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    R/508/0486 - Marketing Analysis Practices In The Context Of Cadbury

    University: Regent College London

    • Unit No: 2
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 5 / Words 1161
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: R/508/0486
    • Downloads: 686
    Question :

    The scenario of this report determines marketing analysis practices in the context of Cadbury through newly appointed marketing manager. Main reason behind this analysis is to evaluate the market competitiveness in order to make business strategy accordingly.

    1. Explanation of marketing and its interrelation with other departments in Cadbury.
    2. Compare the marketing mix of two companies.
    3. Develop a marketing plan for Cadbury.
    Answer :


    In the current scenario, marketing can be stated as one of the effective factor which is being followed and utilised at utmost level. There are multiple activities like marketplace, analyse the needs of customers, enhancing the good relations with the customers and thus formulate the strategy and thus give out high quality products to the clients. Every business operating within marketplace has the main focus upon the bringing innovative approach within the marketing strategy which are mainly engaged in having good relations with customers. Marketing function can be stated certain roles of marketing which is too high (Al-Ekam and et. al., 2012). Company taken for this report is Cadbury which is a Multinational company which deals in confectionery items and it is being mainly owned by Mondelez International since 2010 and thus it is the second largest confectionery items after the Mars. There are various kind of roles and responsibilities within the function of marketing of the company along with having interrelationship which has the wider organisational context which is being given in this report. Moreover, marketing plan for the Cadbury is also mentioned in this report.

    TASK 1

    P1 Major responsibilities and roles of marketing function

    Marketing function of the company can mainly be stated as one of the effectual function of the company which is further utilised for providing platform of opportunities within company to attain the target market. There are mainly various kind of roles and responsibilities which are being faced by the company in order to have growth and success. Various sectors which are like Human resource department, product development, distribution system, marketing research, sales support system, distribution system, strategy management and marketing research which has came across the marketing function. There are multiple functions which has the various roles for mainly promoting the growth of company. Multiple kind of roles and responsibilities of the company which are selling, product, promotion, finance and marketing information system (Wood. H.T, Functions of marketing. 2018). Below described are the factors which has the roles and responsibilities acknowledged by the Cadbury:

    (Source: Marketing Functions, 2018)

    • MIS (Marketing information system): In this, manager of marketing mainly collects the huge amount of genuine data regarding certain sectors like needs, interest, behaviour and actions of the customers. MIS can be stated as a concept which in turn can provide opportunities to the manager of same and this in turn can mainly assist the in taking out effectual decisions regarding the business (Baker and Magnini, 2016). Process of decision making will help out in increasing the effectiveness which in turn can mainly enhance the customer base of company which can give competitor benefit.
    • Distribution: This kind of aspect mainly draws the attention upon the procedure of transferring goods from one place to another and thus final product can be given to customers. Cadbury has the distribution channel which is highly effectual and thus has the high reach to almost every area. In this, marketing sector has the manager which has the duty of remaining liable for examining the numerous kind of channels for the distribution present and thus best one will mainly be opted out which can make sure that the products will be delivered which can save up the cost of the company. Better choice of distribution channel which in turn can mainly support the delivering the product and thus can mainly add the positive note in entire experience.
    • Promotion: This is one of the real capacity of promoting division. Primarily promoting bureau of association is known for this. In this showcasing chief initially investigate the different apparatuses of correspondence and afterwards utilize distinctive specialized devices for advance the organization's item . With this, supervisor make the gatherings of people mindful about the highlights of company's merchandise. Commercial, individual offering, deals advancement, reputation, advertising and exchange demonstrates are the real strategies for advancement (Campbell and Martin, 2015). Every one of these instruments ate viably use by the administrator of Cadbury to inspire them to purchase its items. Make the request of organization's item in showcase is one of the primary thought process of advancement.
    • Pricing: This is known as one of the most important element of a product. Every firm charge some amount from its customers in exchange of its product. This help company in cover the cost of product and generate profits. For attract more individuals and to achieve set sales target final price of product should be right. This is also done by the marketing manager of firm. Right price of product help in attract more individual to buy it.
    • Financing: Funds are known as one of the most important assets of an enterprise. Adequate amount of funds support in carry out commercial activities in right way and at the same time save time of firm. Marketing manager do planning and identify the resources require to carry out the same. All this provide an opportunity to firm to serve more number of customers.
    • Product: Assets are known as a standout amongst the most imperative resources of an undertaking. Sufficient measure of assets bolster in do business exercises in right route and in the meantime spare time of firm. Promoting supervisor do arranging and recognize the assets require to do the same. This give a chance to firm to serve more number of clients.

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    Selling: This is known as a standout amongst the most essential component of an item. Each firm charge some sum from its clients in return of its item. This assistance organization in take care of the expense of item and create benefits (Dibb and Simkin, 2013). For pull in more people and to accomplish set deals target last cost of item ought to be correct. This is additionally done by the showcasing direct

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