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    MN5F32FB Level 4 Marketing Essentials


    Marketing can be termed as one of the crucial tools in the modern business. The understanding of the Marketplace in the month of the consumers and different marketing strategy has helped in profitable relation with quality among the customers. In this study, Cadbury is taken as one of the important aspects to understand about the different marketing roles and departments of a particular organisation. The innovative approach towards the marketing strategy in the chosen organisation and the awareness regarding the marketing Essentials has helped the current scenario around the world. Thus the study has focused on the market structure and the reasons for the high revenue of the organisation. The marketing mix has helped to understand the marketing planning process for Cadbury thoroughly with proper planning and business objectives. It also focused on being a basic market plan which has supported and evaluated in the growth of the business. The focus on the marketing essential and the roles of marketing function has an interrelation with another purpose. It has helped to compare the ways of the application of different strategies in the organisational goal.


    P1 Explaining key responsibilities and roles of marketing function

    The marketing in any organisation can be termed as the decision-making process which will relate to the products, marketing channels, prices, physical distribution and promotions. Relationship of marketing specialist in the marketing decisions and planning is essential for the organisation. It is a group of marketing person who brings the decision together for marketing of the particular product in a specific place. It interlinked with the marketing function of the organisation who plays a vital role in identifying and sourcing the potential successful products in the Marketplace. The marketing function department promotes the product through differentiating from similar products. It is one of the typical marketing function types that help in the product development and marketing plan with different Strategies.

    The organisation Cadbury is the second largest confectionery brand internationally, and the headquarter is in Uxbridge, West London (Bharucha, 2016). It was found in on Birmingham in 1824, and still, now it is successful with its different products of chocolates in all over the world. The marketing department of Cadbury is very dedicated with 70,000 employees and has maintained the success till date. The different departments of marketing increase the product values according to the needs of the customers. The production team along with the marketing department has maintained the system which has helped to provide, produce and reduce the amount of food waste in Cadbury. Most of the organisation has opted for an organisational structure which has a clear chain of command which works within the organisation (Grewal et al. 2018). The several functions of the marketing department have helped in the distribution of pricing in the organisation. Thus, the roles and responsibilities of the marketing department for Cadbury are:

    Distribution channel: The distribution channel department helps the dairy products of Cadbury to distribute in the world through different methods which have made the expectation of the customers by reducing the complaints. It also focused on the movement of dairy products in and out of the warehouse by supervising the drivers from the firm.

    Production manager: The production manager of Cadbury is responsible for continuous supply of water flowing in all the production staff and also organised in the workforce to meet the order of the customers.

    Managing Director: The Managing Director is one of the critical aspects of business who has the principal responsibility for running the company. In Cadbury, the Managing Director monitors continuously about targeting the market strategy and keeping an eye on all the departments for a successful businessman.

    Sales manager: He is responsible for making the contracts with the customer through client interaction in all over the world. As Cadbury is famous globally, so the managers have to be very conscious about obtaining the orders from the contracts (Giannino, 2018).

    Company accountant: The company accountant deals with the financial status of the organisation for producing management accounts and financial reports.

    Human Resource Management: It develops the suggestion of the management team through the employees in the business for making a sustainable workplace in the organisation. Recruiting and hiring the desired candidates, coordinating with the employee benefits and suggesting the training and development in the organisation is the primary motive of HRM.

    In order with the different scales and responsibilities of the various department they also focus on the marketing Research and marketing planning. This is very important to create an organised structure in the company. The customer services department in Cadbury also looked after the requirements of the customers effectively which has not only created efficiency in the organisation but also increased the customer satisfaction (Bailey, and Alexander, 2017). The number of complaints has reduced, and most of the employees have got motivated to different activities. Also, the cross-functional areas of Administration and information technology department have also helped in servicing the functional area in Cadbury. The support team has successfully developed the departments with various pieces of training.

    Pricing: The marketing department is however responsible for maintaining the price of a product in company. In addition to this, if the price is stable then more potential customer's are attracted towards their product in market. The members of marketing department looks forward in pricing the product efficiently.

    Distribution: The various functions of marketing department helps in distribution of product that is Cadbury in the market. There role is to distribute products according to the customer's demand and needs. The distribution channel must be strong in the organisation which helps in achieving more productivity and profitability.

    Promotion: In order to increase the selling of Cadbury products the promotional activities must be performed accordingly. The product can be promoted thorough advertising on social media, magazines, via friends and family, pamphlets and so on.

