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    Concepts of Marketing of Tourism Travel and Sector-Morocco and Egypt

    University: The University of Adelaide

    • Unit No: 5
    • Level: Post Graduate/University
    • Pages: 9 / Words 2208
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code:
    • Downloads: 513


    Marketing is determines the need and want of target market of customers and those needs are make profit. Tourism organizations first understand the needs of customers (Walker and Walker, 2016). In this report marketing manager of Thomas cook plan for summer 2018 holiday visit Morocco and Egypt. In this report include marketing department role in travel or tourism.

    TASK 1

    1.1 core concepts of marketing for the travel and tourism sector:

    The marketing department in travel and tourism sector determine how they target customers in market. Marketing in travel and tourism department define how can fulfil the customers needs and know the customers demands. Marketing defines the process of organization which company can serve their products to the customers. In tour and travel industry marketing department create promotional procedure to the customers. The focus of marketing to identified the customers needs in market like what types of destination they choose to accord to the customers demands (Leung and et.al., 2015). In Thomas cook created summer 2018 holiday to visit Morocco and Egypt. The marketing manager ensure what are the people demands on this holiday and they do marketing for those places where consumers wants to spend their holiday like Morocco and Egypt. Marketing manager focus on those places in Morocco and Egypt where people enjoying their holiday like natural places in Morocco and Egypt. Marketing manager main work is to identify what people demands and what kinds of resources needs customers in holiday destination and all the demands are marvel industry order to gives them.

    1.2 Impact of the marketing environment on individual travel and tourism businesses and tourist destinations:

    Marketing environment on travel and tourism business define the responsibilities of organization where the marketing department take responsibilities all kinds of promotional activities in company. In marketing department marketing manager take responsibilities to promote all the functional In travel and tourism sectors like Thomas cook crated and holiday 2018 in Morocco and Egypt (Cook and et.al., 2014). Marketing manager of Thomas cook focus on those areas in Morocco an Egypt where people are enjoying so much and spend their holiday. Marketing environment on individual travel tourism business define how marketing manager make marketing for those areas where people attract so much and environments are they manager identify the demands of customers in business. The main impact of marketing in travel and tourism business customers aware form the marketing and they identify what facilities are provided Thomas cook in their summer 2018 holiday in Morocco an Egypt. The marketing focus on those areas where the people are stay and their other facilities like accommodations, transportations etc. for those promotions customers are attracted to go for summer 2018 summer holiday in Morocco and Egypt.

    1.3 Factors affecting consumer motivation and demand in the travel and tourism sector:

    Various factors that affects the consumer motivation and demand like social and technological culture that affects so much to the travel and tourism industry. The social factors are affecting that some travel and tourism agencies are supported to the higher cost organization in tourism industry they provide people to various deals which are only provide expensive deals which most of the people are not afforded and some organisation are present attractive deals which they provide various deals (Vanhove, 2017). In technological culture are affects positive in customers like now days a good deal of tourism industry are provided online booking facilities for people and they provide various discount deals so customers are attracted most and they visit to the holiday. In Thomas cook they organize summer holiday 2018 in Morocco and Egypt. All those customer needs and demands motivate tourism organizations to provide more attractive places where people are enjoying their holiday. The motivational tools are now days which motivate their customers to provide details about the holiday packages like trip advisor they give information about the various tourism industry organization detail and motivate customers to having benefits of those holiday packages.

    1.4 Principles of market segmentation and its uses in marketing planning:

    Marketing segmentation are based on target market, like the market divide by the needs of customers which include their demands and their needs (Reino and Hay, 2016). The market segmentation mainly based on the what customers are really wants and what they provide. In Thomas cook organizations they segment their customer to according to the needs. They provide their customers to attractive holiday package in Morocco and Egypt. This segmentation help Thomas cook to identify the needs of their customers and they organize their holiday according to the customers demands. Market segmentation are mainly based on divide market according to customers characteristics like, demographic, behavioural, geographic, psycho graphic etc.

    Profiling for the market- those holiday package are help to customers to provide attractive deals and the holiday packages to the customers. Thomas cook marketing manager her aim to provide deals of each customers for the holiday package of Morocco and Egypt (Leung and et.al., 2015).

    Marketing planing- Marketing manager of Thomas cook planing for those people where people are attract most, the marketing manager are planed for those places where people are attract most. Marketing manager planned for those facilities where they give to their customers like room facility, housekeeping facility, food facility etc.

