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    Marketing is the study of management where they exchange relationship. Marketing is the business procedure which develop and create relationship with their customers. It is the set of activities and process of creating, communicating and delivering and exchanging offering which have value for customers, clients, partners at large scale. The organisation mainly focus on customers, marketing is one of the premier elements of business administration. It is the business term which defined the management procedures through which goods and services move from one place to another (Burns, Bush and Sinha, 2014). This includes recognising products, determining demand and needs, selecting distribution channels and also formulating and executing promotional strategy.

    The report is based on FitLife is a privately owned Australian health club chain along with 70 health clubs and 182000 active members in all over the country. They are delivering variety of products and services to their customers in the large market place. Along with this, the identify key provisions of legislation, code of practices and national standards which are related to marketing roles. In this, it is determine the concept of communication and how to process data or information in proper manner.

    Task 1

    Question 1

    Identify key provision of legislation, codes of practices and national standards relevant to marketing roles

    Legislation, codes of practice and national standards help an industry to set out its own standards. There are usually two code of practice that are mandatory code of practice which provides minimum standard of protection to customers (Fine, 2017). Where as voluntary code of practice which is flexible in nature can be change according to the need and demand of customers.

    Identify two key legislation, two codes of practice and two national standards


    Getting approval and use of effective marketing practices. Secondly, collaboratively work with legal and compliance to develop safeguards that simultaneously mitigate risk and protect integrity of marketing risk.

    Code of Practice: 

    there are basically two code of practice of marketing. They are mandatory and voluntary code of practice of doing marketing roles in competitive market.

    National Standards:

    National standards Strategy of United States and National occupational standards

    Describe the provisions of each legislation, code and standard


     It is important for an organisation to get approval before starting its business (Hill and Martin, 2014). In order to effective marketing without any misconduct and satisfying customer's needs.

    Code of practise:

    The code of practice indicates do mandatory and ethical practices of marketing services in effective manner.

    National standards:

    A government has set some standards as this standards differ from state to state. According to  the standards organisation carry out their marketing activities.

    Provide an example of required action to address each provision


    For example: Approval for doing business which are hazardous in nature. Such as chemical factory.

    Code of practice:

    For example: By engaging a Message Service Provider to send a Commercial Communication developed by the advertising company

    National Standards:

    For example:  Such as in United States, doing marketing activities according to the National Standards strategies of United States.

    Question 2

    Identify three communication concepts

    Three basic communication concepts that can be used for communicating messages are : promotion, advertising and publicity. 

    Describe the typical process of each concept

    Promotion : 

    Process of promotion includes problem definition, setting objectives, designing of proper promotional mix, planning of overall programme, pre-testing, implementation, monitoring and lastly evaluation takes place.

    Advertising :

    Process of advertising is enclosed with setting interest, demand for benefits, selection of products, picking up targeted audience, selecting media mode, building up a proper ad, testing and measure the results in last (Chandon, Laurent and Valette-Florence, 2016).

    Publicity :

    This process is enclosed with trusted relationships, listening, providing all the information and lastly media coaching takes place.

    Question 3

    Describe the typical process involved in each method

    Batch data processing :-

    This involves processing data among groups (batch) in periodic intervals. It is basically utilised when transaction activities stays low or in the form of periodic. Therefore, it is efficient for processing large amount of data, where information is collected over a certain period of time. For example- Payroll and billing system.

    Real time processing :-

    Under this system, assigned task have to be completed in short period of time. It is generally used by Point of Sale system to update for updating inventories and access previous information and sales of particular items. It helps organisations to do payments in real time manner.  

    Question 4

    Describe the typical process involved in each technique

    In research, project makers use various types of data analysis technique to collect and analyse the data. It includes qualitative and quantitative techniques as shown below:

    Qualitative technique:

    It includes exploratory research which is used for understanding the reasons, motives and opinions behind a research (Pandža Bajs, 2015). It includes methods like individual interview and group discussion.

