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    Strategic Resource Management


    The strategic resource management plays an essential role in organisation. Resources are considered as an asset for an organisation as it contribute in achieving goals and objectives.  Strategic resource management work as a partner with the management in organizational success. They develop the strategies to utilize potential of individual and opportunity within the human resource department to make other departments more efficient and effective (Cunneen, 2008).

    Presently, the report is focusing on the hotel Marriott and The human resource department of The Marriott hotel treat their employees as assets as they are the representative of the hotels towards the guests. The present report is focuses on the contribution of strategic resource management of the hotel and how they contribute in the success of the organisation. The report also describe the different process activities, such as human resource management, physical resource management and information system.  (Torrington, and et.al., 2007).

    Task 1

    1.1 Consideration of the objectives and contribution of HRM in the achievement of organization-

    According to the well known author McGraw Hill “Human resource department is responsible for employee relations, recruitment, staffing, training and development, rewards, pensions, facilities and safety”. The objectives of hospitality business mainly focus on the guests and the services. For that, the challenging aspect of human resource department is to identify that strategy by which they can achieve the desired objectives. (Armstrong, Baron, 2007).

    The main objectives of Marriott's human resource department is concerned with the clients and guests, these ar

    Customer service- The main objective of a hospitality organization is customer satisfaction. For this they rely on employee’s performance. Marriott hotel is already established in the hotel industry and customers have faith in their services.

    Service quality- Customers loves good services and want to utilize it as full as they can. This includes the food services, room services and healthy and safe environment.

    Volume- Customer volume is the one of primary objective of the industry. Sufficient customers traffic and full occupancy of rooms is important for the business.

    The contribution of HRM department in Marriott' s success is really appreciable. They train their employees very effectively to make an impression on the guests. Their services are quick and impressive. They provide special training for those employees who directly interact with the guest  regarding solving issues as quick as possible(Smith, 2011).

    Suggested: Change Of Organizational Strategies And Operation

    1.2 Critical evaluation of the role of Human Resource management-

    Employee is an important asset in the hospitality business, strong work force is always in demand in hotel industry. Management of the Marriott hotel is always looking for good, qualified and hard-working employees to maintain their reputation in the hotel world.   Human resource management is responsible to cover almost every aspect of the hotel. In the hotel Marriott, HRM is an integral and significant part. The employees working individually or collectively together gives their contribution to achieve the objectives.

    The role of Human Resource Management in an organisation is one that has been evaluated by the times as the expectations, values and needs of employees have been changing. The main HRM function in the organisation is to fulfil its objectives in creating an environment for engaging employees and challenging them to perform with the strategy(Doyle, Stern, 2006). The hotel industry has two keys success factors which is relating to human capital are speed and efficiency. In the hospitality business, employees are in direct contact with the guests in the role of waiters, attendant, receptionists etc. and are seen as been involved in the achievement of objectives. (Kotler, and et.al., 2009).

    Functions of HRM in hospitality industry are as follows-

    • They are responsible to hire effective and hard-working work force,
    • Provide effective training to improve their performance.
    • To get most appropriate employees for the particular task.
    • To maintain personal administration.
    • To manage manpower management.
    • To maintain employee relation and behaviour.

    1.3 The importance of of human resource requirement for the success of businesses-

    Human resource work as a life blood in any business. They create a specific management structure for the organisation to run their business. There are many areas which describe the requirement of human resource in the organisation. some of these are -

    • Strategy making- HR plays important role in strategy making for all the departments. They are always looking for make that strategies which enhance the capabilities of human capital.
    • Recruitment- this function of HR plays a deciding role in the success of organisation. Hotel industry always in need for the recruitment of strong work force with the potential power. Because there are many task which required physical potential in this industry.
    • Training and development- the department provide training and development for the new people and for the existing employees, to get familiar the new ones and to the improvement of those who are already working.
    • Liability-  human resource is liable to the issues related with employees, related to allegations of unfair employment practices. They identify , investigate and resolve workplaces issues that left unattended.
    • Compliance- this issue is really crucial for all organisations. HR ensure the management that the organisation complies with employment laws. They always monitor compliance with applicable laws through maintaining employee flow logs, written affirmative actions plans etc.

    2.1 Evaluation of the recruitment and retention strategies-

    Like other organisation, recruitment and retention strategies are important for the hotel Marriott as it has a big brand name in the hotel industry. These two functions of human resource require strategic thoughts and planning. These factors are included in talent management, which is highly important for the growth of business. There are some factors that consider in the recruitment and retention, these are as follows-

    • Recruiting qualified people- organisation’s goal of recruitment is to hire the right person for their job. Hotel industry always in need of potential employees because there are many tough tasks which is require for the daily basis. HR are the employment specialists they devise creative ways to recruit the most qualified people to increase the chances of success.  (Guest, 2011).
    • Retaining talented employees- Developing a retention strategy requires special skills in determining which employees are likely to seek opportunities in other places and which of them are most valuable to the business. Increments and bonus also work as a retention strategy.
    • Tapping In-house talent- Establishing an employment referral program is a best  way of recruiting people. HR creat an employee referral program that rewards employee, this procedure can be done by the  help of recommendations of currently working employees(Van Buren and et. al., 2011).  

