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    Project Management Team

    Introduction to Project Management Team

    Project management is a specialized software that over each and every aspects of a particular project towards the completion of assignment in less time. Cost quality and time factor has taken as the major parameters in the improvement of a particular project by considering each and every factor. This project is all about selecting a belbin theory whose major aim is to complete a project in the best possible manner by satisfying all the needs and expectations of various individuals. Personnel are appointed from different departments n improving the existing business performance. Strategies are crafted in order to build a successful project team in benefiting all the project users.

    Explain the difference among personality types and Belbin's theory

    A completion of project is based on the different type of people involved in completing a particular project in order to accomplish all the targets in the best possible manner. Involvement of various kinds of people will help an individual in order to achieve the desired aims and targets of a particular project (Packendorff, 2015). Role of an entity gets increases when they accomplish all the targets within a given span of time. Different employees worked in a project from various backgrounds are required to be managed by a project manager as they held responsible for improving the existing business performance of an entity within a given deadline provided by the external business environment. All key factors will be considered by an entity in its project that helps in accomplishing all the targets with high level of accuracy in various aims and targets. Allocation of all kinds of resources in a project is highly based on the interest of all the users connected with a project as the desired aim of the project manager is to allocate all the work responsibilities without imposing work load on the employees. Training will be provided to all of them in order to complete their work on time as allotted time will be saved with the increasing efficiency of each ad every users associated with a project.

    There are different personality type of people that will be managed by a project manager within a designated time as their ultimate aim is to enhance the current skills of all individuals connected with the project in different manner get satisfied as catering all the needs and expectations of different users is the basic role played by a manager who manages the whole project.


    This type of individual depicts its leadership qualities in order to manage the project by guiding all other members working on a similar project. The results generated by this kind of people is highly effective as they utilize less input in order to provide high quality output in return.


    In the dynamic business environment, flexibility is the basic factor required by every person in order to stay for long term in the external business environment. In management of a project flexible person is required that focuses on the basic aim of the project in order to complete the project in the changing situations.

    Detail oriented

    Successful completion of project is depends on the greater emphasizes given by a person on a particular segment as higher the emphasis given higher will be its final outcome generated from that particular aspects.

    Delegate work

    Responsibilities allotted by the project manager needs to be segmented to all other members working on a similar project as the basic aim of the owner is to complete the project on time. A person who are good in communication will be easily allocate its responsibilities to other people in order to reduce their overall workload in the business.

    In the successful completion of a particular project, it is required to allocated work responsibilities along with the defining of roles in a team (Steyn, 2017). In the current theory major focus of the belbin is on classifying various work based responsibilities among different employees working in a project. Team roles are properly defines as this helps in generating higher outcomes in return in order to gain support of all the team members working on a similar project. Different nature of roles inspires an individual in order to fulfil all their work responsibilities in order to achieve the desired aims and targets framed by the owner in relation to the current project. Several roles involved in a project includes coordinator, project supervisor, team worker, specialist will help an entity in order to improve the current nature of a project.

    Basic aim behind the classification of the role is to eliminate all the errors lies in the existing system as the project manager will emphasize on the cost element incurred in the current project. Idea of all the employees working on a project will be easily bring out in the bigger picture which helps an individual in order to improve their existing business conditions by utilizing all the new ideas given by the employees involved in the management of a particular project.

    Describe type of people recruited for a project

    A project manager will recruit different type of people in a project according to their work that include Human Resources personnel, finance personal, marketing personnel, research and development personnel, IT personnel (Fortune, 2012). Project manager will recruit human resource personnel that hem them to bring the right person to the right job in the project, providing them proper training according to the job, tries to find out the problem of project members and solve them to maintain the good relation with them and providing them proper remuneration according to the efforts done by the project members.

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    Project manager will recruit marketing personnel for identifying and satisfying the customer need, it involves doing research on what customer want and desires. It involves marketing mix that is product, price, place and promotion, these are the four keys the project is dealing with so these should be according to the customer needs and wants. Project manager will recruit the research and development which help to create the innovative product and process. Research and development will ensure that the customer are provided according to their need by taking proper feedback.

