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    Marketing Functions and Its Roles in Mcdonald

    University: Regent College London

    • Unit No: 2
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 15 / Words 3717
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code:
    • Downloads: 557


    Marketing is a set of activity and process for creating, manufacturing, communicating, promoting, distributing and delivering of products or services to the customers for meeting their desired expectations. There are several things available which are marketed like products, services, place, property, experiences, events, people and informations etc. Therefore, it can be analysed that the marketing function performs several activities regarding producing, designing, and distributing of goods and services that have some values for customers, society and partners as well. This report is based on McDonald's that is a fast food restaurant and provide varieties of items including Hamburgers, Soft drinks, French fries, Chicken, and deserts (Baker and Saren, 2016). It is American based firm and dealing at international market. This assignment will describe about marketing functions and its roles or responsibilities within organization so that they can achieve predetermined goals or objectives. It will compare two different firms who apply marketing mix strategies for accomplishing set targets within organization. This will produce and develop an effective marketing plan for achieving business objectives.

    TASK 1

    P1 Explain the key roles and responsibilities of marketing functions

    In the present era, marketing play vital role in occupying better position in the marketplace. It is an essentials in increasing brand image and create goodwill among competitors. Marketing functions consist several aspects that helps in creating products or services and deliver to targeted audiences for attaining particular goals or objectives. In this defines a set of institution that organisation consider for performing their functions and run entire business operation. It involves production systems, distribution channels or networks, buying and selling performance for the purpose of satisfying customers needs or wants as well as meet their desired expectations (Brassington, 2013). Many of companies focus on marketing activities as they conduct survey for analysing particular target market so they gather informations regarding customers, competitors, current situations, trends, fashion, choices, tastes, buying behaviours and environmental changes etc. these are very helpful for formulating an appropriate strategies so that company can survive in the competitive environment. Marketing strategies helps in developing firms and increasing reputation because in this included various promotional tools or techniques that create awareness among targeted audiences and meets their desired requirements.

    There are number of activities and functions involves in the marketing that organisations consider for generating profits and enhance growth. These are also helpful to gain profitability and productivity with the help of attracting number of customers in well manner. McDonald's also consider marketing tools for running the business operations as they perform several roles or responsibilities regarding conducting market research, find potentials customers, produce effective goods or services and many more to accomplish set goals or objectives. There are describing roles and responsibilities of marketing functions of McDonald's such as:

    • New Product development: This is a important duty or responsibility of the organisation as they gather information regarding current trends and fashion so that better products can be manufactured. Companies introduce new product for increasing market shares so that company can build better brand image among competitors (Pettitt, 2013). McDonald's also focus on making different flavour of foods to attract huge customers towards firm which will support in increasings more profits and sustainability developments in an effective manner.
    • Quality of food items: It is another important aspects that support in increasing demands and create more customers in the marketplace. It can be analyse that customers are ready to pay higher amount as well as spend money to buy quality of goods or services for satisfying their basic needs. Company provide better quality of products as per the customers requirements which helps in making them loyal and build strong relationship among them. McDonald's maintain its brand image or reputation through providing effective food stuff with quality manner.
    • Sustainability: Marketing is the best or suitable method for developing sustainability and long term benefits because it create awareness among customers and attracts them towards firm so that business goals can be accomplished. It includes products or services upgrades, modify existing products and use various attractive offers such as coupons, discounts and sale as per days, monthly and weekly (Desai, 2013). McDonald's also does same for attracting customers and they use flavours of food items so that better image can be build.
    • Increase brand image or reputation: It is another factor of marketing that helps in generating higher revenues and attracts huge audiences. It is an asset for company that support in enhancing sales volumes. It included publicity, promotional tools, selling and distributing particular goods or services, build good relations with winning trust and provide better quality of products for generating demands and higher profits. McDonald's consider marketing or promotional tools for creating awareness and building brand image.
    • Profit maximisation: Marketing function consist number of roles and responsibilities that are beneficial for the firm in maximising profits in well manner (Desselle and Zgarrick, 2016). It can be possible by developing products and modify existing one so that sales can be enhanced. McDonald's have various branches at different countries and they just try to reach at potential customers through expanding size of firm.
    • Promotions: This is an important part of marketing functions as most of companies consider the promotional strategies and its tools or techniques so that number of customers can be attracted. Company take better decisions regarding adoption of several tools or techniques such as television, newspapers, celebrities endorsement, internet, social media, magazines, and many others to promote business and its goods or services in the market place.
    • Market research: This functions play crucial role in every business firm in finding particular market and customers in an efficient manner. In this, researcher conduct a survey and get information about current trends, demands, customers tastes or preferences, competitors, environmental factors and fashions so that company can make decisions regarding production of goods or services to fulfil consumer requirements.
    • Pricing: in this, marketer fix the price of the products or services which are related with costs factors, expenses as well as factor of production etc. company undertake various activities which helps in making products or services to set the price of products (Alston, 2016). McDonald's use pricing strategies as per the making charges and it is affordable for consumer.

