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    PRS3522 Risk Management and Occupational Psychology


    Mining can be described as extraction of minerals from soil ore for many purposes in human life. But there are various kind of mining wastes that dispose to environmental areas and it is really harmful for natural environment. Every organisation who carrying out several activities of mining mineral are required to put efforts on management of such waste (Saer and et. al., 2013). This report is based on Anglesey Mining which basically conducting exploration work on Parys mountains zinc-copper-lead deposit In North Wales. This assignment will discuss about development of environmental improvement and management plan to reduce mining waste. It includes applicable  legislations, policy principles, best practices and pollution impacts.

    Main Body

    Plan Of Action to Reduce Environmental Issue

    There are various kind of environmental, issues are observed due to mining waste produced in an organisation. These are very harmful for nature as it contains different toxic chemicals which may damage many of environmental aspects that are essential for living beings. These poisonous substances may leads to death of many of aquatic animals and decrease soil fertility which may results into loss of crop production in country. Several other negative impacts are also observed in environment regarding mining waste if it will transfer to rivers or seas.

    It is important for mining industry to implement several activities to carrying out treatment of this waste and then do final disposal of it so that it will not harm nature. All living beings on Earth has their own role to maintain stability of environment which is very important because it is not possible to survive on it without having healthy nature all around (Vanclay and Esteves, 2011). It is really mandatory to prepare an appropriate plan to solve several environmental issues regarding mining waste because it is very toxic for other living beings. Such planning must involve certain factors that are given below:

    Current situation of firm :- Present scenario must of evaluated by suitable and authorized person so that appropriate actions can be taken through preparing correct plan of action to gain more effective results from  it in order to reduce waste production along with it's toxic agents. Every strategy  must be build through proper information about current facing issues to sort out them in accurate way.  

    Stake holders :- These are key people of any organisations such as employees, owners, investors etc. whose profits are based on outcomes of company. It is compulsory to involve them while preparing strategies for reducing toxicity of waste material.

    Plan :- Planning is an important criteria before doing anything so that efforts will be put in right directions for achieving better outcomes on order to decrease toxic pollutants from mining company like Anglesey Mining.

    EMS Policy

    · It refers to environmental management systems in which events are conducted  in systematic or comprehensive manner through organisational structure, planning and resource for applying more effective as well as efficient policy to maintain nature healthy. Anglesey Mining have to organise such events in correct way as per legal terms and conditions.  

    Legal requirements

    · Several legal norms are required to follow by mining firms like appoint some workers specially to take care of treating waste material in appropriate manner before finally disposing it to environment so that its harmful impacts will be reduced (Prno, 2013).

    Environmental management

    · Making targets and objectives in plan of action are mandatory  to boost up management of waste material so that it will not harm species of living organisms by toxic agents released by extraction of minerals.  

    Environmental aspects review

    · It is important for higher authorities of organisation investigate about those activities as well as equipments of extraction that produces more polluted waste to implement several modifications or changes into extracting activities and procedures for decreasing such poisonous wastage (Kuletz, 2016).

    Implementation :- Plan of action should be applied in appropriate manner to attain desired outputs from it.

    Operational control :-

    · BAT is a kind of technique to identify  appropriate practice for tracking, segregating and maintain records of waste so that it will become possible to build a proper plan of carrying out operational activities to reduce waste. Modifications into manufacturing process along with resources can be applied to avoid this issue (Muduli and et. al., 2013).

    Roles and responsibilities :-

    · Various employees are working in mining company then it is necessary top determine roles and responsibilities of them towards waste management and convey his information to them. Also it is needed to conduct suitable training and learning procedures to make people aware about these duties that required to be completed by them

    Training plan :-

    · It is necessary to prepare plan for organising appropriate training procedure through which it may inform to fulfil desired roles and duties to each employees relevant to waste management from the very beginning to final stage (Rhyner and et. al., 2017).

    Emergency plan :-

    · Sometime, it is observed that an emergency is created due to few of critical circumstances then it is mandatory to build suitable plan for that time to decrease issues.


    Evaluation :- Evaluation is compulsory to be carrying out to observe all negative and positive impacts of implemented plan of action.

