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    Developing Manager


    Overview of the two travel and tourism companies

    Virgin Atlantic of UK is a British airline company was founded in 1984 headquartered in West Sussex in England. Parent company of this organisation is The Virgin Atlantic limited. With the number of employees around 8875 in this company has earned around 45.6 million pound in the financial year 2015 appropriately. Net income was around 22.5 billion pound. The organisation’s frequent flyer program is flying club with fleet size of 40 and around 29 destinations respectively.

    Therefore it can be said that the management team of this organisation is very strong as the net income and revenue are upward rising effectively and evaluation of this assignment for management leadership can be interpreted appropriately through this company.

    One of the largest tourism and travel companies of UK are British airways was founded in 1974. It is the largest airline organization in the UK with fleet size of around 268 and destinations of around 183 respectively. Frequent flyer program of this organisation is Executive club with one world alliance. According to the2015 annual report the revenue of this company \was around 11421 million pound from which it can be said that the company's goodwill in the international market is very high with different management styles effectively.
    Task 1 Principles and practices of management behaviour

    1.1 Comparison of the different management styles

    Every organisation should have to understand and evaluate the principles and practices of management behaviour in order to successfully running of their business operations effectively and efficiently. In this regard management leadership of travel and tourism companies should have to be interpreted in this assignment properly through evaluating comparison between different management styles with leadership features, communication process and organisational culture between Virgin Atlantic and British Airways organisations.

    Management team of an organisation should have to be flexible in style in order to get ultimate outcome for production and performance of the employees effectively and efficiently. In this regard it has to be concerned that the leadership style must be depended on the job role of employees, task and situation of the organisation. Implementation of management strategies and policies between different companies should have to be compared (Saunders and Lewis, 2014, p.116).

    Virgin Atlantic: Virgin Atlantic limited, UK based airline organisation is the creator of around 300 companies internationally in 30 countries. The company have followed the management style of employee motivation effectively in order to fulfil their goals. According to the motivational theory of Abraham Maslow and hierarchy theory of Herzberg, it has been considered as an important aspect to meet the requirements of employees in order to make them motivate to their job role.

    In this way the organisational goals can be fulfilled along with maximum utilisation of business resources in an appropriate manner. Based on the theory of Herzberg hierarchy on Virgin Atlantic, in order to increase the employee motivation and satisfaction the organisation has strictly followed employee motivation management style. In order to reduce the time for data processing the organisation have Contracted to the capital consultancy capture that will lead to achieve arrangement of training and development programs for employees to maximise their level of performance.

    British Airways: Leadership and management style of this company as per the last annual report was found as weak as profitability and revenue along with market share have been decreasing effectively. Ad the company have focused on increasing the profitability and shareholder value, employee motivation towards working and customer relationship management along with brand loyalty have been reduced. In 1996-2000 appointment of new leader in the organisation with the organisational objective of increasing profitability by reducing variable cost of workers lead to decrease in retainment of workers in the organisation effectively.

    Suggested: Unit 5 Marketing Essentials Level 5 Regent College

    1.2 Discussion on leadership characteristics

    In this assignment discussion on the leadership characteristics should have to be hightweded in order to understand the leadership management of the companies such as Virgin Atlantic And British airways effectively and appropriately. Leadership in an organisation over the employees and managers should have to be flexible that can lead to achieve organisational objectives resulting maximisation of profitability and revenue by satisfying customer requirements in an efficient manner

    Leadership features can be described as follows-

    Communication skills: In this aspect it should have to be considered by every organisational leader that a leader must possess with high level of communication skills appropriately. Leaders should have to be communicated with workers in order to listen to their problems, ideas, visions and in this way workers can be motivated to achieve their individual goals.

    Interpersonal skills: In order to earn trust and confidence from the workers and followers a leader should have good interpersonal skills resulting to higher performance level of workers with grievances and feedback that lead to right direction of the organisation. Interpersonal skills of leaders through difficult relationship can able to keep peace in the business departments and working groups evaluating operational efficiency and effectiveness.

    Consistency: Consistent leader in the company can earn respect, credibility from working groups within organisation for which the workers can lead to meet their targets by working in the same way as their leader.

    Decision making: Leader should have to implement decisions at a specific period of time based on the information available in the company that can lead to speed in the workflow and productivity.
    Flexibility: It is the duty and responsibility of the leaders to take important decisions according to the rules and regulations and market information that can meet organizational objectives effectively. Leaders should have to be flexible at the time of changing the direction process or dictions res

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