    Selling: It is the responsibility of marketing department in order to sell products with appropriate label and packaging which creates an effective personality in the market. In addition to this, the selling of Cadbury products must be done in market according to customer's demand and requirements.

    P2 Roles and responsibilities of marketing in Cadbury

    The marketing department of the Cadbury has played a vital role in promoting the business and measure of an organisation. It has coordinated with all the materials for the dairy products so that it can reach out to the customers quickly and globally. The job of the marketing department is to gain prospect in the organisation by focusing on the customers and investors so that it can create an overarching image (Madsen, and Rosenbaum, 2018). The role of the marketing department at Cadbury has helped to interact with the customers who have increased more demand for the product.

    The marketing department of Cadbury has focused on few campaigns in the UK so that they can identify the best product and can serve the customers. The marketing department also focuses on producing marketing and promotional materials which includes the core products of services. Creating content providing with search engines and optimising the website is another important function of the marketing department in Cadbury. It is done by monitoring and managing through social media which has contributed more than 70% success till 2017 for understanding the customer needs. The organisation has also focused on communicating with the employees so that they can understand the values of the companies and the strategies to meet the goals and priorities. Recently the marketing department has focused on the customer and market research which has helped them to define the target Markets and the opportunities for improving the products globally (Wirtz, et al. 2014). After researching the particular areas, Cadbury has adopted few responsibilities:

    Listen to the customers: February has established separate Facebook pages which includes Dairy Milk, Wispa, Bournville and hot chocolates. The content of the marketing department is to focus on a single blog post and the highlights on the needs of the customer. The reorganisation has deliberately communicated with the customers and achieve the massive levels of engagement on their Facebook walls.

    Trending and monitor competition: Cadbury has focused on the competitors by choosing the near enough same size business which has helped to benchmark the competitors. The organisation has focused on the innovative work which has approached the maximisation of the brand and has included the customer-facing social media outpost. It has also focused on trending nature in the organisation and has concentrated on more innovations (Blowfield, and Murray, 2014).

    Coordinating with the marketing partners: The confectionery company brand is singing voice with the announcement of the chocolate brands that have come up with the nine reality singing show in the UK. The marketing department has enabled the essence of Cadbury and the flavours through engagement for the customers. Cadbury is also focusing on the innovative marketing to them from their reinvention effort. Earlier this year the organisation has opened “glass and a half” which was popped up in London’s Soho where customers could trade their own Nick next in exchange for bars of Dairy Milk.

    Innovation: Cadburys is focusing on innovation due to technology changes every day. The organisation has introduced dairy milk melts which is a premium indulgence Street and Cadbury flake chocolate to the iconic flake brand. Besides, Cadbury also highlighted non added sugar chocolate bar for the people who want to manage stress sugar intake and enjoy the tasting Milk chocolates (Remer, 2015). This has helped to introduce a new meaning in the organisation by driving the growth in the UK market.

    The new product development and the marketing department has helped to develop the brands successfully without compromising the test and quality of the organisation. The marketing department has also improved the sales process through communicating with every employee and motivating the workers to work efficiently in the environment. The marketing department has also focused on the return on investment which has helped to measure the order check with objectives in the organisation.

    There are various functions that supports in marketing the Cadbury products and also in increasing the value of the same. This elements can be:

    IT: This is the function which helps in gathering the information about customer's demand in respect to Cadbury products. Moreover, it helps in collecting the data about past demands which helps in present to increase the demand for the same goods and services.

    Finance: In supporting the Cadbury market, this function helps in maintaining the financial status of the company. In addition to this, finance function refers to show the cost of manufacturing, packaging, labelling and distribution of Cadbury goods.

    HRM: As a manager of human resource in Cadbury firm, it helps in appointing efficient employee's that helps in manufacturing goods effectively. They also supports the company in completion of task at appropriate time.

    Market segmentation: In this modern world, the market expansion is essential in terms of higher profitability, Moreover, Cadbury business requires faithful segmentation and it is provided by the marketing. In addition to this, manager of marketing in organization helps to identify potential customers with large markets. However, it helps in promoting products and services of the organisation.

    Marketing research: This is considered as a major and significant role of marketing department. Moreover, the research also reveals the special information of customer's, price, product, promotion and selling in terms of communicating about goods and services of Cadbury company in global market.

