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    Examination Preparation International Marketing

    Introduction to Examination Preparation International Marketing

    International marketing refers to the activities of the business which involves in the flow of good and services to the people in different countries so as to earn more and more profits. It mainly includes the application of marketing principles in different country to expand there business all over the world (Berthon and et.al., 2012). In this report, different models and theories are been used in McDonald with determining its advantages and disadvantages.

    International business and EPRG model

    Ethnocentric Poly-centric Regio-centric Geo-centric
    In this McDonald evaluate the characteristics of domestic and international companies.
    They evaluate the opportunities of market in different countries and marketing mix is used to determine the need and requirements of the people.
    In this the company find the characteristics of various multinational companies.
    The adoption of marketing mix by the respective managers (Cateora, Gilly and Graham, 2011).
    The features of global as well as transactional companies are been considered.
    The strategies are been formulated to fulfil the opportunities of particular region.
    In this the marketing strategies are been adopted by considering the opportunities by both extension and practising it in global market.

    This model is highly beneficial for the company to evaluate the opportunities which are been identified in the market. On the other hand,sometimes these can have a negative impact on the existing image of the organization.

    Standardisation and adaptation of marketing strategy

    Standardisation Adaptation
    This approach will ensure that the features of the products will be similar irrespective of the country in which the McDonald is been serving. Moreover, they focus on the similar market segment across the country. This will ensure that there is universal specification of the products. Thus, it must make sure that the production of the products and the services rendered as unanimous all over the world. By adopting this method, McDonald have to develop with its activities according to the country in which they are expanding. This means they need to consider the preferences and needs of the people of the respective place. They have to meet the living standards and economic conditions of the particular country in which they have to serve with the products (Griffith, 2010). Moreover, the laws and regulations of the country are to followed so as to perform with there activities.

    It is beneficial to adopt with on of the two approaches as it will help to lead the company the way in which they need to perform with there activities. Further, it becomes difficult for McDonald as to which approach will be beneficial for the company in the long run.

    PEST analysis

    To expand the activities in different countries, it is important for McDonald to consider these factors for the positive results.

    Political Economical Social Technological
    They need to evaluate with the civil and political factors so as to develop with the strategies according to them. To serve with food and services in different countries, it is important to identify the average disposable income of the people so as to develop with the product accordingly (Jean, Sinkovics and Kim, 2010). For this, they need to identify the healthy lifestyle of the people so that they can serve them with the appropriate products and services. According to the country in which the firm is been expanding must ensure there technological aspects and use the equipments accordingly.

    This method is highly efficient to evaluate the macro-environmental factors which have a greater influence on the operations of the company. Further, some norms determined by the legal authority may hinder the performance of the organization.

    Selecting an international target market

    McDonald need to serve with the products and services in India Thus for this they need to identify and consider all these factors in an efficient manner. As India is highly democratic country which means it is run by federal form of government.

    Further, the GDP of India is growing on a higher pace which means the opportunities for growing the companies is increasing. As per the social consideration, McDonald need to develop with vegetarian food as mostly the people are preferring veg food over non-veg. Thus wide varieties of veg food must be involved in the menu of the organization (Luchs and et.al., 2010). With the face of time, there is technological advancement at a higher level which means greater technological equipments can be used by the company to perform there operations. There is high rate of political stability which means that McDonald do not have to change there strategies on a regular basis. In addition to this, they need to evaluate with the risks which are involved with the expansion of the business in India.

    This may include the cross-cultural, commercial, country as well as currency risks. Thus, prior to the implementation of this McDonald must ensure that the following risks are been considered and it will not have any negative impact on the functioning of the company. Moreover, for setting up with the unit they need to find the adequate physical infrastructure which may be attracting large number of customers. Furthermore, it is important for the company to to evaluate the labour rates and there availability so that they manage with there activities in an efficient manner. In addition to this, while selecting with the place it is very crucial to seek that marketing mix process is efficient fitting as per the activities of the company (Majaro, 2013).

    It helps the company to select with the country which can assist them with high profits and increase in sales volume. By evaluating all the factors, it come to know that which country will benefit on a greater extent. In contrast to it, expanding a business is a very big task so it involves with high amount of risk with it. Thus, it may have many problems while expanding the firm.

