening skills and display openness in order to share their ideas and thoughts with the team members.

    Focus on quality: in the business HR professional needs to meet the needs and demands of its customers and give proper respond to them in a very suitable and appropriate way. they have to demonstrate a personal commitment to analyse and identify the requirement of target audience and consistently providing them exclusive and superior quality goods and services in the marketplace.


    Awareness of business: HR needs to have knowledge of financial informations that is an outcome of various activities of organisation in business environment in which they operates their company. The proper information of all the transaction relating to purchase of product and services must be known to professionals. The HR accounting assist in understanding the needs and demand of consumers and supplier in industry and also in reporting various financial informations.

    Ethical standards:HR needs to play is role ethically and wit full integrity because it affects the behaviour of individuals and team in an organisation. they must apply all the related ethical standards in their personal behaviour while performing.

    2. SWOT of HR professional for identifying skills, behaviour and knowledge

    SWOT analysation is an important in order to develop strategic plan for HR professionals .this helps in identifying the various roles of HR professional for achieving the success for the organisation. HR professional can have following set of strength, weakness, opportunities and treats.

    Strength: AS an HR professional I have following strength of extremely qualified team of talented HR managers and HR teams comprised of employees who have high range of expertise in their respective fields. but I will also focus on things in which I can give my best not only what I already have. i have a great team of HR staff with a efficient departments human resources information system. this system assist me in monitoring of all the transactions related activities like compensation, administration and attendance of each person. Some of te system helps employees in monitoring their own performance. my HR departments objectives are closely aligned wit strategic plan of organisation.

    Weakness: As an HR professional I have following weaknesses like weak connectivity with my HR department or various challenges that my HR department is facing and to acknowledge those weakness I have to do critical analyse the strength, weakness, opportunitiess and threats. Weak Employees skills set and lack of vacancies available in HR department that might create difficulty for me in accomplishing the organisational goals and identifying the present weaknesses. I have staff deficiency in my HR department and to over from this difficult situation. I might face the challenge of decreased HR team members job performance below the expectations of departments and business. To over come from this challenges In case of any vacancy availability in HR team I will enhance my recruiting efforts in order to attract most suitable and talented candidate for increasing the efficiency level of HR department.

    Opportunities: As an HR professional I have various opportunities for improving the tracking system of HR process it can range from building skills of personnels and developing of employees of HR team to adopt new set of skills and technology. i have an opportunity of seating a new team of leadership executive and team of board of directors with whom I can increase effectiveness of HR strategies and align those strategies with over all organisational strategies. As an HR professional I will consider all the necessary changes of employment law that will assist in employment process and provide technology to enhance the ability of my HR department to identify different competent and qualified applicants for contouring recruitment and selection process.

    Threats:As an HR professional I have threat of defect in my human resources information system or difficulties in making budget . some threats may be like legislative changes like law relating to employees rights that are highly demanded or large obligation of reporting that will enhance the capabilities of my HR department professional team to provide complete report on time to various local agencies.

    Development plan



    Time bound


    Deficiency in staff performance

    I will review the interdepartmental process of performance management orderly. I will provide skill-building training to the staff members,organize various programmes for professional development, coaching courses and will consistently monitor the performance of each and every individual.

    It will take 3 months to provide effective training session to employees for enhancing their skills and capabilities.

    This training programme will assist in improving and developing members performance level.

    Defect in HRM system

    I will provide training and development session to my team of various professionals that will help me in preventing my HRM system from those defects.

    It will take 1 month to providing training sessions to provide training to various professionals.

    it will improve the performance of staff while they will be performing their respective duties.I will explore new technological alternatives in order to calculate various threats that will assist me in meeting the departmental needs and development of alternative resources for giving urgent training to employees like providing in-house training rather than organizing outside workshops.

    LO 2

    3. Organisational and individual training and development and learning process


    Organisation skills

    Individual learning

    Improved awareness and knowledge

    Through various process of Whirlpool company members can generate new knowledge that is essential for them for gaining the competitive advantages in the market. So they always seek to create and develop new knowledge that will based on the learning of organisation.

    In whirlpool business an individual is involved in increasing the functional efficiency by improving their awareness and knowledge. This is the basic essence of individual learning. First entity establish environment that will promote individual learning.

    Creating a frame work or plans

    Whirlpool organisation create plan that enhance the learning of firm. they focus mainly on process of learning with an intention to increase the intelligence of staff members and lead to achieve over success for firm.

    The company plans to provide training and development session that assist whirlpool in developing the core competencies of its employees that will ultimately help in increasing competitive advantages for business.

    Exploring new possibilities

    The entity identify and explores new possibilities and remove the existing certainties in learning of entity. it is done through risk taking, investigation,bringing new innovation. that assist in enhancing balance between exploitative and exploration tat is required for learning firm.

    By exploring the new possibilities and communicating those innovation and improvement to various individual in training program assist in exceeding the knowledge of each individual in organisation.