    Monitoring Requirement

    · It is important to make record about waste material including volumes, documentation and tracking information. Requirements are needed to be monitored on regular basis to determine about problems an issues so that they will sort out at correct time (Azcue, 2012).

    Audit conformance

    · Waste material is required to manage for perspective of health and safety of human beings. It is compulsory to conduct audit conformance management activities for getting desired outcomes.

    Management review :- This term can be described as to take a look on several implementations of planned activities as well as procedures in order to evaluate threats so that necessary modifications can be done. Rechecking of applied plan of action is required to know about its outputs in positive and negative ways. It facilitate to identify problems at correct time so that it will get solved easily.

    Applicable legislations and environmental policy principles

    There are different types of legal norms and environmental policies which are compulsory to be followed by organisations specially the mining businesses. This is because of the fact of producing more toxic and harmful chemical which takes place by mining companies like Anglesey Mining. It is important to make effective strategies and policies to develop environmental condition and sustain that through efficient principles which should be followed by each and every organisations in order to reduce waste to decrease it toxic ability so that it will not harm other living beings surviving in nature (Chowdhury and et. al., 2014). As these wastages results into poisonous pollutants in environment which may leads to deal of several aquatic species and become reason being extinct species. These legislations and policies that mus be followed by Anglesey Mining are given below:

    Protection of specific rivers :-

    There are various kind of rivers on which government authorities have special focus like due to particular speciality. The mining firms have to implement some of finance to make several procedures and equipments for treatment of waste producing by mining activities. These rivers have different minerals and living beings that get deeply harmed by such toxic  materials disposed from such industries (Northey, Haque and Mudd, 2013).   

    Protection of fishing and aquatic life :-

    There are various kind of aquatic species get affected by several chemicals disposed by mining organisations. Government had prepare and implement some of legal norms for all chemical and mining industries so that they become able to protect different aquatic animals that leads to death. Other problem is that some of these fishes become less fertile or lost their fertility due to inhaling these chemicals. It is essential to saver them form these poisonous things because each and very lining being have their own role to make stable biological process. And this is mandatory to maintain stability of environment which is compulsory for all living organisms to survive on earth.  

    Discharge of liquid wastage :-

    Discharge liquid waste from,m mining firms are usually responsible for making water of river poisonous and decrease fertility of soil as well this will facilitate to huge loss of crop production in agricultural industry. Overall, this loss is results into reduce in annual income of the nation as it contribute  a very precious amount into that to make country economically strong.

    Corporate social responsibility :-

    This term refers to carrying out several events and campaigns on behalf of organisations to put efforts by employees for social welfare. It is necessary to maintain a positive image of company in front of people in society so that it will impacts on profitability as well as productivity of Anglesey Mining. CSR also involve to maintain healthy environment by reducing toxic agents from waste disposed from enterprise through treating it in appropriate manner (Yakovleva, 2017).

    Best Available Technology (BAT) :-

    This term described as that effective as well as efficient technology that renders support for approving limited pollutant discharges. It will facilitate to decrease toxicity of waste material produced by activities or procedures of extraction. Anglesey Mining required to use this techniques for treating wastage in proper way to avoid it's negative impacts on nature.  

    Principles of sustainable development and management of wastage

    There are various types of principles that are required for mining businesses to follow them strictly for reducing impacts of wastage producing by extraction activities or procedures. These are establish by legal authorities with an essential objective of fresh and equitable global partnerships through creation of new levels of cooperation amongst key sectors of society and people. It is mandatory to maintain environmental stability to make favourable condition for al living beings to survive comfortably on earth (Bernstad and la Cour Jansen, 2011).

    Save human life :-

    This principle is based ion protecting lives of human beings in order to sustainable development to facilitate a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature. Many of polluting impacts are facing by community of people due to wastage  of mining companies and these are harmful for citizens. Many of issues are observed about patients who are already suffering from diseases such as asthma, emphysema etc. get more critical situation of their health. They get immediate asthmatic attack due to such toxic polluted air while inhaling oxygen.

    Limitations of disposing such wastages :-

    There are several policies which states that disposal of particular industries running in state have to make sure that such substances will not exploit into their states to countries. It is legally not correct to conduct disposal of waste material to other areas because they put objections to it. This is due to that fact these wastages are really toxic which may damage several species and cause poisonous environment. Such actions are necessary to be carrying out to reduce negative impacts so that provide better environment to forthcoming generations.

