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    Evaluation of Marketing Channels and how to Serve communication-Amazon

    University: The University of Melbourne

    • Unit No: 10
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 18 / Words 4393
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code:
    • Downloads: 651


    Integration marketing is a very useful strategy which is required by every firm for reaching directly to their customer in order to maintain a strong relation with them .In t is very necessary for every firm to create a string connection with their end user so that they can provide them their goods and services for satisfying their needs and wants. There are several processes which are involved to supply the manufactured product to the customer which includes the various marketing channels that are implemented in order to make the offerings reach on time to various consumers for the process of consumption. These marketing channels can facilitate this process through various strategies that can not only influence their over all structure but also the pricing and other strategies of their goods. In this report it has been discussed about the organisational goal of Amazon, various marketing channels and how they helps to achieve the communication objective which leads to attract lots of consumers (Hoppner and Griffith, 2015). Also justification has been provide for the choosing up of the marketing channel and a plan for making the effective delivery of the products on time and also the critical evaluation has been provided for the same. The role of each channel has been discussed which has provided a deeper acknowledge of all the factors which are included in these channels.

    P1. Evaluate different types of marketing channels and how they serve communication objectives

    A marketing channel is defined as the group of individuals, firms and processes which are necessary to facilitate the process of transferring the ownership of goods or services from manufacturer to consumer for consumption. It is the complete path from which a particular product is made to reach the customers for satisfying their needs and wants. It is considered as very useful channel because with the help of these every company can reach its customer in an efficient manner.

    There are many types of marketing channels such as

    • Direct Selling
    • Selling through Intermediaries
    • Reverse Channels
    • Dual Distribution
    • Direct Selling

    Direct Selling involves the process in which the manufacturer manufactures the goods and services and directly sells to the customer without the involvement of any intermediaries which can be any agent or a retailer, wholesaler etc. One of the biggest example can be peddling where the farmer or any peasant directly sells to the consumer. It can also include the direct presentation which is conducted and demonstrated personally and is provided to interested end user usually at their home or wherever they resides. It is one of the simplest channel which does not requires much cost for transferring the offerings of a company to consumers. This strategy is not adopted by amazon s it is an online retailing store which requires many intermediaries for the completion of any process (Kozlenkova and et. al.,2015).

    Selling through intermediaries

    Intermediaries are the third party which facilitates the process of marketing on the behalf of producer. In this manufacturer hires various agents which can be salesman, retailer and wholesalers who sells their goods to the customer in the marketing. They are utilised completely in order to make higher availability of their product in the market. It is also known as indirect channel as the goods does not reach directly to the consumer for consumption rather it goes through various people which facilitates the process of selling and distribution. The major benefit which is associated with the selling through intermediaries were that the products has wide channel of distribution as compared to direct selling and offerings can be made to reach large number of customer at the same time which is the major positive factor and helps to accomplish the process of reaching it to customer at right place and time. This channel can be used by Amazon for conducting business to business operations for their sales. In which they can take several products of local vendors or small firms in exchange of monitory business or can also order them according to demand of the customers (Marketing Channels in the Supply Chain, 2018).

    Dual Distribution

    This channel is mostly opted by Amazon for the conduction of their various operations for the successful delivery of the ordered product. It requires a variety of arrangements in marketing field in which producer uses more than one marketing channel for selling their products which can be reach to clients according to the required order. Sometimes it can also lead to create conflicts because targeting the same customers with different marketing channels can create many confusions and dilemmas in processing. Amazon has various clients which are companies as well as the individuals who requires different quantities of product. Therefore there is a need to send the product through various marketing channels because it can make their delivery system more effective.

    Reverse Channel

    As the name suggest itself which means a channel which is processing just the opposite of the normal one. In this the one thing which has been common is the concept flow which is everything flows into reverse direction which is from the end user to several intermediaries and the beneficiaries, which means the reselling of the particular product for further usage or recycling. Sometimes where the Amazon introduces any offer such as for exchanging the older product in to new one that follows this reverse channel along with the normal one simultaneously. This had been possible through technology as with the means of electronic commerce one can be able to achieve the dealing of various consumers through it effectively; thus, making it less time consuming process.

    P2 Design communication objectives for launching the new product

    Communication objectives for launching new products of Amazon are described as below:

    Situation analysis– The situation of the Amazon company is that they are wanted to make new product for that only the communication is needed between the target audience. The various factors which are to be considered in making the product reach to final consumer. Organisation has to do many preparations before launching product (Rodgers and et.al, 2018). There analysis of situation of that time has to be done by that company is get to know real position or where it is standing. If entity is going in loss than it is not the right position to launch new product. The communication objective of entity is to identify situation so that it can arrange work accordingly.