    Quantitative technique:

    It is used for quantifying the problem by analysing in numerical manner, where data can be transformed into statistics. In this regard, researchers can use online survey, face-to-face interviews etc. for analysing the data.

    Question 5

    Identify two design of samples in probability sampling and two designs of samples in non-probability sampling

    Probability sampling is a sampling technique in which sample from large population are chosen using a method based on theory of probability. Samples in probability sampling are Simple random sampling and Stratified random sampling. Moreover, two non-probability sampling are quota sampling and convenience sampling.

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    Describe the typical process of each design

    Probability sampling:

    It can be defined as a method which is used for choosing a sample from a large population. It will help in conducting the further activities of research where some questions are asked to selected respondents in order to take their opinion (Du Preez and Bendixen, 2015). This method includes simple random, stratified, cluster and systematic random sampling. In present research, simple random has taken for selecting the candidates on random basis from large population.

    Non-Probability sampling:

    Under this method, researchers chose respondents on subjective basis instead of random (Mokhtar, Yusoff and Ahmad, 2014). It includes various techniques like quota, purposive and convenience sampling. Therefore, respondents are chosen as per conveyance of researchers for further analysing.  

    Question 6

    Explain the development and use of hypotheses in market research

    The research hypothesis can be describe as a specific, clear and testable proposition or predicative statement which is related to significant outcome of scientific study of research that related to specific property of population, such as prediction of different or relationship between  groups on a particular variable.

    Explain the process of developing hypothesis in market research

    For developing a hypothesis in market research, it is necessary for researchers to identify the area of interest. After then develop a hypothesis on which outcomes of research can be measured.

    Explain how this hypothesis is used in market research

    In market research, hypothesis can be used to measure effectiveness of outcomes. It helps in forming questions, performing background research, creating a hypothesis, designing an experiment, collecting and analysing the data, withdraw valid conclusions etc. Thus, hypothesis is considered as main aspect of any research on which entire investigation and result is based. It also predicts the relationship of two or more variables in research.  

    Question 7

    Explain research reporting formats in market research

    It includes the structure of entire repot i.e. research title, abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, discussion, result, conclusion, appendices and reference list. Here title describes the main topic on which entire research is based or on which investigation has to be done. While abstract highlights brief discussion about research title and introduction shows the purpose for conducting investigation. It includes aims, objectives and research questionnaire to address specific issues (Samiee, Chabowski and Hult, 2015). Furthermore, literature review entails perceptions of various authors and writers on given research question.

    This would help in analysing entire concept through which aims and objectives can be achieved. Along with this, methodologies show different aspects through which information can be gathered and analysed in deep manner. It includes research approaches, philosophies, qualitative and quantitative data, etc. Similarly, discussion show interpretation and findings of entire data collected under literature review and research methodologies. Result shows outcomes and valid conclusion of research for which investigation has done. The final part is conclusion that highlights summary of entire report. After than reference list shows names of books and some journals.

    Question 8

    Describe the roles of qualitative research in market research

    Quantitative research in marketing is usually done before launching product at marketplace directly. Through this process, project makers can analyse the demand of customers and opinion of them towards new product. This would lead to get success of achievement of objectives.  

    Describe the roles of quantitative research in market research

    Market research is considered as most vital part in success of any business of a company.it helps in analysing the attitudes and preference of customers so that products can be offered accordingly. In context with quantitative research, it aid researchers in organisation collected information into numerical manner. This would help in analysing data more appropriately i.e. analyse customer behaviour towards particular product in proper way.  

    Describe the uses of qualitative research in market research

    This method is usually use in case of new product development, where opinion of each respondent is evaluated by conducting survey in deep manner. So, it helps in analysing strengths and weaknesses of product or service of a company as per each customer.

    Describe the uses of quantitative research in market research

    Quantitative research generally involves questionnaire and survey method to analyse the behaviour of customers. For this purpose, face-o-face interviews or other questionnaire methods are conducted for market survey. Thus, this type of research is used to extrapolate the required findings and drill down information as well to understand how respondents will be responded.

