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    R/508/0486 - Managerial Skills For Attaining Agreed Goals At Marriott Hotel

    University: UK College of Business and Computing

    • Unit No: 9
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 11 / Words 2716
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: R/508/0486
    • Downloads: 733
    Question :

    This unit states that you are working as junior consultant with PKF hotel expert and the existing staff members has some problems and ways of doing things are not clear in the organisation.

    1. To develop understanding of principles and practices that are associated with management behavior.
    2. Analyze own potential by considering position of manager. 
    3. To apply managerial skills for attaining agreed goals at Marriott hotel.
    4. Create a career development plan by considering jobs opportunities at Marriott hotel.
    Answer :


    Managers of organisation are important part of organisation which provides their different functions for effective operation of day to day activities. They have the duty is to build different plans and strategies which provides the opportunity regarding guidance of employees to accomplish their tasks within given period of time. There is huge role is played by the managers of organisation to accomplish common goals of organisation. The main role of manager in the organisation is to manage the employees in more appropriate manner to take best out of them. They have the duty is to apply different management and leadership approaches for developing passion among them regards to their functions. Effective role is played by communication approaches within the organisation to improve coordination and support which results in development of positive working environment (Luthans and et. al., 2010). Present report includes the description of various hospitality business such as Marriott, Radisson, Clayton Crown hotel, Frankie and Benny's restaurant etc.

    In the present report explain about,comparison of different kind of management styles, leadership characteristics which are applied to motivate employees, communication process which is prevail within the organisation, evaluation of organisational culture and change, assessment of the own management skills, evaluation of personal strengths. Weaknesses, opportunities and threats and setting and prioritise of the objectives for development of own potential as manager. Also. Application of the motivational theories for motivation and leading of employees and contribution of own managerial and personal skills in support of career development.

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    TASK 1

    1.1 Management styles

    In an organization it is important that managers have different skills and capacities as only than the desired goals and objectives can be achieved. To maintain the profit margins, it is required that decisions are taken properly so that maximum output can be received from the invested resources. It can be done only if the management is handling its staff using different styles depending upon the nature and expectations of the work force. Leaders has wide range of choice to select the manner in which they want to lead their team such as being Autocratic, participative and affiliative and the last option is to be free-rein. Different styles have distinct outcomes and need to be practiced with care as only than the work force can be influenced (Beck,  Demirgüç-Kunt and Levine,  2010). In hospitality industry most of the work is labor oriented hence it makes this more crucial that management is careful in selecting the management styles as if the work force is not managed in appropriate manner hotel industry may experience negative growth. Marriot and Radisson are two major names in the hospitality business which are growing at a high speed by delivering quality services to its different customers. Both of them has employed great number of employees which are managed in the most effective manner using a series of styles. Comparative study of same styles is given below which can help much n understanding how by using different styles of managing people the referred brands are achieving their long term goals and objectives:


    (Participative style)


    (Autocrative style)

    This is one of the most commonly used management style which is used in different enterprises in order to promote the work force and to raise feeling of belongingness among them. Under this style management encourage the work force to present their views and suggestions while taking the distinct decisions at work place. The ideas of employees are entertained and hence they find that they hold good value in the business. It further helps in reducing the labor turnover ratios too as employees work as a family (Desimone,  2011)


    This is a complete contradict management style in which the managers take all the responsibility on their own and do not promote participation of the work force. It is a negative style of managing people as they do not promote the employees. This style is adopted to keep centralized power so that time can be saved that is wasted due to number of people involve in decision making process through participative style of management.

    1.2 Leadership characteristics

    A leader plays an important role in any business enterprise. it performs various important functions that are important for proper functioning of business. For same they need to have a range of skills and special characteristics which helps them in achieving the most effective returns:

    Innovative – A leader has to be innovative as only than he can bring better returns in business. By adopting to different ideas competitive advantage is achieved and hence a different image is set against the customers. Apart from this when changes are maintained in business it becomes easy to attract the customers and they too develop interest in brand. Customer satisfaction level is also raised through delivering variety of services and it is assured that long term connections with customers will be maintained.

    Team building – To get efficient use of provided resources it is of great importance that the work force is motivated towards the operations they do. It is the duty of a leader to promote team building attitude among the work force. It helps in marinating coordination in business activities and avoid misunderstandings. When work is done as a group it is more effective in both the terms cost and quality. Resources are used in more efficient manner when used by a tem having no conflicts among them.

    Effective communication – in an organization interaction among different levels of management is of great importance. It helps in avoiding miss interpretation of data transferred to employees at distinct duration. A leader needs to have proper skills to communicate with others so that clear message is conveyed to all the users. Both the referred enterprise of hospitality industry has to make sure that their leaders have good business communication skills as it helps in attending to customers and also assist in solving the grievances that may arise in business.


