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    Employee Engagement and Relations Squire Garden Centres

    Employee are an individual who work or done duty as part time or full time under the contract of employment, it can be in oral or written form. Employee engagement is a fundamental concept done by an organization in form of activities, training program, strategies etc. to engage their employees. Employee engagement is done by Squire's Garden Centres to motivate their employees so that they work their best each day, committed towards company's goals and values, effectively contribute to workplace success and by this their will be enhance in sense of well beings of respective company employees.

    Their are various type of activities organized by Squire's Garden Centres to engage their employees such as they involve employees in business plans, develop knowledge sharing system, motivate them by money, encourage and provide learning opportunities to employees, organize party and functions, provide opportunities to create on-boarding experience, design their own internal magazines and so on. If managements of Squire Garden Centres didn't do employees engagement activities they may face various issues such as lower productivity, poor customer satisfaction and services, absenteeism rate will high, leads to more safety incidents and many more, so it is important for respective company employers to do employee engagement at their workplace.

    Importance of employee engagement to employees relation

    The employee engagement is important to maintain and develop better employees relation in Squire Garden Centres, some of major importance are describe below:-

    • Increase employees safety - By doing employee engagement employees of respective company feel connected to their workplace because they feel more aware about surrounding. It help them to strength their employees mental and emotional connection towards the company by organizing respective activities at workplace.
    • Greater employee satisfaction - when Squire Garden Centres organize employee engagement activities they fell connected towards the company and give their best to achieve organization and personal goal which enhance productivity and employees satisfaction. 

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    (b) Analysis ways of engaging workers more effectively within Squire Garden Centres

    Their are numerous ways an organisation can adopted to engaging workers more effectively and efficiently, some major of ways which is adopted by Squire Garden Centres are mentioned below:-

    • Encourage employees to speak up - Respective company must encourage their employees to speak up in public and meetings and give their valuable ideas, solutions and thoughts which can help Squire Garden Centres to push forward, its main aim is to break down the feeling of comfortableness in workplace.
    • Help employees to know each other - Now a day many employees doing their work without knowing their colleagues so it the responsibilities of managers at Squire Garden Centres to help their employees to get know each other in effective ways and this can be done through various fun activities by which employees feel connected.
    • Reward for well job performance - Their must be some policy in Squire Garden Centre to encourage and motivate employees in effective and efficient manner when they perform good and up to the mark in their work or job. By doing this they can motivate their employees and employees feel connected and do work in better manner. It can be done through by providing awards and rewards in monetary or non monetary way.
    • Focus on collaboration and working together - By this employers of respective company do employees engagement because collaboration help in improving ideas, cut down wasted time and also improve employee engagement. It help to motivate employees to work more closely with their colleagues and complete the respective work or job in effective and efficient manner in appropriate or given time.
    • Encourage positive health and wellness - Squire Garden Centres encourage their employee's positive health and wellness by providing gym membership, lunch coupon, organize function and party with friends and family and so on by this employees feel connected and satisfied with their workplace and its management.
    • Help employees move forward in their career and education - Squire Garden Centre help and encourage their employees to move forward in their careers and educations for which they organized training and development program and also provide some training for specific courses which help employees and organisation in future.

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    (c) Explain how UK employment legislation influence human resource decision making

    Employment legislation is set of law which governs employment within a workplace and every member who are working their. The employment legislation directly affect employers, employees and unions of an organisation. Their are different type of legislation which have to be followed by an organisation for smooth functioning and operations, some of them in respect of respective company are mentioned below:-

    • The Equity Act, 2010: - The equity Act describe about their should be no discrimination is done at workplace on the basis of age, disabilities, gender, races, religions, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and so on, every employees of same level must have equal value and responsibilities. Management of Squire Garden Centres considering and analysing all these factors before making decision so they able to maintain and establish effective and appropriate working place.
    • Employment and Training Act, 1973: - According to this legislation or law employers of an organisation must provide training and development session when any employees needed it for that they can assign any agencies for employment and training or can do it by their self. This Employment and Training Act help employers to motivate and encourage their employees in appropriate manner which leads to increase in productivity. Manager of respective organization consider all these aspects before making any decision so that they can make effective decision regarding employment and training for their employees which enhance their productive.
    • Employee Right Act, 1996: - According to this legislation and law employers must provide all rights to their employees which he/ she deserve, it can be related to salary,reward, remuneration, work space, retirement benefits and so on, which help employer to motivate and fell connected to their employees in effective and efficient manner. By following this employers and management of Squires Garden Centre make decision on this basis by which they are able to give equal and appropriate rights to each and every employees in effective manner related to rewards, retirement, remuneration.

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