    Non financial and financial efforts :-

    Enterprises of mining like Anglesey Mining have to put some of capital to implement plans or machinery for treatment of mining wastage. They required to apply finance for treating waste chemicals before disposing it to environment. At the other hand, non-financial aspects includes modifications in activities and procedures to reduce toxicity of wastage factors.  

    Sustainable development of and environmental protection is essential aspect which facilitates to achieve better biological lives. It is compulsory to put appropriate steps by organisations as well as legal authorities of country to improve balance of environment because health nature is key for different living beings for their comfortable survival.

    Impacts of pollution

    Loss of biodiversity :-

    Various kind of species of animals, fishes, birds get extinct because continuous death due to production of toxic chemicals through mining business. Biodiversity is a term which means about different types of genus and species of mining beings surviving on Earth. Every lining organisms has their own role to balance nature and due to loss of them, environment get imbalanced. There is a biological cycle which is required to be stable that is done by different animals, insects and birds in nature.

    Occupational health issues :-

    Many of staff member are working in such mining companies and in some of them, these employees are suffering from various diseases like asthma, emphysema etc. Due to continuous working in mist and smog of dust generated while carrying out the procedures of mining minerals for several purposes. They have to cut very tough mountains to extract such elements like zinc, copper or iron because they are metals.

    Land degradation :-

    A mining firm like Anglesey Mining required a large and specific area for collecting desired ore of minerals from which extraction of elements like cooper, zinc and iron takes place. Now, the major issues in this, that area from which ore is already collected then that field is not suitable for crop cultivation or agriculture. Due to extraction of minerals that part of Earth remain less fertile. Hence, production of crops get harmed by this as it will not results into desired outcomes in agricultural industries (Min And et. al., 2013).

    Practices for waste management in mining industry

    Field visits and investigations in workshops :-

    Investigations must be conducted by high authorities of organisation to know about procedure and production of waste along with disposal method. It is important to implement proper techniques of managing toxic chemicals in mining firm like Anglesey Mining so that legal penalties can be avoided. Workshops of company should be  observed and analyse on regular basis to ignore such problems through applying appropriate methods.

    Processing plants :-

    Different types of plants, machineries and equipments through which various kinds of activities or procedures are carrying out to gain desired results. These are necessary to be analysed strengths and threats of such elements that are utilised in current situation and determine mandatory requirements to be applied. Necessary changes must be implemented in company so that it will not generate more poisonous waste material.

    Laboratories :-

    Various kin of chemical and mineral extracting company that has their different laboratories in separate manner to extract desired minerals in dissimilar departments as per nature of elements. Every mineral has its own properties, like meting and freezing point and applicable to several chemical reactions.

    Offices :-

    Official aspects are required to observe various strengths and weaknesses into criterion of work and roles which are completing by staff members like accounting, record maintenance and many more (Gozzard and et. al., 2011). Several official wastes are also impacts on environment in negative manner and they need to put efforts to reducing it.

    Waste dump sites :-

    Such dump sites are those places where entire waste material of an organisation get thrown by workers. It is important to take care of these areas by conducting proper treatment of wastages through suitable plants or considering them for recycling to make reuse of them.  


    Mining can be described as extraction of minerals from soil ore for many purposes in human life. There are various kind of environmental, issues are observed due to mining waste produced in an organisation. Wastages results into poisonous pollutants in environment which may leads to deal of several aquatic species and become reason being extinct species. There are various types of principles that are required for mining businesses to follow them strictly for reducing impacts of wastage producing by extraction activities or procedures. There is a biological cycle which is required to be stable that is done by different animals, insects and birds in nature.


    • Saer, A. and et. al., 2013. Life cycle assessment of a food waste composting system: environmental impact hotspots. Journal of Cleaner Production. 52. pp.234-244.
    • Vanclay, F. and Esteves, A. M. Eds., 2011. New directions in social impact assessment: conceptual and methodological advances. Edward Elgar Publishing.
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    • Kuletz, V. L., 2016. The tainted desert: Environmental and social ruin in the American West. Routledge.

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