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    Unit 7.5 People Management Level 4 ATHE


    People management is one of the important consents in leadership skills which directly influence the productivity that impact on the staff’s morale and motivation. Skills among people consider particular critical aspects in the transition. Successful change management also consider successful results to focus on the executive people who are important to make changes in operational consideration (Denison, Cooper and Robinson, 2015). In this aspect, present report is based on HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad and position selected is manager. This enterprise incorporated in 1994 which is wholly owned subsidiary of HSBC with having headquartering in London. In order to gain insight information of the present report, it covers description of the requirement of job, list of individuals in a group who interact with outside people, principle characteristics, etc. Furthermore, it includes description of nature of interdependency with diagrammatic representation of these interdependencies. At last, recommendations are provided to increase effectiveness in the enterprise.

    Main Body

    Requirements of Job

    Manager of HSBC considers job description template which is optimised for posting on online job boards. In this aspect, it is easy to customise in the selected business with using job description in enterprise. Therefore, following job description required for the manager in HSBC:

    Position title: Manager

    Department: Bank

    Reports to: Branch manager


    Purpose of this position

    Main aim of this position is to ensure customer services, proactive sales, profitable operation, etc. In addition to this, manager needs to expand their relationship with developing new business with small owners. They need extend consumer credit with assign and determined size with solve complexity in the HSBC. Further, factors are included as core deposit totals, percentage of transaction accounts, etc.

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    Education and experience

    Bachelor and master degree in banking and economics.

    At least 2 years of experience needed in this industry.

    Fruitful knowledge regarding management, consumer loan, curriculum, etc.

    Skills and requirement in job

    Leadership, team building and management skills

    Sales and business development skills

    Ability to develop and manage income and expenses budget

    Analytical and problem solving skills

    In-depth knowledge towards management with implementing principles, policies and legal requirements

    Computer skills in MS word and MS excel

    Essential functions

    Develop and lead with the sales, marketing, HR, development plan in the branch of Malaysia for HSBC.

    Determines internal operational and credit control

    Ensures staff security with providing them proper meeting towards their position

    Implements band policies, procedures, security requirement, etc.

    Approves exceptions with assigned limits

    Physical requirement

    Sitting at least 50% of work day

    Stand around 50%

    List of individuals with whom interaction is important in job

    In HSBC Bank, there are several individuals required with whom interaction is important for the particular job. There are different categories in which position determines interaction with whom manager could easily perform their tasks and activities (Hoffman and Tadelis, 2018). They are as follows:

    • Supervisor: In order to make interaction with the supervisor, manager is able to improve their communication skills whether it is verbal or written. In this regard, in HSBC, ability increases to make communication with employees at each level which is important for supervisors. Along with this, supervisors are also provided employees feedback so that performance could be developed with effective communication (Mayhew, 2018). Capabilities also need to communicate which develop interdepartmental relationship with effective communication. In this aspect, supervisors exchange information, ideas and recommendations with manager so that department and overall business will get succeeded in operations.
    • Peers: Further, peers are also important part to make effective interaction and communication. Effective peer to peer communication considers a long way that assists to establish a systematic work performance in the enterprise. In HSBC, manager communication with his/her peers commit to build relationship in succeeding manner. It is the best way to build a strong and respectful communication at workplace which is taking personal responsibility (Brewster and Cerdin, 2018). Further, it is also sought to understand conclusion to increase motivation of the co-workers. One of the major benefits of this element is that it helps to improve interaction with others with different opinions and background. As a result, it considers appropriate outcomes with different consideration.
    • Client/Customers: With respect to implement communication and interaction with customers, managers need to look upon the new ideas and identify success of the business. With the help of delegate the tasks, successful operations and functions make key role in the success in any workplace program (Moeller, Maley and Dabic, 2016). In HSBC, customer interaction consider with effective communication to implement procedure and attain desired results as well. Business managers also need to look for large groups, face to face and online consideration that help to attain more systematic work performance at workplace. Communication traits are also considered successful operations to deal with the consequences and expectations.
    • Suppliers: In order to make communication with suppliers, it is important to look towards the effectiveness that increasing successful results and outcomes. This is because, in HSBC, manager considers different kinds of operations and functions in which they require raw material to perform operations. In this consideration, planning, organising, staffing, leading and controlling combined with manager to create networking. It is the successful application which considers regular practices in bank. Soliciting feedback is also considered for employees which facilitate to create two way communication with suppliers.
    • Regulators: It is a great pleasure for HSBC to determine effective functioning in accounting conference. In this consideration, regulators develop their part in chosen enterprise to improve the effectiveness at workplace. In addition to this, they regulate regulations, policies, norms, etc. on which they need to perform their functions and operations to attain more significant results at workplace. Accounting and other matters are also solved to focus on the financial and regulatory reporting in the enterprise (Offringa, Sheng and Greenfield, 2017). They need to kept transparency with managers regarding business reports so that risk could be reduced. IFRS based financial reporting templates for supervisor purposes could be considered in which capital is required.
    • Stakeholders: In order to look towards the stakeholders and manager interaction, it has been stated that attitude and actions which taken by stakeholders must be communicate in the business. In this aspect, attitude and actions of bank managers must be looked towards the communication spending in recession. In the results, it can be stated that financial activities assists to mitigate with irrational customers withdrawals. Message also send to the individual to look upon the compatible aspect in certain circumstance. Change management program is also looking by them to focus on the fundamental changes and take initiates which extend with their cooperation and support to change (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). Without involvement and motivation, key stakeholders unable to work which expect success from the change program.