    Decision regarding mode of entry

    Form Control Risk
    FDI If the McDonald will adopt with this form form for expanding with there business than the entire control will be in the hands of the organization. This means that they are responsible for making the decisions regarding the functioning of the company (Paliwoda and Thomas, 2013). As the company itself makes all the decisions, it involves high rate of risk as they may not be aware of the activities which may have negative impact on the operations of the company.
    Licensing In this the company gives rights to other firms to adopt with there production process and serve with the goods and services to the customers. In this, the individual firm is responsible for taking there decisions but considering with the norms of the company. In this, there moderate risk involved for the company as it is not directly responsible for the loss occurred. Thus, the firm who has taken with the license have the bear the loss faced (Sheth, 2011).

    With the adoption of these form, it will assist McDonald to acquire the control in there hands which means they can run there organization as per there needs. On the other hand, it involves large amount of risk factor with it as they are directly responsible for the loss occurred by them.

    International culture

    It is an important factor which need to be considered by McDonald for expanding with there business in different countries. As it is very crucial to determine with there culture and develop the products and services accordingly. The following are the factors which need to be acquired while establishing the firm.

    Values and beliefs

    McDonald need to consider the values of the people while serving the customers. This means that they should not perform with the activities which may hurt the sentiments of the people. Moreover, the beliefs of people are also very important while developing with the products (Steenkamp and de Jong, 2010).

    Taste and Preferences

    For producing with the goods, it is very crucial to consider with the taste and preferences of the customers as to what are the needs of them for the products and services. Thus, they must evaluate the choices and serve them with the best food. This will further satisfy the customers to a greater extent.


    As in India most of the people are from the religion which acquire vegetarian food products. Thus, it becomes important for McDonald to develop with the products which are purely veg so that they can satisfy the customers to a greater extent.


    The workers appointed in the store must know the language of the people in which it is been situated so as to provide with greater assistance to the customers. Thus, it will highly help the people to make the order easily and can avail the services in an efficient manner (Stephen and Galak, 2012).

    It helps the company to formulate with the goods and services as per there values and beliefs so that it do not hurt there sentiments. On the other hand, it becomes a problem for the organization as each person has its own choices and preferences so it is impossible to develop with the products which are accepted by all.

    Consumer behaviour

    McDonald need to study the behaviour of the customers so as to serve them with better assistance and provide them with high quality products. Further, the lifestyle and standard of the people to whom they are targeting. This will help them to develop with the products as per there considerations. In addition to this, it is also important to evaluate the demographic, socio-economic and geographic factors which will assist in developing the products and services according to the customers. The purchasing power of the people must be seen so as to develop with the most appropriate pricing strategy. Moreover, the health considerations must also be taken care of by McDonald as to what are the eating habits of the people. As in the present time, it is been seen that people are preferring healthy food so they must develop with the products to provide the products as per there requirements (Terpstra, Foley and Sarathy, 2012).

    It is highly beneficial for the company to adopt this approach as it will provide clear determination of the products which need to developed by the firm. Further, it may include large amount of money to evaluate with the needs of the people as conducting with a survey requires huge amount and time.

    Marketing decisions

    To take an efficient marketing decisions, it is important for McDonald to use marketing mix in a proper manner. This is an effective method which mainly involve four elements:


    To provide the people with greater assistance, McDonald need to adopt with the range of vegetarian products as in India people mainly prefer veg food. So it becomes crucial for the company to acquire the needs and requirements of the customers and develop with the products accordingly.


    It is one of the most important factors which determines the level of sales volume of the company (Marketing Mix – The 4 p’s of marketing. 2014). Thus, McDonald need to adopt with the pricing strategy after evaluating the strategy used by its competitors.


    McDonald needs to set up there physical outlet where more and more people can reach and can avail with the services in an efficient manner.


    After the production of the products, it is very important to go with efficient promotional techniques so as to attract wide range of customers towards there organization.

    This method will help the company to make an efficient marketing decisions so as to earn maximum profit and serve the people with greater satisfaction. In contrast to this, this will limit the assess of the company as by this they will only target few people so they cannot satisfy all the customers.


    From the above report it can be concluded that for expanding the business all across the world, it is important for McDonald to evaluate external as well as internal environmental factors. It will assist in developing with the strategies in an efficient manner which will ultimately increase the sales volume and profit of the company. Thus, several other models are also adopted to have a greater assistance in the expansion of the business.

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