    Question 9

    Identify three survey instruments 

    Survey methods are generally used to gather relevant information about a particular topic in a research. It includes various instruments like online survey, telephone survey, face-to-face interviews and more (Strauss and Frost, 2016). Each of these methods has own advantages and disadvantages. For example- Through online survey like emailing, research can be conducted on large numbers of respondents. But if they didn’t respond on time then it delays the complete process of research. Similarly, telephonic survey seems to be best where views of every users can be taken easily. But it affects the reliability of data as well. Apart from this, face-to-face interview method gives original and reliable information but it will consume much time also.

    Describe three characteristics of each instrument

    Online survey:

    • Precisely structured survey questions.
    • Clearly defined targeted sample in a research.
    • Easy to collect and analyse respondents’ feedback.

    Telephonic survey:

    • Identifying the marketing research objectives.
    • Pilot test can be done to enhance effectiveness of questionnaire.
    • Easy to conduct and consumes less time as well.

    Face-to-Face interview:

    • High response rates.
    • Better observation of behaviour.
    • Tolerable longer interviews.

    TASK 2

    2.1 Develop research objectives for the project

    Research objective define all major factors of methodology which includes data collection, analysis and recommendation of whole project in proper manner.


    • To determine the concept of marketing.
    • To identify main issues and problems which occurs while conducting marketing activities.
    • To analyse various ways through which FitLife can attain their organizational goals.
    • To assess the benefits and drawbacks of marketing activities within an organisation.
    • To recognise various factors that directly affect on FitLife business operations.

    2.2 Develop research questions for one research objectives


    • What is the concept of marketing ?
    • What are the main issues and  problems which occurs while conducting marketing activities ?
    • How to analyse various ways through which FitLife can attain with set organisational goals ?
    • What are the main benefits and drawbacks of marketing activities within an organisation ?
    • What are the various factors that directly affect on FitLife business operations ?

    2.3 Develop hypothesis for each research question

    What is the concept of marketing?

    According to Tadajewski (2015) Marketing and marketing concept is a set of strategies that almost all firms undertake and implement with the idea of growth and development of a firm. This concept helps a business entity in satisfying customers needs and requirements by bringing about any necessary changes required. Marketing a product or service also helps business concerns in increasing their sales and maximising their profit level. These strategies of effective marketing also improve a company's position in competitive market. There are basically five major marketing concepts production, product, selling, marketing and societal marketing as well.

    Marketing department of a business concern helps in strategy and policy formulation. Main aim of these strategies and policies is to develop and build profitable and healthy relationships with target customers that lead to retaining customers for a longer period of time.  Marketing deals with assessment of needs and requirements of consumers as customers are king of market in today's world. It also promotes effectiveness in decision making practices .

    What are the main issues and problems which occur while conducting marketing activities ?

    According to views of Ekinci, Uray and Ãœlengin (2014) Marketing and marketing concept is a set of strategies that almost all firms undertake and implement with the idea of growth and development of a firm. This concept helps a business entity in satisfying customers needs and requirements by bringing about any necessary changes required. Marketing a product or service also helps business concerns in increasing their sales and maximising their profit level. Marketing deals with assessment of needs and requirements of consumers as customers are king of market in today's world. It also promotes effectiveness in decision making practices.

    There are numerous issues that occur in a business concern while adopting marketing strategies. One product is many times not as per ever person's liking or taste (Erevelles, Fukawa and Swayne, 2016).

    So managers of FitLife should always target a larger section and develop products that are of liking of more people. Next issue is which segments are cost effective and easy to reach. It is not always possible that a cost effective method is available which helps managers to reach markets at less prices. How best marketing tools and techniques can be introduced by managers.

    Effective marketing strategies are very essential for growth and development of a product.  Managers sometimes face issues like adopting a wrong situation in a wrong market or product chosen may be less effective.

    How to analyse various ways through which FitLife can attain with set organisational objectives?

