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    Strategic Resource Management


    An efficient organization tends to have a good strategies and plan to commence their operational activities along with efficient human resources. Human resource are considered to be the most important element for any company. Human resource function is required to accompany strategic resource management. Different views of HR functions along with the role of HR practitioners will be discussed.


    There are various functions related to human resources which are performed by the HR practitioners. It also possess several critical views but the contribution of HR is very essential in organizational effectiveness (Anderson, 2009). This essay will describe answer to the question “How the varying view as to the role of a Human resource function and its practitioners will be done? How these roles will be explored and analysis will be done regarding how they can add value and enhance organizational effectiveness? The major reason for this essay is to describe how a proper human resource management could be practiced along with its efficiency.”

    Literature review

    Human resource is referred as most important elements for company. It is required at every level of management. For successful running of business, efficient manpower needs to be recruited by the organization's personnel. It is defined that role of human resource function is very crucial. First of all, it includes the process of recruitment. This describes hiring of new employees in the firm. The process may be done while starting a new business or for the expansion of a running business. Usually, the function involves two components which justifies the efficiency of recruitment. They are analyzing the number of vacancies that have been filled by the new candidates and comparing them with the requirements of human resource by the business . And the other is determining the period of time it takes to fill those empty posts. This is the task which is performed by the human resource recruiter and the senior HR managers (HR roles & responsibilities, 2012).

    The second function under the stated function includes managing employees relation. It is also considered to be one of the most important factor constituting to the human resource. Under this function, the senior HR associated tries to develop and maintain relationship between all the management persons associated with the company. They are responsible to generate continuous flow of information between all the members. This function is required to update all the associates of company with planning and business activities of the firm. Employee relation is very essential because human resource is supposed to be the most important element for company. According to Bloom (2011), a formal as well as informal channel of communication must be created between them to avoid differences and maintain a good working environment in the organization (Bloom and Van Reenen, 2011). For example, the HR unit of the largest retail chain Tesco follows the same method. Since it has a diversified units across nation, the HR executives remain active while communicating and transferring information to all the functional divisions.

    Third factor contributing to function of human resource managers involves the performance evaluation. It is said that manpower is treated as the most valuable asset of company. They need to perform with efficiency to generate positive and desired results for the organization. HR must be actionable to evaluate the performance and develop plan in case of negative results. They generate report on the basis of efforts and results produced by each individual person and distribute appraisal (Chen and Huang, 2009). The HR executives provide these report to senior authorities and estimates the promotion of concerned person. Hotel Hilton is an example of one such activity performed by HR people. They create a performance chart on the basis of services provided by their employees. On the basis of results, evaluation is done to distribute appraisals to their staff members.

    Next element under the functional areas of HR manager includes managing the entire human resource department. They have to keep an eye over the departmental activities happening under various human resource divisions. As per the views of Armstrong (2014), the concerned people needs to perform check as whether the employees are well versed in their functional areas or not. It is a necessary step because they are responsible to allocate suitable person for the deserving job. If he is not performing satisfactorily, then there is a need for replacement or providing training and development session to the concerned person. The HR managers have to maintain discipline under organizational activities (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).

    Possessing knowledge of law and implementing them under organization is also required by the HR managers. They must have idea regarding treatment of workers in such a manner that is legal and harmless to them. The concerned associates should follow legal consistency to maintain the dignity of company. They should be well aware of federal and state employment laws along with the knowledge of labor laws and regulations. This is because they are responsible for recruiting people in the company and managing their health and safety related policies (Chuang and Liao, 2010).

    The concerning authorities should maintain interactions with the executive leaders of the company. Although the HR managers does not contribute in the revenue generation strategy programs but they play a vital role in bringing those people who could perform these strategies with efficiency. They are the one who provides the return on investment. Cost over hiring of human resources is similar to investments made over other assets such as plant and machinery. Therefore, company assumes for such efficient workers who could generate plans and policies which proves to be beneficial for the company (Gatewood, Feild and Barrick, 2010). Hence, the HR people are responsible to conduct such investments and expects the best return for the cost that they have incurred over recruitment of any particular employee.

