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    Unit 9 Corporate Social Responsibility BTEC Level 5


    Corporate Social Responsibility is included as management aspect of company which also leads to integrate some social, environmental concerns in business operations and also lead to have communication with there stakeholders. CSR is that which needs to understood different ways which firm achieves balance of economy, environmental and social aspects as well. Even though it intake CSR among the various company that requires approaches in right format that needs and capacities of business are there which is not having an adverse affect then the economic viability (Schwartz, 2017). Hence, it is such which do have an number of activities that is being involved in there CSR activities that could supply for the quality system which needs to focus on enhancing life of people at sustainable level in proper way. Report is based on Vodafone, which is largest telecommunication firm and satisfy millions and billions of customers. They mainly focus on making delivery to people according to needs and wants. Assignment will be discussing about exploring variety of theoretical avenues with some strategic approaches that needs to be adopted by enterprise and fulfil community responsibilities too.

    Task 1

    Six core features of CSR.

    Vodafone responsibility towards community and environment are there in which they do operate in better way. Firms are those who express citizenship like through there waste and pollution as well in with reduction process and this can be attained with help of contributing educational and also social programs in better manner and by they also need to have an adequate returns of the employed resources in great way. Some of those six core features of CSR as:

    • Economic and social criteria of firm:- In this, primary focus is there which needs to be increased in with overall profitability level as well that could safeguard the interest of shareholders too.
    • Belief and practices: Responsibility of business organisations is too carry out the operations and transactions that might result into the increase of efficiency that transform living standard of people in society (Lindgreen and Swaen, 2010). Different values and practises are those which needs to be applied and remove a number of issues that might arise due to various reasons.
    • Internalisation: It is such which has an great influence on stakeholders positions that might affect the various decision making process in manner of direct and indirect way. It is quite important to have manage of different thing that actions needs to involve in CSR process which needs to be performed and having an result that can be ascertained.
    • Voluntary action: CSR process is considered as voluntary action which needs to be formulated by government. Even it is somewhere depended on entity to carry out CSR activities in right format (Schneider and Schmidpeter, 2012).
    • Stakeholders orientation: Stakeholders are those who consider variety of assets in company which are attached with important enterprise transactions and operations in effective way. Basically all these runs are those which has an final objectives and aims could be accomplished in same time period.
    • Philanthropy: In this there are number of business organizations are there in which they should carry out the various CSR activities in this scenario philanthropy nature is that who include variety of actions and having an unique duties in with response to general public society.

    Different theoretical avenues and concepts are there in CSR.

    Theories and concept are those which do help people to understand the things in depth and provide needed information according to requirement too.

    • Stakeholders Theory: Vodafone is that firm who uses such theory to carry out various working and CSR activities in right direction. Even though Vodafone has large number of customer and investors that are present in market to buy shares of entity, which needs to have some stakes in organisation system. Basically, it has seen that there are two categories of stakeholders which has primary and secondary although it is required by Vodafone to protect interest of customers.
    • Three-domain model: In this there are three domain which needs to be followed by Vodafone in order to have a fulfilment of some CSR activities. Various number of task are there that needs to be carried out by firm which needs to be coordinated in with manner and should have an proper image which needs to be created (Aguinis and Glavas, 2012). Moreover, there are legal, ethical and economical considerations that could be somewhere fulfilled by enterprise. These all three domain is having there functionality which needs to be performed in better manner as well.
    • Carroll's pyramid: Variety of interrelated activities which needs to be included in pyramid and having an multi layer procedure. Vodafone is that which needs to adopt the different model that has an better working process by making use of variety of concept and needs to be included as:

    Economical responsibilities: It involve some of duty and responsibility that needs to be carried out in with response to there employees and stakeholders of company. Management of Vodafone should have an proper steps that run into the actions in legal way.

    Philanthropic responsibilities: There are various thing which needs to desired and has included in business enterprises (Dhaliwal and et. al., 2011). Vodafone needs to follow some steps and actions that needs to concentrate in society and also required to supply energy in it and having an overall development that could take place in right manner.

    Ethical: Involve needs to bring in difference in between right and wrong concept so proper work procedure can be carried out in ethical way and in per-forma. Basically, different norms and standard are there which is somewhere related with task and activity that follow the complete task in right manner.

    These theories are those which do help company to perform there CSR responsibility in right direction that could help company to uplift there image and can add more and more customer towards there enterprise in better way. Vodafone is entity who follow every structure of CSR in better manner and leads to have an proper manner.

    Strategic approaches used by Vodafone that needs to be fulfilled by community responsibilities.

