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    Sample on Journal Article Evaluation

    Introduction to Journal Article Evaluation

    Corporate Social Responsibility is the trending topic of the present era and every company aims to comply by the norms laid by the government so as to survive in the market for the longer period. The present research is conducted to provide the readers an idea about the how Journals can be evaluated. Furthermore, the report presents a clear distinction of two articles on the chosen topic i.e CSR and based on these several recommendations have also been provided to the author.


    Stakeholder Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) Of Multinational Companies in China

    The present article is in context with the growth of MNC's in developing nations. In the modern era of liberalization and globalization, these companies are at vague in regards with the corporate Social responsibility. The big multi national companies are facing issues regarding what is to be done in order to generate profit and meet the requirements and expectations of its stakeholders. These company uses some of the statistical tools and stakeholder analysis in order to portray that they are meeting the general CSR requirements. It has been analysed that 11 MNC's of China have adopted certain CSR practices and methods. Several research has demonstrated that the MNC's of developed countries are using a different ways and process of satisfying the needs of Corporate Social Responsibility.

    1. Principle trends driving the corporate ethics

    From the overview of the above article it can be stated that, several large business enterprise are using there own norms and practices to comply by the CSR regulations. With the urge of increasing the profit and expanding its operations the large enterprises of United States are going global so as to explore the new resources and market (Vogel and Trapp, 2014). This the key principle of the current article. Several organizations are developing their own practices and methods to operation in the another country so as to meet their economies of scale. Apart from this, it can also be ascertained that the growing power of these multinational companies have caused the government of the particular country to concentrate on the several CSR activities. Furthermore, the corporate and social activities are also been spreading the through the wise use of the media. It aids in providing information to several corners of the globe.

    2. Importance of the article

    The current article is chosen to provide the readers with the insight of importance and use of Corporate social responsibilities in the the business context. This article also highlights the various aspects of business and varied policies that the present Multinational companies are being adopting to meet the requirements of corporate ethics and sustainability. However, there are many companies that are paying special attention to the CSR issues so as to ascertain the leading position in the market (Schneider and Schmidpeter, 2012). The current article also presents the knowledge and understanding of the use of stakeholder matrix and group interview practice conducted by the MNC's of china in order to meet the expectations of all the people and the society as a whole. It is important so as to derive knowledge regarding the varied practices adopted by these companies in the emerging as well as their home country.

    3. Recommendation regarding the article

    It has been suggested that the author could have still made efforts to provide an in-depth knowledge regarding the several CSR techniques and methods that are used by the MNC's of china. Additionally, it can also be stated that the author is successful in raising several question in the minds of the readers such as: The manner in which the MNC's of china is working, its varied key stakeholders and what are their expectations from the company, is the organization successful in meeting the CSR requirements? Although, a clear distinctive narration shall be made by the author and its shall have addressed some of the questions so as to provide a clear picture and scenario of the current position and practices of these enterprises. Overall the article has been placed in an appropriate manner.

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    A Stakeholder Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility: A Fresh Perspective into Theory and Practice

    Another article that is chosen for the present study relates to the corporate Social Responsibility and its role in the development of the society of international as well as national market. This article provides an overview of the several theories that are concerned with CSR approaches. Further more, it can be analysed that the role of CSR in the development of society and its various aspects and practices followed in diverse continents. In regards to the above stated points, this article presents a stakeholder framework in order to determine the CSR approach by exercising a sample of Lebanese and Syrian organizations and based on this study conclusions are been drawn.

    1. Appraising CSR from the perspective of different stakeholders

    Stakeholders are the people that assist the organization in achieving its aims and objectives. The present article is in the similar context which states that several research and analysis have led to the rise of number of stakeholders from the traditional times. Cypriot Business conducted a related research which states that, there are 6 stakeholders that a company needs to satisfy. These comprises of the internal as well as the external which consists of workers, investors, suppliers, consumers, environment and the society. The organization must be able to provide its employees a healthy and friendly environment and an appropriate wages to meet their basic demands. All the activities of the concern shall be laid in context with the customers expectations and their needs keeping in view the quality of goods and services. It must aims to provide the community a healthy and safe environment by using eco-friendly methods and tries to manage the cost and return on investment so as to serve the interest of its suppliers and investors in the domestic as well the international market.

    2. Imperativeness of the article

    The present article is successful in providing the needed informations regarding the corporate social responsibilities to the varied range of stakeholders. It helps in knowing the expectations and requirements of varied shareholders from the company and also provides and understanding of how the company can meet their demands or what activities can lead to the fulfilment of their needs. Additionally, all the requirements and expectations are in compliance with the corporate social responsibilities that every business entity needs to satisfy.

    3. Recommendations to the author

    Although the author is successful in presenting the interest of distinct stakeholders but it fails to provide a distinction as national and international levels. It should have demonstrated the importance of CSR in relation the overseas business enterprise. This would have enabled an in-depth understanding of appraising CSR at international level.

    4. Contrasting the two articles

    Both the organizations are successful in fulfilling the basic aspect of CSR issues and practices towards the organization. The difference lies here is that in the former article only MNCs are chosen to demonstrate the knowledge regarding the corporate governance (Carroll, 2015). Additionally, in the first sections readers get an idea and meaning of the corporate ethics and sustainability in relation to the large companies. Contrary, an in depth knowledge is being presented in the second article wherein the measures which the business enterprise needs to be take in order to meet the requirements of its stakeholders.


    The above report is conducted in regards to the corporate social responsibilities which every businessperson owes to the community. Two articles are being presented in the similar context and evaluation has been made on the given cases. Furthermore, several recommendations have also been provided to the author so as to meet the general criteria of the topic.


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