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    These were some of the actions that are performed by HR functions. But views of critics are always considered while determining the functions of human resource. The treatment of worker is not always the same as the promises made at the time of recruitment. Manpower are treated as the most valuable asset possessed by firm but in many organizations they are exploited to over and above the extent. This often results to negative impact over firm. The HR executive works to avoid such unfavorable circumstances and tries to maintain positive relation between employees and organization. They are liable to integrate employees individual objective with the collective company's goal (Goo and et.al., 2009).

    Varying views of HR functions

    In critical observations, it is observed that the HR associates conduct training and development to enhance the working of company. The quality of services need to be improved but they may sometimes impact adversely to the company. Such policies are practiced by the HR executives. While providing training to employees, the real time clients often becomes dummy for the practitioners. Other than such issues, the cost of experiments for training and development is borne by the actual clients in the form of increased royalty paid over fee. They cannot avoid such amount because of its mandatory payment included under the receipt of payment for the treatment. This is concluded as an example of NHS, a health and care center whose HR executives create such policies for improvement of human resource functions (Guest, 2011).

    The HR activities should be accurate because selection of deserving candidates is very important. For performing the job in an effective manner, the HR concerns should be fledged with qualities. The key skills required by the concerned people include effective communication ability. This is very essential element because it defines the confident level of recruiter. While conducting interviews, the respective authority must be able to explore the quality of candidate which is achieved only through effective communication. Other than vocational skills, the HR concern must have ability to understand the business environment (Herath and Rao, 2009). As such it can be analyzed that varying views indicate different perspectives to the role of human resource function and its practitioners.

    Role of HR practitioners

    As per the varying views, there are different roles of HR Practitioners. The HR concerns must possess analytical skills to explore the intelligence of candidates. They must have enough data literacy where they could ask various questions to the other person. Such kind of practice determines the intelligence level of respondent. This quality is very necessary while allocating the designation to the new employee. These questions decide whether the concern person is suitable for the relevant position or not. The HR people must have interpersonal skills too. They must be able to solve queries of candidate. This is a type of non programmed training where the HR people provide coaching to the individuals in order to provide training and development to the respective people (HR practitioners’ role - key role to 21st century business success, 2007).

    The HR division supports various roles to facilitate employees under organization. Other than workforce, they formulate various plans to govern the company. The policy of human resource development is advised by the HR members. They produce the performance chart of every individual based on their work in recent past time. According to the statements of Jiang and et.al. (2012), If there is a need for development, then required programs are commenced by these authorities. The need of resources are examined by the HR people regarding the development of existing staff. Other than such training programs, the long term plans and strategies to support organizational as well as cultural changes are formed by these peoples (Jiang and et.al., 2012). The HR concerns conduct various induction programs where the long term vision of firm is described to the relevant staff members. This practice is done to create awareness of company's target to the people working under organization. These types of initiatives are taken to integrate organizational goal with the team member's individual objective.

    The HR practitioners are responsible for distributing salary packages to staff. According to the designations hold by different members, their packages are determined by the HR people. They follow the company norms and allocate remuneration to all staff members. With respect to the observation of Lengnick (2009), it is the key role practiced by the relevant people because it is related with managing financial resources. They are bounded under a certain budget within which they have to determine packages for every new individual. The concerning HR people conduct appointments for the new candidates at the time of recruitment (Lengnick-Hall and et.al., 2009). They have to manage time accordingly within which the interview sessions will be held and concluded. Also, they are responsible for giving response to the desired candidates who have appeared for the interviews.

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    Promotions of the existing members is another task performed by the HR practitioners. On the basis of performance chart, they decide to give appraisal to the deserving candidates. It is the compulsory activity at every company because it creates an opportunity of growth for the staff members along with growth of the company. The following activity acts like a motivational program where the workers are motivated by financial resources. Payment of salaries and various other operations related to staff people are also performed by these practitioners. They play a crucial role in managing all the activities related with the workforce of company (Price, 2011).