    Principle characteristics

    In the HSBC, there are different people interact with manager so that their principles characteristics need to implemented in the business to attain desired results. They are as follows:

    • Stakeholders: In order to work as the stakeholders, manager of the chosen business need to focus on the make proper communication which seeks to understand the people who are working and relying in all over the phases (Jacobs, Chase and Lummus, 2014). Hence, in HSBC need to concentrate on the gather relevant information to work on the systematic business analysis. Hence, according to the purpose, scope and risk, they need to work to deliver creative solution which could be acceptable with majority of stakeholders.
    • Regulators: In order to work in the chosen business, manager of the enterprise need to look on the accountability, transparency, etc. (Shields, Brown and Plimmer, 2015). This is because, these are fundamental tools of the business which assists to considered to make some innovative results that is important to focus on the same extra benefits that assists to make impartial and open extensive actions that are taken on the basis of the regulatory system that assists to look upon the systematic work performance in the business. In the HSBC, there are different rules and regulations needed to perform functions and operations so that as per the law they can work in systematic manner in the business (Hamari, Sjöklint and Ukkonen, 2016).
    • Suppliers: In the UK, suppliers develop effective results and functions to focus on the industry standards and maintain effective results in the business. It is the systematic process in which HSBC need to follow standards as the suppliers. Manager has responsibility to focus on the relevant standards that make sure they are complying with the modern Slavery Act. It assists to look upon the good health and safety recording as corporate social responsibility (Moeller, Maley and Dabic, 2016). Buyers are tends in particular way so that they considered their operations and functions to demonstrate up to date information. Further, another principle consider by the supplier is that they strive to continuous improvement. As results, manager also need to look upon the demonstrates organisation and committed to learn from the audit results. Therefore, it assists to attain desired results (Armstrong, 2016).
    • Client/Customers: In respect to look upon the principles of client and customer it is important to understand effectiveness in the business through develop effectiveness in the business. In this consideration, manager of HSBC need to focus on the staff skills to provide the best customer services. This is because, it is the first principle of customer to get good results in the enterprise. It is the best aspect to provide customer services at all the times. Hence, they are learned with effective sales process at workplace. In addition to this, products and services located by the brand names so that effectiveness could be increasing to implement more confidence to build customer (Head and Alford, 2015).
    • Peers:In order to implement the principle of peer in the chosen business environment, it is important to look upon the purpose that consider explicit for manager in HSBC. It is the best way to attain proper focus and relevant development of the business to look upon the summative assessment. In addition to this, it also helps to consider limit of proportion to make important consideration in the business. In order to develop principle of peers, moderation requires in the principles that look to notes important tasks (Taylor, Pinnock and Sheikh, 2014).
    • Supervisor: Supervisor consider their principle to make standard in products and services which they provided to customers. Therefore, as per their principles manager need to look upon the innovative functions and operations which assists to perform several targets and goals in the business. It helps to concentrate on ensure all group members' participation towards the individual efforts. Assessment criteria in the HSBC need to implement as the group performance which help to focus on the qualities of leadership and provide direction for the group activities.