    P2 How roles and responsibilities of marketing are related with organisation

    In this defined various roles or responsibilities of marketing functions that are interrelated with organisation for achieving predetermined goals or objectives in an effective manner. There are many of firms who consider the marketing tools or techniques for the purpose of promoting particular goods or services in the market place. Marketing function has major impacts on increasing goodwill and maintain the brand image by using different methods and formulate effective strategies in an effective manner. McDonald's focus on making best decisions regarding adoption of strategies and consider various tools so that they can survive in the tough competition. In the business organisation, environmental factors can affects on the operations and productivity as per the changes. Therefore, McDonald's undertake several components of marketing functions while making strategies that are beneficial for generating higher revenues such as segmentation, targets, positioning, advertisements and promotional tools, markets analysis and research, distribution channels or networks and many more.

    There are various roles or responsibilities of marketing that must be performed by the manager within the organisation (Dibb, 2013). Therefore, marketing department play an important role in the business firm because in this included various activities that can be support to the McDonald's in running business and gaining profits such as market research, analysis, finds potentials customers, promotions, finance, producing goods or services, distribution networks and communications channels that helps in increasing demands and generate higher profits in more effective manner. Organisational departments are interlinked with marketings functions which perform several roles or responsibilities and these are as followings:

    Roles and Responsibilities of marketing functions in McDonald's

    • Market research and analysis: In this function, company try to find potentials customers by conducting research or survey. It is very important for the business to attain set targets in better ways. This is an essentials components as organisation make better decisions regarding producing goods or services so that they can satisfy customers needs or wants. Manager take responsibilities for conducting survey and analyse consumers needs, demands, choices, current trends, situations, and tough competitors in the particular market so that company can make better strategies as well as adopt best techniques to achieve competitive advantages.
    • Transportation: In this, company make decision regarding distributing of products by using better transportation so that they can reach at potentials customers in well manner (Simkin, 2013). McDonald's consider the effective strategies for transferring rights products to the right customers for fulfilling their requirements. McDonald's use Just In Time (JIT) strategy to manage the material and deliver it on time so that company can minimise its wastages in more effective manner.
    • Identify risk factors: Marketing department always focus on various risks or uncertainties that can be occur while running business functions or its operations. This will support in making better decision and actions plans for dealing with such factors. It is necessary to formulate strategies within the firm during occurring risks so that firm can survive in better manner (Hauer, 2011). McDonald's also undertake many of uncertainties while making decisions which helps in attaining goals or objectives.
    • Products and services management: This is another important factor for organisation that to manage and maintain the quality or quantity of products or services in the organisation so that predetermined outcomes can be gathered. It support in attracting more customers as well as reach at potentials targeted group through effective goods or services. McDonald's consider the quality of their products so that customers can fulfil their demands and basic requirements in more efficient manner. They focus on Total Quality of Management for balancing demands and supply.
    • Human resource management: In this, organisation manage or maintain people or humans resource and utilise them for increasing productivity so that particular goals can be achieve in well manner. HR manager recruit fresh talents and suitable candidates for creating better workforce and complete entire tasks. McDonald's also consider this and try to attract skilled or knowledgeable persons who are able to perform several tasks or activities and focus on attaining goals in better ways (Jones, 2011). They conducts training or learnings sessions for improving employees performance as they teach that how to do online transaction, billing and ways to cook particular foods in an appropriate manner.

    TASK 2

    P3 Compare the ways of two organisations to apply marketing mix to planning process

    In the modern era, many of big organisation are focusing on making better actions plans regarding adoption of marketing tools or techniques so they formulate strategies by undertaking some marketing mix elements (Rowley, 2011). These are very beneficial for achieving competitive advantages and higher growth in well manner. McDonald's also make strategies and consider several components of marketing mix so that they can create effective position in the marketplace. It support in generating higher profits or revenues as well as increase create more awareness among customers so that they can be attracted towards firm. Here are comparison of McDonald's and CADBURY as how they are applying and adopting best strategies to achieve competitive advantages (Lamb and Hair, 2011). They focus on build good reputation in the market through marketing mix tools such as:

    Marketing mix tools




    In this included the material or things which have value for customers. McDonald's is selling several products or services in the market including Hamburgers, Cold Coffees, soft drinks, French fries, Chicken, Mc Puff and many more.

    It is a confectionery brand company that deals in various items such as Chocolates, ice cream, crème eggs, Cookies, and desserts in the international market.


    In this include the exchange value which are paid by the customers after consuming goods or services. McDonald's set the price according to production activities so they may charge high value of amount of its food material (McDaniel, 2011). They gives various kinds of facilities or services such as sitting arrangements, air conditioner, wash rooms and several services with products.

    CADBURY is a confectionery brand so they are selling chocolates, ice cream, crème eggs and cookies at the marketplace. they charge higher prices on products or services as they use market penetrations, price skimming and cost leadership strategies for setting prices. They consider low price strategy for customers so that they can afford and buy their products.


