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    Understanding Specific Needs

    Introduction to Specific Needs in Health and Social Care Sector

    In any health and social care sector the most important role played by their workers. There are several roles and responsibilities of them with respect to understanding the specific needs and requirements of the patients. By fulfilling all their duties effectively they can perform their tasks efficiently and provide right services at right time. With the help of this all the effective services can be delivered at the time of particular need. The present report is based on the understanding of how people with diverse and specific needs are identified and to examine the health and social care systems (Holland and Hogg, 2010). Several concepts and models related to the health, disability, illness and behavior both historically and culturally will be described in this study. In addition to this, the study also depicts about the various government approaches including medical and technological advances. With the help of this they can promote the autonomy and empowerment for service users. Further, there are various professional values and principle through which service provider can provide effective services to all their users.


    Understanding the concept of disability, illness and behavior in relation to users

    All the users of health and social care service must be suffering from various disabilities as well as illness. Disability can be defined as a factor that might affect the physical and mental condition of person. A person who has any kind of disabilities is unable to carry out different daily activities. He/she might be feeling under pressure and it is quite difficult to follow all their routine activities in an effective manner (Moran, 2005). Moreover, disabilities can take place due to the several reasons and different types of injuries as well as other severe impairments. It is the concept which evolves due to the results of interaction between the persons and with impairments and features of the socioeconomic environment in which a person lives. On the other hand, illness is the circumstance which affects the body and mind of persons. If a person is suffering from any kind of illness then he/she is not able to carry out such type things which usually performed by them on normal basis. In order to define it in an effective manner it can be easily determined that it mayor not be related to disease. It is a state in which a person's physical, emotional, intellectual, social or spiritual functions are diminished. It is state where a person feels several alterations in the body and it may leads to reduce the capacity of their body. From both this concepts it has been identified that while suffering from various disabilities and disease people can feel several changes in their behavior (Ring, 2008). It is an activity which is performed by one person towards another. Further, behavior should be good and a person might react very patiently in every situation so that they can easily overcome with the problems they are facing.

    Perception of specific needs have changed over the time

    Awareness of health and social care workers about the understanding of specific needs of all their patients has changed over time. In the past year health patients are not give that much important and they do not take in positive treatment and consideration. Nowadays people are much more concern about their health and they are expecting health and clean environment from every healthcare sector. Moreover, it can be defined in such a way that all the healthcare organizations should maintain neat and clean environment so that people will feel health and get the environment as per their needs and requirements (Tummey and Turner, 2008). In addition to thus, there are various activities such as cigarettes smoking and drinking need not be followed by the people at the time of care. These are the several essential elements that should be strictly followed by people. It is also necessary to provide proper emotional and mental support to all the children's as they are very much caring.

    Parents are taking too much care of all their children's and they are emotionally week. For this purpose, health and social care needs to understand the changing perception of people and help them in a same way. In the past years the overall responsibilities of the children's largely relies in the hands of the parents only. But this perception was changing over the time and children's are relieving their pressure to the different health and social care workers and they should be take care of their children's (Wilson, 2002). Government also plays an important role in and they are directing their varied efforts towards protein the children. In addition to this, it can be clearly defined that nowadays each person is shall be considered as liable for the incidence if death is caused to the person that has specific need. Nowadays people with complex needs giving the challenge to the government and they are using various approaches related to the medical and technological advances. There are various developments in the field of treatment and patients are much more inclined towards the highly advanced technologies and it may leads to changing their perception about health and social care.

    Impact of legislation, social policy, society and culture on the service delivery

    There are various services that are made available to the individuals by following various legislations, social policy as well as culture. It causes significant impact on the different ways through which services are made available for individuals for their specific needs. There are various legislations made by the government which highly supports the needs of an individual such as Children Act 2004, The Health and Social Care Act 2008 and the policy like every child matters etc. The Health and Social Care Act 2008 describes that all the needs and requirements of the children's are highly supported (Currid, 2008). With the help of this Act the service delivery of healthcare individuals can be improved their services and represent this in an effective way. In addition to this, Children Act 2004 act is made by the UK government in order to provide higher protection to all those children's who that are disabled and cannot be able to carry out protection on their own. These laws are mandatory and it is quite essential for all the healthcare organizations to follow these laws. Sometimes it might affect the delivery of services and it may leads to decrease the performance of company. By complying these policies various issues followed by organization as well as their users can be resolved. They can act as a culture of protective environment which leads to decrease the incidences like abuses on children.