    Nature of the interdependency between different individual

    In order to determines interdependency, it is important to look towards the different individual who consider their interdependence due to different characteristics. There are following nature of interdependency included in HSBC:

    • Pooled: Pooled interdependence in the chosen business consider which includes group of employees. They are work independently to produce products and services in the business. Workers of the HSBC work with using package items that are produce in the finished goods. It also helps to meet with the assistance of different people who produce systematic work in the enterprise. It assists to look on the minimal contact in the production phase (Denison, Cooper and Robinson, 2015).
    • Reciprocal: In reciprocal relationship, it has been seen that manufacture items without involvement of other people. In addition to this, there are different types set-up included with developing activities and undertake electronic department. Hence, several times workers are gradually add components for the HSBC operations and functions.
    • Sequential: Further, assembly lines consider as the best example in the sequential tasks' interdependence in the banking industry. With this consideration, it is important to look on develop coach with passing second worker who adds springs (Stenberg, Haaland-Øverby and Kvisvik, 2016). With the help of the stuffing forth worker, logical sequence could be develop to focus on add and cover frame activities as well.
    • Consideration: With the help of the consideration, it has been stated that task interdependence confine within the manufacturing plant. It will assist to look upon the modern era. Therefore, relationship also develop to multiple production system in the bank. In this regard, HSBC involved in the production process to maintain effective relationship in the production. In different location, people involved in pooled relationship with each plant so that various workers consider sequential and reciprocal relationship which fallen into the single segment (Knies and Leisink, 2018). Additionally, it is considered with the new technologies so that enterprise streamlines process and assign the responsibility to fewer people. As results, relationship within banking considered and evolve as the systematic time period.

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    Diagrammatic representation of interdependencies

    Technological interdependence is considered degree on which HSBC exchange information and material to perform and examine requires activities. There are mainly three major types of technological interdependence included that are as follows:

    • Pooled interdependence: There are different types of people involved as interdependence which is known as the interdependence. Unit also produce and operate successfully where individual efforts are important content for HSBC. In addition to this, they are sometimes performed very poor so that it create large problem which create negative impact on the health of the whole enterprise.
    • Sequential interdependence: In order to deal with the sequential interdependence in which one unit produce their work to complete the tasks (Moeller, Maley and Dabic, 2016). Before the next unit in sequence, work cannot begin so that local issue at one plant and general motors considered frequent causes at other areas of consideration.
    • Reciprocal interdependence: Most complex interdependence situational is considered reciprocal interdependence which develop output. Therefore, it is important to look on the systematic work performance which ascertained to maintain creativeness and attain more significant advantages as well (Malik, 2015). After consider different options, it has been seen that perform necessary activities. HSBC, considered two types of reciprocal interdependence requires to focus on the greater efforts at horizontal coordination.

    As results, it can be stated that manager requires to focus on the technological interdependence with developing organisational structure.

    More Resource: 

    Evaluate interdependent group

    In order to maintain effective and efficiency, manager of HSBC need to focus on the measuring international disintegration which consist high degree of international interdependence. Competitive protectionism devaluation and deflation included with includes national boundaries. Interdependence generally measured the costs with maintain relationship and develop benefits as well. Therefore, higher the cost of the one country develop degree of the dependence which is greater aspect of management. Intergroup performance in the selected bank depends on the level of interdependence with their respective bosses. It considered with the pooled interdependence which is relatively developed with one another benefits towards the people and ascertained group performances as well (Michie, Sparrow and Hird, 2016).