    Goals and objectives are major targets of a business concern which it works for. Mangers of FitLife should ensure that goals and objectives are specified clearly (Bruhn and Schnebelen, 2017). Managers should always adopt objectives which are realistic in nature and can be achieved within set time frames. There are basically seven key points that will ensure that managers of FitLife achieve their goals and objectives on a timely basis. These points are defined and mentioned as under:

    • Managers should always clearly define goals and objectives of Fit Life to its employees
    • Ensuring that these goals and objectives are clearly understood by all employees working in a business entity.
    • Goals are not something to be forgotten and should be followed always on a regular basis.
    • Building blocks initiatives should be clearly stated by managers so that goals can become easy and be achieved in real life situations.

    By working on these points, managers of Fit Life will be able to achieve their goals and objectives on a timely basis. This will further aid in growth and profit maximisation. To assess the benefits and drawbacks of marketing activities within an organisation.

    To assess the benefits and drawbacks of marketing activities within an organisation.

    Benefits of marketing activities:

    • Visibility of Fit Life is increased as people become aware of brand (Almquist, 2014). People become cognizant of brand and they are able to recognise it.
    • Everlasting relationship is created with gathering. It develop trust and loyalty with prospects and customers.
    • People visits website of Fit Life to know more about them which leads to traffic on site which in turn provides a platform to communicate with people.
    • Marketing helps people to visit through products which are produced by Fit Life and they can effectively get into decision which is better.

    Drawbacks of marketing activities:

    • It becomes difficult to identify which all contents should be displayed to get eye of customer's.
    • When specific audiences are not targeted by Fit Life then advertisements has to be given on number of television and radio stations so that every person is reached.
    • Mails sent by Fit life may be treated as junk which can annoy customers by junk campaigns sent by mails.
    • Cost is increased, when Fit Life gives advertisement in magazines or newspapers it can lead to high expense.

    To recognise various factors that directly affect on Fit Life business operations.

    It has been analysed that organisation goes through different stages or processes which are being affected by different external factors. Pestle of Fit Life has been analysed which is shown below:

    • Political Factors: Regulation and de-regulation trends can directly impact business organisation they are performing business at international level. As excess duties are different at different places and they can have adverse impact on export and import.
    • Economical Factors: When rules and regulations are made by government then they can impact Fit Life as when inflation rate is changed then it will have direct impact on customers pocket.
    • Social Factors: Life style choices can also impact Fit Life as lyfestyle choices of people will vary and their attitude can be different for different products which can impact their overall profit.
    • Technological Factors: Technology is emerging rapidly if Fit Life do not accept change and do not use it then it will affect services being offered by them.
    • Environmental Factors: Fit life can be affected by surrounding environment due to recycling procedures, carbon footprint and waste disposal.
    • Legal Factors:Laws made by Fit Life can have affects on organisation. These both situations are kept in mind while making strategies.

    2.4 Identify and develop data collection method

    Survey is the best method which help in collecting and gathering data regarding interest of population. There are various types of surveys and different ways to manage such activities and functions in better manner (Anker and et. al., 2015). The research method can provide broad capability that will make sure about gather target results or outcomes through which they can draw conclusion in valid way and also make important decisions which are required for company welfare. This data collection method is conducted because it will be used to enhancing knowledge in every field that includes social research. Along with this, it can be used to assess opinions, thoughts and ideas for describe the nature of respondents regarding company products and services. Survey can be specific and limited and they have more widespread and global.

    2.5 Identify options for quantifying data


    Q.1. Do you think implementing effective marketing techniques aid Fitlife in attaining its goals and objectives?

    a) Yes                                                    b) No

    Q.2. What are the main benefits of conducting marketing activities for Fitlife?

    a) Enhancing customer base            

    b) Promoting business               

    c) Increasing Brand Reputation

    Q.3. Do you think Fitlife give effective services to its customers?

    a) Yes                                                    b) No

    2.6 Test and amend survey tools

    Recorded data refers the procedure which help in gathering and collecting information from all the relevant methods and sources in order to find out specific answer of the research issue and problem (Homburg, Joziġ and Kuehnl, 2017). Recording data is the method which is mainly divided into two types such as primary and secondary. In this, primary data is used for collecting and gathering accurate data and information relevant to the research topic. On the other hand, secondary method is used for assembling previous data that are written by writers and authors.