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    TASK 2

    Care needs of individuals with specific needs

    As per the research in local area of London it has been founded that there are some people who are facing mentally challenged disorder named as schizophrenia. There are various care needs that are linked with the various individuals nowadays. There are various facilities needs to provide for young people with schizophrenia (Lester and Glasby, 2006). It is a mental disorder often characterized by the abnormal social behavior. It highly affects the way a person acts and sees the world; most of these cases appear in the late teens and early adulthood. It can ever affect young children's and serve more than in men rather than women. The love and support of family plays an important role in the treatment of schizophrenia. For all the family members it is important to accept the illness and its difficulties and maintain a sense of humor. In addition to this, dealing with a family member's schizophrenia is quite difficult and a person needs not to do it alone. People are moving towards the organizations that that brings more opportunities for them. Different needs of individuals can be measured by the emotional, social, physical and language need. In all this condition person needs full support and care so that they can easily get overcome with all the problems they are facing (Duquenoy, George and Kimppa, 2008). As per schizophrenia condition it can be clearly defined that emotional needs represents the mental requirement of a person. It mainly represents the feelings of people such as love, fear, anxiety etc. It is quite essential for health care workers to provide full emotional and mental level support to all those people so that they will feel like emotionally attached with each other. According to National institute of mental health, a proper treatment can help relieve many of the symptoms of schizophrenia. In addition to this, social needs also plays an important role as it helps in giving utmost support, care and love to all the people.

    Current systems for supporting individuals with specific needs

    There are several people facing different problems and it is difficult to develop a system to support the people with complex needs. In order to support the needs of individuals it is quite essential for them to develop a system in which they can easily understand the diverse needs of different people. Current system operating within an organization mainly supports to focus on providing more inclusive services to all their users by following all the roles and responsibilities presented by them (Jaffe, Nash and et.al. 2006). Each and every individual have different roles and duties and it is quite essential for them to follow all the duties very effectively and supportively. In order to support the schizophrenia, a care system should be developed by the healthcare organization for the support of all their local area people. They can adopt the advanced medical treatment tools such as medical informatics network tool (MINT). With the help of this software system they can support the management of care for chronic illness.

    This system helps in improving the clinical information, facilitating teamwork as well as allowing management for health care quality. In order to resolving the conflicts of schizophrenia there have been dramatic advances in its treatment. A structured psychological treatment allows ill people to live successfully and improve their functioning. Further, people belong to diverse culture and range (Tummey and Turner, 2008). There are different languages, traditions that everyone follows and might affect the care needs of individual as per their language and traditions. It is necessary to understand the needs of people who belong to diverse range. Most of the healthcare organizations are trying to developing the health and social care systems in which services are designed to meet these various needs within their socio-legal, political and cultural context (Wilson, 2002). In addition to this advanced technologies help the health care sector in supporting the individual's needs and providing love, affection and full care to schizophrenia patient.

    Services available in a chosen locality for individuals with specific needs

    Within the framework of the Care Value Base and against other relevant legislation introduced within the last 20 years there are various local services that has been provided to all the users suffering from this problem. Moreover, it is being determined that schizophrenia is a serious brain disorder and it is not only related to an individual but also affects the overall family related to that person (Moran, 2005). In any specific area there are different services available for treating such patients. Further, it is determined that one of the best services that should be provided to schizophrenia patient is a support group. People of different local area can call the support group in order to provide full support to the people who are suffering from such disease. Further, different community care home or group home can also be available for the different area and professional as well as trained staff can be available there to support. There are various legislations have been made by the government in last 20 years for giving specific care to individuals needs such as mental capacity and mental health legislation. The Mental Capacity Act 2005 formalizes the area whether the patient is mentally capable of making decisions or not. This legislation is specifically made for the people who are facing mental disorders. Further The Mental Health Act describes very limited circumstances (Repper and Perkins, 2003). According to this law patient can be file a case if he/she can be forced to be hospitalized for the treatment against their wishes.