    2.2 Critical assessment of the techniques used to develop employees in the organization-

    There are many different types of techniques which are used by the hospitality industry for developing their employees in the organisation. There are different types of program which are used specially in hotel industry; in Marriott there are many upgrading programs of training which are used to describe the relationship between employees and management. Marriott promise there employee in consider of their development opportunities programmes. Hotel spends money in the development and training of their employees.

    This process can be take as investment because if the employees are smart in their services, than organisation gain more and more success. Employee development activities help employees to enhance their skills and upgrade their existing knowledge (Jackson and et.al., 2014). There are various methods of techniques in training in hotel business, these are -

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    • On the Job Training- In this training, employee can learn by actually performing a specific job. It is a process of learning by performing. The most important benefit of this technique is immediate feedback on the performance. If the task is not performed well than the manager could use these recommendations.
    • Job rotation- Hotel industry need a system of job rotation and by this they can maintain interest in employees towards their job. Hotel industry need hard work and dedication, for this purpose they need strong work force. This process teaches employees how to do various tasks over the time (Lengnick-Hall and et.al., 2009).
    • Job monitoring- This provides employee an experienced mentor to oversee his or her performance.. For example, hotel has many different departments like housekeeping, kitchen, front office etc, if management hire a trainee for kitchen, especially in 'A la Carte' than it is effective for his or her to learn practically with their mentor.

    2.3 Contribution of employee development techniques in engaging employees

    Employee development techniques supports in engaging employees and providing bettwe working environment to the staff members.  Job rotation programs supports in enhancing interset of staff members towards their job. In addition to this job monitoring process aids in observing employees while they perform their work and their weak performing areas can be identified.

    It supports in taking effective measures for making significant improvements in weak performing areas and providing better skills and capabilities to staff members. All the techniques supports for enhancing interest and motivational level of staff members and staff turn over rate can be reduced by making use of employee development techniques (Collings, Mellahi, 2009).

    2.4 Analysis of effective strategies

    The strategies that have been described above are on  job training, frequent employee rotation and job monitoring. These are effective when employees are highly satisfied while working for Marriott (Wright, McMahan, 2011). Every worker that gives its services has certain perceptions for the company. Once these perceptions are fulfilled, people get more engaged with organisation. Productivity level is the biggest parameter in understanding effectiveness of a strategy. If these levels are high then the proposed plan has been successful else improvements are required.

    Task 2

    3.1 Physical resources and their organisational objectives

    The physical resources are those which play vital role in contributing to organisation goal and objectives. Marriott is known for its efficient use of physical resources. These include buildings, plant, machinery, supplies, etc. Resource manager ensures correct utilisation by keeping an inventory check. There are different type of objectives which hotel industry have to deal with respect to physical resources (Huselid, Becker, 2010).


    Physical resources

    · The main objective of hotel industry is rendering proper customer services.

    · For better customer service they need attractive and well structured building  with efficient staff to provide perfect services.

    · New techniques and their adoption involve static growth. Like updating guests data services, easy check in check out facilities, new monitoring system and etc.

    · Latest technology and efficient operators are physical resources required for achieving this objective. Moreover, proper technicians are also needed for the same.

    · To provide personalised services to purchasers is an objective which is trending in today's world.

    · Equipments are physical resource of this objective. For example, spa and pool services are common in these days. For Marriott, trained staff to help acquire this objective is a must.

    3.2 Role of Physical Resource Management in organisation

    Physical resources can be used as powerful tools which can change the whole strategic plan in organisation. For example, hotel industry adopted many changes, which instantaneously transformed building structure and facilities (Crook and et.la., 2008). Marriott has many branches in world and they maintain each with same humanities and service quality. This  strategies automatically boosts the success rate of Marriott.

    Physical resources


    · Information technology  is an important physical resource for a hotel.

    · In present time, service system has upgraded. There is personalised data system in hotels for convenience of  guests. The role of manager and his subordinate staff is important because they are efficient in their work. This efficacy helps in giving good quality services to consumers.

    · Equipments

    · No activity can be executed without equipments. From computers to customised and private communication network of the company; all are included in this category of physical resource.

    3.3 Appraisals for planning physical resources of Marriott

    The analysis of data management in the physical resource planning of hotel industry is important. Marriott has well updated data management centre and newly developed information technology department for enhancing their services. There are many physical resources at present in hotel industry like structure with best amenities,well skilled working force, integrated systems. When the world goes globalised, competition increases and opportunities are created. More techniques are engrossed in working style and management system.