    4. Continuous learning and professional development needs to create sustainable whirlpool performance

    Whirlpool can increase the competitiveness of each members by providing them personnel training and career growth opportunities. it assist in achieve high growth and success in business. the company will boost the operational capabilities and management skills, increase the knowledge of staff members,leadership skills and improved their leadership skills. whirlpool conduct various Corporate social responsibilities training in order to increase the level of understanding of its staff relating to sustainability and will also offer them ideas related to performance like human right issues, operation of labour. they also organize various training sessions for protecting the privacy particularly focuses on ow the business product will protect the privacy of customers that is done by using scanning of fingerprints,trough different mobile devices, facial expressions of buyers, IP address. entity maintain its sustainability by protecting the privacies of its several consumers in the marketplace. Whirlpool provide development opportunities, improve competencies of professionals by giving them online learning sessions, coaching, on- the job training, conducting seminars for employees, job transfer this seminar is conducted by firm in prestigious universities of foreign and training entity. Company formulates incentives, subsidies and bonus on professional certification that helps in encouraging personnels and improves their performance capabilities and reduce the turnover rate in firm and ultimately enhance sustainability of business.

    Professional development assist whirlpool in ensuring that employees capabilities are related with the requirement of current standards of others in similar field. it helps in continuing the employees contribution in team and also helps in exceeding the efficiency of individual at workplace. Professional development provide an opportunity to personnels of advancement in their career by moving from one position to another position. Professional development open up various new possibilities for staff by gaining new knowledge and skills in particular areas. In professional development process the professionals provides various online courses to their peers that involves meaningful online interaction with the staff members it helps in solving various issues by conducting various courses such as risk and environment management , finance and project management. that assist in engaging people and developing different set of skills in them and also make them competent. Which create a suitability in the organisation. professional development contributes in improving the quality of life personnels and their sustainability in firm . This is generally applied by firm in highly risky areas or specific regions that sometimes. the entity can improve its sustainability by bringing qualitative modification in lives of its employees.

    LO 3

    5. Advantages of high performance of work practices in whirlpool

    High performance work practices focuses on continuous improvement of personnels and increase their commitment to maintaining business culture on the basis of commitments instead of control. In this practices whirlpool expect from its employees to be highly qualified and most competent and continuously engaging in bringing necessary changes in organisation. some of the working practices and its importance are described as below:

    Ensuring professionals security: high performance working practices assist in creating high sense of faith among employees that enhance the commitments of members and promote behaviour that is very rare in the modern business environment. whirlpool provide employment security policies that helps in building commitments of employees. When business hire competent employees by matching the required set of skills with the skills of available in candidates that serves in providing best welfare activities to professionals. That helps in reducing the turnover rate in organisation by engaging peoples in various working activities.

    Decentralising decision-making power: whirlpool is able to recognize and clearly applying various objectives and goals by employing high performance working practices system. while implementing different set of goals enterprises delegate decision making power among its employees in order to provide beneficial services to consumers and also optimally achieve standard organisation goals. Firm incorporates highly trained professionals team that can self direct their actions and high liberty in decision making process assist in generating trust and faith of peoples and engaging them in the operations of the concern.

    Compensation based on high results: whirlpool has developed reward and compensation system at every levels of management that helps them in promoting the commitments of employees towards achieving the objectives of organisation that ultimately enhance the awareness of staff relating to their roles for contributing graining profitability for firm. The business develop high performance culture by providing various compensation schemes to high productive employees that assist in incorporating profit -sharing in whole firm and increase the over all performance of concern or gaining competitive advantage in the marketplace.

    Decreased status barrier:company can get variety of good ideas and innovative thoughts from employees working at all levels. whirlpool consider status hierarchically instead of treating its employees on the basis of their language, physical appearance, gender discrimination this develop a sense of faith among people and enable firm in building high trust culture by bringing up personnels. company increase commitment of member by removing the status barriers and by empowering its staff. that also reduce the employee turnover rate in organisation.

    LO 4

    6. various approaches to performance management

    There are various approaches to performance management that assist in developing high performance culture and commitment of employees. some of those are described as below:

    Comparative approach: it involves ranking of performance of personnel by comparing individual performance with their other team members. They are ranked on the basis of highest to the lowest performer in a team. it can be done through various techniques such as forced distribution method . for example it a team that involves all the top performers constituting 10 percent,group of good performer has constituted 40 percent,team of average performer constituted 40 percent that means group of low performers is constituting the leftover 10 percent. In this method the top performer is rewarded with proper training and guidance and they are promoted for higher level position in the business. The employee will learn new set of skills in training sessions this assist in building high performance culture in organisation.

    Quality approach: in this approach whirlpool focuses on gaining the satisfaction of individual consumers by improvising its various services. It consider both the factor such as person and system. the employer in company takes consistent feedback of its employees on the personal attributes of personnels from peers and mangers in order to resolve issues of performance. it helps in assessment of system as well as employee performance. it assist in solving problems through effective team work. This approach use various sources for evaluating the performance of employees like internal sources and external sources. The positive feedback increase the motivation level of professionals in organisation. And they will engage more in various activities of firm.

    Organisation use these approach for effectively evaluating and managing the performance of each individual and for gaining the competitive position in the market.

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    From the above study it can be concluded that Whirlpool company that is one of leading major home appliances has generated high amount of trust among its consumers by handling families chores with care. AS an HR professional of whirl pool I have following strength of extremely qualified team of talented HR managers and HR teams comprised of employees who have high range of expertise in their respective fields. company has weakness of Deficiency in staff performance. So as an HR professional of firm I have suggested to review the interdepartmental process of performance management orderly. I have provided skill-building training to the staff members,organize various programmes for professional development, coaching courses and will consistently monitor the performance of each and every individual. Organisation is facing threat of Defect in its HRM system. I have suggested to provide training and development session to its team of various professionals that will help me in preventing my HRM system from those defects.


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