    1.3 Communication Process

    Communication is a process that take place in between two or more people. It is an effective function that helps in carrying out day to day operations as to continue in business it is important that that the required information is received on time. Selection of communication channel has to be done very carefully as quality of message conveyed depends much on this. The following discussion will explain how communication takes place in an enterprise;

    Sender – This is the main body who play great role in the process of communication. He is the one who intend to send message to other party with a set objective to be accomplished. It is important that sender is careful about the message as if he fails to deliver what actually he wants to communicate than it will affect the whole process of communication

    Idea – It is a subject matter of why the whole process of communication take place. It can be anything an opinion suggestion etc. It is the first step and enough care has to be given as on this the quality of message depends much on this stage only.

    Encodings – In order to make the message understandable it is first converted into different language so that the subject matter to communication process can be transferred from one place to another.

    Communication Channel – There are a range of options which are available with the sender to choose to deliver mgs to the ultimate user.

    Receiver – He is the ultimate person for whom the whole process of communication is initiated. After selecting medium of communication message is finally sent to user.

    Decoding – After receiving the message receiver translates the message in a manner that he can understand same. If this step is not performed with care than there are chances that wrong interpretations are made.

    Feedback – It is the final step at which after going through the received data receiver reverts to sender. It is important step as here the person receiving message makes it sure that he has understood the message in correct form.

    1.4 Organisational change and culture in business

    In an organisation different culture and norms are followed according to the desires of management and leaders. Distinct culture has their own effect on the work force and influence the working criteria’s of business to a great extent (Godefroid, Levin and Molnar,  2012).

    Activities (Duffy, 2013). The culture of refereed enterprise is discussed below in detail;

    Power culture – This is a simple culture in which every individual has limited powers and is responsible for that much hold only. Employees at distinct level have different concentration of powers and accordingly has role in business. This culture is effective enough as it raises the total efficiency level of enterprise. employees feel recognised at the work place and feels motivated which has its direct positive influence on the final performances.

    Role culture – This is another type of culture in which the top management defines individual roles in business. Everyone perform their own role and do not interfere in other task. It helps in avoiding duplication of task and hence leads to expertise in hospitality works. It is an effective culture that helps in establishing the accountability of every individual which is required in case of crucial tasks. Once the answerability is established management give more attention to what they do as they know they will be questioned for what hey do.

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    TASK 2

    2.1 Management skills

    As an assistant manager of Clayton Crown hotel London which is a major branch of Dalata hotel I am responsible for number of business activities as I am leading a team of a most successful organization. In fact, I need to consider various essential facts or figures in order to take control probabilities of mistakes and any financial loss. Managers are liable for assisting entire staff members towards corrective path in order to ensure that organizational goals might achieved in a defined time frame. Along with this, assistant manager is worrying about the success of each or every employee present at workplace because overall management is under them. It means, development of company is totally relying on proper management. In order to manage business activities, I must need to learn number of skills while handling managing is discussed as follows: -

    • Leading skills: - First or foremost talent which is most indispensable for maintaining the position of assistant manager is to learn how to lead or direct a team in efficient way without discriminating amongst team members. Clayton crown hotel is a large association by having maximum number of employees as their main objective is to gain more or more benefits by satisfying the needs of distinct clients. Thus, I am liable for conducting various beneficial programmes for encouraging individuals towards their personal and professional objectives or goals.
    • Problem solving skills: -  Every employee is having distinct background and views towards specific activity due to which chances of conflicts get emerged at workplace. Sometime, clashes emerge between employees and high authority of an organization because there is a major difference in between views or opinions. Thus, conflicting situations have a major impact on a company performance and act as a worst problem for overall organization. It means, I need to learn how to deal with distinct type of enterprise issues which might arises at workplace in order to maintain peaceful environment at workplace.
    • Interaction: - Healthy communication is essential for transferring the relevant information from one person to another. It helps in creating a positive relation with employees and subordinates which resulted in establishment of effective interaction. Thus, as a manager of leading corporation I need to learn how to communicate with other colleagues, juniors and seniors in official manner. Additionally, needs to maintain the dignity of an association (Hogan and et. al., 2010).. 
    • Judgement talent: - Decision making process is a major responsibility of manager as entire business activities are based on this only. Therefore, before an effective judgement I need to consider essential data or information as it aids in controlling the possibilities of mistakes. 


    Very Rare (1)

    Rare (2)


    Often (4)

    Always (5)

    Problem solving skills






    Interaction Skills






    Leading skills






    Judgement talent






    Throughout the study it has been analysed that above skills are necessary for enhancing the management skills in order to accomplish business activities in more effective manner.

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