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    Sample of Global Marketing

    Introduction of Global Marketing

    Croove is car rental company which provides the car on the rent to the people who want do not always need their cars and to rent their cars for some days. The main objective of the Croove is to make use of the cars which are not used by the people frequently. This company also provide online services by their app. Anyone can rent his car using this app without waiting for long lines. They provide their service with 30% less expensive as compared to other car rental (Al‐Khatib, Al‐Habib and Salamah, 2016).  The Croove has planned to settle itself in the urban market of the Europe country. It has surveyed three countries to find the best potential market for its settlement. In this report, the main task to be performed are conduction of market audit and competitive analysis in the market. Further, to analyse the strengths and weakness of competitive marketing efforts.

    1. Internal analysis of Croove's company:

    Mercedes company Croove has created the car-sharing service that helps Munich houses to rent their car to each other. The main advantage of this company is that anyone whose car is not in use can give its car to this Mercedes company on rent by simply creating its profile and providing details of the car. Then the app will automatically suggest the suitable rental price to charge (Julian, Rezaei and Amin, 2014). Renters can find nearby cars through the app and request a reservation from the owner. After conforming the rentals request by the owner, they can change the keys by meeting each other or the renter can give the valet service charges for getting the delivery of the car. The renters have to make payment before pick up and this should be received by the owner after the end of rental period. The Mercedes has to ensure that it has to take care of the following things that needs to be take care while making the competitive analysis (van den Driest and Weed, 2014). The company must have the best car knowledge, superior communication skills, the easy availability of the car, ordering of the car is easy, the performance is nice, leadership in sales, easy accessibility, best delivery condition etc.

    The Internal competitive advantage of the Croove's company are as follows:

    Market position:

    The market position of the company increases when the impressive national, regional and country market is available.


    The company's experience should be known to the client so that they can estimate that how long the company is working and gaining the popularity.

    Distribution advantage:

    This is the knowledge of the physical location of the company so that fulfilment of the order can be done easily (Haffar, Al-Karaghouli and Ghoneim, 2013).

    Relations with Government:

    Customers should be given the benefits from the company side also. Working according to the government rules and regulation is unusual. The company's employees has to act as a advocate to their customers interests in dealing with legislative policies and initiatives.

    Substitute products and services:

    Becoming the one-stop company for the customer, the organization must have alliances and networking arrangements which can strengthens the whole quality of the goods and services.

    Production advantages:

    The Croove's company has the best equipments with nice access with their suppliers and therefore it is able to give explanation to the customers about their service.

    Best buying power:

    The company has great turnover on its business, having exclusive rights over its product and effectively impressed its suppliers then the customer should be aware of these details which can increase their confidence that they are dealing with best company.

    2. Evaluation of the product on the basis of its advantage, Compatibility and Complexity:

    The Mercedes company shares the platform for renting out the cars of the car owners  for making the use of idle cars. It allows people to give their cars on lease hire private cars with securely and reliably. The advantage of both the car owners and the leasers is that they leasers are getting the secure, comfortable and reliable mobility requirements without any fixed hired point. They are saving the money as compared to other car renters and they are sure that they are receiving the cars which they have requested. For car owners, the benefit is that are earning from their cars by giving it on the rent. The app is also proved to be useful for both as it gives all the details of the nearby car renters (zinkota and Pinkwart, 2014).  Croove has also launched the CASE product which stands for Connected(networking), Autonomous(autonomous driving), Shared & Services(flexible usage) and Electric(electric propulsion). All this factors helps the Croove company to turn the organization on the top in the market.

    This app has helped all the renters who get the valid license for their cars. Now they don't have to worry about their idle cars which has no importance during their work-time. Moreover, this app helps the people to get all information about their near locators and the renters. Also the app is the basis of the company's growth and success as all the users and renters can get details of the cars including the charges and price which they get on renting their car.

    2.1 Problems associated with the Product acceptability:

    There are various problems associated with the cars. For example, after giving the car on the rent it is not necessary that car will come back in proper condition. Sometimes accidents, fires and other factors damage the car completely and the company has to take the risk of it. At that time the company has to pay half and the renter also has to pay for it. The another factor that the company has to face is availability of the drivers. During festivals, there is shortage of drivers which leads to the negligence of the services and creates bad impression on the customers. The next problem can be of finance that the company has to face while promoting its product in new country(Brinker and McLellan, 2014). Next is the risk of failure of promotion of the service among the public which leads to less popularity of the service of the company. All this factor can be the reason for bad performance of the product.

