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    Understanding Management

    Introduction to Understanding Management

    Management in any organisation is the most importance part. It is important to have the good working management in the any of the organisation so the manpower of the company also can work properly. All is depend on the management process. The presentation is based on Shopbox which is an IT software company. Shopbox provides the services to the shops to convert mobile or online customer of the shops into physical customers. The company provides its customer an software infrastructure to convert the online users of the shops into there offline customers. The under shown data is based on the management process and the natures, cultures of it. The functions of the management are been explained and in which ways they has to do there work and there importance.

    TASK 1

    Management function is the main working function of the company. The management is involved in problem solving, to motivating the employees and the main task is to focus on the goal of the company and the see that the goals and objectives had accomplished or not. Manager has to follow many of the things to make the company best from the others and they can achieve there objectives easily. As a manager of shopbox, the management functions which is been used to manage the company are follow:-


    Planning is the main process of management because there should be a perfect plan which is been made to achieve the goals and objectives of the company. After making the plan the management has to decided who will do the task and how and in what time limit. In this they have to set priorities for task of employees. Planing also helps to allocate and to reduce the waste.


    Organize the work in the company is the major work of management. In organizing function the main work is to make insure that the work which are been allotted to the employees is running smoothly. Its is important to know that which of the team or the employees is best for the specific task, it is to make sure that each and everything should be organized in a proper way. it is not just for the employees it is also important for the managers to re organize the new challenges so that if in case of any time issue than they also can be able to help in task, it would help in growth of company.


    In this managements duty is to motivate there employees and to make them comfortable with there work so that they can be able to achieve companies goal. There should be proper communication in between all of them so that there should not having any conflict in between anyone. The employees should get motivation time to time in the ways of initiative and awards.


    Controlling in management is meant that know that which of the goals or the objectives of the company had been succeeded and the changes which is to be done according to the problems arrive. And they have to see that all the functions explained above after applying this in the company is working properly or not. The management has to monitor that the employees are performing well.

    Examples regarding the above functions:- Shopbox management gave the task to there employees of adding the highest number of shopping centres into there software company during the month of march and April. Firstly the manager has to map out or plan the important things which the employees has to take so that the employees can do there work properly. Then all the work has to be organized in a proper way, now the managements duty is to distribute the duties and resources which is suitable to the employees. According to the availability of the employees the management has to divide the works. While doing the works the management duty is to motivate and appreciate employees so that they can work properly, proper communication in between all the members in the company should be done so there should not be any conflicts. After applying all the functions the last and final step is to make sure that the given task had been completed or not.

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    TASK 2

    If we compare human from the company then has like every person has the different personalities which makes them different from the others and as no two individuals behave individual as similar to that non of the organization have same values, policies and rules, which make them different from others. There are two type of cultural management, weak organisation culture: in this form of culture the individual accepts there responsibilities out from the policies or other, they just see there organisation as just for earning money not for experiencing or they do not attached with anyone over there. Strong Organisation culture: in this form of the organisational culture in which the employees adjust well with the others, and they follow the organisations policies and guidelines. This is the culture where the people enjoy to work. Every company vary from each other: we will take two organisation 1 and 2. In organisation 1st , There are specific rules and regulation which they use to follow well and they respect that rules. And they work according to the rules which are provided to them, They have to be reach on time and they are not allowed to roam or make gossip all over. In organisation 2nd , No individuals are mannered and has to come at the time they want. And fully gossips every time no one of them follows the rules and not regard them.

    Cultural Web is the element which is been used to describe the elements of the organizational culture. Three elements of cultural web according to the Johnson and Schole's are like, Control systems, In this element it is been seen that how the organisation is been managed or controlled, in this element financial status and quality systems and the rewards are been included. Organisational Structure, In this elements the structure is defined as the process in which the company has to make the proper plans and distribute it to the employees in the equal way and they should motivate all. Power Structures, in this shopbox has to make the decision that how widely the power has to be spread.

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    Organisation culture is important in the organisation because it supports the organisation to make it successful with others. The values and the principles of the organisation makes its culture. By the culture of the organisation it controls the behaver of the employees, and they behave with each other. It is important for the organisations to establishing there norms and values in there organisation. It make the organisation grow in itself so that it can be different from others.

    TASK 3

    There are different level of management and employees and they can have many different communication conflicts in them. There are two type of communication, formal and informal communication, there should always be proper communication in between each and everyone in the organisation like, lower level management cannot directly communicate with the top level management they have to tell the middle level management, if is been done done directly then it will create many such problems, and then conflicts can be occur in the organisation if the organisation has to make there organisation grow properly then with other factors the communication should be done in proper way, each and everyone in the organisation should follow the communication chain.

    So some of the mistakes are like, mistakes with spelling, grammar will make it like careless, the message should be understood by everyone so that all things should clear to everyone, is anyone is saying anything then if we are reacting to it then we should reply to it also otherwise it would make difference in others, if presentation,reports are been made then it should be fully completed and understood by the others, bad news should not be conveyed by the mail if possible then it should be person so that feelings and the emotions are not be seen in the mail it will effect if it is been said face to face. So all should have the knowledge of communication chain and way so in the period of training the people should be given these kind of training also so that all can know these things.


    After summing up all the information above we concluded that management function is the main function in any organisation. Management helps the organisation to grow or to loose. So if the management functions are been followed in an organisation then it will be beneficial to them. And the culture of the organisation make the organisation different from the others. So it is also necessary to have the good culture in an organisation, if the culture is good then the employees will also love to work over there and then only they will corporate with each other. Or if it is not good then the employees will not follow any of the rules and will not make any concern to the organisation.


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