    In context of modern market scenario which often gets influenced by increased competition, the role of HR also increases. They have to focus upon various functions to meet out the challenges for the purpose of organizational effectiveness. The HR people must be able to judge the value that will be added to the firm with respect to hiring any particular employee. At the time of interview, they must be able to examine the qualities of candidate. Hiring of candidate is not an easy task according to Liebowitz. This can be achieved only through HR effectiveness. Other than recruitment which is the initial process, new employees are unaware of the organizational environment (Liebowitz, 2010). With respect to time, they become aware of every regulation of the company. At this moment, they came to know regarding the positive as well as negative factors associated with the firm which decide their interest to remain integrated with the company.

    Apart from the process of recruitment and retention, the successive planning is also necessary for the company which is performed by the HR executives. They determine the need of people in the future course of action in the company (Meredith Belbin, 2011). For any further development or commencing any future projects for growth or expansion, company always requires human resource. During such planning, need of people required by the company are felt by HR practitioners. They create succession planning where need of people according to their designation are determined. After considering the various roles of HR practitioners, it can be analyzed that these can efficiently add value to the organization and thereby increase its effectiveness.

    Contribution in organizational effectiveness

    Role of HR is crucial in terms of organizational effectiveness. Though they may not be contributing in the process of developing business strategies but they provide resources in terms of those people who could develop such policies. To ascertain the needs of such people by the HR executives,certain theories are proposed. The first and the most successful theory is developed by Abraham Maslow who generated a hierarchy which came to known as Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Under this theory, he suggested that the HR people must determine the need of people associated with the company. At the first level, physiological needs of a person should be facilitated. He should be provided with basic facilities such as food and shelter and a proper working environment. This creates a feeling of satisfaction among people working under organization and they are able to generate more enhanced results. Other than these basic amenities, they should be fledged with safety needs (Rimanoczy and Pearson, 2010). From the theory, it can be analyzed that the HR consultants must ensure that the people associated with the organization are working under a safe and healthy environment. This raises up the security level of workers and give more efficient results because they remain ready to take any type of risk for the betterment of company.

    The need of belonging and affection among corporate culture is also taken into consideration. They provide the feeling of oneness among people and creates a feeling of interest among them to remain associated with the firm. When the worker feels happy under his working environment, he automatically generates positive results. The frank culture is produced by various cultural programs which are commenced by the HR practitioners (Ulrich, 2013). The next level under the prescribed hierarchy comprises of the esteem and self actualization needs respectively. Under the esteem need, worker desires for attaining those qualities which he could express in front of the whole world. He could attain such qualities only under the guidance and development of HR people. They enhance the qualities of masses which certainly benefits the company also. At last in self actualization, employees tend to achieve the higher position in the company (Price, 2011). It is analyzed that the performance chart and generate opportunity for the relevant staff member to promote and hold the higher designation. This is the best practice of motivation that is held by the human resource management (Weber and Fried, 2011).

    Other than the proposed theory, there are several approaches which are practiced under companies for organizational effectiveness. In order to find out the need of development, proper research has to be carried out by the HR consultants. They should check out the causes for calamity and address the human resource regarding the solution to overcome such conditions. For this analysis, research has to be done. To conduct this activity, the HR practitioners must be efficient. The method of research is described under theories which needs to be practiced by the researchers to bring more organizational efficiency. The another way to explore the qualities of worker is to keep them interested under the working conditions. On of the approach defined to maintain employees' interest is by giving them perks and financial rewards (The Motivational Theories of Human Resource Managers, 2015). For example, some large scale companies such as Virgin airlines and Mark and Spencer follow these principles where their HR policy focus on employees satisfaction which add value to the company as well as their staff members.

    From this essay, we conclude that HR acts as a soul of business. It provides efficient workforce that commits with an organization in leading to attainment of objective. The responsible people formulate various plans and policies to govern the human resource with various methods and approaches. The HR practitioners play a very important role in organizational effectiveness.


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