    In this consider the particular areas that use for transferring goods or services to the potentials customers. It is necessary to reach at targeted audiences so company make strategies for defining locations and areas to run the business. McDonald's is selling its products at different countries as they focus on developed cities rather than rural areas.

    CADBURY is selling its number of items or goods and services at different location so that they can meet with customers requirements. They consider the distribution networks for delivering their confectionery items.


    It includes promotional tools or strategies that are undertaken by the company to promote their products or services. these are essential in creating brand awareness among targeted audiences (Malhotra, 2013). McDonald's is using several promotional tools or techniques such as commercial ads, television and banners to attracts number of customers ins an appropriate manner. They also focus on considering various aspects for promotion such as seasonal offers, schemes, and combos for providing informations and attracts them.

    Cadbury is also focusing on creating more awareness regarding new products launching or modification in existing products so that customers can satisfy their desired expectations in well manner. They are undertakings various promotional tools or techniques such as advertisement, commercial ads, magazines, newspapers and hoarding so that customers remember this brand and prefer to take these products or services.


    For every business firm, people play crucial role in running business operations and perform entire tasks so that company can achieves competitive advantages in well manner. McDonald's focus on satisfy internal and external customers for building good image. They do not consider Stakeholders for organisational functions.

    In the CADBURY, they consider stakeholders while making decision and taking corrective actions regarding organisation. In this included investors, shareholders, employees and customers who are key people for Cadbury. They provide better training and learning to employees so that better confectionery items can be produced.


    They follow their procedures or structure for creating goods or services as they use transparent strategies while producing goods or food items so that customer can trust easily on the firm (Birks and Wills, 2013). It will support in winning trust and make better relationship among customers.

    In this, company deals in several confectionery items such as ice cream, chocolates, and crème eggs and desserts so they use their procedures for creating goods or services. they prefer cleanness, good infrastructure and appropriate machinery for manufacturing of products.

    Physical evidences

    In this defines that a proper climate of the company that use for dealing with products or services. McDonald's is a fast food restaurant so they focus on various physical resources to attracts more customers and make feel them comfortable to get better goods or services. they use air conditioner, sitting arrangements, mineral water, wash room, good infrastructure and many other facilities. '

    They are providing various types of goods and confectionery items at different stores so that they can reach for consuming these goods. They use retail chain, general merchandise and shops for providing products to the customers.

    TASK 3

    P4 Produce and evaluate a marketing plan for McDonald's

    There must be required to formulate the marketing plan for getting success within organisation. It is an essentials for the firm because it will provide instruction and guidelines to the company for reaching at targeted audiences and achieve predetermined goals or objectives in well manner (Mihart, 2012). A marketing plan is a blue print of marketing activities and function which are going to be perform in the futures. It is beneficial for formulating strategies and actions plans so that company can accomplish goals or targets in more efficient manner. There are some aspects which must be undertake while making the plans such as vision, mission, budget, strategies and many more.

    Visions: The vision statement of McDonald's is to provide better quality of goods and services to the targeted audiences by considering their health and safety aspects so that they can become number one fast food company in the world (Novak, 2011).

    Mission: The mission statement of McDonald's is to become most famous and customer's favourite restaurant so that they can bes attracted for enjoying delicious food to meet desired expectations.


    • The major aim is to increase growth or profitability so that they can develop sustainability.
    • To provide better quality of goods or services at affordable cost.

    SWOT Analysis:


    • It has strong reputation and goodwill among competitors.
    • There are number of restaurants as around 67000 available in the international market.


    • They have the issues regarding labour turnover which down their values in the marketplace.
    • McDonald's pizza was failed in the international market due to tough competition.


    • McDonald's can use several techniques for new product development to satisfy customers expectation (Ormrod, 2014).
    • There are opportunities to entering into new market place.


    • There are lots of competition in the international market which are biggest threats for the firm.
    • Consumers are being conscious for their health.

    Marketing Budget:

    Marketing budget


    1st year

    2nd year

    3rd year

    4th year

    5th year

    Initial money

















    Marketing expenditures







    Sales promotion






    Direct marketing












    Available balance






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    From the above report, it has been concluded that marketing play a vital role in business organisation so that final aims and objectives could be achieved in set period of tome. The report highlights the case of McDonald which is a food chain and a well-known brand in this sector. There are certain role and responsibilities that is played by marketing function and is relation with other department that is present in this company. The importance of the marketing mix is also being highlighted along with the marketing plan is also been underlined.


    • Brassington, F. and Pettitt, S., 2013. Essential of marketing.
    • Desai, S. S., 2013. An analysis of the competitive marketing strategies of the hospitality industry in UAE. IUP Journal of Management Research. 12(1). p.22.
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    • Dibb, S. and Simkin, L., 2013. Marketing essentials. Cengage Learning.

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