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    TASK 3

    Initiatives taken by the government

    There are several initiatives taken by the government in order to promoting the empowerment of young vulnerable adults and fostering the autonomy. These strategies can be defined as interventions strategies. It is an act that generally exercised within care homes and it mainly works to improve all the measures. There are various factors comprises such as guardianship, advocacy etc (Saga, 2005). For promoting the empowerment it is necessary requirement for any escape from poverty and hunger. For this purpose it is necessary to access all the productive resources. Further, government plays an important role through which they can create a supportive system within an economy. Further government can empower the young people with continuous guidance and counseling. They allow young people to take participation in various decision making process. Further, government also develops a support plan by taking help to the parents of young people. With the help of the multi agency system they can provide effective treatment to all the individuals. This system mainly involves different hospitals, organizations, councilors as well as institutions etc. With the help of this they can easily provide effective treatment to all their patients (Tummey and Turner, 2008). There are various initiative have been taken by the government that highly supports to be overcoming with the issues faced by the patients. Different agencies provide different therapies and treatment such as counseling, meditation, medical treatment etc. It helps the patients of schizophrenia and it is highly successful for overcoming with this problem.

    Significance of government initiatives

    These are the different initiatives taken by government which are considered to be valuable. With the help of different strategies people are becoming much more aware about these types of disease and it also possesses high degree of importance in relation to improving health conditions of young people. Government has taken an effective step of research and development through which different health and social care workers can adopt various advanced technologies through which they can turn up their services and all the medical treatment with the help of the technological based equipment (Ring, 2008). Government also initiated awareness in context of providing utmost care and attention to such patient so that they can feel mentally and emotionally attached. With the help of creating awareness professionals are considered to guide family and friends to providing adequate care to all the individuals. It can be defined as a peer-support for them and it helps them in fulfilling their needs. By multi agency system patient can get most of the services and care to their nearest hospitals and care centers. It makes an environment through which people can discuss about their problems and interact with each other. It is the most appropriate method for treatment.

    Impact of on-going government developments

    Nowadays most of the cases related to the specific needs of people are increasing. In order to overcome with such issues government has taken various initiatives through which they can easily improve their support system with an economy. There is increasing number of on-going development activities takes place by the government in order to create more secure environment and support system for young vulnerable (Repper and Perkins, 2003). With the help of these there is a high transformation within the services of young vulnerable adults provided by government. They are motivated to bring code under which they the job retention for such individuals is emphasize. There are various acts and legislations are formulated by government to protect the right of individuals. It has positive impact on the health and mental conditions of individuals. Government of the country is trying to creating a positive environment where the proper support system is being carried out. With the help of this they can easily create successful environment and cure of diseases is going to be developed.

    TASK 4

    The susceptible adult can be referring as an adult child whose behavior is completely immature. There is various challenging behavior that is faced by the parents of the adult child and they are required to provide to full support and care. Various disorders can be measures in adult such as remember things, learning disabilities, slow understanding. One of the most challenging behaviors for them is to distinguish different things and deciding best suitable course of actions. Further, due to various disabilities individuals can face several issues such as understanding simple concepts etc. It is necessary for them to consider small actions such as reading books, walking etc (Newell and Gournay, 2007). These are the quite difficult task for them and they require proper morale support as well as extra care and support as they are unable to make themselves fit among the people of their own age.

    In order to improve the situations vulnerable adults there are various strategies can be adopted. Any individual faced physical disorder are sometimes shows high level of aggression and it is necessary for all the health and social care worker as well as their family member to deal with them in a different and appropriate manner. Specialist needs to support all the activities of vulnerable adults. They need to provide them continuous guidance as well as various counseling sessions so that create a sense of belongingness in them (Larkin, 2011). Regular training makes them feel comfortable and it is also necessary to show them extra concern and care.


    From the present report it is concluded that health of every individual is considered as an important factor. All the specific needs of the individuals should be fulfilled so that they can easily overcome with the problems faced by them. Moreover, the disease such as schizophrenia is finding to be widely spread among citizens of UK and government has taken various initiatives for vulnerable adults are discussed.


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