    To set plan for promotion– Theobjectives are decided firstly so that later on there vis no confusion later on. Amazon is launching the new product and want that maximum reach of consumers can be there. Objectives of organisation are cleared so that situation of chaos will not be there. Target audience is first and foremost thing decide by the company. How we are reaching to them and which source of communication are followed. For reaching correct audience we need to regular check the feedback of consumers(Patti and et.al, 2017). For promotional activities setting of plan is very important and without it no company can get success. There are various promotional activities which are followed by Amazon.

    Create messages for reaching target audience– Organisation need to make certain messages like making the platform to speak where the mass audience is waiting to reach you. The message about product which makes the presence in the mind of the clients. Positioning is necessary in every way so that how we are performing we get to know. The organisation create more methods to reach the people. The taste and preference of the people are the main. The Amazon is also doing this and finding the more methods to better reach the customers(Doan and McKie, 2017). By identifying target audience and communicate with them properly cited firm will be able to create message that can attract people towards Amazon.

    Finding appropriate communication channels– The communication channels can many like social media sites because the Amazon is identifying the new medium to reach the clients. It is online company and making its recognition in front of the world. It may be TV or radio or any medium from which we can reach the customers. TV is main source of the reaching people . All persons cannot afford to be on the internet. Maximum people who belongs to the middle class are having are only reach the customer. If we will reach the more customer than revenue will also increase. It is the medium to attract the clients(Dudo and Besley, 2016). The more they will attract the more our popularity will increase in eyes of world.

    Maximum retention of customers- Communication can help us to retain the customer so more clients will be there and making the loyal towards us. For retention entity need to provide better services like analysing the needs of customer so that there will be satisfaction in their mind not only the new on but existing as well. This will help us to achieve the target decided by the upper body. Selling better quality or making of product which are of better than before. Amazon company is preferably doing these type of strategy. For stopping the client to our side we need to make him happy and satisfied. Amazon for retaining them they are regularly improving their services and giving various choices .

    To make people aware with Brand and its products – For making the awareness in the mind of the consumer we need to find various methods are done by us like campaigns, providing offers, time to time discounts, create tag line of the product, design new images or graphics to attract customers. Once the brand is set in the mind of customers(Yehya and Coombs, 2017). Amazon is doing various things like making the new images in mind of customers and giving them choices.

    Referral- Online business is existing one but how firm can make different from others. For the customers' communication we need to choose various methods like social media,e mail marketing , creating websites for company. Amazon has done changes in the already made business and providing them the best services with more choices around.

    Sales- Through regular interaction with the customer and analysing need of them give them the motive to sell product. Its focus on selling only and increasing communication from the clients. it can be of the many types like giving them offers, discounts, coupons , exchange offers, buy one get ion free etc. for increasing sales Amazon is doing the discounts or offers on festive occasions which are more affordable to consumers(Rodgers and et.al, 2018). If our customer will increase than only our revenue will generate and more the sales benefited to employees. Education – giving information about the product to target audience so that we get to know real needs and wants of customer and company's work get started to fulfilling them. The more we give best there are more chances to growth of the company.

    Identifying needs of consumers- The more our product is interesting the more it will like by the customers. They always want something new in it . If there is not additional features in it then consumers will go to other contender. It is game of making or serving something new and giving to the customers. The more the product is interesting buyers will be more(Patti and et.al, 2017). Amazon is following this because always new things are available in market and if you are lacking behind then other will take the advantage of it.

    Leadership– By making effective communication cited firm will be able to identify needs of employees and it will be bale to make changes in its leadership style os that workers can feel satisfied. It refers to moving in that direction in which the organisational goals are achieved. While working we need to make sure that goals of the company are achieved. Amazon also doing the same like operating on the business they are completing targets of the company. Motivation – we need to motivate the people to move towards our product(Doan and McKie, 2017). For this company need to make changes in their services so that they will work more productively. By encouraging them a little we can increase in the performance of companyss. Influence – by influencing the customer we need to provide qualities of the product and understanding that what can be the features which are required to gain attention. Amazon also making great impact on it.

    P 3 Justification For the selection as well as integration of communication channel

    Integrated marketing communication is defined as the different tools as well as techniques adopted by marketing manager in an organisation for promoting goods or services. It is also recognised as an approach which is utilised by an enterprise with the purpose of branding and coordinating their marketing efforts across multiple communication channels. Integrated communication channel is considered to be as beneficial as well as useful. As it assist in adding value to the comprehensive plan with the objective of evaluating the strategic roles involved different communication disciplines (Sheth and Sisodia, 2015). Integration of communication channel helps in making the marketing procedure or activity consistent as well as clear which have positive effect on the behaviour or perception of customer towards company.