    Vodafone needs to formulate variety of strategies in order to call in CSR activities that include the number of aspects and some of those are described below:

    • Environment: In market there are number of external factor exist which needs to be identified and has to call up work according to such only and if not done then it could have an boom impact on overall functioning of business. Basically, various CSR activities are there that needs to be carried out for performing in better way and leads to enhance customer image too (Barnea and Rubin, 2010). Basic objectives are there that has to be protected with consumer in market place from any of the harm and also minimizing the activities which will hinder all the overall growth. Mainly, firm has formulated variety of policy which focused on particular thing that needs to be increased in with peaceful environment that could have desire of wants of customers too.
    • Community: Each and every enterprise needs to carry out the operations and transactions in society that makes use of different resources which is present there. Hence, Vodafone has to make an actions of CSR activities in response to develop various society and it is being done at sustainable level. Different numbers of programs are there which is concentrated and uplift the living standard of person and having an community. It is that which is having an positive image in customer minds and hence, it increase goodwill of firm. Vodafone identified variety of issues which people is used to face. For instance, health related issues and problem are those which remove them and professionals are those who perform there work in regards to such (Gainer, 2010). Budgets are those which needs to be maintained by entity in which income and expenditure are calculated. It is basically that who should control determined result with having an emergence to strategies accordingly. Government do play a crucial role in this particular field along with having an various enterprises and leads with efforts to face all issues and challenges so that can get arise is several aspects too.
    • Work place: Workplace is that which is consist of variety of departments and sections that needs to operate in with single organization that has an purpose of activities which needs to be coordinated towards achievement of goals and aims. Moreover, there are various approach that needs to be focus on employees and workers needs to be managed in better manner which contribute best of the efforts and earn higher income and outcome as well. Vodafone is having an proper system which do focus on continuous basis and also lead to increase the effectiveness of employees that should tell training and development program in right context. Hence, various individual are there from each other on number of grounds (Bénabou and Tirole, 2010). Moreover, various training needs is all different. Responsibility of manager needs to examine needs and requirement that carry out training process. Managers needs to learn method and techniques in order to improve working conditions that include bonus facilities, medical and number of incentives are there with employees in great way. Basically, there are various important needs to create healthy relationship between employee and employer which has an last aims and objectives which could be attained in right manner.

    Recommendations to identify sustainability of CSR strategy of Vodafone.

    Numerous recommendations are formulated with each other which needs to determine the sustainability of CSR strategy of Vodafone. Basically, there are various certain steps which needs to be developed by CSR strategy:

    Focusing on organization message.

    Business organizations aims and objectives are there which needs to earn higher profit and aims in within time period so that there are few things which can convert entity to work according to the set policies (Cheng, Ioannou and Serafeim, 2014). Basically in market there are various goals available and even present in market and needs to be determine so that proper focus to link can be made with various type of enterprise too and having an options that has an availability that deal to become best possible outcome from all the scenario. Pressure should not be there and needs to provide and make an donations of finance, it is that consider the capacity of firm and leads to analyse and utilise funds according to working capacity and interest of them.

    Concentrating on some CSR activities.

    Different number of CSR choices are there and even it is there that responsibility of organization needs to select best alternate that could yield high outcome and profit in better manner. Various sources are there which are limited in nature that has an optimally utilised which do gain perfect results out of it. It is required that management of firm has to provide an better attention and even with this regard and having an continuous focus and also develop various steps and it could result in having an proper upliftment in right contrast. Basically, various number of welfare is gained and it needs to be performed in with several activities as well. Management of Vodafone is having an different procedures and having an better linkage that should be made and lead to ran on heights with benefits out of it. On the other hand, a perfect image of society also increases (Werther Jr, and Chandler, 2010).

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    Employ process with consistent and transparency.

    Vodafone needs to make an efforts that should lead to enhance long term commitments with the work process and having an sustainable image which needs to be created in customers mind and it has to be done longer period. It is quite there that necessary leaders in organization system and has to focus on imparting some social work and also leads to fulfil social responsibility in within time period as well. There is a main focus which need to deliver shareholder an stakeholder of firm in which every order needs to satisfy the needs and also make them happy in firms work in right contrast.

    Partnership with third party.

    Vodafone can make themselves in formulation of various alliance and also having an non-profitable entity and it also lead them to enjoy the number of advantages by making resources in right manner (Kim, Park and Wier, 2012). Different alliances are there which needs to expand there business operations and transactions that could be performed in somewhere social development. This is considered as having focus on large number of customers living in society in right manner.

    Strategies are there that needs to be discussed that can be carried out following policies and steps in effective and efficient way that could aim be reached.

    • Vodafone is having an responsibility which is very much important and has to carry out the CSR activities in better way. Basically, it is the duty of top executives of management which carry out the activities in efficient way. It is responsibility of top management to bring in effective policies in this regard to this motivation workers to work in accordance to it.
    • Responsibility of entity needs to enhance the image of local community at proper level in right manner. For instance, they need to purchase few of some raw materials and other items as well from the local community (Crane, Matten and Spence, 2013). This is such which do result into the income with fulfilment of firm's demand. Apart from this, number of opportunity are there that needs to be created for the local people as well.


    From above report, it has been concluded that CSR is a considered as process which needs to be carried to have society from number of issues and challenges which they are facing in right manner. CSR also conducted by Vodafone which needs to be assist to have gain of high competitiveness advantage in business environment. Various activities are there that needs to be carried out by entity in respect to environment, community and it is being done at market place. Assignment has talked about some of its Sex core features of CSR which make it enable and leads to important process too.


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