    In the selected business, interdependence develop with the pooled form. These groups are interacted in frequent manner. HSBC consider interaction which is visible and implement with quality and accuracy between different members in the enterprise. Therefore, following points implemented to evaluate group performance:

    • Interdependence: Intergroup performance depends on the level of interdependence of employees with respective bosses. In the functional form of the enterprise, group of employees seeks from the production managers, etc. (Knies and Leisink, 2014). Interaction between group also coordinates to attained goals and objectives of the HSBC. It assists to contribute effective functions. Pooled and stored communication with library and research room.
    • Task uncertainty: Intergroup behaviour is greatly influenced through task uncertainty. In this aspect, financial data increases with burden of the accountant. Therefore, uncertainty should be managed to avoid accumulation of the problem. Manager of the HSBC consider technical department which faces several uncertainties which need to be included for proper functioning of other department (Hoffman and Tadelis, 2018). It assists to maintain tasks clarity and favourable task environment.
    • Time and goal oriented: Intergroup performance is greatly considered time and goal orientation. Time denotes changes in the goals and effectiveness that assists to accomplish with management. It will assist to ascertained effective performance in the HSBC. Hence, effective performance of the job could be developed so that various types of tasks and level considered in the business. It creates indirect impact on the cost and outcomes. Time orientation is essential element that create effective performance with less resources. Time involvement is important factor for the group behaviour performance (Brewster and Cerdin, 2018). As results, it increases orientation and management with fully quality control and produce more systematic results. In addition to this, scientific innovations considered with designing of new products so that it develops effectiveness with research functions with involve task and time.

    Recommendations to increase effectiveness

    HSBC banking is the most successful in the banking sector and it takes initiatives follow a more analytic approaches that are reflected the particular challenges and opportunities facing each steps of banking business and its supporting functions. HSBC should follow some specific strategic. The basic premise of HSBC business realignment is to exit business lines that have high cost and low margin and move instead into lines that are inherently more cost effective and earn more profit. HSBC should work on long term strategics planning, assessing the minimum commitment of the resources needed to compete in a specific line of business and identifying the opportunities at different level or differentiate themselves from competitors (Denison, Cooper and Robinson, 2015). Channel optimization is to assess the various ways' customer interact with a HSBC bank in order to create a cost effective combinations that is adapted to banks target customer base. This process is encouraging some fairly aggressive selling and buying of branches as HSBC adjust their geographic presences. Hsbc should tries reconfiguring their duties and responsibilities within the branches as well as employing new metrics for analysing its branch performance and values. HSBC should operating hour and technical ability of call centre to meet customers changing demand. Hsbc have opportunities to improve the process of financial conditions because it involves taking a somewhat non-traditional view of business processes.

    The goal of the HSBC bank to reduce the unit cost to value ratio of each activity or transactions such as the cost of opening an account, creating a loan documents package, or handling a particular types of transactions. They should improve their week area and involves continual performance monitoring and often comes about as a result of analysing, mapping, mapping. They add to reducing process cost automations tools can help improve staff productivity, increasing the volumes of activity with same number of personnels. But only productivity improvement is not dependent on technology (Moeller, Maley and Dabic, 2016). So it is the most significant chances to involve using established performance and management techniques, such as it is clearly defined the belief and improved motivation and reward system and it should providing better training and supervision. The role of technology has been mentioned several times HSBC improved their technically skills because its broad enterprise wide impact on the technology and automations process (Hoffman and Tadelis, 2018). They use technology to reduce the time and cost of the employees and to use automated business rules to move work through the other institution more quickly and efficiently. Hsbc also build up their relationships with vendor. It is very help full their business they can ready their product at lower prices. They should include some important tools while using the services and vendor scorecards to monitors performance issue. These tools helps provide a more complete view of the vendor relationships. HSBC banking success and improved financial performance require more than just cutting their cost. They must be able to provide customers with value and service at a cost that allows it to b competitive while still generating an acceptable return.


    In order to focus on the present report, it can be stated that people management is the important consideration. This is because, it includes different elements that develop to achieve desired results in the business environment. In this aspect, business able to implement proper consideration regarding position of manager to ascertained effectiveness. In this regard, report based on the HSBC bank Malaysia which deals in the several advantages that looking to make effective results at workplace. In addition to this, for the post of manager report describe some useful consideration. Furthermore, it concluded about the job description which is needed to perform functions in the selected enterprise. Moreover, it considered focus on the principles that are needed to work in systematic manner. There are different internal and external people principles included such as customer, suppliers, client, peers, etc. In addition to this, there are different kinds of interdependence has been considered on which manager need to work to attain systematic results at workplace.


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