    Brand Equity: The customers also tends to be partial in terms of selecting one over other brands which helps in getting products and services with added value to it. The process of brand equity directly help Cadbury organization in increasing their sales production. In addition to this, the marketing department also helps in providing a better reputation to the company. Moreover, it also builds strong and effective brand value of Cadbury organization among the customers.


    P3) Comparing the elements of marketing mix (7ps) to achieve objectives in Cadbury.

    The marketing mix enables the company to connect with different customers globally. It is the business strategy and corresponding activities for implementing the marketing plan in the organisation. The company Cadbury has been specified in seven elements of marketing mix and moreover the comparison between Cadbury and Nestle has been discussed. In the organisation of confectionery, the target customers are arranged so evolving of the marketing mix in the organisation. Both the products are highly in demand which satisfies the customer's. But in reflection to this, the price of Nestle is low in the market. Thus, the success of the organisation asset top performing health in the UK has selected the effectiveness of the marketing mix (Ramli, 2017). The marketing professionals and specialist in Cadbury have used different factors for attracting and retaining the customer. Cadbury is a brand of drain chocolate which was presented in the United Kingdom in 1905, and now it is offering around the world. In comparison with Cadbury and Nestle has been described below through marketing mix strategy. The slogan of the organisation is Free the Joy. The product contains 23% of cocoa solids which helps became the products more tasty and fabricated in France. In competition with Cadbury different organisations have also introduced they are products similar to what Cadbury is producing. Mars is one of the famous confectionery brands which supplies pet food, confectionery and provide services related to animal care.

    Products: Cadbury is the powerhouse of products with different varieties of chocolates like Dairy Milk, Bournville, five stars, Perk, Cadbury Eclairs etc. Moreover, Kit-Kat, Munch, Milky -Bar, Classic are the types of Nestle products. Comparing both the products, Cadbury products are in more demand that satisfies their customer's. The organisation has introduced new segment which is the premium Oreo. The product of the marketing mix helps to distinguish the different products in the organisation by keeping in mind about the needs of the customers. Cadbury has also opted for Bournvita which is one of the leaders in milk additives. The product of Nestle is not in more demand as compared to the Cadbury. The organisation has deliberately followed the marketing mix of product. The sharp lines of product Cadbury have become famous globally. As the Cadbury taste is delicious and sweet which increases their needs in consumer's. Is compared with one of the leading brands of UK, Mars, it has also adopted for the success of the organisation (Grewal, et al. 2018). The organisation divides the business into six segments like drinks, foods, chocolate, Wrigley, pet care and Symbioscience. It also manufactures non Convection snacks and pet foods. Munch, Snickers, Bounty, three musketeers, celebrations etc. are few categorised manufacturing products of Nestle. Cadbury is a unique product owned by the major manufacturer as compared to Nestle. The organisation not only focused on humans but also focused on a speech by producing Pedigree which is one of the famous food globally.

    Price: With quality price also matters a lot in the environment. In the UK the production of Cadbury has been widely accepted by all the customers. Nestle sets their price in comparison to Cadbury products. In addition to this, the price of various Cadbury products have been set as it makes affordable to their potential customer's. The quality of the product is quite high though the beverages and oreo require constant marketing to be on top of selling more products. The products like Perk, five stars and Eclairs has helped Cadbury to achieve more success because of the flexible price. In addition to the price of Nestle, they cost low as compared to Cadbury as it is quietly opposite in their taste. The premium brands chocolates due to the Positioning has also affected the pricing of it chocolate. It is essential for the organisation to focus on the amount of Bournville as it is quite high as compared to others. On the other hand, Mars has followed the business or segment through pricing strategy because of the primary target audiences. There is a flexibility in pricing strategies of Nestle products that fulfil needs and requirements of customer's. The marketing mix of this strategy is beneficial in maintaining the quality of the product and reasonable price. It also helps the competitive edge with the leading competitors. It has adopted premium pricing policy for the products of the pet as well as human (Lantos, 2015).

    Place: The distribution of Cadbury is quite high because of the demand which is the high in the UK due to different competitors. Nestle has set their stores imperatively which is weak in UK as it is not more in demand as compared to Cadbury. The organisation follows the same procedure of FMCG Marketing in the world. It has been noted that Cadbury bytes the best cocoa Beans from Ghana for his chocolates. Cadbury sets their product which makes comfortable to every client's in purchasing it wisely. The operation of the organisation is more than 200 or more countries. The channel on the distribution cost of Cadbury is entirely which is one of the main parts of the concern for the organisation. The value could be taken into consideration during the distribution of products. Nestle lowers the cost of the product as to increase more demand than others (AGGREY, 2016). It has different location heads for its expansion in business. Cadbury chocolate is in New Jersey whereas different products are produced in different parts of UK. It has different production in Canada as well as in Australia. The famous and robust distribution channel which has included the services of wholesalers and retailers has employed more than 75,000 people with discount stores and Hypermarkets. It has partnered with big retailers like Walmart, Tesco, Big Bazaar etc.