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    Integration marketing communication is refers to as the audience based business procedure which is conducted in order to formulate communication strategy for an enterprise. In present high competitive business environment, communication has become the most important part of business operations in order to reach the target audience. Integration marketing communication is also important as it helps in exploring as well as capturing different business opportunities.

    Amazon enterprise has to face the stiff competitions,.Business entity in order to reduce the impact of competition and other external factors has adopted the unique differentiated selling cost strategy. In context of the Amazon company business entity has used dual distribution marketing channel. This marketing channel is effective , as it has assisted an organisation in increasing sales as well as profitability. Dual distribution marketing channel has supported firm in increasing market share and fostering growth. The selection of the marketing channel is based the business structure. Dual marketing channel has been chosen by marketing manager in the amazon company (Schmidt, Spann and Zeithammer,2014). As Dual distribution provides a broad marketing arrangements by which the manufacturer utilises more than single channel in order to deliver the goods or services directly to the customers. This marketing channel has been selected by the amazon organisation, as by utilising the dual distribution channel business entity can sell products or services directly to consumers. It will also assist firm in attracting the target customer group. Dual distribution also help firm in accomplishing more than one business objectives.

    Format franchising , in which franchiser allows the operation of some of its units to franchisees. In context of Amazon , business venture has form Strategic partnership with many company selling consumer products. The amazon partnership with the proctor and gamble organisation has enabled business entity to speed up their delivery of products or services. It has also supported firm in reducing the cost of distribution n allowed an enterprise to gain customer loyalty. In addition to this, the Amazon organisation also have physical distribution channel,. Business entity also has centralised distribution centre which has been designed with the purpose of providing firm an ease in reaching to the target customer group.

    Amazon also has online presence which has enabled business entity to communicate directly with the customer and influence the to buy the goods or services offered by company. In addition to this online platform has also supported an enterprise in reaching to the wide number of customers (Borland and Lindgreen, 2013). Some online channels of Amazon company are Amazon MP3 as well as cloud player etc. This marketing channel has helped business entity in increasing the share and fostering growth. In addition to this Amazon company through its online websites reach to its target customers by different marketing channels such as email marketing campaign , portal advertising etc.

    P4. Create a marketing communications plan that effectively meets communication objectives for a given organisation

    A marketing plan consist of the adoption of various channels which are based on certain factors that are needed to be taken in concern to choose the right marketing channel for making their product to reach to the customers. There are certain factors that decides the criteria of of choosing channels which can be effectively implemented. Also there is the aspect of value of a channel as it can strongly influence the relationship of the buyer and customer. The pricing strategy of a product is completely dependent on the aspects of many factors which can be cost related to production, transportation, storage etc. which leads to the formation of an average cost which can be afforded by an individual customer. The overall strategy of a product can also be influenced such as its branding, willingness to stock and policies related to it. With help of selecting channels which are optimal and provides facilitation fro creating the alliance for the company and providers (Richey, Kasulis and Daugherty, 2015).

    Some of the factors which are considered for selecting are discussed below:

    Preferences of the consumers

    As being an e-commerce, the customer prefers to opt for shopping because it can save their time and the product can reach on time. The time effectiveness is the major factor that leads the consumer to opt it. Therefore the marketing channel should be something that can provide the product within no time.


    Transportation cost has the tendency to maximise the cost of a product. Therefore Amazon have many subsidiaries in every city in order to make their products easily available to end user. Therefore the cost of the product gets decreased to an average amount.


    Branding is the most important factor when the products and services of an firm becomes highly valued by the customer then the brand comes into an important role where they seek fro the services from that particular organisation only. Therefore in order to maintain the brand position it is very important to choose effective channels of marketing.


    The marketing channel of Amazon has adopted the concept of localisation which leads to increase the access of the products to their customers easily and also provides the goods on right time. This has made the faster delivery of the products and has developed a strong impact on the local customers (Rosson and Ford, 2016) .

