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    Resource Management


    Human Resources refer to all the people who work for a company and help it achieve  organisational objectives. These are the support system for an organisation and an important function to be followed by a firm for a consistent growth and profitability. The  following leaflet is about Human Resource Management in Hoo Hing, which is an oriental superstore and online Chinese supermarket in United Kingdom. It appraises the development of Human Resource function for Hoo Hing, critically examine the traditional as well as contemporary approaches of recruitment and selection. The leaflet also includes the procedures and practices of performance management and remedial activities.

    Company Overview

    Hoo Hing is one of the biggest Chinese supermarket network and importer of catering products and oriental food. This company supplies its offerings to each customer group starting from wholesalers to individuals purchasing weekly groceries. Moreover, the organisation has its ties with almost all the leading Chinese restaurants in the country. Hoo Hing has almost 300 employees supporting the company to reach new heights in terms of profitability and customer base.

    The organisational structure of the company is mentioned below:

    It contains various departments which require the company to effectively work towards performing a consistent and outstanding Human Resource management function.

    Development of Human Resource Function

    HR department of Hoo Hing is responsible for managing human resources. They undertake all the activities performed by employees and channelise them in ways which contributes effectively to growth of the company.

    The main function of HR department of Hoo Hing is to provide training and development to its workforce in order to ensure their personal as well as professional growth. Aim of this department is to enhance the overall knowledge and skills that is essential for each employee of this company to perform at their maximum capabilities. In addition to this, another main purpose of this function is to develop future opportunities and appropriate career development of employees alongside organisational growth.

    Furthermore, HR department is also responsible for continuous professional development, which aims not only in perfecting a certain job role, but ensuring a consistent and secure growth of individuals working in the organisation. For its assurance, the firm uses high end training methods like on-the-job training which provides familiarity of employees with new processes and technologies. Another aspect through which the company achieves it is by maintaining a safe environment for its workforce as Hoo Hing considers safety of the employees its utmost priority.

    Traditional and Contemporary Approaches of Recruitment and Selection

    Hoo Hing focuses completely on recruitment as well as selection of new candidates. Company believes in appointing right people for the right job and to achieve this, there are various traditional as well as contemporary approaches which are adopted by organisation to recruit as well as select its employees. These methods are as follows:

    Traditional Approaches:

    • Hiring through Local Newspaper Advertising:

    Hoo Hing uses advertisements in local newspapers as a method to recruit new candidates for a specific job role. Since it is the most tried and tested form of recruitment, such advertisements actually allow the company to spread message to a large group of individuals simultaneously, thus, creating more responses. However, sometimes company faces hardships where responses are concerned as there is no guarantee of placement of recruitment ads.

    • Internal Hiring:

    Another method by which Hoo Hing effectively recruits their employees is through this process. It allows the firm to save cost as well as other resources required for effective recruitment and selection. The best aspect of this method is that it would allow the company to internally hire competent individual which would be a source of motivation for other employees as they would be experiencing a sense of more opportunity. However, the firm might fail to acquire new and fresh talent which could have given innovative ideas and adequate contribution for its growth.

    Apart from this, traditional selection methods include short listing of clients and conducting group discussions followed by face to face interviews. This helps Managers at Hoo Hing to personally judge each client. However, it is very time consuming and it incurs high cost per participant which might be a drawback for the firm.

    Modern Approaches:

    With enhancement of technology, there are different approaches which Hoo Hing adopts to recruit as well as select individuals. Various methods are critically analysed below:

    • Social Media:

    One of the latest and widely used method of contemporary approach is social media. Hoo Hing too uses various portals such as Facebook and Twitter along with its company website to lay down job descriptions and hire employees effectively. Its advantage is that it allows to build a better perception in minds of candidates of the company being technologically advanced. However, there might be too many options for these individuals to choose from.

    • Written Examination:

    Another contemporary approach used by Hoo Hing is online written tests which tests the aptitude and capabilities of an individual. It is a time saving process as it effectively helps in segregating appropriate employees beforehand. However, it might limit the area of judging the personnel.

    As for selection, firm uses video conferencing to take digital interviews which saves cost per candidate and is effective as per the dynamic technological demand. However, firm faces a bit of complexity in case of weak internet connections.

    Procedures and Practices of Performance Management and Remedial Activities

    Hoo Hing uses variety of practices to manage performance of employees within their organisation. These aspects help to effectively motivate these employees and appropriately manage their performance. These approaches are mentioned below:

    Attribute Approach:

    Employees within Hoo Hing are rated on basis of various attributes like teamwork, problem solving, innovation, etc. For this, the firm uses Graphic as well as Mixed Rating Scale to measure these performance. Recommendations are given to low rankers which motivates them to perform better.

    • Quality Approach:

    Customer Satisfaction is the prime agenda of Hoo Hing, for which, the company is needed to attain continuous service improvisation. Quality approach uses system as well as individual factors. Performance issues are solved through acquisition of regular feedbacks of employee performance via managers to continuously improve the overall process.

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    Even so, Hoo Hing uses various practices for remedial activities which are discussed below:

    • Individual targeting of employee to giver personalised feedback.
    • Formation of small groups with similar needs to contribute to organisational growth.
    • Encouragement of self-evaluation to boost motivation to perform better.


    It is thus concluded, that it is essential that each organisation effectively uses Human Resource Management as a consistent practice to effectively enhance performance as well as growth of the company. It is essential to develop HR functions to ensure systematic management of human resources within the firm. In addition, it is also necessary to critically evaluate recruitment and selection approaches to use them effectively as per their suitability. Lastly, performance management and remedial activities help in managing performance of employees and motivating them to work at their fullest potential.


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