    Promotion: The promotion of Cadbury for this product is entirely different. It mainly focuses on the social media to promote the brand. Nestle does not spend more in promoting it's product which does not increases their customer's demand in the market. Nowadays they are opting for advertising through celebrities so that major commercial customers can be increased. The organisation has used a combination of ATL as well as BTL marketing. It has helped the organisation to gain flexibility on different shops, corners, hotels etc. If compared to Nestle the promotional strategy is lower. Nestle has successfully adopted the promotional approach through electronic media on set by launching witty and informative campaigns in television that helps in increasing their demand. It is not only focused on TV but also focused on newspapers, magazines, radio and billboards. As nowadays Facebook and YouTube are the most profitable platform, so it has already started distributing is product services through the different social media and connecting with the customers through Instagram. International British athletes Peter Elliot has been associated with this brand since 1991 (Peyne, and Chan, 2017).

    People: The people play a vital role in the brand establishment as it is directly involved in recognition of the market. In Cadbury as well as in Nestle realisation by the customers in their hands has helped the organisation to be more successful in the market of UK. In Cadbury, the internal, as well as external employees, have succeeded the business through different strategies of marketing. The management departments of the company have helped in the expectation of the customers through the requirement of efficient employees. According to the author Gupta, (2015) Nestle lacks in adopting the people strategy in the business. The layoffs and inefficient workers have affected dissatisfaction recently. This has practically changed the revenue of the organisation, and the organisation is still trying to cope up with it and restraint the situation.

    Physical evidence: The physical evidence in the organisation has helped to understand the positioning of the Cadbury brand and to target the right kind of customers. The packaging of the organisation was sealed with a plastic wrapper inside the outside foil. The organisation has launched the new purity sealed packing for its flagship product and dairy milk. The physical evidence of Nestle has allowed the customer to measure the value of the products. A chocolate bar of the organisation content a paper packing which can be used by the internet users also. This has increased the demand for the time for consuming for the consumers has reduced.

    Process: The successful operation in service of Nestle has independent values, and the customer experience has developed with a well-designed method of delivery (Ramli, 2017). The organisation has met the expectation of the customer by focusing on me different cultures and standardisation that is difficult in many varied contexts. It is well developed and focused on this most process of service. The perceptions of the diverse population have helped the organisation to increase the speed and more innovation in the products. However, the distribution in the process of Cadbury is quite slow as it tends to distribute directly which is a big issue for the organisation. 90% of the products are sold, but the process takes a lot of time for allocated it to the local areas. This has increased be a higher price in few products. Also adopting two separate distribution channels which are wanted for business and other farmers market has increased the production and process cost compared to others in UK (Madsen, and Rosenbaum, 2018).


    P4 A basic marketing plan for Cadbury


    The new mission of the organisation Cadbury is to increase the number of specific customer segmentation by producing modern nutrition providing chocolate for the children. In addition to that increasing or enhancing the product quality of the existing products which could help them in increasing their customer loyalty, productivity and sales.

    Corporate Objectives

    The corporate objective of this organisation is to increase their total profitability around 40% from the existing products. In addition to that, the organisation has also focused on introducing the new product for providing daily nutrition to the children. The corporate objectives are going to have the organisation in their future development process (Johnson, 2016).

    Marketing Assessment

    The organisation has already one of the famous chocolate producing company in all over the world which has expanded their business in the market of United Kingdom, USA, Asia Pacific, Australia, Canada, India, etc. However, the organisation is known for their quality products with low pricing strategy which then wants to enhance by the year of 2022 (El-Masri et al. 2015). Increasing the total growth of the organisation around 30% by this time is the primary corporate objectives which will be executed by using proper promotional campaigns and marketing techniques.

    PESTLE Analysis




    The organisation is being affected by the political stability and government policies of different countries which they need to follow during the process of marketing and promotion.