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    3. Product in the Market of different countries:

    The company has to make proper analysis of the country in which it is going to promote its product. The Croove has decided to launch its product in three countries of Europe ie. Germany, France and UK. In Germany the market for launching the product is not risky as it is located in the center of the Europe country.  Specially Germans are not risk takers they like to be informed before making the decisions. The Croove has to be very careful before launching its service in the Germany as it is difficult to gain the support and trust from German people. The aggressive advertisements and sales pitches should be avoided and the best sales policies for the beginners would be done honestly and safely. While in France, it is  not so much easy to launch a  new product in its market though it is already successful. The three main challenges that the company has to take care while launching the product are to sell the product and give the new services which are different from the traditional services which are provided by the other companies. Next is to adapt the product that best fits to the market of the French. And the last one is to work with the team which are located outside of the France.

    In order to achieve the success in UK country, the Croove has to understand the theoretical concepts and has to apply in the business context. For successful promotion of the product in the UK market, the company has to clearly understand the characteristics of the UK market the culture and tradition of the people in the UK country so that it can successfully promote its product. However, the market values of the UK is simple. Here the people can easily understands the terms and services provided by the company. As this country is having greater ratio of the young population, it is easy to promote any service and product with ease. People can easily understand the company's new regulation (Sarkar, 2015).

    3.1 Distribution of the product

    The product that needs to be launched should be properly distributed in each and every area of the country. This requires proper distribution channels like transport facilities , media, and social networking sites so that the product should be easily available to the people. The distribution strategies like proper plans for the service availability etc. should be there for proper functioning of the company.

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    3.2 Advertising and Promotion of the product

    The Croove requires that the advertisements and promotion of the product should be done regularly with social media  and traditional media. The social marketing media is very effective and impressive as it has gain more popularity among the public. Nowadays the public of the country is using the internet and all the work of the country is based on online services. which helps in the advertisement of any product. The social media  is the best mean for the promotion of the products and services of any organization. The social networking sites are playing the crucial role in the market as all are connected with it. Any promotion to any issue in the country can be raised through the social media. The Croove has also taken help of the social media for promoting its services to the customers (Coleman, Cooke and Kochunny, 2015). The  company is making use of the app and websites for its promotion of the product and also this media proved to be helpful in increasing the economy and success. On the other hand, the social media marketing has many disadvantages of being hacked and may be affected by the viruses and confidential data stealer. The company has to be very careful for its confidential information which should not be public in the country. They have to maintain their privacy for the copyrights which helps them in building  successful growth.

    3.3 Market size for the product

    The Mercedes company Croove is planning to settle its business in the Europe Country so that he get more customers for renting the car from their owners. This organization has also removed its brand from the service and allowed all the branded company's to join them. This means that the company is planning for big and wants to lead the automobile industries on the top of its head in the market. According to the  report of McKinsey’s, the sharing of the car renters in the North America and Germany has increased by 30% annually in the past 30 years. And he also predicted that the Croove 's market will sell one in the ten cars by 2030. This has showed the good omen for the company's growing future (Ajagbe, Ogbari  and Isiavwe,  2015).

    3.4 Role of Government in the marketplace

    Government also plays the main role in achieving the peace and justice in the country. The government imposes tax on the company which wants to establish their company in their country. They also sign the contract in which the company has to follow the rules and regulation of the country in which it wants to settle its company. It also helps in establishing the company's business in order to increase its country's economy condition. Overall, both the government and the company have to cooperate with each other for their successful running (Goodrich and De Mooij, 2014).


    From this report, it can be concluded that the Croove is performing nice in the market. And it is also providing its service with less expenses to the people. It is also successful in building the trust of the people. Analyzing its wonderful success in Munich ,Mercedes has decided for settling its company in other urban markets like European countries. This report also shows that establishing the Croove's company in Europe country will be proved to be successful and can increase its growth with great success. The market of the UK is best for the settlement of the company as it is in the centre of Europe and for gaining its popularity among the Europeans.


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