    Project manager will recruit purchase department that help to acquire the raw material and find out the total quantity required, what will be the quality of the raw martial, to find out the cost of production and what will the price of the raw material (Thackeray, 2016). Thus, it involves purchase mix to ensure that inventory is purchased of right amount, of the right quality at the right place and right time. Project manager will recruit finance personnel to find out the budget of the project, from where the fund will be raised, where the fund is to be allocated, from where the income will be generate and keep the proper records of the transaction.

    Outline strategy for building project management team

    In the current project the aim of a project manager is to fulfil all the needs of various team members in order to accomplish the whole project given span of time. Current construction project which includes two major sites such as central sites and virtual sites located in France and India. Effective strategies are used in order to create a good communication channel in communicating all important information from one end to another in meeting all desired needs and expectations.

    A) Proper communication

    In every phase of construction of project management, communication is the most important part. Project manager should build proper flow of communication. The strategies are to be communicate to all the members of the project team so that there should be proper implementation takes place.

    B) Continuous planning

    The project manager should think new idea's overtime so that innovation can happen in the project management (Söderlund, 2014). Proper revising and developing of plans should be there until the project ends. Each phase or stage has to be revised, so that deviation can be corrected

    C) Observe and ask question

    Proper feedback should be there. Top level of the project should continuous ask from the middle level and lower level of the project team so that if any of the member have any problem it can be solved at that point if the time and effective implementation of the strategies takes place

    D) Proper use of the tools to monitor cost and budget

    Most managers think about the cost factor, Proper allocation of the cost to the material, equipment, wages and capital goods. Proper tracking and monitor of the all cost specially which are most related to the initial budget (Ward, 2006). There should be proper records of all the transaction to find out the profit/loss and income/expenses which helps to find out the financial position of the project.

    E) Implementation of the automated reporting system

    Project manager does not have time to five replies to every mail or use of phone call to address each question related to the budget and process. There should be automated system that handles these activities so that right report goes to the right person on time

    Explain tools and technique to accomplish tasks

    Motivation plays an integral role in the project management as this inspires all the users in a project to complete their tasks within a given span of time. Issue faced by an individual will be used as one of the parameters in improving the existing conditions of the current project by changing the behaviour of various employees included in a project (Richardson, 2017). Efficiency of different business processes is based on the work done by a user in a particular project. An entity will grab higher market exposure with the successful completion of a project within a given span of time in order to satisfy different needs and expectations of the external market users.

    Desirability of a particular project will be explained to all the employees working in a project as it is essential in order to showcase the true value of all the goals and objectives covered in the business. The actual worth of the goals framed by a project manager will be explained to all the users in terms of monetary benefits which helps in increasing their confidence on the work they do towards the accomplishment of a particular project.

    Feasibility of the current project will be described in providing positive aspects of the existing project along with its scope that inspires different individual in applying their hardest efforts towards the achievement of all the goals and the objectives within short span of time (Koppelman, 2016). The probability of the completion of project will help all the users in striving hard in try to complete a singular project earlier than the designated time which attracts variety of benefits to an employee.

    Democratic leadership style will be adopted by a project manager in order to motivate all its employees as this helps in reducing their workload by resolving all their workplace problems in stipulated time period. In the current style of leadership an individual will get motivated by assigning work according to their interest as satisfying all the clients the basic aim of every business enterprise. Satisfying personnel is essential in order to retain all the clients with the same organization for long span of time as the desired aim of the business entity is to get the confidence of all the users.

    In the current style of leadership, views and opinions of all the employees will be taken into consideration as generation of new ideas is regarded as important aspects in a business projects which gives right direction to a particular projects towards the accomplishment of the same in less time period as compared to the external deadline of a project (Söderlund, 2014). Resources are properly allocated in a project as the cost reduction is the basic aim of a particular project. Project delay get reduced when employees needs get satisfied by the project manager will help in increasing their productivity which in turn affected the whole business performance in the positive manner.


    It can be articulated from the above assignment that is based on the management of project which is forms important part of management function controlling. Weaknesses are identified in a project in order to cover all of them with the strengths and core competencies of a business project. This report focuses on the team roles of a project with the help of Belbin theory. Motivational techniques are used by a manager in order to satisfy all the needs and expectations of an individual. This report also emphasizes on the appointment of various employees in a particular project. Building an appropriate project team will be helpful for a project manager in order to achieve all the aims and targets within a given span of time.


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