    TASK 2

    2.1Importance of strategic marketing planning for a selected travel and tourism business or tourist destination:

    The important of strategic marketing planing define the plan for marketing where organization make strategy planing for tourist destination like. Marketing manager of Thomas cook make plan for marketing they include there all holiday packages which they provide to their customers in different countries are they are very attractive so customers attract them. The strategic planing define the organization's strength, opportunities, weaknesses and threats where they can fulfil them and start marketing of their products.

    Strengths- Thomas cook always present the various deals to their customer which is attracted to their customers and Thomas cook marketing manager are played roles in organizations to promote organisation service and their attractive holiday from that customers attract most to the organizations

    Weaknesses- some time Thomas cook provide discount deals to the customer and sometime they provide the highest expensive deals like holiday in Morocco and Egypt (Backer and King, eds., 2015).

    Opportunities- in travel and tourism indirectly Thomas is top most leading organisation which provide many holiday packages to the customers like they provide exclusive deals to the customers are they always selected most attractive places for holiday.

    Threats- the main threats which faced Thomas cook their competitors they allow challenges Thomas cook provide better mark ting techniques and deal to the customers according to them.

    2.2Marketing research and market information to managers in the travel and tourism sector:

    Market research- In travel and tourism sector market research played important role because market research define the research of target market and identified the customers needs in tourism sector like what kind of places attract most to the customers so organisation mainly focus on those places. Marketing managers of travel and tourism sectors also research about the market size and cost, those informations help manager to identify the potential customers demands to the organizations(Pike, 2016). The marketing information also help manager to promote their organizations additional facilities like hotels facilities, transportation facilities, food and break fast facilities and other entertainment facilities. In Thomas cook the marketing manager identify the information of marketing to customers require more facilities in their holidays packages like 5 star hotels, and free food service. Market change frequently and customers demands are also change frequently each customer have different define on tourism sectors and its hard for tourism organizations to fulfil each customers demands but Thomas examine all the customers demands and they organize summer 2018 holiday in Morocco and Egypt this holiday destination Is different and unique and also the attractive places.

    2.3 Marketing on society:

    Marketing in society played crucial roles in the travel industry. Marketing impact on society people provide information about the various exited deals in the tourism industry and also motivate to people to having those opportunities in their life , marketing in society impact on their culture like tourism industry make advertisement on television which attract most of the people of go of attractive tours. In the market a good deal of tourism industry business organize their marketing plan to make attractive holiday packages of people where they enjoying with their family and friends(Font, 2017). The main impacts of marketing in society to provide attractive places like Morocco and Egypt its very interesting places and historical places holiday plane organize by Thomas cook in their fields. The Thomas cook have strategy exmine all the needs of their customers and attract to having their holiday package. The main impact of the society of Thomas cook holiday people are having change in environment and places within places and different country.

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    TASK 3

    Coverd in PPT

    TASK 4


    Promotional mix or tourism marketing mix is a large and complex group of several factors negotiating to achieve the marketing end product which includes increased effectiveness in demand output with relation to the supply and marketing investment by the foreign tourist enterprise. It consists of four P's:

    Tourism Product

    It is a complex set of many physical resources, activities and services. Set of assets and services that are organized around one or more destinations in order to meet the needs of the visitors. Key factors include:An attraction, facilities and services, accessibility


    It refers how an organization distributes the product in place and also define how organization present the quality products to the organizations.

    4.2 integrated promotional campaign for a travel and tourism business or destination:

    The integrated promotion campaign of Thomas cook summer 2018 holiday in Morocco and Egypt define the all facilities where they promotions of their campaign like the Thomas provide their holidays in various facilities accommodations, food, attractive location etc. they ensure each service are the best quality so customers are again had this holiday packages of Thomas cook provide their customers to the best accommodations service like 5 star hotel service where each room has bell person for customer and personal transportation service If people personally trying to going any place they take hotel transport service. And the Thomas cook offer food service to their customer foods are fresh quality and test are also amazing. The proportional campaign of the Thomas cook include all the facilitate sin their proportional campaign plan. The proportional campaign help to make popularity of Thomas cook organizations help to improve their quality of services. Buy Thesis help Service with an attractive offer and experts assistance by Australia.


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    In this above report concluded the marketing in travel and tourism define promotions of tourism products which they provide to customers (Minazzi, 2015). Marketing in travel and tourism sector, determine the promotions of Thomas cook organize summer holiday 2018 in Morocco and Egypt and the marketing manager of the Thomas cook promote their organizations functions. In this report also concluded the concept of marketing and impact of marketing in tourism business and the factors that affects consumer motivation and demands in the travel and tourism business and importance of marketing mix and the proportional mix in travel and tourism sector.


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    • Reino, D. and Hay, B., 2016. The use of YouTube as a tourism marketing tool.

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