    It is required for researcher is to collate data which are useful while making research report. The collection of accurate data and information help in gaining relevant facts and figures in proper manner. There are various methods and sources through which an investigator can gather data such as qualitative, quantitative, primary and secondary method. These are useful sources that can be used for attaining desired goals and targets by collecting authentic facts and figures.

    TASK 3

    3.1 Interpret market research plans to identify potential respondents

    It is required for researcher is to conduct research for collect accurate data and information which help in arranging or organising the specific topic of investigation (Bacile, Yeand Swilley, 2014). There are various resources which directly affect on business operations and functions effectively. They are set up environment and techniques in order to analyse their view and reviews of respondent regarding specific products. While arranging resources for gathering and collecting data through using of survey and examination of whole market place. There are some of the resources which can be used at the time of developing and conducting research report such as pens, papers, previous records and data of different authors and so more. They are set up audio visual and telecommunication equipment in order to developing and completing research project.

    3.2 Identify respondents in line with research principles

    In order to gather adequate information related to marketing, project makers of Fitlife have chosen 10 respondents from 100 size of population. This would help in easily analysing the data by taking feedback of respective participants through face-to-face interviews.  

    3.3 Recruit respondents in line with organisational requirements

    In order to introduce participants in survey, researchers have used online techniques of recruitment. Here, a proper analysis is given on company’s website where viewers are asked to make participation of them in survey. This would help in getting a list of respondents from whom a sample is collected more easily (McDonald and Wilson, 2016). For this process, terms and policies of research also used where to take responses it has viewed personally that same respondent will not repeat in further analysis. This would lead to prevent customer from frustration by taking their interviews in repetitive manner.

    TASK 4

    4.1 Prepare and arrange resources for data gathering

    For gathering information, researchers have used both primary and secondary resources. Here under primary resource, they have taken survey by selecting a sample from a large population. While views and opinion of experts have taken by using secondary resources.  

    4.2 Gather and record data and information using tools

    In order to gather relevant information about marketing and its efficiencies, project makers have used questionnaire method. Here face-to-face interviews have taken of 10 respondents who are selected on random basis from a large population of size 100.

    4.3 Store information and data

    Information and data collected by both primary and secondary resource are stored under hard disk using cloud computing technology by project makers.

    TASK 5

    5.1 Process data and information for analysis

    Theme 1: Marketing techniques help Fitlife in achieving its goals and objectives

    Q.1. Do you think implementing effective marketing techniques aid Fitlife in attaining its goals and objectives?


    a)  Yes


    b)   No


    Theme 2: Marketing techniques aid in enhancing customer base

    Q.2. What are the main benefits of conducting marketing activities for Fitlife?


     a) Enhancing customer base             


    b) Promoting business               


    c) Increasing Brand Reputation


    Theme 3: Fitlife provides effective services

    Q.3. Do you think Fitlife give effective services to its customers?


    a)  Yes


    b)   No



    5.2 Apply data analysis techniques

    Theme 1:


    Theme 2:


    Theme 3:


    5.3 Summarise and findings

    Theme 1:

    It has interpreted from above mentioned graph that 8 respondents out of 10 believe that marketing techniques help Fitlife in promoting its business. Through this process, it can attain its aims and objectives in set period of time. While remaining 2 respondents are not in favour of this statement.

    Theme 2:

    From this graph, it has analysed that 4 users from each sample of 10 have stated that marketing techniques helps in enhancing customer base to Fitlife. While 3 users state that it will aid to promote business in higher manner. Other than this, 3 respondents are in favour with enhancing brand reputation.

    Theme 3:

    It has interpreted from this graph that 8 respondents out of 10 are satisfied with services offered by Fitlife. While other 2 are not much satisfied.  