    Thus, hotel industry is recommended to get updated. For example, there are new techniques for guest data management, employee management etc. To overcome work load and for providing better services these techniques can be adopted. Though Marriott has many branches in world, but they have to adopt their work culture to make employees and guests comfortable. They create a personalised data system in hotels for the convenience of their guests. In this the role of manager and their staff is important because they work with related software and system to save the time of guests and the organisation as well (Ngo,  Foley, 2008).

    Task 3

    4.1 Addition of marketing activities in achieving organisational objectives

    Good marketing strategies in  business could ensure better success and recognition. Marketing plays a vital role in hotel industry. Services and prices mostly contribute in possible and promotional areas of marketing process. Marketing is one of the most favourable and the efficient element for the business with the customers and their relative goals. The marketing strategy of hotel Marriott is really impressive. They have adopted introduction of publicised tours in their hotels through television programmes. Various celebrity icons have also conducted promotional campaigns for the hotel.

    Marketing adds life to the organisational project (Guest, 2011). When a project is marketed well, then consumers get proper information regarding company and its services. Organisation's objectives are easily achievable in this situation. Marketing creates better brand image and reputation amongst clients and consumers.

    4.2 Evaluation of marketing operations

    A company's image is perceived through its marketing operations. Marketing managers look after complete marketing operations that are planned and developed for the organisation. Marriott has professional staffs that are responsible for effectively using resources in marketing processes.

    Marketing operations include creative staff that can blend with technology to produce innovative strategies (Lengnick-Hall, Beck, 2011). This process is an important part of every business strategy. The evaluation of marketing operations is based on three important factors which are mentioned below:

    • Returnof Investment: After implementation of marketing plans, if Marriott is able to gain more profits and recovers all of its investments then the operation is successful. The executed plan is considered to be effective with this result.
    • Sales numbers: Objective of every market plan is to gain more and more customers in the targeted markets. Increasing sales is the most significant indication of a successful marketing operation.
    • Customer response: Customer feedbacks and responses to applied strategy is a parameter for evaluation. The Hotel when conducts surveys either online or through polls then the type of reaction gathered helps in concluding success or failure of operations.

    4.3 Processes used for development of markets

    Marriott follows the following processes in developing its markets:

    • Establishing aims and objectives gives a path of working for the company (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 2017).
    • The Hotel targets its customers and markets with use of STP tool (Segmentation, targeting and positioning). This helps in gaining a clear sight about where the work is to be performed.
    • Strategic use of resources is initiated in such a manner that customer expectations are met regularly.
    • Feedback and suggestions are crucial for developing markets. These help in including improvements for existing services as well as gives innovative clues for generation of new service.
    • Evaluation and monitoring is also an important part of market development. It helps in getting a view of existing situations after implementation of new strategies.

    Task 4

    5.1 Contribution of ISM in achieving objectives

    Information system management is the greatest boon of today's technological advancements. Company objectives are easily achievable when the records and data are well managed. The data related to transactions and customer relations have to be managed well. These depict history and future strategies. Hence, it is important to manage information systems so that at the time of application of new strategies, past flaws can be overcommitted.

    5.2 Evaluation of ISM' s role

    Due to extensive operating channels, the organisation Marriott has to effectively utilise its information systems. Lodging, inventory, employee records and customer details; all are managed by this system. Any sort of change in operations of the company will be difficult to handle without ISM. Hence, it plays a vital role in developing an organisation  and meeting its objectives easily.

    5.3 Importance of IS in organisation’s success-

    Analyse the processes of the organisation there are different types of the plans has been made which are the part of the information system of the organisation. the following example explains. For example Marriott decided to renovate their branch of UK . For that they planned to integrate the information management system (Crook and et.la., 2008). The Information management system projects are look like similar in which the main requirements of that plan should be identified first.

    There are technically qualified  team also involved with the whole requirements. The whole data system should be specify their main requirements for their all types of the things like their main production support, system and the data maintenance, and their service level of the whole requirements and their performance expectations systems are also acceptance for the best criteria requirements should in order to specify the data (Strategic Resource Management, 2013).


    It has been concluded from the above project that without strategic management effective use of resource is not possible. Resources utilised by Marriott are human, financial, marketing, and physical. It has been further explained in the project that there are several kinds of strategies used by the Hotel to maintain its quality standards are proper planning, elevation of retention regarding selection program, several kinds of assessment techniques that are used for employee development.

    Human resource is the most important part of any organisation. Through this report, it is clearly depicted that without proper administration of resources, the aims and objectives of a company cannot be attained. By adopting  best strategies human resources management system in Marriott can be improved. The role of the human resources management will lead Marriott to expand their business not in their country but also globally. 


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