    Marketing Channel Plan

    Keeping in mind these factors, amazon leads to implement two marketing channels effectively that fulfils these criteria effectively. The first marketing channel which is adopted by this is direct marketing channel where they have their own online websites which provides direct reach to customers and customers has to go no where for buying even a single product therefore it is nowadays in trends and has lead to increase the digital marketing concept effectively. The internet based sites lead to directly supply the products to the end users through their owned suppliers. The products are basically delivered within seven days which leads to provide an preference over others as they provides affordable cost on the same product which is available in the market at a higher cost. Therefore direct selling leads to involve least transportation cost or other relatable cost as they are stored in their own warehouses or they have contacts with the companies who are producing the products and are needed to be sold.

    On the other side the implementation of the dual distribution has provided them an exposure to reach the target customers through various marketing channel according to the marketing factors. This channels leads to adopt various marketing strategies that can lead to target the customers in different ways which lead to provided a deeper impact on them. Therefore, Dual distribution must be taken in order to target the distribution through several ways like adopting the direct selling along with various agents or warehouses that can successfully lead to store and deliver their products across the country and decreasing the geographical boundaries and making their reach strong which would lead to provide a competitive edge to the company and would lead to target. Dual distribution provides a stronger reach to various marketing operations such as business to business and business to consumers (Schramm-Klein, Morschett and Swoboda,2015).

    P 5 Evaluating a marketing communications plan in relation to the communication strategy, channel choice, creative content.

    Survey , measuring direct results , are recognised as some techniques or methods which can be utilised by manager for evaluating the marketing communication plan. Marketing communication plan can be evaluated in terms of increase in sales , return on investment, market expansion , response provided by competitors etc. The marketing or promotional plan which is formulated by the marketing manager in Amazon company is effective. As it is created by the marketing manager in an organisation on the basis of the needs , demands and prefers of the customers (Baker,2014). It is the characteristics of effective marketing plan is that it consists of all the elements of marketing elements.

    In context of Amazon organisation, business entity has utilised the direct selling and dual distribution as the marketing channel. This market communication strategy has assisted an enterprise in accomplishing the desired objectives. An organisation also has online presence which has enabled business entity to reach wide number of customers. Direct selling as the marketing channel has helps business venture in communicating business objective to client and enabled an organisation to influence people to buy specific products or services. Direct selling strategy has also allowed firm to explore as well as capture other business opportunities.

    In addition to this, Amazon company has planned to form the strategic partnership with other big companies. This marketing strategy has assisted an enterprise in making quick deliveries of products and increase customer base (Armstrong and et.al., 2015.). Strategic partnership strategic has allowed firm to gain competitive advantage in the market.

    The amazon company has its physical outlets at different location which has allowed form to reach the target audience and deliver them goods or services, It has also helped business entity in increasing sales and profitability.

    In addition to the above dual distribution channel has been utilised by marketing manager in the Amazon company for promoting the brand, product or services. This marketing strategy is considered to be as an effective , as it has allowed firm to make proper marketing arrangement and deliver products or services directly to the customers.

    The different marketing channel adopted by the marketing manager in Amazon company has company in increasing sales as well as profitability. It has also assisted business entity in getting the brand recognition in the market. It has also enables an enterprise to generate brand awareness. These marketing channel has supported firm in reducing the cost associated with promoting brand , goods or services. The benefit of dual distribution or multi marketing channel is that , it enables an organisation to engage with an audience on a frequent and interactive basis. This marketing strategy further helps an enterprise in gaining the customer loyalty. It also allows business venture to develop as well as maintain the strong relationship with client. In addition to this physical stores as well as online platform supports firm to increase its customer base. Strategic partnership or franchising strategy adopted by the amazon is effective as it has helped firm in gaining the competitive advantage in the market. It has also provided business entity an opportunity to increase sustainability as well as has helped in achieving good position in an industry (Eggers, Hansen and Davis, 2012). Strategic partnership strategy has supported firm in reducing the effect of changes in various factors on business operation's. Get Do my assignment online at the lowest price by Australian experts.

    The marketing communication plan created by the marketing manager in Amazon is effective. As it has been developed considering the overall margins, desired volume, and opportunity costs etc.


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    It has been concluded that there are many marketing channel such as direct selling, selling through intermediaries, dual distribution and reverse channel all of these have different aspect where on direct selling the producer sells their product directly to consumer along with that including the intermediaries who are considered as the third person who facilitates the process of delivery on behalf of manufacturer and making it to reach to the customer whereas in the dual distribution one focuses on many marketing channel strategy which can provided advantage for creating the strong impact through various strategies in different ways to target particular customers. Also, there are various reasons which leads the foundation of selecting the particular marketing channel according to the scenario which is very important for the determination so that a right channel can be selected.


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    • Armstrong, G. and et.al., 2015.Marketing: an introduction. Pearson Education.
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