    TASK 6

    6.1 Collate and assess findings to produce report

    • Introduction

    Marketing refers to promote product in order to make people aware about the same and boost up sales to gain more profits problem (Kumar, 2015). It involves the criteria to conduct more effective as well as efficient procedures or activities for promoting and selling products in respect of earning better profits. However, marketing is necessary to provide information about goods and its attractive features so that brand image of company can be increased in market along with grabbing more profit share of market successfully (Leung, Bai and Stahura, 2015). In addition to this, FitLife can implement appropriate methods of marketing strategies for increasing awareness about their health care products so that people can get appropriate benefits to remain well being.

    At the other hand, it is essential for overall legislation, codes of practices and national standards while conducting effective promotional activities in appropriate manner. It involves to obey legal rules and codes of practices of marketing to put efforts in correct direction in order to attaining desired sales outcomes of business. Meanwhile, it is necessary for FitLife to promote effectiveness of their healthcare product and services so that people prefer this organisation to fulfil their actual requirements to remain healthy.

    Research design

    The research design can be described as an appropriate arrangement of situations or collections in order conduct the overall research procedure properly. It is necessary to implement required approaches, methods and information collecting data which provide support to make accurate conclusions of results on the given topic. However, research design includes it several types including exploratory, descriptive and experimental in which most suitable one is used in correct manner. Meanwhile, there are two types of research such as qualitative and quantitative which is based on type of data collected to make results of overall investigation about marketing.  Moreover, qualitative means to collect data by observation & interviews whereas quantitative refers to measurable quantities, statics etc.

    In addition to this, primary and secondary data can be used to collect required information about legislation and codes of practices relevant to marketing and their importance (Fuller,  2016). It involves primary sources such as interviews, survey and observations but at the other hand secondary sources includes books, journals, articles, magazines etc. moreover, secondary sources of data collection are utilised in order to gain sufficient information to make correct conclusions of research. The research methods are necessary to be selected accurately in terms of conducting overall investigation properly in make more accurate results.

    Findings and discussion

    The findings of research can be analysed with the help of questionnaire by selecting group of respondents to gain proper information to get appropriate findings. Data analysis can be explained as a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modelling data with the goal of analysing important information about specific topic or (Kim, et. al., 2014). Sampling is carried out randomly to select desired group of respondents and take their views about different themes based questions to analyse the appropriate result. Moreover, the effective questionnaire is required to be prepared including several questions with multiple choices for answering them which provide support to evaluate possibility in percentage of different optional aspects for particular theme.

    At the other hand, graphical representation can be used to express the findings of research marketing legislation and codes of practices and their impacts on business procedures. However, different respondents provide their own views about following legal norms so that particular marketing activity will not harm anyone’s personal values and cultural beliefs. Moreover, national standards are helpful to ensure correct direction of conducting marketing activities by given organisation which facilitate to improve goodwill in market. Additionally, it will result into properly achieving set targets of promotional procedures by gaining positive response of customers.


    From the above report, it has been recommended that health rules and codes of practices are very important to follow them for conducting promotional activities more effectively. It is helpful to provide correct path for carrying out marketing procedures which facilitate to boost up brand image in market in respect of earning better profits. Moreover, national standards of marketing should be maintained as they facilitate to conduct promotional activity in such a manner so that it will not harm any religious or cultural values. In addition to this, it is suggested that given research should be carried out by following ethical considerations like honesty, dedication, hard work and maintaining confidentiality of desired information.

    6.2 Communicate research findings to relevant personnel

    The above research is concluding that marketing activities should be carried out by following desired legislation, codes of practices and national standards to gain better outcomes of them. However, it is required to make presentation about investigating marketing and relevant aspects including their effectiveness should be prepared for presenting the same amongst stakeholders. Moreover, it is helpful to convey them about requirement to obey legal norms along with their necessity and benefits for given organisation so that they will make appropriate decision regarding the same for welfare of business.


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