    The rate of inflation and the changes in the economic factors the Global market directly going to affect the different addresses of marketing and promotion (El-Masri et al. 2015).


    The customer's loyalty and the satisfaction level of the customer are going to enhance the different campaigns related to the promotions and marketing of the new product development Cadbury.


    The use of technological advancement for providing better benefits to the customers the organisation should use digital technology for the promotional and marketing campaign.


    In the international market, the organisation has to work with different type of government in rules which affect the performance of marketing process and promotional activities.


    The different environmental factors like energy consumption, waste management and different type of pollutions also affect the organisation Cadbury externally for the promotion and marketing planning (Serra and Kunc, 2015).

    S.W.O.T. Analysis



    reputed chocolate manufacturing organisation

    low pricing strategy

    robust marketing process and distribution channels

    variety of products

    market penetration is less

    different type of disease in the market



    occasional festivals

    globalised trends

    new products

    various competitors

    brand loyalty change in this industry

    various type of substitute

    new brands

    Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning


    The organisation is going to target to the specific type of customer segmentation those are demographic segmentation for age and psychological segmentation related to the health of the customers.


    The organisation is going to target precisely the age group below 18.


    The organisation will use the cost-based strategy by providing benefits of Nutrition.

    Marketing Strategies

    The market strategy of the organisation is going to be the differentiation strategy and the new product development strategy from the Ansoff’s matrix (O'Connor, 2017).

    Desired results

    The organisation desires 30% growth in the next five years.

    Providing best nutritionist product to the customer base for increasing the number of customers

    Tactics and Plan

    Marketing Mix element




    products of Cadbury

    The organisation will launch new product for better customer base development.


    Price of the Cadbury products

    The low pricing strategy of this organisation will be extended for this new product.


    Promotional technique for products for Cadbury

    Initially, the social media will be used for publicity, and television advertisement will be developed.


    The global market where the product Cadbury is available

    The product will be available to all of the retail stores in the expanded International locations.

    Physical Evidence

    The physical evidence products of Cadbury offered

    For brand visibility discounts will be provided for the new product.


    Product standardization and project design

    The design of this no product will be developed for attracting more customers’ especially new customers.


    Employees of the organisation Cadbury

    The employees who will be used has to understand the different nutrition factors required for the children (Bailey and Alexander, 2017)


    A budget of Cadbury reflects the financial plan and set up for a defined time period which can be usually for an year. Budget has two parts which includes income and expenditure of the organisation.





    1 million

    1.5 million


    1 million

    2 million


    1.5 million

    2.5 million

    Labeling and Packaging

    1.5 million

    2 million

    Promotional activity

    1 million

    1.5 million

    Get Help in Any Subject

    Our intention is to help numerous students worldwide through effective and accurate work.

    In this budget plan of Cadbury organization, they have spent almost 1 million in advertising the product on TV, online websites, social media and many more. They also received 1.5 million as an income after the advertisement of products. Moreover, 1 million has been utilised in research and in gathering information about customer's demand. After spending on research, the income received was 2 million on it. Further, 1.5 million has been spend on surveys that include getting feedback from customers about the product and services. They gained 2.5 million on surveys income in organization. This survey also includes getting directly connected to consumer's. However, the marketing department spent 1.5 million in labelling and packaging their Cadbury products in organisation. From the labelling and packaging they achieved 2 million as a source of income. Lastly, 1 million has been spent in promotional activities which helps in increasing their demands about Cadbury. Moreover, they got 1.5 million as an income on promotional activities.

    Operational Plan

    Marketing Plan Activities








    Marketing research and information gathering


    marketing plan set up


    Setting up additional infrastructure of the research


    Advertisements and promotional campaigns





    In light of the above study, it can be established that Cadbury is a famous brand of international market of the chocolate industry. The marketing department of this organisation has enormous responsibilities and roles for the development and growth process of the organisation. In addition to that for the expansion in the wider international market, the organisation has to manage different requirements and properly understand the marketing mix in the international market. In the final section of this assignment for the future growth in the international market, a proper operational plan has been developed.


    • Bailey, A.R. and Alexander, A., 2017. Cadbury and the rise of the supermarket: innovation in marketing 1953–1975.Business History, pp.1-22.
    • Bharucha, J., 2016. Cadbury Vs Nestle: A Study of The Chocolate War. International Journal of Research in Social Sciences, 6(9), pp.609-620.
    • Blowfield, M. and Murray, A., 2014. Corporate responsibility. Oxford University Press.

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